May 04, 2011

Stemi Valentine's Day

It's not that I have anything against Valentine's Day, I don't have anything against it. I think it is a sweet, romantic holiday where people make sure that on this day they show and tell the special someone in their life about how much they love them even though according to me you shouldn't tell and show the people in your life who you love and care about that you love them once a day a year but it should be shown all year as much as you can even if it is just an "I love you" at the end of every conversation,either on the phone or in person whether you will see that person the next day or later that day. As long as that individual knows that you love them, that's all that matters.

As much as I love and feel totally special and loved by dad who every year takes his daughters out for a father-daughters lunch, sometimes to a nice family restaurant and sometimes he makes us a big lunch of our favourite meals (Dallas-Curry Chicken with curry rice, Maddie-Pancakes and mine- macaroni and cheese casserole) at home but wherever we are there is always a rose of either a white or pale yellow color on our chairs and a personalized Valentine, a card with a short but sweet message about how proud he was of us and how much he loves us, on our chairs.

This of course results in three girls giving him giant hugs and a kiss on the check as we say "Thank You" and "I Love You Too", I wish that whatever guy wins my heart in the end is sweet and romantic as daddy, I mean mom doesn't exactly tell us girls what sweet, romantic gestures her hubby does for her, all I can tell you is that there is a new romantic, touching card on the mantel and a vase full of freshly cut red roses on the dinning room table. Tie that to the big smile and love radiating from her eyes and I will tell you that it is safe to say that it was super duper romantic, us children are sent to our friends for a sleepover leaving the lovebirds alone in the house for their special night.

As much as I look forward and am touched by dad's gifts every year, I have not such good luck on Valentine's Day, I mean I make personalized cards for each of my friends and they do the same for me but my boyfriends have sucked in the romance department. I'm totally serious, my gifts have been so lame like a dollar store stuffed animal with a cheesy saying that falls apart in like a week, stale, rock hard candy that if I eat them I might either throw up or break my teeth on. Even worse is the delivery of the presents, it's so "romantic", not. It's more like "Here since I'm obligated to give you something today, this is your present that I randomly picked out with no thought what so ever of my so called feelings for you" while it is thrusted towards me with a bored look on their face.

Then there are the boys who take me out to a fancy restaurant but it totally isn't romantic or entertaining, I mean I always ended up coming home furious or humiliated. I'm serious; I've had a date who ate like a pig, I mean spaghetti dripping from his mouth as he shovels it in like he has a shovel in his hand then spits food as he talks to me about his latest movie, gross me out. Dude please close your mouth when you talk and don't put so much food in your mouth.

Another guy was such a complainer, he complained about everything from the food, although he was the one who choose the food but the poor chef couldn't seem to get his meal right as it was either too cold, not cooked enough, cooked too much, not spicy enough and then too spicy, the lighting in the room, it was too dark for his liking to the conversation we were having even though he wasn't contributing to it at all.
Another guy I tried to make some sort of conversation from topics such as the weather, world going ones to TV shows\movies but he would shoot down all my ideas with snooty and snide comments that didn't help make the atmosphere any lighter but it made me not want to talk to him for the rest of the night, why try to make a conversation when it was one sided.

Lastly I've actually been broken up on Valentine's Day, oh you will love this story. This jerk even had his new girlfriend come to our table and sit on his lap and then flat out state that she and her cuddle bug had been dating for a year and that he had only started to date me to show his little snookie poo that she was nothing without him and it worked three months ago, he and I had been dating for a month now. As they were telling me their stupid, pathetic story they had the biggest smiles on their faces like what they did to me was the funniest thing ever, good thing I had no feelings for him so it was no big deal to cut him loose. I don't need players in my life. Ok so it hurt my dignity a bit since I had no idea he was seeing another girl on the side and was just playing me; I always thought I was a good judge of character.

I don't think I'm a high maintence, high expectation kind of girlfriend, I mean what girl doesn't want her boyfriend to be like all those sweet, caring, sensitive romantic guys you see in the romance movies and books and have a little bit of romance and love in their lives? I know I love having a guy who treats me like a queen or at least like I'm a person who they truly and fully love and are not afraid to show the world how much they love me the same way they tell and show me in private.

Just when I was resigned to the fact that I would be spending my Valentine's Day watching a romantic movie in my pjs in my room with only Bella and Maddie as my company dreaming about the day when I would have my very own Prince Charming in my life, I came back from doing my scene with Aly and Tiff to find a heart shaped note on my desk. It read: "To my Darling Dem Dem, I wish I could say what I'm about to say to your face cause it's been buried deep inside the depths of my heart and soul for the past 3 years but I have not had enough nerve to do so. I've decided to let what I have been too afraid to uncover out in the open to you on this day of love, which will hopefully be the 1st day filled with all the love, joy and wonderful memories for both of us.

I have been hopelessly, deeply and truly in love with you for years and instead of it going away when I have a girlfriend, I find myself comparing all of them to you who I have in my head as the "perfect girl". I mean you are sweet, caring, kind, sensitive, genuine, adorably dorky in everything you say and do ( not that you care what other people think of you which I adore) and are extremely talented, I think that you must be the only person who can try anything once and excel at it the 1st time, so who wouldn't fall in love with you?.
It didn't take me very long to fall for you, it took me only a day to fall head over heels in love with your down to earth, genuine beautiful personality that only matches your looks and ever since that day I have been falling even more in love with you. Even when I tried to tell myself that what I was feeling was only some sort of puppy love and admiration for a fellow co-star and best friend that would fade in time but it totally hasn't. No matter how much I try to be "just friends" with you, I can't do it, I love you too much to be "just friends".

I know that I might be making a big mistake of spilling my heart's deepest secret to you although according to our darling friends who have been playing matchmaker to us for the last 3 years old, it hasn't been that much of a secret. But I need to tell you that I absolutely love you so I can make my dreams come true finally.

If you feel the same way, please go to Stage 2 where I hope you will find all the sweet and romantic stuff you could ever dream about in that big heart of yours. If you don't come I will only assume that you don't feel the same way about me, I promise that if you don't feel the same way I will let things go and continue to be friends with you.

I love you my Dem Demi, my one and only Valentine, my one true love and my one and only. If you give me the chance I will spend the rest of our lives proving how much I love you.
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Always
Sterling Knight

As I was reading this beyond sweet, romantic, like in the romance movies, letter that I could only dream about getting from the man of my dreams saying that he loves me just as much as I love him I sat in my chair and got tears in my eyes. What girl wouldn't get teary-eyed and choked up when reading this heart-warming letter, it is any women's dreams. Of course I was going to Stage 2 to see what other romantic and sweet things Sterling has in store for me, though not much could ever top his totally romantic letter though if we kissed and started to date that might be the topper :).

I rushed around my dressing room trying on like 10 dresses that I had in my room, I wish that I had more dresses to choose from cause I wanted to look as gorgeous as I could for my guy, I'm pretty sure that Sterling will look so handsome no matter what he wears. I ended up wearing a simple baby blue strapless sundress that flittered around my knees plus after meeting Sterling blue has become my favourite color, especially the same cornflower blue of his eyes that you can just drown into and makes you melt cause you see every emotion and thoughts in their depths. I put on a bit of eye shadow, blue once again, and some light pink lipstick, I know that Sterling feels that women are beautiful if they wear only a little bit of makeup, he says that if a women overdoes it on makeup it shows that they are insecure about their appearance and am trying to hide their real looks. My hair I curled into light waves and then stuffed my feet into ballerina slippers, I don't want to be uncomfortable or in pain if this sweet and romantic night that Sterling has planned for us includes romantic, being held close to him, slow dancing.

I don't want to be worrying about how much my feet hurt when Sterling will be holding me close, us gazing lovingly into each other's eyes getting lost in the other person's eyes reading each other's hearts and feeling them beat as one. The world will melt around us until it's only me and Sterling in the entire building and no one can disturb our love bubble no matter how they try. I want all my focus and mind to be on the fact that I am finally able to be in Sterling's arms without it having to be part of the week's script or as a friendly gesture, though now I know that anytime Sterling gave me any kind of sweet gesture he didn't mean it to be a friendly gesture it was a small token of love, smelling his spicy aftershave that goes straight to my head and that I could breathe in until my mind spins and feeling his warm strong arms holding me close where I feel so protective and loved, like nothing could ever hurt me when I'm in Sterling's arms or even his presence.

I brushed my teeth like ten times with a whole lot of toothpaste just to extra sure that my breath smells extra minty just in case Sterling gets up the nerve to plant a big ole smooch on my lips, Please God let him kiss me, and my teeth will be white so Sterling doesn't get wierded out at my not so bright smile. Hey a girl has to look her best when getting together for a romantic lunch with the man of her dreams.
After I declared myself to be beautiful enough to go see my guy, I skipped down the hall with joy and anticipation at what Sterling has planned for us, I could feel in my heart that this would be a Valentine's Day I would never forget. When I reached Stage 2, I squealed with joy with one of the biggest smiles I have ever had in my life then I opened the door with one last squeal and a little kick.

When I openned the door, I stood there with wide open eyes and mouth at what lay before me; a pathway of roses to a candlelit table seated for two people. On a smaller table was casserole dishes of chicken parasamen and curry noodles, a basket full of warm from the oven dinner rolls and a yummy chcolate cake will pink icing and conversation hearts decorated in the icing.

Soon a dashing handsome prince stood in front of me in black dress pants, a white shirt with a pale pink tie. "Well hello there Beautiful. Your table awaits you" Sterling said as he took my hand and kissed it like in one of those medievil movies then offered his arm to lead me to the table obviously set out for us. When we reached the table, he pulled out my chair and then went to the smaller table to fill my plate with the yummy looking food that Sterling most definitly cooked himself or helped his mom make.

As we ate, we talked about everything under the sun from this week's episode, funny childhood memories, what was happening in the world etc, and soon the room is filled with laughter and joy. Even though we didn't talk about his note, Sterling couldn't take his eyes off me, and I had the same problem, and when he was looking at me his eyes just shone with love and he kept taking my hand when I put my fork down between chews to stroke it and then give it another little kiss before letting it go so I could continue to eat.
Oh sweetie, feel free to keep holding and kissing my hand, I can eat with one hand, it's no big deal. Everytime Sterling kissed and stroked my hand, I felt butterflies in my stomach in between my heart fluttering with love and joy at my guy's totally sweet gesture. After the yummy dinner, Sterling stood up and once again offered his hand saying "May I have this dance m'lady?". I of course accepted his outstretched hand with a smile, why wouldn't I? A prince was offering to dance with me.

I was right, Sterling did hold me super close, I could feel every inch of him, I love how he has muscles, it makes him even more like my big strong protective hero but I can still wrap my arms around him, he is still my snugglebug who I can snuggle close to when we are sitting side by side. My arms were around his waist as were his were around mine and he was whispering the love song lyrics into my ear so it was like he was serenading me but no one else can hear him crooning into my ear, his heart was singing to mine and only mine. I'm in heaven right now, I feel like if I'm dreaming then please don't wake me up cause I'm loving this dream of being in Sterling's arms being serenaded in our own dream world.

Just when I didn't think things could get better, it did. Sterling whispered "I'm guessing that you got my letter. I meant every word of it. I have been in love with you for a long time and even if you don't feel the same way I will never stop loving you but I won't pressure you to fall in love with me. I just hope that my Valentine's Day gift to you shows you a little bit of how much love is in my heart reserved just for you. I have never felt this way about any other girl and I have a feeling that I will never love anyone as much as I love you. Ok so I'm going to stop talking now so you can say something that can either make my day heck my year even better or break my heart and dreams to smitherens."

Aww that is so sweet and romantic, and here I thought that men were only romantic and sweet in movies and books but Sterling proved me wrong. "Yes I got your romantic, sweet,touching and heartwarming letter. I loved every word of it, you might have not noticed over the years but I have fallen just as hard for you as you have for me. I'm so sorry that I may not have given you the impression of my true feelings by going out with those "Boys" who didn't have the sense to know what a true "man" entails, which I'm thrilled to know that you have mastered.

You are the sweetest, kindest, caring, gentlemen who treats all women, whether friends or family with respect, kindness and trust. You have always been there for me through the ups and downs that my life has presented to support me and be my touchstone, someone I know I can always rely on to keep me grounded and sane when life gets hectic and when I feel like there is no one on my side.

This is the most romantic Valentine's Day gift I could ever imagine or ask for. You are most definetly the man of my dreams and hopefully now that we both knew how the other person feels we can both work on making our "Happily Ever After" happen. I love you Sterling Knight."

What happened next only made this wonderful day even better, Sterling kissed me. It was even better then our kiss on screen and our screen kiss was wonderful but this kiss was so much better. I felt both our hearts speed up until they were beating at the same rhythm and the world spun quicker as I felt his soft lips touch mine, he was such a gentlemen, he was messaging my lips with his but he wasn't trying to shove his tongue down my throat but he was defiently letting me know that he loves me too just as much as I do.

We stood there gathered in each other's arms kissing, I couldn't help but think "Am I in heaven?". I felt so treasured and loved, not a feeling I ever got with my other boyfriends when we kissed or even when we were together. I never wanted this moment to end but unfortuntely there was a little thing called air that we both needed in order not to faint so we had to stop kissing, just so we could catch our breath, my breathing was irregular as well as my heartbeat, then continue some kissing. So Sterling and I had to let our lips seperate but we stayed in each other's arms smiling like fools with our foreheads touching as we caught our breaths and deciding if this was a dream.

"Ok if this is a dream that you love me just as much as I love you then don't wake me up. I would rather stay dreaming. I have dreamed of the moment when you tell me that you love me just as much as I love you many times but hearing it coming from your sweet lips doesn't even compare to dreaming it only to find that I have to wake up disappointed. I just wish that you knew how much my heart belongs to you so I guess I will just have to make it my life's plan to show you. I love you too Demi Lovato. Now if you don't mind I think I will continue to do some smooching"

With those words, his lips found mine again, though it wasn't hard to find them as they were being offered to him, heck he can kiss me anytime he wants with no complaints from me. I know that I said that I didn't particularly like Valentine's Day but today my opinion of it has dramatically changed cause this day proves to be better then anything I could ever imagine or see in movies or read in books.

Actually Sterling's gift puts all the romantic movies to shame, the directors should ask him for romance advice cause with his advice their movies would sell so much more. But no girl can ever have Sterling, he is mine and mine only so sorry ladies but you need to find your own Prince Charming cause he is mine. I will treasure his letter and this romantic night in my heart and a special decorated folder filled with pics of me and my new boyfriend :) and the personal tweets and text messages typed out that we have exchanged over the years that I will put under my mattress away from prying eyes of mom and Maddie. What a Valentine's Day!

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