May 04, 2011

Sterling's POV on the Christmas Episode

December, 22,2010
Have you ever hated something as well as loving it at the same time? Well that is my dilemma right now ladies and gentlemen. On one hand I am loving the Sonny with a Chance Christmas episode cause I got to guest star in 3 sketches with my best friends\co-stars and of course the love of my life Demi Lovato.

I loved every moment cause usually I'm in the second plot that is intertwined into the main plot as Chad Dlyan Cooper instead of portraying several different characters like Prince Charmin, the snobby skier and of course myself as well as my character. it also helps that in 2 out of 3 sketches I'm portraying my love's boyfriend, I still squeal inside whenever I heard myself call her "babe" even though I prefer calling her something sweeter more romantic like "My Love", "Sweetie" and "Honey" but hey beggars can't be choosers. I love saying that I get to be her Prince Charming, even if I portray a totally player and jerk, cause Demi is definitely my Princess .

Heck I love spending anytime I can with my best friends whether on set or not, we always seem to be laughing, happy and even if we aren't doing anything exciting we seem to be having fun. We can talk about anything under the sun and still have many things to talk about next time we see each other. We are more then friends we are like family and family stick together with support and love for each member and if anyone hurts one member they will have to deal with the rest of the family.

Speaking of that, here comes the reason I hate that episode is because of one man, Joe Jonas, who at the time was dating my sweet Demi don't remind me. It has been like 6 months since we filmed the episode and looking back I was kicking myself for not seeing what a jerk he was and how he was playing my Dems's emotions for his own reasons. I mean at first you couldn't find anything wrong with him; he was supportive, attentive to Demi's emotions and needs, seemed to really love her, wanted to be around her as much as he could, made her laugh with his corny jokes and pick up lines and treated her like an equal.

But there was just something about his actions and words that seemed like a script for a romantic movie and fake to my ear, though to be honest I didn't like the fact that my Demi was no longer on the market and was dating a guy she told everyone she only loved like a brother and a best friend. I mean I love Demi and if she is happy then I'm happy cause I love seeing that gorgeous megawatt smile on her face and her melodious laughter even if I wasn't the one who put them on her face; her happiness is extremely important to me.

Also whenever I watch the episode now, I can't help but remember the pain and humiliation my sweet Demi went through when she and Joe broke up publicly with Mr Jonas dating a new girl a month later and bringing her on tour to bully Demi to death and it seemed like no one was looking out for Demi and care about how insecure and lonely she was. If we were there, we would totally have our girl's back and give anyone who bugged our girl some serious attitude plus Demi would finally have people to talk and hang out with so she could say that she had fun on tour instead of she had a terrible time and the only reasons he didn't go out of her mind is her loyal, loving fans coming to the show to see her perform.

Anyway I couldn't be onset for their duet cause I couldn't stand seeing that sweet, soothing, and "I'm in love" look plastered on her face she gazed sweetly, lovingly and softly at Joe as they sang, I wish that for once she would look at me like and that I would have the chance to look at her with all the love and caring I feel in my heart for her in the open instead of having to hide my true feelings for her cause to her we are just friends. I did enjoy hearing my sweetheart's angelic voice ringing out like bells in the studio, I love listening to Demi singing whether it was on her CDs which I ran out and bought it the day it came out and listened to like almost every day or in real life, I prefer in real life, that way I can pretend that she is singing just to me.

We tried our hardest to be there for her when she was doubting herself and her talents, all thanks to Ms Ashley Green and her teasing about everything from Demi's weight, um hello Demi has no fat whatsoever on her tiny, petite frame, she just has enough curves so that she isn't a anorexic women, to why she was on the tour. Um hello Demi is super talented in singing her heart-warming songs, her voice is angelic and I'm sure that her thousands of fans would agree with me on that fact and that is why they spend their money to go to the shows to hear their idol sing.

All Demi needed was to pick up the phone and we knew instantly that Demi was having a moment where her fragile heart was breaking as she remembered what had happened in the last 3 months, if I had my own way I would have kidnapped her while the tour was on a break, sorry to all her devoted fans who love and adore her and would be terribly crushed if they didn't get to see her perform, and not allowed her to return to the tour and the pain and humiliation it entailed.

It broke my heart to see my angel so down on herself,I think she is a wonderful, genuine, caring, down to earth, sweet, sensitive, adorably dorky and mature beyond her years when she needs to be. Ok so let's just say she is an angel on earth and I'm pretty sure that her fans would agree with me on that fact. Her presence brightens everyone who is in the vicinity's life and touches it for the better and now it was my duty to get her to realize it. Tiff, Brandon, Doug and of course me spent so many nights just holding her in our arms listening to her as she pours her heart out to us in a rush of tears and stumbled words.
Then we spent the rest of the time trying to make her laugh by telling her how different the tour would be if her friends were on it; like giving Ms Green some of her own medicine by giving her some of our own attitude when she dares hurt our Dem and making sure that in between shows and rehearsals Demi always has that beautiful smile on her face and angelic laughter can be heard through the entire backstage.
Then we would do anything in our power to distract her from thinking bad about herself even as far as watching chick flicks with her. Hey if it makes my sweetie happy then I'll take the 2 1\2 hours of crying, mushiness, sappy though it does help me in the romance department thinking of new ways I can impress and woo my girl so that she falls just as much in love with me and I am with her.

Ok so back to my original thought I love spending any time I can with my angel and our friends especially when I get to see my angel being all adorable like in her "Sicky Vicky" sketch. Her voice is so adorable and her song made me laugh though it was really catchy, I found myself humming it all night long after the show. She actually looks good with pigtails and a onsie, it is like she wears them all the time. Poor baby had a lot of ailments to list which "was not cool" ;) sorry couldn't resist.

Little Aly, Dougie, Brandon and Tiff were funny and so protective of their " sister" which is to be expected, I mean they love Demi a lot and like me, don't like anyone hurting Demi in anyway and whoever does hurt her or who wants to hurt her has to go through them to get to Demi. When we were filming the episode Little Aly was ok with hugging and being all obsessed over Joe but now she is like "Why on earth did I hug and be all over that jerk?. What was I thinking?" No one wanted to hug Joe at the end at the credits, the director had to keep reminding us that we had to at least shake his hand to acknowledge he was on the show which we did but grudenly.

And since the first episode we have this dorky habit of giving a big group hug or individual hugs after each scene to our scene partner or partners and when he comes around now we would give him the cold shoulder the entire time, we would be ok while filming like he was on tour, in front of the cameras he was all friendly and flirty with her like they were stil friends and off he would give her the cold shoulder and ignore her the entire time even with his stupid girlfriend making fun of her suppose best friends. See how Mr Jonas likes bing ignored, I bet he would hate it but then it would show him what Demi went through.
Well that is my feelings about Sonny with a Chance Christmas episode. Gotta go, dinner time and mom hates it when I'm late for dinner.

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