May 04, 2011

Dreams Becoming a Reality

Though I wrote this story, it was @franciinii's story ideas that I borrowed with her permission of course. So she deserves the credit not me. Enjoy. By the way * means no one is talking I'm just setting the scene.

D: "I can't believe that I was caught by Sterling about the fact that I dream about what it would be like to actually kiss him. I know we have kissed on "Sonny with a Chance" and it was wonderful Sterling's lips were soft, tender and so light against mine. It was like we were in a cloud all by ourselves cause all I could see were Sterling and me and I swear that even though the kiss was only like 5 seconds I still felt myself melt into the floor when I gazed into Sterling's eyes and wish this moment would never end even if it was only for the show and not really real.

In my dream, when we kiss it will be everything I dreamed about; the world will stop spinning or even spin faster until it is only Sterling and me in the entire world. Our lips would mesh together and movie in rhythm, no tongue people, against each other and we would feel sparks running through our bodies. The only way we would unlock our lips would be the fact that we needed to breathe but we would only separate a little way that way we could breathe in each other's breaths and smile dumbly though lovingly at each other until we decide that we don't like the space between our lips so we had to rejoin them in another mind-blowing kiss.

I have been having that same dream every night that I wish could last forever and every morning my wonderful dream is interrupted by Bella licking the heck out of my lips. I love Bella but like any dog, her breath stinks plus I have no idea where that tongue has been. Plus she was ruining my wonderful dream, I wouldn't like anyone who disturbs my dreams especially when it has me kissing Sterling.

S: *Has come over to visit Demi and gently knocks on her bedroom door cause Mrs Lovato told him when she let him in that Demi wasn't up yet so he would have to wake her up. When no one answered him, he slowly opened the door and smiled softly when he noticed Demi was still sleeping sweetly with a soft smile on her face.

He tiptoed over to her bed careful not to disturb his beautiful angel's slumber. he had the perfect ideas that since Demi was being Sleeping Beauty he would kiss her awake just like Prince Charming. Just as he leaned in and grazed her soft, supple lips.......

D: *With her eyes still closed. "Bella stop, I'm awake, no need for kisses.". * opens eyes to find Sterling poised over her withy lips slightly puckered. "OMG I thought you were.... um hi there" * she couldn't keep her eyes on Sterling's face as she was mentally kicking herself that she could even mistake her dog's kisses from her guy's kisses.

S: "Am I that bad of a kisser that you thought I was your dog?" * he said with a secret smile as he wasn't really insulted that Demi thought he kissed like a dog, all slobbery and wet. He was just teasing her hoping to relax her enough that her face stops being red, even though it was adorable for her to blush like a teenager plus the blush made the freckles on her nose stand out even more.

D: "Puf no I mean it was great not that I was dreaming about kissing you. I mean umm" * Demi didn't really want to admit that she had been dreaming about kissing Sterling or she might die from embarrassing when Sterling admits he only kissed her to be amusing and to be goofy. She wished that the floor would swallow her whole or she finds out that this is just a dream that she will eventually wake up from.

S: "So great hahaha good to know that you dream about kissing me just like I dream about kissing you. * Sterling hesitated only a moment then decided that since he had already gave her a huge hint about his true feelings for her so why shouldn't he take it further and confess his true feelings for her.

" I dream about you everyday at every moment you have no idea what you do to me Dem Dem. Believe me they are more then great. * With those parting words and a moment of looking lovingly at Demi, he left the room so she could get dressed and they could go out to breakfast to discuss at further their true feelings for each other.

Oh yes Sterling's dreams are amazing, incredible, beautiful and they make going to sleep every night so enjoyable that 1) he didn't want to wake up from his dreams of being able to show Demi every inch of his love for her with all the hand-holding, sweet kisses and romantic, small gestures Demi could handle for the rest of his and her life.

2) His dreams about Demi made him go off to dreamland daydream while he was awake even if he wasn't exactly ion a place designed for daydreaming and losing focus, say while filming or even practice and the only way he can be reawaken is to be hit by someone's hand or shaken awake which is especially embarrassing when it is Demi waking him up and having concern splashed all over her face.

D: * Demi was stunned to say the least; her eyes were wide open almost as much as her eyes were. Did Sterling just admit that he dreams about her and thinks about her almsot all day and night? She thought she was the only one who daydreamed about Sterling day and night. And why didn't he finish that last sentence with a kiss?, that would have been the perfect ending to a perfect moment. Why did he leave without a kiss? Didn't he want to kiss her?

These thoughts were running through her head as she got dressed in her nicest yoga pants, black with a turquoise ribbon tie, a turquoise v-neck sweater over a simple white long sleeved shirt and runners. As she stood by her window, her mind whirling with more questions then answers , no real answers came to mind to answer them. Maybe Sterling didn't really like her as more then a friend despite the fact that he admitted to dream about her. She was so confused.

S: * Sterling walks up from behind her, he didn't really go too far just downstairs to ask her mom if instead of staying for breakfast could he take Demi somewhere then it was right back upstairs to watch Demi mentally struggle with the answers to the questions swirling around her beautiful head about his true feelings for her.

He walked over to her side watching her every move to make sure she didn't see him coming up behind her from seeing her reflection in the window. he leaned over and whispered in her ear, breathing in her sweet natural scent.

"Believe me honey, all the answers to the questions you are wondering about will be answered soon and our dreams will begin today."

*Then he leaned in and gave her the softest kiss possible pulled away to judge if his kiss was accepted and then came back for another longer, passionate kiss pouring his whole heart bursting with love for Demi through his kiss and so was Demi. Hands were placed on places, Sterling's hands on her waist and hers on Sterling's shoulder, to pull the other person closer to them so that there was less space between their bodies so they could feel the warmth of the other person's bodies. Lips were reluctantly pulled apart and Sterling and Demi just stared at each other with love bursting from their eyes.

S: "So what that kiss anywhere close to the ones in your dreams? Cause if not, I'm all for practicing with your assistance of course until we get it right for as long as it takes"

D: "No it was way better then anything I could have have anything dreamed about so thank you for making that dream a reality" * She said with a huge smile that radiated love for Sterling, she still couldn't believe that Sterling not only kissed her but feels the same way about her.

S: "Really I wouldn't know because it looks like you didn't want to make your dream kiss a reality. But myself couldn't wait a moment longer to make my own dream kiss a reality. Now to make keep making it a reality cause I'm still scared that soon I will wake up"

*Sterling pulled her close once again, one hand placed gently on her check and the other around her waist while both of her arms went round his waist both relishing in the fact that without saying the words "I Love You" they both knew that the other person loved them just as much as they themselves did. Their dreams are coming true right before their eyes.

S: " As much as I'm enjoying standing here kissing, what kind of gentlemen would I be if I didn't take m'lady out to breakfast to celebrate our new relationship? So shall we go?"

*With that Sterling reluctantly pulled away and offered Demi his arm which she took with a smile. The pair waved bye to a smiling Mrs Lovato and drove a nearby cafe for breakfast. While driving around, they held hands with Sterling every once in awhile kissing her hand which got him a loving gaze from Demi. When they got to the cafe, they got a private table where they sat still holding hands the entire time and actually had to be interrupted by the waitress to get their orders cause they were staring deep into each other's eyes with goofy looks.

S:"Ok so now that we are alone again, I just wanted to say that today has been a dream come true. This morning I kisses you cause like I saod I have been dreaming about kissing you for 3 years and when I saw you sleeping I knew I had to make my dream a reality even if you woke up screaming at me, at least I knew how your lips would feel on my own lips. It turned out to be one of the best ideas of my life cause it got me the women of my dreams, my very own ball of sunshine and my angel on earth. I love you Demetria Devone Lovato.

D: *Demi's eyes were tearing up with the sweet words that was being said about her. "I have been dreaming about kissing you ever since "Sonny" and "Chad" kissed and each morning when I wake up I would wish that it wasn't just a fabulous dream but my reality; where I could kiss your soft lips, hold your hand, snuggle up to you and express to you how much I love you too every chance I get. I'm so happy that now I can say that the feelings I'm feeling right now, I'm beyond estatic. I love you too Sterling Micheal (don't know Sterling's real middle name) Knight"

* They two of them shared a secret, loving gaze before leaning in for a kiss which consists of millions of tiny pecks on each other's lips which unfortunately got interrupted once again by the waitress who was getitng annoyed at hacving to always interrupt the lovey dovey couple who were really disgusting cutsey wirth their hand holding, gazing into each other's eyes at every moment, stealing kisses and always playing footsies under the table but thern again she hadn't had a date in over four months. Why couldn't she find that kind of puppy love?

For the rest of the breakfast, Sterling and Demi fed each other's their pancakes, saugages and scrambled eggs from their forks and continued to be all gushy and lovey dovey but not caring if they were sickening the other patrons, they were in love and why would they hide the love they have kept hidden for some many yearsw when they had a chance to show the other person their love.

After breakfast, Sterling unfortunately had to take Demi hokme as she had to sit down with her record company to write the new heartweaqrming, personal songs for her 3rd CD, now she had a newer inspiration; her absolute love for Sterling and how she thriled she now had a boyfriend who she dearly loves more then anything and can't wait to be able to tell her fans and the public how in love she is with Sterling.

So after more kisses, promises of calling the other person tonight to chat about their day and a lot of tight hugs Sterling left with the goofiest smiles on his face, he actually walked into the door of the house because he couldn't keep his eeys off Demi to turn around and walk through the door. With a sheepish grin, he gave Demi once last wave, turned around and climbed into his car and drove away with a waving Demi from her bedroom window. Another Sleeping Beauty has found her Prince Chamring.

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