May 04, 2011


"I hope that Dem loves the whole big Christmas party me, Dallas and Maddie have been planning for weeks now or our good intentions will be in vain" Sterling thought as he glanced at the list that seemed to grow longer each day. It was harder then he thought to plan a surprise party for someone, though to be fair he didn't have to plan it alone. He had Demi's sisters, both of their parents and of course their close friends to help him but the planning and things to do never seemed to end.

When he had went to his mom to ask her if it was ok to host the party at their house, it was after all Christmas which means families coming together to celebrate time spent with loved ones and a year filled with memories, some good and bad, but maybe Demi would want to spend her holidays with her family and not her close friends even though they were like one big family.

"Aww honey, I'm quite sure that Demi will be pleased and thrilled that you and her sisters planned this party to welcome her home, to show her that she has had numerous supports and lots of love from the people closest to her and to celebrate the holidays with her extended family. It is ok with me and your father if you have the party here. I will even make sure that we have a mistletoe so my little guy can get a Christmas kiss from his special girl" Mrs Knight said with a wink and a knowing look in her eyes. She smiled as her son blushed a tomato red at her last comment, she knew how he really felt about the young lady who she thought of as a daughter and how far he would go to make Demi happy and feel loved.

"Mom! I don't want to kiss Demi" His mom gave him an "You can't fool me son" look. "Ok so yes I do want to kiss Demi but not until I'm sure she is truly ready to go into a relationship both physically and emotionally after the pain,embarrassment, hurt feelings, and lies she has had to go through these past few months. I don't want to pressure her into doing anything I knew in my heart she isn't ready for. I love her too much to rush into a relationship even though we could be the "and they lived happily ever after" kind of couple. I'm willing to wait for as long as Demi needs before telling her that I love her"

Mrs Knight just hugged her son tearfully, she knew that she had raised a sensitive, caring, sweet, gentlemen but her baby boy's words tugged at her heart. So over the past few weeks he spent almost all his time off set planning the party and it was all coming together nicely. He couldn't wait for Demi to come home 2 weeks from now to a house filled with lots of love, support, joy and wonderful memories being made.

He missed her terribly, he was so used to seeing her beautiful face almost everyday at set. He missed everything about her, her melodious laughter, her hundred watt smile, her angelic personality and her angelic singing. He as well as their friends had tried to visit her in the center as much as they could and sent her letters and cards about what they were up to and to let her know how her fans were sending supportive letters, videos and tweets to her to show them her support through this difficult time. But nothing will compare to the moment when they would be able to hug her closely and know she is healthy once again.

"OMG this is so amazing! I love you guys for planning this awesome party!" Demi exclaimed after she closed her mouth from being opened wide as well as her eyes widened and after a shriek of excitement she threw herself at her sisters in giant bear hugs and him in gratitude for planning this party to make her happy and feel loved. Thank God she never noticed Sterling blushing after she gave him a big smooch on the check in thanks cause that would be super embarrassing for both of them.

The party went wonderful, Demi was a little social butterfly fluttering around the room making sure she got to talk to everyone there and everyone got a "Hello. How are you?" which included a hug and check kiss. Sterling followed her every movement and who she was with in order to see a moment when he could have a moment of her undivided time, he really wanted to know what had been happening in her life in the centre since it had been at least a week and a half since they last talked and plus he wanted to just be with the girl he secretly loved.

"First may I say you are totally a sweetie for setting up welcome home\Christmas party for little ole me. I really do appreciate all you, our friends and family have done for me; you guys have supported, loved and been there for me when I was at my lowest point ever; the darkest hour of my life where I was beginning to believe I wasn't worth anything but you guys got me out of that point and I will never be able to thank you guys enough for that. Oh man I promised myself that I wouldn't cry tonight; tonight is a night of celebration of love and family." came Demi's response with tears building up in her beautiful chocolate eyes as she remembered what her family and friends did for her after Sterling cornered her by the refreshment table and asked her what Ms Dem Demi has been up to.

Since Sterling couldn't stand to see his women sad so of course he gathered her gently into his arms and rubbed her back while whispering words of comfort in her ear. The two of them stood there for about five minutes just holding each other in a tight embrace, though to Sterling it would never be enough time to hold the women of his dreams in his arms. Unfortunately Maddie interrupted their private time by her observation.

"Oh Dem and Sterling sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage then comes Demi with a baby carriage. You guys are under the mistletoe so kissy kissy" sang Maddie oblivious to the discomfort of her older sister and the guy who was madly in love with her.

To placate the little girl and so she didn't draw more attention to their circumstance, Demi went to kiss Sterling's check but he was aiming for her check so they ended up kissing on the lips. They stood there kissing, not passionately but also not like a cold fish, they still couldn't believe that they were kissing the person they had been dreaming of kissing for some time now, try 3 years and didn't want to open their eyes for fear when they did they would find they were kissing their pillows.

"Ok so I was expecting a quick kiss but this works perfectly cause now I have pictures to prove you two are lovey dovey in love but don't worry I won't show too many people, just our family and close friends. So you guys keep kissing cause we all know you are liking it and I will go show every one that Stemi is a go. So toddles" Maddie said with a smile in her voice broke into their dreams.

As she skipped away, Demi and Sterling finally broke off and still in each other's arms, Sterling's arms around Demi's waist and Demi's hands on his chest, breathing heavy stared after the little girl. They looked back at each other and as one voice said "I think we need to talk"

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