May 04, 2011

Spreading the Love

Dear Journal

I feel like I'm on top of the world. I feel like I'm King of the world, that i climbed Mount Everest in half the time without air. I still can't believe that I was the lucky guy who not only stole Ms Lovato's heart but also that he gets to spend the rest of his life and hers together as soul mates and husband and wife. I still can't believe that in a short while, we decided to get married next May 26th, what a perfect day to get married as that is the magical day when our eyes and more importantly our hearts met and locked onto to each other plus I would never forget our anniversary, like I ever would either way, why would I forget the day I met my future wife and my one true love, Demi and I will be Mr and Mrs Knight.

Hmm I'm liking the sound of that; Mrs Demetria Knight, Mrs Demi Lovato-Knight, Mr and Mrs Sterling Knight and so does my journal borders as I have probably doodled the same sentences over and over again over the years dreaming of the day when I can say those sentences in the open and know in my heart that they were true. And soon those dream sentences will be 100% true with Demi as my wife with my ring on her finger to show all those little boys who think that if they flirt with my women that she will leave me for them, ya right i don't think so, cause I know I'm the only guy in my women's life and that guy loves her with all his heart and that she loves me just as much. I can't wait for our wedding day.

Anyway I had to share my wonderful news to the world, ok so mostly to our friends and family. So the first call was to of course my parents, my mom would kill me if I didn't tell them about mine and Demi's engagement first and I really don't care to be killed before Demi and I can start our life together. My mom answered the phone:

MK: Hi sweetie. This is a surprise to hear from you so soon; I mean we heard from you ony 2 days ago. What's up?

S: I'm fine, actually I'm wonderful. Mom, I asked Demi to marry me tonight and she said "Yes!". Your little boy is getting married!.

MK: (silence meets his announcement for a few moments as Mrs Knight took in what her son had just told her and her husband. Then screams of joy could be heard over the phone, loud enough to make Sterling have to pull the phone's receiver away from his ear or he might have gone deaf). OMG! I can't believe that my little boy is getting married. Oh honey I'm so thrilled for you and Demi, you guys are going to have such a wonderful life together and are going to be that couple that stays together forever, I know it in my heart.

Is Demi there? I want to talk to my new daughter though to me she has been like my daughter for the past 6 years so the in law is just a technicality now.

S: No sorry mom. M'lady is at her home telling her parents and sisters the good news though her parents already know as I did the old fashioned thing and asked her parents if I had their permission to marry her. But I know that Madison and Dallas will be thrilled that I'm joining their family, I know that they think of me like a brother and now it will be official by law.

Right now the girls are probably jumping up and down, screaming their heads off and smothering their sister with hugs, I'm the only one who can smother her with love and kisses well technically her parents can also do that. I should probably get off the phone just in case my future sisters in law are trying to call me to officially welcome me to the family. Talk to you later mom. I love you. Give Dad my love.

MK: Ok honey. I love you too. Give mine and Dad's love to Demi the next time you see her, which knowing how much you two can't stay apart for more then a day will be soon. Bye for now, sweetie. Congratulations to both you and Demi.

Ok so that phone call went well, i knew that my mom and dad would be overjoyed at the news. Now to call my best friends, ok so if you want to be technical they are Demi's best friends too and our past cast mates. I know that they will be just as thrilled about our engagement as my parents were. They were the ones who thought we were perfect for each other and encouraged us to tell each other our true feelings from the beginning and were just as overjoyed as we were when Demi and I started dating.

They also were the ones who would stand up for both Demi and me from anyone who openly disagreed with our relationships because they either thought that they were mine or Demi's future spouses, nope that official title belongs to Demi and me as we are the only ones who can say "This is my future wife\husband". I mean not to be mean but we haven't met all of our fans so what makes they think that Demi and I would ever marry a total stranger just because they were "in love" with us?

Another reason that our "fans" hate our relationship because they think our relationship is totally for show and for public relations. Um Demi and I haven't shared a screen since our wonderful days on the "Sonny with a Chance" set, not that I wouldn't love to share the screen with my sweetie once again. I loved acting alongside Demi, we had chemistry on screen as well as off but hey I'm not talking about that cause anyone who has been around us even for a minute can tell we have chemistry, so even though for the first season of the show "Sonny" and "Chad" flirty fought they definetly were interesting to watch and became even more interesting to watch when they dated in the 2nd season.

Demi and I even have chemistry with other people that we have worked with, I mean we have done movies and TV Shows with other people and have rocked it immensely that the audience forgot that we were acting and accepted as the characters and roles we were playing, whether we ere in a drama or a comedy. We have proof from all the awards we have gotten over the years for our superior acting and of course my sweet angel being recognized by the music media and her fans for her amazingly, heart-warming, personal beautiful songs that she has written by getting the awards she should have gotten the year she put out her 1st CD, but that's just me.

Anyway probably the only reason that people think we are a PR couple is because when we are in public we show each other the same intensity and frequency simple affectionate gestures that we love each other very much such as holding hands, kissing, calling each other endearments like honey and sweetie and cuddling close to each other when we are sitting close to each other. Let's just say when we are both in the same room, our eyes and focus never leave the other person, Tiffany would joke that when Demi was in the same room as me my brain turns to mush and a bomb could go off and I would still only see and hear Demi, thanks Tiff love you too.

Sorry guys if you aren't comfortable with people genuinely expressing their true feelings for each other in the same way whether they are in the public eye or in private. Actually I'm not really that sorry cause it isn't mine or Demi's fault that we are so in love and not afraid to show it. If you don't like it then too bad so sad, we don't care.

If me or Demi ever get a message on Twitter or MySpace that is in either way crude or demeaning to me or my fiancee it will be instantly deleted and the person will be blocked. I will not tolerant anyone being rude or not supportive of mine and Demi's relationship, I mean yes i'm not blind to the fact that some people think Demi would be better off with some other guy, no comment to that cause too bad guys but Demi thought I was the perfect guy for her and has agreed to spend the rest of her life with me and I'm not about to discourage her.

But I don't care if you don't think that Demi and I are perfect for each other, our family, true friends, our Stemi fans and more importantly me and Demi think we are perfect for each other and know our love is the forever kind. I don't need anyone to ruin mine and Demi's wonderful news of our engagement with people sending us mean, crude, messages.

We already got them when we came out as dating, they were so bad that I had to take a "Twitter Break" for awhile as did Demi because we kept getting like over 20 messages of hatred and dislike from people who had nothing better to do then tell us what they think of a relationship that they had no useful insight into, I mean they might have seen Demi and mine's relationship in the public but they couldn't look into our hearts to see the secrets of our hearts. It took us forever to delete them all and then block everyone of them.

I had the perfect plan; I would text each one of our friends the wonderful news so i did; "Last night I took the biggest step of my life to make my life even more wonderful then it already is; I asked Demi to be Mrs Knight and she said "Yes". Demi and I are getting married!" I knew that the response I would get back would be ecstatic for Demi and me.

I was right once again: T: "OMG! That is wonderful news! I'm ecstatic for both you and Dem. I always knew that you guys would be perfect for each other and I know in my heart that you guys will be so blessed and so happy together; the couple that will stay together forever. I love you both. Give Demi a hug from me. Congrads again, honey."

B: "Dude that is great news. I thought I would have to knock some sense into you in order for you to propose to Demi, but i'm so glad that I didn't have to :). Anway that is such great news, congrads to both you and Demi. I'm so happy for you guys, I know that it will be the first step into a wonderful life together. Give a hug to Demi from me. "

A: " Aww my older "brother" and "sister" are getting hitched. Well all I can say is "Yeah!". That is one piece of fabulous news I have heard in awhile, congrads to both you and Demi. I know that you guys will be one of those elderly couples that still act all lovey dovey, hopeless in love, newly married like even after 50 years of marriage, that is how much i know you guys love each other. I love you both and am thrilled for you guys. XOXO to you both."

D: "Sterling and Demi sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, ok that was checked off the list, then comes marriage, another checkmark off the list of your guys love. Ok in all serious, Congrads you guys. That is great news, I can't believe you guys are getting married, it seems like only yewsterday we were pushing you guys together and pressuring both of you guys to tell each other what we all already knew: that you guys were perfect for each other. Where has the time gone? (shiffles). I can't wait until all of us Randoms and Mr Pooper (kidding Ster) are together again so we can celebrate this joyous step in the journey of your guys' own love story which is end in the usual "Happily ever after". Love you guys. XO

Aww I love my friends and didn't I tell you that they would be estatic for us and wish us the best. Man I can't wait to see them all, we haven't seen each other in like over 2 months which may not seem like a long time to not see people you consider family as well as best friends and who you talk to almost everynight but to me and Demi it was. We really missed our banters, joking around and personal, long and deep conversations. I know that Tiff, B-fresh, Dougie and Little Aly will be more then willing to assist both Demi and me in the wedding preparations as family helps out family in their time of need and I already know the lengths the four of them will go for both Demi and me, ok so I'm getting nostalgic so i'm going to stop now. This is like one of the best nights of my life and it is only the beginning of the wonderful days to come and I can't wait to experience them with my future wife. ;)

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