May 04, 2011


"Who knew that messing up my lines would get me the women of my dreams. If I had known I would have messed up my lines sooner" Sterling thought as he continued to gaze lovingly at the young women in beside him who was staring just as much love reflected in her gorgeous chocolate eyed just for him back at him.

It started off when Sterling and Demi were told by the director to go off to a private place to practice for next week's episode where Chad and Sonny finally confess their feelings for each other after an assignment that makes the students have to write an essay about the person who made the most impact on your life and Chad wrote about how Sonny has changed him from a 100% arrogant, self -absorbed, snob to an actual person who cares about people's feelings, well ok mostly about Sonny, and has moments of sweetness. Chad had practically poured out his heart in that essay and some how the essay had landed in the hands of Sonny who had just come into Chad's private dressing room to confront him.

" I can't believe you Chad. This assignment was suppose to be from the heart to tell someone how much they have changed you into a better person. You know to honour them but of course you had to get someone else to write it cause it was really sweet, heart-warming and touching. I still can't believe that you wrote about me, I don't know whether to be upset that you would mock me or be touched that you would pick me as an inspiration to you." Demi said pretending to be confused at the emotions she would have been feeling if she was actually Sonny going through this thought process so she was pacing back and forth wringing her hands in frustration.

" I resent that last comment Sonny. I should let you know that Chad Dylan Cooper is not only the greatest drama actor in our generation but he can also be deep and personal when he wants to be. Even though I have no shortage of fans who adore and worship me, no one has inspired me enough to say that they have made me want to become a better person. If I had chosen to have someone else write my essay for me, I would have told them what to write about.

I thought you would be honoured Munroe that I chose you to be my muse. I mean why wouldn't I have chosen you? You are the only one in my life who challenges me to live outside my little bubble where everyone bends to my will and never ever challenges me for fear that they wouldn't be able to be seen in public with me and get the publicity they desperately need in order to live the lives they want instead of them having to work hard to get that kind of life. You remind me everyday that I'm a normal person who may have superb acting skills but that it doesn't give me the right to treat anyone like they are lower then me and actually encourage me to show my sweeter, kinder, caring side more often to the people in my life" Sterling said with all the feeling in his heart, even though he was only saying lines that someone else had written, he felt like he was saying these things from the bottom of his heart.

"Wow Chad that was actually very deep and sweet of you to say that you felt that I've made you a better person. I just wish you could show that sweet, caring, deep thought side of you to everyone besides me, I know that inside that jerk's heart there is a sweet, caring, sensitive, warm, fun to be around, funny guy that is one of the reasons I continue to talk to you even after our fights or when you say or do something mean or jerky cause I hope that if I continue to prod you to show the side that I sometimes see that one day you will without thinking about what people will say. Deep down you're a good guy Chad Dylan Copper"

Sterling half heard what Demi was saying; one because he had gone through this script from cover to cover many times so he knew all Demi's lines as well as his own and two, Demi looked so adorable and kissable sitting in front of him with tears in her eyes and a warm, watery, gentle, loving smile on her face that he had to lean over and graze her lips with his. He pulled away when he felt Demi kind of sit still for a moment, probably in shock at his actions cause she knows that this kiss wasn't part of the script, or at least the one she got.

"Sorry Sonshine I couldn't resist. No other women has taken the time to really get to know me besides the cool, confident young man they see on TV, all the girls I have met seem to only want to be seen with me for publicity and don't get to really know me or let me really know them. Speaking of the cool and confident side of me, I'm trying to get that side of me to come to life cause there has been something I have been meaning to tell you for some time now" Sterling said trying to move on from him kissing the women he has been in love with for three years and forget the fact that he had probably just ruined his friendship with Demi by staying in character.

Sterling took a deep breath, took Demi's hand, gently stroked it with his thumb and kept his loving yet nervous gaze on Demi's wide, startled chocolate eyes trying to let her know with his own eyes that he never meant to startle her. "Sonny, I have been in love with you for the past years, I mean the past year, ever since we met at the first table read, cafeteria, and though I have tried to deny that fact with that you are one of my closest and treasured friends, I mean the fact that our shows are rivals and that both of our cast mates would disown us and hate us even though our friends have been teasing me about my obvious feelings for you and that I should man up and tell you. Whenever you have gone on dates with James, Blake, Grady, Joe and Alex, I have been seething inside and haven't been able to sleep, eat or do anything I love because all I can think about is what did those guys do in their lives that makes them think that they even deserved your undying, unwavering and treasured love and devotion and that I wished I had taken the chance given to me by the gods to tell you of my love."

Demi's mouth was opened in surprise, could Sterling's rambling yet romantic speech mean what she had hoped would happen for the past three years; that Sterling was as much in love with her as she was with him. "Sterling, I don't think that we are still talking about the show so let's put our scripts away and talk. During your speech..... Ok I'm just going to say it; did you just say that you love me?" Demi stuttered out and then held her breath praying that Sterling's answer is the one she hears in her dreams each night.

"Yes I did say that I love you and I do. I guess I'm free to say it loud and clear to the world: I'm in love with you Demi Lovato. I've been for three years but I've been hiding it because I was afraid that if I did tell you how much I love you, there was only a slight chance that you would say the same way about me. Then being the kind hearted young women, which is one of the reasons why I love you but there is too many reasons why i love you to name them all but if you ever wanted to know I will definitely tell you later, you would try to come up with a reason to let me down easy so that our friendship isn't ruined, which is something I don't want to happen as I value our friendship a lot.

Our friends have been trying to tell me that unless I take the risk of telling you how much I love you, you will never knew and I could have lost my one and only chance of true love. I know that it is too early to tell if what we have is true love but in my heart of hearts I feel that this is true love. My heart breaks and shatters whenever I see you in the arms of another man cause I could have lost my girl to another, cause I'm pretty sure that if any other guy really opens his eyes and heart they would instantly fall in love with you with your honestly, kind, sweet, caring, loving beautiful soul that could make any individual's hard heart instantly. On one hand, I knew that if you are happy and that the guy you were with was able to love you as much as I do, I should be happy cause all I wanted was for you to be happy and if that wasn't with me then so be it.

Then when you eventually got dumped cause the guys you were with were dumb enough to let go of your undying love, I was torn. I don't like it when you are sad cause when you are sad I'm sad so that all I want to do is anything in my power to see that beautiful, heart stopping smile on your face, hear that melodic laughter that rings out in a room and just make you happy once again so of course I would comfort you while thanking God that I have been given a chance to prove my love to you. What I'm trying to tell you is that I love you with all my heart and soul Demi Lovato" Sterling said after taking a deep, calming breath ready to take the leap of faith he had wanted to take for some time now and praying that Demi feels the same way about him and that he isn't making himself out to be a total loser. During his speech he wrung his hands while keeping his gaze on Demi's face.

Demi's eyes started to tear up so Sterling quickly but gently took her in his arms stroking her hair and whispering "It's ok sweetie. I'm sorry. I should never have told you my true feelings not things will become awkward between us and our friendship is ruined. I should have stayed with loving you from afar. Please don't cry"

Demi shook her head and slowly pulled away. "No I'm glad that you told me. That was the sweetest, most romantic, touching, heart warming speech I have ever dreamed of hearing one day from a guy. I'm in love with you too, you are the man of my dreams, you are sweet, caring, sensitive, funny, romantic guy ever who I knew loves me for me unconditionally and will always love me no matter what messes I get into and who will be there for me through good times and bad as my rock of support and strength. I'm so sorry that I have hurt your tender heart with going out with the guys I should have known weren't good for me, I just hope that you will give true love a chance, I don't know if it is true love, all I know is that I have never been so much in love or feel so loved by anyone in my life and I know that if I don't give us a chance that I will regret it for the rest of my life. I'm so blessed to have met you and have you in my life". While she was talking she was gently stroking Sterling's face and keeping his teary but loving gaze locked onto his eyes trying to let Sterling into her heart and that what she is saying is from the heart.

Sterling leaned forward and did what he had been wanting to do for years now; kiss the women of his dreams who had made all his dreams come true just by saying she loved him too. A knock on the door broke them from their wonderful daydreams, Tiffany entered babbling about how they were both needed on set then stopped and said: "Was I interrupting something?" to which both Demi and Sterling responded with huge megawatt grins on their faces and holding hands exclaimed "We're going out now!"".

Tiffany gloped onto both of them into a bone crushing group hug saying over and over again: "OMG I'm so thrilled for you guys. Heck we all are thrilled for you guys, we have waited for both of you to confess what we all have seen for the past three years."

Sterling and Demi just hugged and thought: "So this is what happens when the dream you have had for such a long time comes true". They both walked down the hallway to tell the rest of their friends the good news which of course resulted in congradulations, "I'm so happy for you guys" and more bone crushing hugs from everyone while Sterling and Demi kept holding hands and smiling, they were just so happy that their dream came true.

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