May 04, 2011

Dinner for Two

"Who does this jerk think he is? What right does he have to tell me that I can not take my best friend and the women I have secretly been in love with for 3 years our for dinner so we could catch up? I missed Demi so much cause I haven't be able to see her for like 2 months and they only contact I have with her is on the phone until like the wee hours of the morning which I hate doing, not because I don't love to talk to my Demi, is just that I knew she has to get up early to practice for that night's concert, press conferences and interviews." Sterling lamented in his head as he stared unbelievably at what the jerk in front of him had just said.


As Sterling had walked down the hall to reach the dressing room that spelled "Demi Lovato", he and Demi were going out for ther evening to catch up which means dinner filled with a long conversation that could last all night and they would still have many more conversations to talk about the next time they are able to take minutes from their busy schedules to talk.

Sterling didn't want the media to ruin what hopes to be the perfect evening for them both, he had been looking forward to spending some alone time with Demi since she told him and their friends that she had to go off on tour.

So his plan was to take her to his apartment for a dinner he made, that's right Sterling Knight can cook a decent meal, of curry chicken, mashed potatoes so soft that they just glide down their throat, corn and soft rolls, that way they could talk freely about anything they wanted and didn't have to worry about spies lurking around to tell the media what they were talking about.

Anyway, he was just getting to her door, when a familiar but unwelcome voice piqued up: "Hey you, how did you get past security? Only the cast and crew are allowed back here. Oh wait I think I remember you; you're that guy on that cute little show ummm Sonny with a Chance not that I could really remember you cause you were in like 3 sketches that were 2 minutes long, while I was a special guest and probably got you the most fans that your little show ever had, because heck I'm Joe Jonas, I have so many fans who worship the ground I walk on so whatever I happen to star in I shine and everyone can see it.

Anyway, if I can also remember you had the biggest crush on Demi, who by the way if you can remember was my girlfriend during that episode. Dude you were pathetic, being all googly eyed, stuttering, touching her shoulders any chance you got, always wanting to be around her, calling her those stupid, childish, corny endearments, it was laughable. I mean why would a women who was dating one of the most popular, charming, handsome talented man want you?; I mean you hardly go out to the hottest parties and man is your love life dull plus you can't act worth a dam."

"Ok so once again I have to say that even though I love Demi to death, I still can't believe that Demi was once best friends and dated this egotistical, arrogant, selfish guy, he must have be a good actor to fool my Demi and his blind young, impressionable fans into think he was a good guy. Dude, I don't really care what you think about me and by the way I don't have a crush on Demi, I'm in love with her something you have never been in your life and never will be if you don't change your personality.

Oh by the way, Sonny with a Chance is very popular with teens, we didn't need your dismantle acting to boost ratings we got wonderful high ratings by ourselves and the casts' immeasurable talent. I think that Demi needs a guy who loves her unconditionally, doesn't try to change her, isn't dating her for publicity, sweet, caring, sensitive, will make her laugh even when she is at her worst, comfort her when she is feeling down on herself and do funny, dorky things together and not care what people think of them, someone like me." Sterling thought in his mind while on the outside nhe tried his hardest not to let Joe's jabs into his self esteem get to him, not that he cared what the other guy said, all he cared about was getting Demi alone so they could start their night together.

As Sterling knocked on the door, Joe commented once again: "What why are you here? Are you trying to take the next stop on your childish dream of getting Demi to love you cause that is pathetic. Trust me dude, if I were you I would just walk out of her and put your little dream to rest cause Demi needs space and time to get over the fact that she was dumped by the most amazing guy in the world who will be the only one to give her any bit of affections. I have been on this tour with her for 2 months and I can tell by her body language that she still loves me and wants me so you have no chance with her."

At that comment Sterling started to lose his temper but he gritted his teeth to say: "Really Demi wants you back? Hm cause that is strange when she is telling me and her friends that she was thinking of backing out of this tour so she would have to deal with the fact that you and your new fling can't keep your hands or tongues off each other for a second even though you guys have only been dating behind her back for 2 months now cause then you and your daddy wouldn't get the public to keep believing that you were the innocent party in the break-up and that she was the women scorned. But Demi stayed, not because of you, but because she couldn't bear to disappoint her loyal, loving fans who have been with her through good and bad times, unlike someone here, so she decided to be the better person, come on the tour and be at least civil to you and your family who have been totally cruel to her, letting you and your little girl girlfriend dump all over her with insults, put downs and bullying for months now but they won't do anything cause then they might lose their jobs of riding you and your brother' band's coattails to the top of fame where they will dump all over you when they get what they want. And you guys are suppose to be like a family, families don't do that to the people they are suppose to love.

Dude you lost your right to ask what Demi is up to when you dumped her unceremoniously just because she was too clingy and too public in showing the world that she loved you from the bottom of her ginomerous heart. Um dude look at your girlfriend, she is like attached to your hip, I bet she even stands outside the bathroom cause she can't let her Joey doggy to think or do anything for himself. No one can open a magazine without seeing an article about how much you guys "love" each other, ya right I so believe that not, it is pathetic how much both of you play up to the media. Now leave so that I can start to enjoy my night with my best friend."

Joe was going to comment but both boys were dumbfounded at the vision before them; Demi dressed in a little black dress that showed off her long legs, toned shoulders and hugged her in all the right places. Put that dress with her having her blonde hair with highlights curled into waves around her face and shoulders and it left both boys stunned.

"Hey Sterling, you're early but I'm ready so we can just leave. What were you boys talking about?" Demi said as she worked her bottom lip into a fret at what she was sure would be Joe talking smack about her and Sterling, being the sweetheart he is, he would stand up for her. But her question was answered when Sterling shrugged his shoulders saying she didn't have to worry about it, it was nothing, and lead her away by hooking her arm around his.

The ride to Sterling's house was filled with loud singing from both Sterling and Demi as they belted out the lyrics to all the songs they recognized from the radio and knew by heart, not caring if the people in the cars next to them were staring at them like they were freaks.

"Ok so you can put your coat on the couch Ms then sit down for a 2 course meal prepared by tonight's chef Chef Sterling, who I hear is one of the best cook in LA, ok so he is one of the best cooks to his family but who cares. " Sterling said with a fake french accent while dressed in an apron that said "Kiss the Cook" and a chef's hat on his head.

Demi just smiled and graciously sat down while Chef bustled around putting various dishes on the table that already had candles on it. Dinner was delicious and the conversation was so light.

"Ok so I was sleeping in my dressing room after spending like an hour and half cleaning my room & I must have been talking in my sleep about a chocolate bunny chasing me wanting to eat me cause when Tiff woke me up I was freezing cold and shaking. I couldn't look at chocolate for a couple of days cause I thought at any moment they would morph into the scary chocolate bunny. Tiffers was super nice about the whole thing, she didn't tell anyone, actually only we know about it, and stayed with me until I was calm. She is such a mother hen but I love her for it."

"Poor Sterling, I wish I had been there to comfort you If I was, I would never tell anyone. I like guys who aren't afraid to show their true feelings and emotions during scary or sad situations. I like sensitive, sweet, caring guys. Cause I know that if things were opposite you would comfort me until I was all better and not scared anymore cause who wouldn't feel comforting in your strong, protective arms.

By the way, I could kiss you for standing up for me with Joe, for the record I would never take Joe back. In the future if he grows up and says sorry for the pain, hurt and embarrassment he put me through then we can work on a friendship. " Demi said flirtingly, she wanted Sterling to know how wonderfully different he was from Joe and she loved him for it. She slowly walked around to his side of the table while talking to perch on the side of the table, took his face in her hands, kissed his check and then calmly walked over to her side of the table, noticing that Sterling had a silly look on his face.

Sterling was going to stutter out how if that was his reward for being a sweet guy then he will continue to be one when Demi's phone rang. It was Nick saying that she was needed at the hotel cause his dad wanted everyone to go to sleep early for an early practice tommarrow morning so she had to leave.

"I'm so sorry to cut this spectacular dinner short but I better go or Mr Jonas will get mad at me and all I need is more trouble for me at this tour cause I don't have enough. Thanks for the yummy dinner Sterling and I will definelty call you so we can set up another dinner for just yes" Demi said with a hopeful loom on her face, she was saddened that once again the Jonas family was ruining her tour, all she wanted was one night with her dream guy and they couldn't even give her that. It was only 9, it wasn't even that late.

Sterling gave her a giant hug, not wanting to let go just yet, he wanted to absorb and savor this moment for a long time. Then Demi left with a sad smile and a wave goodbye. Sterling watched her go from his window then went to do dishes.

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