May 04, 2011

Kayleigh's Day with Daddy

Kayleigh may only be 3 years old and may not really understand the concept of time but what individual likes being awoken at 6 am by a little bundle of energy who bounces on the bed while chanting "Daddy, Daddy, wakey wakey" which of course wakes you up but you just roll and bury yourself under the covers even more with the pillow over your head hoping that the little munchkin gets the idea that daddy is tired, I had woken up at 4 am to see my Dem Dem off to the airport where she was flying to Indonesia for her newest movie about two totally different kind of sisters working together to set up their seperated parents before their mom gets too serious with a guy who is money-hungry, hates children and is overall a total jerk, and goes back to her nice, warm, Disney Princess covered bed for a couple more hours.

When jumping on the bed didn't work, Kay sat on my tummy and tried to pry my eyes open though I fought her attempts with all I had in me, I wasn't ready to get up just yet, and kept asking me if I was "in there?". Yes baby doll daddy is in here but he doesn't want to wake up just yet so please lay down with me where we can snuggle together for some more sleepy time until it's actual time to get up cause Daddy is super tired but still wants to have his daily snuggle with one of his favorite girls, his littlest angel cause my big angel is far away half way around the world for about 4 months and he misses her so very much cause this is the longest time that mommy and daddy have ever been away from each other since they got married 4 years ago. Sorry I went off topic.

Kay has always been a good sleeper though she is hard to get to bed at night cause she is always afraid that she will miss something important and crucial since mommy and daddy don't go to bed for a while after she is put down and plus she finds sleep to be boring cause all you do is sleep and dream when she is able to dream during the day as she plays really hard and uses her "dream thingy" aka her imagination. What goes on in the mind of my 3 year old I will never know but she definetly comes up with the most original things to say :). Demi and I are always laughing and reminicing about some of the other funny and orginal things our little girl has said about the big world around her.

Kay usually just quietly plays with her dolls in her bed cause she knows that if mommy and daddy have to keep coming in to tell her to go to sleep then she's in big trouble and after a few moments she's fast asleep and when she does fall asleep she usually doesn't get up until 8 the next morning all ready for the day's adventures. But I know that the reason she is up so early is because she misses Demi so much, almost as much as me, and had a panic attack during the early hours of the morning when Demi had gone in to kiss her goodbye.

She woke up when she felt her mommy's soft lips on her cheeck and her sweet, angelic voice whispering "Bye sweetie. be a good girl for daddy and I will see you soon. Mommy loves you"and practically used all her little girl strength to hang onto Demi's neck and bawled into her shirt that she didn't want Demi to leave her and that she was worried that something will happen to her cause she and daddy wouldn't be there to protect her, um sweetie, I think mommy is able to take care of herself and keep herself safe, actually I know she can cause my women is a strong women just like Demi and I are trying to raise Kay to be.

Demi had comforted her by wrapping her gentle loving arms around our daughter and stroked her hair while calmly in loving and soft tones that only she and Kay could hear that she wasn't leaving forever, she was going to be with Auntie Tiffany and Auntie Aly for awhile for a grown up version of pretend. She didn't want to leave Kay and me either but she had to. Demi promised that she would write and call her as much as she could so that Kay and I would remember that she loved and missed us so much, oh believe me sweetheart I will never forget for as long as I live that you love me.

After a few moments of Demi holding Kayleigh close and reassuring her that mommy will come back to her as soon as she could, Kay let go of her mommy and slowly fell back to sleep, just as long as Demi laid down with her and cuddled her close, Kay kept openning her eyes every once in awhile to make sure that Demi didn't leave her when she had her eyes closed. So I guess she has decided that if she can't sleep then neither can I. Great! Hey this man loves to cuddle with his girls but he also needs a lot of sleep especially when he has a very energetic little girl who will be on the move every moment of the day and who I will have to follow every step of the way to make sure she doesn't get hurt or into trouble like only an inquisite child will get into.

I finally convinced Kayleigh to lay down with me for a bit cause daddy was still tired and ok so I kind of might have bribed her with chocolate chip pancakes, which Demi will kill me for if she ever found out cause chcolate or anything surgary doesn't belong on the breakfast menu. So we slept until 8 then I begrudgenly got up to a hyper little girl who ran like a litte hurricane into her room to get dressed after I said that she had to get dressed before it was breakfast time. She of course picked out her "favoritest" outfit; a purple t-shirt with ruffles on the hem, neckline and sleeves and lilac colored jean shorts with pink frilly socks and made me put her light brown hair into two pigtails, mind you they were lopsided and one looked higher then the other one, hey Demi is the one who usually does kayleigh's hair so I don't have much practice but Kayleigh didn't seem to mind.

Then it was time to start the pancakes which considering that miss Kayleigh takes after her mommy in that sometimes she can have moments when she's a bit of a klutz, but mind you an adorable klutz, we only had a couple of incrediants that didn't quite fully make it into the mixing bowl but ended up either on the floor, the counter or even on our aprons. Kay and I had to make sure that we saved ourselves a few chocolate chips that didn't go into the bowl but into our mouths as a pre-breakfast taste test.Overall making the pancakes wasn't as bad as it might seem cooking with a little child.

I have to say growing up I wasn't the best cook. I mean when I moved out of the house, it seemed like all I could make was grilled cheese, omlets, pasta , chicken and vegetables, mind you it has always taken a lot more time then what the package says that it should take and it comes out still a little tough. But of course nothing can beat Demi or my mom's mouth-watering, yummy, delicious, melt-in-your mouth, loaded with love meals, but even I had to agree that the pancakes came out pretty yummy and Kay ate about four so she must have enjoyed them as much as I did.

After we gave the dishes a bubble bath, that's what Demi and I told Kayleigh when she asked us what we did to get the dishes from yucky to squeaky clean after eating, and wiped down the counter after Kay got a little excited by playing with the bubbles and splashing water out of the sink onto the floor in her exerburance, she has always loved baths as if she had the chance she would stay in there playing mermaid and giving her Barbies baths until the water got ice cold then she would ask for the old water to go down the drain and for a new bath of warm water to be filled cause she wasn't done playing, we got ready to go to the park.

When we were walking to the park, it was like a 5 minute walk down there, we chit chatted about what Kayleigh wanted to do at the park; she wanted to go sliding, swinging, be a monkey, play hide and seek and chase. There wasn't a lot of people at the park when we got there, just a few kids but they were older then my girl so I don't think they would be very good playmates for her, hey I know that I sound overprotective but in my experience from coming to this park maybe 3 times a week that the big kids tend to be more pushy and grabby when it comes to a little child and I don't want Kayleigh to get hurt by one of them so I will be her playmate. Time to unearth my inner child and get to playing.

First Kayleigh and I played tag, I tried my hardest not to run too fast but not too slow either so that Kay was able to catch me even if she doesn't exactly run the fastest but had a bit of a challenge when it came to catching daddy. Then when it was my turn, I ran after her like half speed so she would laugh and taunt me that I couldn't catch her and enjoy the chase of her daddy having to run every which way and around in circles to catch her. There were a lot of times that I almost landed on my face when Kayleigh suddenly ran a different way that I thought she was gonna go and I had to turn around in a dime in order to keep her in my line of catching but my natural grace, grace my butt, saved me at the last second so all that happened is I had to put my hand down to catch myself before I fell.

I guess my grace could only happen a certain number of times cause the game ended with me tripping over my own feet and watching the puffy clouds traveling across the bright blue sky on my back and my breath being knocked out of me with a small body being slammed into me then sitting on my tummy asking if "daddy had an owie for Kay to kiss better?". After I got my breath back and reassured my little girl that daddy didn't have an owie to kiss better, though like Demi I never pass up a kiss from her no matter if I'm really in need of a kiss, we were discussing what Princess Kayleigh wanted to do next.

The descion was taken out of both of our hands when a cute little frog hopped past, probably had come from the pond of the farther side of the park and was taking a morning hop before returning home to the lake on the other end of the park. One look at the froggie and Kayleigh got off me and was chasing the poor terrified creature, hey Kay might still be small to me but to this little froggie she was a giant who might step on him without meaning to or hurt him in other ways so he wanted to get as far away as he could from this "monster".

Kay and froggie made quite an adorable pair, the frog hopping as quickly as he possibly could and Kay chanting "Here froggie froggie. Hey come here froggie, all I want to do is play with you" as she ran after the froggie every which way until the pair got to the lake where the froggie jumped in and Kay waded in to her knees, totally soaking her socks and shoes, still trying to catch that darn frog who was probably long gone from that area where she was frantically searching for her new little friend and yelling out "Froggie, come back froggie. I won't hurt ya. All I want to do is play!".

After a few more minutes of frantic searching with no luck Kay turned back to me standing at the shoreline where I had been keeping my eyes of her the entire time with tears glistening in those big blue eyes of hers and the little rosebud lip trembling with restrained emotion "Daddy, why didn't froggie want to play with me? She ran away from me when all I wanted to do is play with her. " Aww man I hate seeing any of my girls sad when I know that there is nothing I can do to help the situation but hold them close and comfort them with words of encouragement and support, ,lots of hugs and kisses and promises of doing what I can to put those beautiful smiles back on their faces and make everything right in their lives.

I scooped up Kayleigh and while holding her close and swaying her back and forth whispered "Sweetie, froggie had to go home to her mommy and daddy, I'm sure she wanted to play with you just as much as you wanted to play with her but maybe you guys can play together another day when we come to the park." Ok so what I told my daughter wasn't the 100% thruth but what was I suppose to say? "Oh I'm sorry your feelings were hurt but the frog was afraid of you and that you will squish him cause you're a monster to him"

Yes I'm sure that would have gone over well, that would have made Kayleigh feel like she's a big monster or a meanie and she would end up feeling even worse about herself, not exactly the set of mind I wish upon my daughter about her self esteem. Plus what parent doesn't tell little white lies to keep their children's hopes, dreams and innocence last a little longer then the world would like, I mean hasn't anyone heard of the stories about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and the other fairtytale creatures?

Soon Kayleigh was calmed down, good thing too cause I was running out of things to say and do besides repeating the same words of encouragement over and over again and rubbing her back I was at the point where I might have to start begging or bribbing her to stop crying cause I can't stand to see either Demi or Kayleigh cry or be sad, it makes my insides feel all jittery, I can't stay still and I feel antsy unless I do everything and anything in my power to make my angels happy once again and see the same beautiful million dollar smile on their faces that make me melt from the inside and out until I feel all gooey like melted chocolate.

When I put her down she found another animal friend to play with; this time it was a little yellow butterfly that seem to flitter just out of her reach like it was playfully encouraging her to follow it through the field of flowers which of course Kayleigh did. Tears gone and a gorgeous smile back on her face, Kayleigh raced among the flowers trying to catch the butterfly while what it seemed to me twirling around doing the simpliest ballet she had learned from her ballet classes, I guess she was trying to mimic the butterflies fluid like movements as it went from flower to flower getting the nectar it needed to make delicious honey for the hive.

''Daddy look, I'm dancing with the pretty butterfly!" came the excited exerbulant reply as Kayleigh stopped spinning, she was probably dizzy from all the spinning she had done and needed to regroup before she goes back to dancing and twirling with the butterfly, and turned towards me with one of the biggest smiles i have ever seen on her young face, it stretched from ear to ear, and her melodious laughter seem to ring out over the meadow just like her mommy's beautiful laughter that seems to reach into my heart and touch every inch of it.

I could watch my little girl froclick with a butterfly in a meadow all day long if I was able to; it doesn't matter to me if Kayleigh never catches the butterfly, just as long as that beautiful smile and wonderous joy is reflected in my daughter's eyes always I'm happy to stay here at the park watching my little girl having the time of her still relative young life dancing with a butterfly among the flowers all day. I wish I had brought my camera to photograph this memory to show Demi when she comes home.

Eventually the butterfly flew away leaving a breathless, dizzy and yet still extremely happy little girl who was thrilled that she got to play with a butterfly. of course after chasing after a frog and dancing with a butterfly, my angel was too tired to continue to play in the playground plus it was almost lunchtime so it was time to go home for some more nourishment and maybe even some downtime for daddy and Kayleigh. All on the way home Kayleigh babbled on about how much fun she had with her new friends and how much she hopes she sees them again soon. When I told her that when their mommies and daddies allow them to go outside then Kay can play with them again.

When we arrived home, I made Kayleigh and me grilled cheese with extra cheese and slices of bolgna and a big glass of milk and after a few moments of eating, Kay with her purple sippy cup and Disney Princess plate, Kay out of the blue asked me if after lunch, I could help her write a Thank you Card to the Easter Bunny for the yummy, chocolatey treats that he secretly hid all around the house in places that were a challenge for her to find, she really had to look for them.

Ok so it was really Demi and me, hey what child doesn't want to have a Easter Egg hunt around their house searching for their goodies, running around the house laughing and squealing gleefully whenever they find a hidden treasure. It makes the found treasure even sweeter and the children seem to appreciate the treats they recived even more. I know that me and my siblings loved finding clues around the house with little tricks and activities we have to do in order to get the next clue which leads us to our basket of treats in the end.

It was one of the best Easter traditions of our childhood and hopefully it will be one of Kayleigh's finest childhood memories cause I want my little girl to have the best childhood me and Demi could ever give her cause I think our parents did a wonderful job at giving us childhood to remember and I want to do the same for our daughter.

Ok so how on Earth am I going to help Kayleigh write a card to a make-believe character, no matter how sweet she is being at wanting to send a thank you to someone she has never met and that she recognizes a wonderful gesture when she gets one. I wonder what address I should write on the envelope so that Kayleigh can think that her gesture actually went out to the individual it was suppose to go out to.

Maybe I should put my own address at the set of "Barley Legal" so that I can write "Mr Bunny's" reponse to Kay so she has something to look forward to getting in the mail. I bet when she gets my response she will be so thrilled with squeals, a mile wide smile on her face, her little face lightening up and she will show that letter to anyone who will listen as she gushes and babbles on and on about the letter she got from the Easter Bunny.

Kayleigh's Letter: "Dear Mr Easter Bunny
I wanted to say Thank You for coming to my house and for making a fun
game out of hide and seek for me to find my yummy candy. I will enjoy
eating them very much. I hope that you enjoy your holiday; you deserve it
after hopping all around the world bringing yummy candy all over the
world to other little boys and girls like me.
Happy Easter
Kayleigh Knight

As I was putting the card with a bunny rabbit on the front, quite appropriate considering who the card was being sent to (Maybe the rabbit on the front is a distant relative of the Easter Bunny, who knows), into the envelope, put the address on it and licked the envelope, Kay kept her eyes glued onto my every action making sure that I did everything i needed to do in order for the Easter Bunny to recieve it.
Then it was time for a dip in the pool, ok so if you want to be technical the "pool" is a little plastic kiddies pool that only Kayleigh can fit in but she enjoys splashing practically all the water in there out onto the grass as she pretends to be a mermaid exploring her underwater kingdom with her fish friend named Flounder after the "Little Mermaid".

My little mermaid was practically bouncing on her little feet impatiently and kept asking me if she could go swimming already as I helped her into her pink, frilly two piece swimsuit and smothered her ivory, freckled skin into sunscreen so that she wouldn't get burned cause I have been burnt before and believe me it's not pleasant with me being uncomfortable in my own skin as my skin is tight and red.

Finally after I had filled the pool up with the nice, cooling but cold water from the hose and set up a blanket to sunbathe while I watch my little angel having a blast in her pool and in her own imagination, my sweetie got into her pool with a little bit of hesitation at the touch of cold water on her little piggies but then she went all in and began her underwater adventures with her talking out loud to her fishy friend as she dicated what next adventure they would go through next. From her melodious laughter that rang out in our small backyard and her wide smile she must be having one heck of an adventure.

The early morning and having my little angel having a panic attack must have affected me more then I knew of; Kayleigh's laughter and childish babbling, the birds chirping and the warm sunshine being my blanket rocked me to sleep. I had the best dream ever; in it I was hanging out with my two favorite girls at the beach on a warm spring day with lots of frolicking, swimming and goofing around (aka water splashing fights, sneaking up on the person and surprising them by lifting them up and throwing them a few feet away kind of thing) and somehow it was just Dems, me and Kayleigh all alone in the world, though to be honest whenever I'm with my two angels they're all I see, everybody else just disappears.

I woke up a few hours later covered by a damp Barbie towel that barley covered my kneecaps and a slightly damp sleeping Princess cuddled into my side with her tiny little thumb in her rosebud mouth and a serene smile on her angelic little face. Kay must have gotten tired of exploring her underwater world with her fishy friend, gotten out of the pool to see me fast asleep and decided that she was pooped out from her adventures both at the park with her animal friends and underwater exploring the water paradise and decided to have her nap snuggling up to her daddy in the bright, warm sunshine.

I picked her up, Kayleigh was still fast asleep all tuckered out, and carried her into the house to put her in her little bed. Of course before I tucked her into bed, I took off her wet bathing suit and put her into her t-shirt and shorts to sleep in. Kay needed a bath anyway before she went to bed tonight so it wouldn't be good to put her in her nightie now only to take it off for a bath then put it back on afterward. After a gentle loving kiss on the forehead, cheecks and tip of her slightly upturned nose and a whispered "Have a good nap with sweet dreams. I love you sweetie" in her tiny ear I left the room.

I decided that I should have a shower before getting some downtime for myself, maybe read the mystery novel that I had gotten from the library almost a week ago but hadn't had the chance to read it cause I would rather spend as much time I have in between filming episodes for my comedy series which takes up most of my time, I film from 8:30 am to 7:30pm Monday to Friday with the two most important girls in my world. Plus whenever I sit down a second later Kay has thought of a new activity or game that she must play with me so she practically pulls me off the couch to play with her.

It seems like my little imp decided to have some fun with daddy before taking her nap, when I looked in the mirror to start taking off my clothes for my shower I saw that my entire face was decorated all "pretty" with eyeshadow,blush, lipstick and powder all smeared onto my face so that i looked like a circus clown or even that if had put my make-up on in the dark, like I would ever wear make-up, the only make-up I have ever worn is some foundation and chapstick and it's only for the show to make me "camera ready".

I guess Kayleigh must have gotten bored in the pool sooner then I thought, gone inside to get her mommy's make-up and did a makeover for her daddy as he slept, thank goodness the neighbours didn't see me or I would be teased like crazy whenever they saw me and if Demi was home and saw me, she would laugh good naturally at me, she knows how life with a curious, inquisite little girl has moments that can only be defined as unfortgettable plus she knows that one puppy dog look and aiming her big, blue eyes and I am pretty much putty in Kayleigh's tiny hands and will do anything she wants me to do, no matter how embarassing it is.

The same goes for Demi as well though, all she has to do is look at me with her own version of puppy dog eyes, hers is a little more realistic cause she already has the brown eyes that melt your heart from the inside out and makes your mind go blank so that you have to do whatever Demi wants in order to get control of your brain once again. I warned Demi while she was pregnant with Kay that if our unborn daughter looked anything like her then I would be putty in her little hands besides having to beat the guys off with a stick from my beautiful, genuine, sweet, down to earth and caring daughter, like mother like daughter.
To complete my look, my darling Kayleigh had put my hair in little pigtails that stood straight out like i had been electrocuted by sticking my finger into an electric outlet. From the make-up and the hairstyle I looked like a bona fide idiot and freak, what I would do to make my little girl smile. I think it's safe to say that I am not afraid to embarass myself in public to make my girls happy and smile.

After I scrubbed every inch of my body, I pretty much washed until I was red and almost raw, in the warm steamy water, I got redressed into my PJs and was planning for what I wanted to make for dinner, I heard a little plaintive voice calling "Daddy, I wake" across the hall. When I walked into the room, I saw Kayleigh sitting up in her bed still rubbing her eyes from the sleep still in them, her teddy bear tucked into the crook of her arm. When she was finished rubbing her eyes, she lifted her arms to be picked up which of course I gladly gathered her into my arms and as we walked downstairs, i asked her if she wanted to play "Go Fish".

Ok so the game of "Go Fish" I play with Kay is different then the original game, Demi and me trying to teach Kay her numbers and colors so that she is ready for her time in Kindergarten so instead of the cards that have numbers and symbols, we use cards with all numbers and pictures corresponding with the main colors. We would ask the person if they had a certain color or number and if they did then they would give it over and if not then the next person goes. The object of the game is to get as many pairs of matching numbers. i'm afraid to admit that my daughter kicked my butt in that game, she was getting pairs of matching numbers left and right and centre, how embarassing is it that a 3 year old is beating me in a child's game?

After the game, I put on "Barney and Friends" for Kay to watch while I made dinner which consisted of curly pasta with grated cheese, simple, filling and yummy. I'm not a huge fan of Barney, I think that the show is kind of silly, I mean the lines feel and sound so scripted though the messages each episode is good for young children whose minds and personalities are still being shaped by their surroundings and how their parents are raising them.

Hopefully Demi and I are raising Kayleigh to be a respectful, caring, kind hearted, genuine, giving young women who uses her gifts to help people she meets with their troubles by letting them know that they aren't alone in their issues and also helps them know to never give up on their dreams, no matter what obstacles are in your way and use your gifts to better your life. Namely I want Kayleigh to grow up just like her mommy.

Of course, whenever I put on "Barney" I have to make sure that my angel is on cause I think she was one of the most adorable little girls ever with the biggest brown eyes ever that all you needed to do was glance at them and you would melt into a puddle (that hasn't changed at all), that cute little gap in her front teeth (Why she got that fixed I will never understand as I thought it made her smile a little more beautiful then it is now) and her light brown hair that looked so silky that you had the worst urge to run your fingers through it (ok so that urge still hasn't gone away even after 10 years of knowing Demi) and one of the most talented little girl.

When Demi says her lines, they didn't sound or seem forced,scripted or fake whenever my sweetie acts, it's like she puts herself into the character's shoes or mind and keys into the feelings and thoughts of each character she does so that she becomes that character. It's a pleasure to watch her shine on screen and I'm not just saying that because she's my wife.

People can tease her that when Demi was on the show, she still had her baby fat but that is why it's called baby fat cause every person has it and it eventually goes away as a person matures and becomes more active. Besides Demi wasn't fat as a child, she had the right amount of chubbiness to be considered adorable and for a child. I wanted to teach Kayleigh that a women doesn't have to be skin and bones, she needs to eat a balanced diet with some treats involved in there and the right amount of exercise in the form of playing sports and doing activities that she enjoys doing.

And who is the best role model for that type of women? Why her mommy of course, Demi, to me, is the most beautiful women ever, not to sound gross or devolge too much information but I think she has the right amount of curves and womanliness to be attractive, I would say sexy but I think calling a women is hot or sexy demens them as people; it's saying that you have only noticed their looks and not their personality or what they are like as a person.
Demi tries to eat as well as she can and is definetly involved in playing with Kay as much as she can and runs early in the morning to not only get some her time but also to stay in shape. She lost the baby weight about 4 months after Kayleigh was born with eating well and going for long walks with baby Kayleigh to lose the weight; she is almost as skinny as she was before getting pregnant with a slight bulge that will always symbolize the fact that for 9 months she carried our own miracle inside her which gives me a thrill whenever I think of it.

Dinner was uneventful, the TV went off as I think that dinner is family time where it's time for a family to sit down and talk aobut what happened during the day and discuss upcoming family events. Kayleigh talked about what happened on Barney; they were talking about different cultures in the world and how to respect people who are different then them which of course is a very good lesson for children to learn when dealing with people they meet who are different so that they learn to treat everyone with the respect and dignity they expect others to treat them.

Then for desert we had the last cupcakes that Demi and her had made for Kay's bake sale last week and fruit punch. Man was my little girl was busy as I was doing the dishes and getting the cupcakes ready. During that time Kayleigh had gone to her room, packed up some of her favorite stuff animals, her teddy and dolls, some dress clothes, boa, fancy feathered hats and laced gloves then set up a sort of tea party with her plastic tea cups and kettle on the table with its guests. We had our desert with fruit punch tea in our tea cups, pinkies up and taking little sips of course cause we have to remember our manners, dressed up in feather boas and our hats, yes even I dressed up like an idiot and drank my "tea" like a gentlemen at the small coffee table. The things I do for my little girl, I will do things that make me look like an idiot if I get to see that gorgeous smile on her face and a big snuggly hug of gratitude.

After our little tea party, it was bath-time so I carried Kayleigh upstairs and as she was taking off her clothes as the best of her abiliites I ran her bath with all the bubbles and play toys she could want then helped her take off her clothes since her shirt had gotten stuck over her head and her pants had gotten stuck around her little knees so I had walked into the room seeing my little girl rolling around on the floor yelling for my help cause her clothes were attacking her, it was a funny sight so funny that i was trying not to laugh so not to offend my daughter and her predictament.

Then while I was getting new PJs for Kayleigh, Kay had gone into the bathroom climbed into the tub then looked at me innocently from the tub. Then it was down for some serious playing, for one Ariel the mermaid needed her hair washed by soap then needed to wash under the waterfall (the water running from the tap), then it was time for her and Ariel to go for another undewrwater adventure that included the mermaid jumping out of the water and splashing water on me and on the floor. I unfortunately had to interupt the adventure to make sure the little princess was clean from the top of her wavy light brown hair to her tiny toes and that she smelled like Dove soap although even as I was washing Kay her playtime wasn't interupted as she kept on playing as I scrubbed her little body clean. I love holding Demi super close and discretly as possible smell her after she has had a bath cause she smells so fresh and clean with the subtle smell of Dove soap. Ok so that sounds so pervish but it's so true.

After putting Kayleigh in a fresh nightgown, it was storytime. Tonight's story is "Cinderella" which Kay likes and I do too, I mean this story teaches children not to give up on their dreams no matter what people say and do to discourage those dreams. Plus it does have the traditional the Prince and Princess meet, fall instantly in love, get married and live happily ever after that all little girls love to read about and then dream all night of meeting their own Prince Charming, not on my watch sweetheart. There is no man alive that will love you, respect you and take as good care of you like me and if by some miracle there is such a man who is all that me and Demi could wish for our precious daughter then I will rethink my thinking of Kayleigh dating but only when the young man is properly and throughly screened and when Kayleigh is 18.

Then after thanking God for the good things in her young life, man do I have so many things to be thankful for; a loving wife, a healthy daughter, a wonderful career where I can flourish and show my talents, my health, a loving and supportive family and friends and many more things, the little princess was tucked into bed with lots of hugs and kisses. Boy was this a exciting day with many new adventures with new friends, Kayleigh definetly makes my life more interesting and keeps me on my toes but I wouldn't change her for the world. Sweet dreams my little angel.

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