May 04, 2011


Sterling's POV
I know that I should be focusing on Tiffany and Aidrian, since it is is their wedding day and the day is suppose to be all about them and celebrating their obvious love for each other. But I was being a bad best friend cause the only women I saw in the semi full church was my girlfriend of exactly 6 months, 4 days, 3 hours and 28 minutes, hey what can I say I'm a man in love who can remember the exact time and date that he and his true love started going out, February,02,2011 at 9:00am at Demi's house more particularly in her backyard with us lying in the snow after our spontaneous snowball fight talking about how we had missed each other since Demi's visit to the treatment center.

I mean if you were in my shoes and you saw Ms Lovato looking all gorgeous in a mauve silk spaghetti strapped gown that went down to her ankles encased in her high heeled sandals, black silky, naturally wavy that when you are running your fingers through it, it automatically wraps itself around your fingers , is up in a messy up-do which accentuates her long swan like neck and the pearls around them made her proclein skin shine even more like alabaster. Her makeup was done so subtle, thanks to the makeup artist at the salon where all the girls had their hair and nails professionally done, you would be drooling and couldn't keep your gaze from a real life goddess like my Demi.

I was sitting in the second row of the church so I had the perfect view of my angel who is Tiff's Maid of Honor, even though if Demi wasn't standing on the alter with the bride, groom, bridesmaid, flower girl and best men I still wouldn't be able to keep my eyes off Demi. Our loving friends have always told us that once the other person is in the room anyone else disappears until it is like they're the only ones in the room and so we ignore anybody else. It is so true, once I see Demi, it is like we are in one of those movies where romantic slow music play as the world and everyone in it blurs out as Demi and mine's eyes meet and hold as we run slowly to each other's arms then the music swells as our lips met.

Boy do I love kissing Demi, it's one of my favorite things and I make it my mission each day to make sure that I tell and show Demi how much I love, adore and value her as a person with my words and actions numerous times, if you don't believe me I can show you my do today list. When I kiss or are even around Demi, my heart feels lighter and my world looks so much brighter. The day could start off as being one of the most terrible like my alarm decides it doesn't want to go off so I'm late for work, then I'm cranky because I wasn't able to eat breakfast but Demi comes towards me and gives me that beautiful smile, a warm, snuggly hug and give me kind, encouraging words and my day improves like a thousand fold and my day is all sunshine and roses, haha sunshine get it? It is a reference to "Chad's" sweetie.

My parents taught me and my siblings to treat everyone we meet with the respect that we would want extended to us, even if we couldn't stand an individual in the least cause they didn't share our "be civil towards everyone" policy. My father especially drilled it into mine and my brother's heads that when you have a special women in your life, you treat her like you would want your sister and mother to be treated, with as much love as our hearts contain and don't be afraid to be sweet, sensitive, caring, kind, thoughtful and romantic whether it be in public or in private, just as long as my girl knows the extent of how much I love her and how much I'm happy to have her in my life loving me with all she's got inside her. I hope I am making my parents proud with the way I have treated Demi, not just when we were "just friends" but also as my girlfriend cause just like Demi, I have been putting my heart and soul into this relationship cause I want it to be the kind that lasts forever.

I should continue to tell you about wedding, Tiff, of course looked gorgeous dressed in her strapless wedding gown with lots of tiny beads sown into it but then again she could have been wearing a paper bag and still have looked beautiful as her smile was ear to ear, she was that happy to be marrying her soulmate, you could see the love and happiness shining from both Tiff and Aidrian as they stood on the altar holding hands as they said their vows to each other, it was like they were in the bubble of love that only they and other couples who were madly in love were privy to. You could feel their love from the altar.

During the ceremony, Demi had alternated between gazing lovingly at me from her place by Tiff and mouthing "I love you" to me to gazing with love at the couple taking their vows with tears in her beautiful eyes with happiness at seeing one of her best friends being married to her Prince Charming. When the ceremony was over and she walked down the aisle with the Best Man, she caught my eye and winked flirtingly at me letting me know that after her traditional dance with the Best Man she was all mine for the rest of the night. Can't wait for that.

Even though the Best Man, Greg, was very respectful towards Demi, he kept his hands on her waist and didn't try to move them at all during the dance and stood a good dancing distance from her, then when the dance was over, he thanked her for the dance and left her I was so jealous that he got the first dance of the night when it should have been my privilage. I know it was an obligation and that Greg had a date but I couldn't help the jealousy coursing through me as I kept my eyes locked on my angel. I couldn't wait to have my angel in my arms where she belongs.

I finally got my chance when after dinner,it was dancing time. I never thought I was a good dancer, I can move and shake to a beat but I definitely can't do any fancy or elaborate moves to say the least; I pretty much just shuffle my feet and sway side to side. It did give me the chance to watch as Demi moved with her immeasurable grace and rhythm to the beat, it was like she felt every single note in her heart and soul and wasn't thinking of the beat, she was just letting her heart lead her body to dance to the beat, she looked like any professional dancer right in front of me and I was enjoying every second of it, then again I enjoy watching my sweetie doing anything so what else is new?

I don't even think I heard the music or the people dancing around us, all I cared about was the fact that I finally had my angel in my arms, being held tightly so that I could feel every inch of her gorgeous body against mine and being surrounded by her flowery heavenly scent swaying to the beat of our hearts which were in sync with each, they were beating as one. Even when fast songs played, I never let Demi too far from my sight, we might not have been cuddled together in each other's arms but we were still standing pretty close as we both rocked out to the beat with our dear friends, enjoying the party and celebrating Tiffany's and Aidan 1st night as a married couple. I'm praying and hoping that one day there will be another wedding celebrating mine and my love's going forward into a life that we spend the rest of our lives as husband and wife and from the most wonderful, loving and heavenly last 6 months of Demi and mine's relationship and from what I can feel from the bottom of my heart, someday my dream will come true. :)

Demi's POV
Aww man I'm totally ruining the make-up artist's precise and detailed makep job that took like a half an hour to do cause I can't stop myself from tearing up. I keep dabbing my eyes with the kleenex I have folded into my bust, hey I don't have a purse so where else would I put it. I just hope that dabbing my eyes will work cause if I start to really cry then I'm so going to be clown eyed and that is not attractive.

I can't help myself, I'm thrilled for both Tiffany and Aidan, they are so much in love, you can tell by looking at them even if it is for a moment they just seem to fit like puzzle pieces that fit together so perfectly that it seems like they are two halves of a soul, that is why they are soulmates. I know that they are going to be one of those couples that last forever, they will be the couple that when they are old and grey they will still be all lovey dovey and still so affectionate with each other, holding hands and sneaking sweet kisses. I still can't believe that my older "sister" is marrying her soulmate today.

This morning was very hectic, I had to get up at like 7 o'clock in order to be at Tiffany's house to be beautified though no one looked as gorgeous then Tiffany. She looked radiant, she was glowing and her dress made her look like a Queen which was appropriate cause she was Aidan's Queen. Tiffany couldn't stop smiling and tearing up as she thought about how special this day was, she was marrying her Prince Charming today and she got her happily ever after.

I knew that if I was marrying my Prince Charming I would have a perma-grin plastered on my face and be floating on a cloud the entire day as I reminded people every moment of the day that I was getting married to the man of my dreams today and we were going to live happily ever after to which our darling friends and family would responded with a smile that they knew how much me and my future hubby loved each other and how happy we were going to be in our lives together but they seriously wanted to kill us cause we have mentioned the same thing for years now.

Wait I already do have the perma grin, the feeling of floating on a cloud of love and telling everyone around me about how in love and ecstatic I am with my life right now to anyone who will listen. Hey I can't help it if I have found my Prince Charming, the man of my dreams in the last place I thought I would find him. I mean yes I have been in love with Sterling for 4 years now but I never thought he would ever in a million years would have the same feelings as I did which is why I decided incorrectly the wrong kind of guys, you know the ones that ended up breaking my heart in the end. And who did you think was my Knight ;) in shining armour who rode in and gave me a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear to vent my frustrations too and warm, snuggly, comforting and loving arms to hug me in so I felt safe and warm. If you guess Mr Sterling Knight then you are right.

Even though we have only been dating for 6 months now, though it feels like we have been dating for much longer like say 10 months, Sterling as well as my best friends were there for me when my last worse relationship ever came to an end with lots of support, hugs, doing everything in their power to make me feel loved and to make me laugh with the most random and silliest quirks. I love them so much and that is why I consider them a part of my family.

I love Sterling so much, it is like my life is even more complete and filled with more joy and love with him in it. It feels like my world is brighter with him in it and I can only see my life getting even better both personally and professionally with him right behind me supporting and loving me the entire way. I love every bit of him, the good,the bad parts and every part in between and I wouldn't change him for any "Perfect"" guy cause to me he is the perfect guy for me and I know that he loves me just as much and just as deep as I love him, he loves me for who i am and who I'm not, he loves my every imperfection and wouldn't change me for anything.

Our loving friends and family have been trying to play matchmaker for both Sterling and me for years now,like putting us in the same place then conveniently finding an excuse to leave us alone so we could talk and maybe confess the feelings we had been gushing to them for many years about and the ones where they had told us in their ever so patient tone that instead of telling them of how much we love each other we should tell the other one. They have been so patient with both Sterling and me when we have said that there is no way that the other person loves us as much as we do and how afraid we are to ruin our close friendship on a one in a million shot that a romantic relationship would work between us, even though they all know that we both love each other and that a relationship between us would totally work and be like in the fairy tales.

Anyway, back to the wedding, I tried really hard to keep my focus on my guy, I really did but Sterling looked so darn handsome in his shirt, dress pants and tie that I couldn't keep my eyes off him. As much as i tried to focus on the happy and soon to be married couple cause what kind of Maid of Honor would I be if I didn't focus on my best friend and her sweetie, I couldn't take my eyes off my guy though he seem to be having the same problem as I do cause everytime I looked over at him he would be staring straight at me too with love shinning from his eyes and mouthing "I love you" to me with winks at every turn.

I was looking forward to being able to be held so tightly and tenderly in Sterling's arms as we slow danced to romantic ballads while gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, I love looking into those pale blue portals where I can see into his heart and soul and see how much he adores and loves me as I'm pretty sure that my eyes say the exact same thing to him too when he looks into my eyes cause when I'm around him, I wear my heart and its feelings for him on my sleeve for him and everyone else to see. I feel so safe, loved and adored being held in Sterling's arms, like the world melts away leaving just him and me in our own love bubble where it is only us in our world.

But first I need to do my Maid of Honor duty and have a dance with Greg, he was very respectful though, we did the kind of awkward dancing, we stood as far apart as we could with his hands on my waist and mine around his neck but it wasn't romantic at all, I mean we didn't look at each other but we kept looking at our dates and when it was over, we quickly seperated and walked over to our dates. My dances, whether fast or slow, was so much better then anything I could ever imagine. I loved being Sterling's arms, being surrounded by his Old Spice body soap and woodsy colgne and hearing how his heart speeds up as does mine when we are so close so that our heart beat as one.

Sterling was too adorable for words when there were fast songs on, yes I realize that he didn't think he could dance but dancing isn't just doing fabulous moves that wow everybody, it's feeling the beat and rhythm in your soul and letting it move your limbs to express the tune outwards. I think Sterling is a good dancer and I really enjoyed dancing like complete fools not caring if we looked silly with my friends, just letting the beat move our bodies.

I'm having a blast with my friends celebrating Tiffany and Aidan's love and how this is the 1st night in them sharing the rest of their lives together as soulmates and husband and wife. I know that Tiff and Aidan will be that couple that will last forever and be madly in love with each other for the rest of their lives, not even til death do they part cause they will be together even after then.

I just hope and pray that I have finally found my soulmate, my one true love, my one and only, my future husband and my Prince Charming in Sterling, hey I may be young but I know when it's true love. I have never felt this way about any of my past boyfriends the same way as I so with Sterling. Even just hearing his name or thinking of him makes my heart skip a beat and beat faster, my stomach churn with excitement and anticipation like when you are about to do something exciting and new and you don't know what to expect but you can't wait to find out kind of thing. He makes me feel like I can take anything that comes my way, good or bad, he makes me love myself inside and out even my imperfections, hey if he can love me for who I really am then why can't I? In short Sterling makes me want to be a better person.

Even though Sterling and I haven't been dating for too long, I actually have dreams about how wonderful mine and Sterling's life would be if we were joined in holy matrimony as life partners, soulmates, husband and wife, joing our seperate lives into one life that we will travel life's journey together as one and not even death or being in different countries would seperate us, we would still be deeply in love with each other and joined by our hearts and their songs. I just hope that one day my dreams will be reality.

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