May 04, 2011

SWAC Meets Camp Rock

The night is still young but I can already tell that it is going to be one of the best nights of my life. Not only am do I get to spend the night rocking it out at the Camp Rock 2 worldwide tour with my best friends\co-workers Tiffany, Brandon and Doug but I also get to see the young women who I have been in love with for 3 years, Demi Lovato, sing her heart and soul out with some of her own heart-warming, soul bearing songs that she herself wrote to show her loyal and true fans that no matter what they go through in life they are never alone, she herself has gone through pain and drama.

By now your mouths are wide open in surprise at the sentence where I confess that I have been in love with Demi for 3 years. I guess I was better at hiding my true feelings for her better then I or our loving friends, who have teased me and cajoled me over the years that 1) my feelings for Demi aren't that secret to anyone who spends more then a few minutes with us in the same room and 2) all I have to do is be patient and once Demi gets the totally wrong guys for her out of her system she will be ready to start a long, true and loving relationship with me, thought.

It is true though, from the first time I set eyes on Demi, it was like bells rang, the Earth shook and time stopped until it was just her and me in our very own bubble cause I'm pretty sure that all I saw was her and not the 4 other people in the room. What can I say? Demi was so beautiful with her soft, shiny and bouncy auburn hair and that hundred watt smile that could melt a glacier and a beautiful, down to earth, sweet and caring personality to go along with it.

To my credit, I didn't stutter or stare mindlessly at her face when we were introduced like a love sick fools you see in the movies. I kept my cool while the rest of the cast, Dems and me sat down to get to know each other better since we were now a team but my mind was spinning at questions I wanted to ask her, I wanted to know every single detail of this goddess as I could, and me telling myself not to do or say anything to embarrass myself. I knew in that moment that Demi was not only going to be one of my best friends but someone I wouldn't be able to keep out of my mind.

Anyway, since we were all supporters of Demi and her music, we knew how much she loves writing songs that inspire other young adults, we were thrilled when Demi told us that she was going to come to L.A for a show and since we had never been to a concert of hers, we have all been busy with the show and lives though we all had her music on our I-Pods and MP3 players to which we listen to almost everyday. When I myself listen to her music I lie on my bed, close my eyes and drone out surround sounds so I can listen to the songs with my heart absorbing each lyric.

Anyway, besides seeing our best friend live in concert, we wanted to let her know that there were people who supported and loved her for the wonderful person she was since poor Demi was starting to doubt herself after a messy and cruel break-up with her ex-boyfriend and ex best friend of 4 years Joe Jonas. I won't go into detail cause it really doesn't have anything to do with me though since I love Demi I care why and who breaks her tender heart so I can do anything in my power to make her happy once again.

Demi had been thinking that she wasn't worthy of any guys' love since she had emotional issues and physical issues after being bullied when she was younger and pretty much since she had become wildly popular after Camp Rock came out from those people online and from the media who had nothing better to do and needed to bully my sweetie in order to feel better about themselves and get money. It doesn't help that all the guys she has dated have been jerks who have tried to make Demi the perfect "Trophy Girlfriend", I love everything about Demi from her personality, interests etc and wouldn't change her for anything as I love her for her, and when she doesn't conform she gets her tender heart battered.

When we got to the venue and got to our seats, which I have to admit were pretty cool as they were not too close and not too far away from the stage they were in the middle of the stadium. I won't bore you with the details of the concert but let me just say that it rocked. My Demi captured the stage and the audience was captivated by her stage presence, I knew that Demi could dance but dam girl you can move your body in ways that I never knew were possible, and her angelic singing that reached deep into your soul and touched every part of your heart and soul that you feel the song become a part of you.

Tiff, Brand, Dougie and I were your typical fans, we sang on top of our lungs all the songs along with Demi's other adoring fans we even made signs that expressed our love for her, though I find it would be better if I had made a sign that said "I Love You Demi so Much" but I would rather say it to her in private when the timing is right for us, and held them up as high as we could, screamed her name and "We Love You", though I am pretty sure no one can love Demi like I do.

Some people may have said that we wasted our money on the tickets cause after Demi's set, we packed up and left. Demi was the only reason we had came to this concert though I am pretty sure that if we had the choice between just a Demi tour and a Demi plus others tour we would choose a just Demi concert, that is how much we love and support Demi. We wanted to let her know that besides her true, loyal fans she had us to bring up her spirits and boost her self esteem.

We wanted to go backstage to see our girl, well ok if you want to be technical my girl, and ok so we had never been backstage at a concert so it would have been cool to see the action and hustle and bustle behind the scenes of a major concert but seeing Demi was the first priority. But we weren't able to go backstage cause we might disturb Ms Lovato while she is getting ready for her next set, well that is what a big, muscled guy told us with a "Don't mess with me kids" look on his face so we took his word. Though I don't understand why Mr Jonas's new girlfriend and her entourage could go backstage besides the fact that one of them was dating one of the performers but she might disturb someone there, according to Mr Big Guy, but I guess she doesn't count as a disturbance, I'm being sarcastic here people.

So unfortunately we all had to text Demi our love, support and how much we enjoyed the concert instead of telling her ourselves. Her response was that she greatly appreciated us coming to the concert just for her and for being so supportive and loving with kind and cheerful words and a shoulder and a listening ear for when she cries during this difficult time but that is a whole other story for another time.

Honey, we will always support and love you through good times and bad cause that is what true friends mean to me. As we were going to leave, I had to buy a t-shirt with my sweetie's face on it so that I had memory of my wonderful time at Demi's concert besides a sore throat. I will wear it anytime I miss Demi, which is pretty much anytime we aren't together but that sounds a little perverish to me. Anyway it was a wonderful night with my best friends watching my love charming and enchanting the loyal, devoted fans who will love and support her always like her family and close friends

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