May 04, 2011

Sometimes Imagination is Better then Reality

Tiffany's Personal Diary*Please Don't Read*

I so didn't want to get out of bed this morning and it's not because I went to bed late last night cause I didn't. No matter if I have to work at 7 am or have the day off I always go to bed at 9. Hey a girl needs at least 8 hours sleep so she doesn't yawn all day and have bags under her eyes without a lot of make-up being caked on so that I look awake.

I had a wonderfully relaxing day off with Aidan, we hung out around the apartment for awhile where we actually baked cookies, I know how Susie Homemaker of me, yummy, gooey, warm, chocolaty goodness that just melted in your mouth and just dripped chocolate. Then we went to the local park for a nice long walk around the park with Molly and Jackson, our golden retrievers and Maltese, in the bright, warm sunshine where we talked about our busy life, it always seemed like I was either on set from 7-4 then I came home tired and not wanted to do anything but eat, sleep and spend some time with Aidan as much as I can.

Even though I love my co-stars, even though they are more then my co-stars, I think of them as my brothers and sisters, my best friends, my confidants I think you get the picture. I didn't want my relaxing day to come to an end just like any other day that I thought was phenomenal, like Aiden and mine's wedding day and Demi's Welcome back party. I mean what person would want the best day of their lives to end, I mean everyone would want to capture that day in pictures and memories to hold on to or just freeze the day forever.

So this morning when the alarm went off at 5:30, my eyelids came up only enough that I could blurry turn off the alarm then dragged my still half asleep and still tired self out of bed to get dressed, luckily I had set my clothes out the night before cause I'm pretty sure that if I didn't I would be bumping into everything and getting bruises on my arms, legs and hands from walking into the dresser to get clothes. Plus I would have to turn on the lights disturbing Aiden who didn't have to get up until 7 to go to work as a cook at a family restaurant, believe me you think I'm bad at waking up early Aiden is just as bad, he's definitely not a morning person, he's more of a grump in the mornings and isn't fully awake until he's had his morning shower and coffee.

Luckily after I had my morning coffee and dry cereal I was able to drive to the set without getting into any accidents, then it was time for my daily routine of first going to get "beautified" for my first scene at make-up and hair, then going to see what types of clothes "Tawni" will be wearing for the day, I have to say that pretty much "Tawni" and I wear the same clothes although I'm pretty sure that mine aren't as name branded as hers would be but whatever.

Then I had to talk to the director to see what the schedule was for the day, yes most of the day I would be with my girl Dem and her guy Sterling. Hopefully not at the same time though or I would be in the middle of major flirting and major lovey-dovey where it's like I'm not really in the room cause Sterling and Demi forget I'm even there, whenever I clear my throat or interject into their private conversation they look at me like "OMG how long where you standing there. We never heard you come in" even though I had been in the room for the entire time.

I jest, I don't really mind if Sterling and Demi are love sick for each other, I'm so overjoyed for both of them, I know that even though their relationship is still new they will be the type of couple that will last forever they will love each other even beyond love, I know true love when I see it as I saw it with Aiden and now look at us :). The cast and me were totally part of the group of people who thought that Sterling and Demi were one of the most perfect couple and we were forever trying to convince them of that face since practically day one of "Sonny with a Chance", that their flirting and sweet moments backstage was the other person trying to show without words that they are madly in love with that person.

But of course they were scared to ruin their close friendship or that the other person wouldn't love them back. So glad that both Sterling and Demi got over that fear and in a moment of intimacy and love they told their heart's desires and wishes to each other in Demi's dressing room, not that we were evesdropping :).

Anyway after talking with the director, I walked to the first set to find Sterling sitting at the table in the set's cafeteria with his gaze practically glued to something on the table. Hmm maybe he is looking at this week's script since today is the first day of shooting another episode so we don't have the lines and cues down pact yet although we are able to hold and read off the script today so he shouldn't be worried that he doesn't need to worry.

T: " Hey Romeo. Did you get to hang with Juliet yesterday? Or did you have to satisfied with just having your guys' nightly conversations that lasts until midnight yet leaves both of you with a dumb silly grin on your faces? (Don''t worry I was kidding though I know how much both Sterling and Demi enjoy their talks each night, man I don't know how they keep coming up with topics to talk about since they talk every night and see each other everyday. That's young love for you :))

S: "Ha Ha very funny Tiff. If you must know Juliet and I had a romantic picnic in the park then we went our seperate way where we didn't have our nightly love chat although I already had a dumb look on my face when I went to bed after having a long conversation with Demi during our romantic outing. How was your day off with your hubby?"

T: "It was wonderful, Aiden and I made yummy cookies then took our "babies" for a walk in the park. How was your day off and what did you do besides dreaming about your sweetie and wishing she was beside you?"

S: "For your information Mrs Smarty-Pants I only thought of Demi for most of the day so I win cause you asked if I spend the whole day dreaming about Demi. For the time when I wasn't thinking of Demi, which wasn't a lot of time, I was reading made-up stories featuring me and m'lady in romantic situations, my favorite kind of topic.

They were really well done, they were so realistic, they put Dem Dem and me into situations that could actually happen in reality and some dealt with the issues and troubles that my little sweetie had to deal with but they made it so that Dems comes off on top with her self esteem, pride and good nature self intact and yours truly as her boyfriend. I couldn't tell which part I liked the most; the fact that in the story just like in real life the troubles my angel went through were resolved or that in the end we confess our heart's desires.

A couple of them actually had Dems and me together as soul mates and life partners, we were married, and in one we actually had a beautiful baby girl. Hmm me and Demi married with a child, Sterling likey. It will be the "perfect" family, or at least my very own family. It will definitely be a home filled with love, caring, understanding and joyful times. "

T: "Hmm if these stories are as realistic and have you two in romantic situations, then ding ding my interest is piqued. I will definitely check them out tonight cause I want to see how these writers describe Loverboy and Lovergirl and their immense and not secret but yet sweet and true love they have for each other that everyone who is in their vicinity can see.

Even though I believe that you and Demi are truly soul mates, destined to be with the other,walking hand in hand through life's joys and trials, will hopefully one day get married, have some munchkins for Auntie Tiff and Uncle Aidan to spoil and live happily ever after cause I love both you and Demi and don't know two people better suited for each other and deserve their own happy ending. "

S: "Aww thanks sissy. (Stands up and gives her a huge brotherly hug) I feel the exact same way about you and Aiden and wish the same thing for you both; that you both are destined for each other and how happy I am that you guys found each other. I know that you guys will be one of those couples who will love each other till the day they die with the same intensity of love and affection they had when they first started to date and will survive all that life brings with strength, love and understanding. I can't wait for the day that you and your hubby have some little peanuts of your own so that Auntie Demi and Uncle Sterling can become one of their favorite babysitters and playmates cause we aren't afraid to unleash our inner child.

Oh yes you should check them out; they're very well written and very much detailed so that you feel like you can see what the stories are describing in your mind so it's like a little movie being played inside your head, though to be honest I feel like the writers have made me much more romantic, poetic and deep then I am in real life, though i hope to gather as much information as I can from them to be the most romantic, poetic and deep that my angel deserves to have in her life."

T: "Aww what do you mean you don't think your as romantic as the writers of those stories protray you as cause I think that your words of love and inspiration about Aidan and mine's love was very beautiful and deep, I almost cried. And I'm pretty sure that Demi knows how much you love her and want to be the best Sterling you can be just for her, though I have to say that the version of yourself now is a very romantic, sweet, caring and sensitive guy that any women would be thrilled to have as their boyfriend, good thing that the Demi we have now is the perfect equal to you so you guys can even each other out.

S: " Yes I love Demi we have now, though I could have done without the pain, humiliation, betrayal of "loyal" friends and major blows to the self esteem of my angel cause when she's sad and low on herself then I am just as sad and will do anything in my power to put that beautiful smile on her face. But I guess the saying: "When God closes one door, he opens a window" is true, sometimes you need to get hurt or feel your lowest in order to learn life lessons and grow as a person into a better person then before.

Then again I loved the version of Demi we had 3 years ago,heck even 10 months ago, cause I'm hopeless in love with Demi, I even love any issues she might have cause that is what true love means to me, you love every bit of that person even the bad parts cause they makes up the person you love and you expect that person to love you just as thoroughly or the relationship won't last long.

T: "True words have never been spoken. I love Demi too, bad and good parts, cause she is one of my best friends, my "younger" sister and my Dems though like you, I could have done without the last 10 months, I sometimes wish it was only a dream that I can wake Demi up from so I'm glad that it's all behind her so she can move on to a better life with us behind her loving, supporting and cheering like mad for her.

Ok so now I'm feeling sad so I'm going to end that discussion with both of us love Demi and ask you what you and Ms Cutie-Putie did for your romantic-starry-eyed- picnic cause I'm sure it was super duper fun with loads of kisses, cooing to each other in lovey-dovey voices, rubbing noses in eskimo kisses then butterfly kisses all while talking in endearments that would make people moan and groan but other couples say ""Aww look at those two young people in love. Aren't they adorable?".

S: "Are Demi and I really that bad and sickening to watch? Don't answer that cause I don't care how "sickening" Dems and I are when we are showing how much we love each other in public. Sorry it sickens some of the public to see what true love looks like but learn to stomach it cause there is no way that Demi and I are toning down our love and stop showing it every chance we get.

Yes it was super duper fun, I had made spaghetti with store bought tomato sauce with homemade meatballs (big hunken ones too) at home beforehand, then after a hot, scrubby dubby shower, went to pick up my girl. Might I say that my girl looked hubba-hubba-eye-popping-drooling gorgeous then again when don't I think she looks gorgeous. She's gorgeous in her PJ's, hair in an up do, glasses on lounging on the couch with me watching a movie.

During dinner, I tried my darnest to not stare and drool too much over Demi, though I don't know how successful I was, :) as we talked about what we had done for the day; Demi had spent the day baking chocolate chip cookies, which was our desert, with her mom and Maddie then had a dance party with some of her and Mad's CDs in her room, ok so mostly they jumped on the bed while belting out the lyrics on the top of their lungs. Then it was time for some manicures and pedicures done by the other one, Maddie did a good job at Demi's nails, I was impressed, they almost looked like they had been professionally done which is a compliment when you consider Maddie is only 9 years old.

That sounds like a super super wonderful day off, I wish I could have been there to witness my angel having the time of her life at home with some of the people she loves more then anything her family. You know being a normal young lady,not have to put up a cool image but can be as dorky and childish as she wants to be and having no one to judge her or put her down. But I wasn't invited to the party or I would have rushed right over though I know that Demi needs time away from me to be with the other people who love her as much as me."

T: "Yes Loverboy we know how much you love, adore and would spend 24\7 hours with her if you could. That girls' day does sound really fun, something that anyone will remember for a long time even if it seems like nothing new or exciting to others,as long as it's fun for you, it doesn't matter what you do, it's who you are with.

Sure you didn't stare and drool at Demi during dinner and I'm the Queen of England. Dude you can't last one hour without staring love-struck at her with the occasional happy sighs, follow Demi around like a little lost puppy and can't stop talking about how she is an angel on Earth, a goddess and gush about how much you love her. And don't feel bad cause 1) I love you and the fact that you aren't afraid to show your feelings both in words and actions of the people you love and care about and 2) I know for a fact that Demi is just as lovesick about you as you are about her and has no qualms of sharing that vital information with anyone within hearing distance or who will listen.

S: "Aww I love hearing that my girl is just as lovesick for me as much as I am for her, score one for the Sandman, and I can too last an hour without being all lovesick, I just can't last one day without being all gushy but oh well, I've come down with love and I don't want the cure. Anyway after the picnic, we went for a nice, long but leisurely walk around the park holding hands in the bright sunshine.

We kept on talking about what was new in our lives since our last talk which, ok so I admit had been the night before but a lot can happen in 24 hours, I don't even think we stopped talking unless we were eating, drinking or taking a breath. I don't know about Demi but I sure had a lot to say and I was determind to tell my angel every inch of my heart and mind and hope and pray that she will listen to my ramblings cause I listen to every syllable and word that comes from her soft, supple lips and treasure it in my heart to pull out when she says that she doesn't think I was listening to her.

Then after a couple of secret smooches, you know cause even though I can't stand to see couples kiss like every minute, I mean I know that you guys love each other but really do you guys have to kiss like every second?, I couldn't help the pull I was getting from Demi's lips, I mean they were like beacons sending out beams of "I want to kiss you so kiss me" and who was I to deny the women her wishes so of course I had to kiss her, it was such a chore :). I finally had to let her go back to her home so as a gentlemen I walked her to the car and let her go but not without more kisses and hugs.

Then for the rest of the night I got myself ready for today; made my lunch and printed off these stories so I could read them between sets and watching Demi perform as her awesome, slightly dorky but in an adorable self that guarantees laughter and a chorus of "awws" self and possibly share them with my dearest friends, you guys of course, cause I just knew that you guys would love them as much as I do. Then it was nighty night time where i had the sweetest dreams of my date with an angel, remembering every little detail from the weather, to the smells and sights of the park and of course every detail of what my angel wore, said and did that afternoon."

Aww can you tell Sterling is a man who is totally in love with his girlfriend, his soul mate and his whole world, I mean when either Sterling or Demi talks about the other one, their face lights up and their faces and their facial and hands motions get so much more animated cause they love talking about the other, it's their favorite topic to talk about whether the people in the room wants to listen to them or not.

You can tell from the way they talked about the other or even when they thought about the other how much they loved each other so very much, it wasn't "puppy love" it was the love that every girl dreams about and reads about in the romance novels. I know that, their dear and true friends know it, their families know it, their loyal and devoted fans know it and ship them as a couple as well as them as individuals and more importantly Sterling and Demi know that what they had with each other was true love and because of that they will fight and hold onto their love for all their worth through good times and bad cause their love is strong enough to last through anything. Just like Aiden and me. Hmm I guess I will have some nightly reading to do tonight before bedtime. It's time to go back to the set now so write in you later diary.

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