May 04, 2011

A Party to Remember

I never really understood mom when she said that once she gazed at baby Maddie, Dallas and me she had the immense thought that she wanted to keep us this small, innocent, naive and have this upmost trust in the world before the world and all its toils and trials that make people who started off as innocent soon forget all the values, genuinity, "be yourself", taking life as it comes and dream big that all parents seem to drill into their child's young brains as they raise their child to be the best version of themselves as they can and so that they can survive on their own two feet.

I thought it was just the parents speech of "No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby that I will always try to take care of you and give my advice on how to live your lives no matter how much you might resist my help". Hey parents may not say it in words but it is defiently in their actions as it is one of the reasons why young adults,heck even teenagers, argue with their parents cause their parents are trying to keep a "leash" per say on their children and how they live their lives and their children want their freedom and be able to make their own choices, sometimes bad choices but hey that just means that they have some more life lessons to learn before they are fully grown.

Then I had Kayleigh and what mom and dad have said and did during my childhood made so much more sense now that I had my own baby to live and care for. I wanted to use my own life experiences, no matter how much pain or inner turmoil I had been in that time where I felt that my life had no meaning or that the world and more importantly my family and closest friends would have been better off without me, and what my parents had installed in my sisters and me and guide the next generation aka my own little sweetie to be the best young women she can be that will do everything in her power and ability to help people less fortunate then herself have a better life and know that in the daily life struggles they might deal with, no one is really alone.

Everyone has some sort of a support system in their life who would be their backbone, their strength to let the person know that they are strong enough to survive anything life hands to them and that no matter what happens or what the individual will do to themselves and others it won't change their families or close and truest friends's love for them. I learned that quickly after my life changing ordeal and i'm glad that i did cause it made me a stronger person.

Anyway back to happier thoughts, one look at Kayleigh and both Sterling and I instantly and simutanously decided that we wanted to keep our little girl as pure and innocent as we could for as long as we could, like freezing her at this young and tender age so that she will never lose her innocence to the world and her daddy and I can keep her innocent forever. Like any other parent we wanted to protect her from ever getting hurt both physically and emotionally by anyone, her daddy more then me.

To Sterling when Kay gets hurt even if it's only a scratched knee or her tender, young feelings hurt by another child who hadn't yet learned that in life we can't always get what we want when we want it and that we have to share with others, Sterling gets all overprotective daddy on me, he pretty much gets all red in his face including his ears and I swear I can see fire in his beautiful sky blue eyes and he actually talks about what he would say and do if he meet the person who dare hurt his girl.

He is almost as protective about me as he is to Kay, I have had to actually hold him back and talk him down from wanting to go over to the individual who hurt me by holding onto his arms, stroking his face while saying "Babe, calm down" over and over again until the gentleness comes back into his eyes and I can feel the tension draining from his body then he will get a sweet and loving kiss as a reward. I'm touched that Sterling wants only the best for me and feels the immense need to protect me even though i'm a strong women who can take care of myself though it's sweet and kind of romantic that I have a guy who would do anything in order to make sure that our little girl and I are happy.

I still can't believe that my little angel is turning 4 years old, as cliche as it sounds it does really seem like it was only yesterday that Sterling and I had welcomed a new little angel that was a part of both of us and the symbol of our immense and true love into this world where I swear Sterling and I spent 8 minutes just watching our new daughter's tiny chest going up and down to make sure she was still breathing, laid a hand on that tiny chest so that it covered the entire thing to make 100% sure that her tiny heart was still beating to the correct rythym and watching her adorable facial expressions and squirming as she slept so peacefully secure that her daddy and I already love her so much even though she was only a few minutes old and will do everything in our power to protect her from the world.

It seems like I had turned away only for a second and when I turned around my beautiful baby girl was now a rambuctious, imaginative, creative, adorable little girl who went from needing Sterling and I to do everything for her from dressing her to entertaining her to starting to be able to do things for herself; she's still learning how to get the food from her fork to her mouth without dropping the food or spilling onto her clothing, how to put on clothing without them being backwards or inside out and man does that child have an active imagination, Kay can spend hours by herself in her own little world playing with interesting characters that only exist in her mind though I am proud to say that Kayleigh is more then happy to have Sterling and I enter her private world and play with her in her own world, I love seeing how imaginative my little girl is as it reminds me of my own childhood playing with Dallas and Maddie.

Sterling and I have been planning our sweet angel's birthday party 6 months before Kayleigh's actual birthday, December 22, but since Kay's birthday is so close to Christmas which means that if we had the party on her actual birthday, no one will come, we have decided to do her actual party with her friends from Junior Kindergarten on December 8 at the local park where we will have party games at the playground . We decided to keep it low key only 10 of Kayleigh's friends were coming for a Princess tea party with homemake cake, chocolate milk "tea" and Hawaian pizza with pineapple and ham slices as the main course and desert which of course will be served on Kay's best china cause Princesses, especially our own little princess, deserve the best for their party

And we also have simple party games planned such as two legged races, potato sack races, egg toss, licorce game (you tie a knot in the middle of a piece of licorce and each partner eats one end to the knot and the first pair to finish their piece of licorce wins) which I love playing especially if I'm playing with Sterling cause then I can be like "Lady" in "Lady and the Tramp" and make sure that my husband and mine's lips touch even for a brief moment cause sparks will fly. Since the party will already be at the park, there's also the play structure that the girls could play on. It's gonna be a wonderful day for all invited and especially for the birthday girl.

Sterling and I spent so much time on the handmade invites, though I didn't mind cause it meant that I got to spend some more time with my guy after running around to our seperate sets and cast, then rushing home to make dinner and try to spend as much time with Kayleigh before she was tucked into her bed then it was time for couple time.

Ok so lately Sterling and mine's time together is snuggling, always a favorite of mine, on the couch watching TV, talking about our busy day on set where it's non-stop action where you only have a few minutes at lunch and breaks to breathe and actually sit down without having to do something like practicing your lines or even going over the next scene, or even just snuggling on the couch without saying anything, just enjoying our free time together.

I need my Sterling time each and everynight or this women gets really moody, ok so I get really sad and kind of pouting, I seem to go into a state where I go off into my own dreamland that it takes a long time to wake me from my dreamland where I'm in the presence of my very own Prince Charming and am being held tightly by him in his strong yet gentle and tender arms, breathing in his unique smell of Old Spice and feeling so loved and protected like nothing could hurt me when I have my very own Knight :) in Shining Armour with me. And don't get me started on what I feel when he gives me one of his spine-tingling-earth-spinning-out-of-control-knees-buckling-feel-like-you-could-melt-into-the-floor kisses, can you say a piece of heaven on Earth? My love for Sterling have only grown stronger and more intense over the years and I love him, 5 years later, just as much as I did when we first starting dating.

Ok enough gooeyness about Sterling and me though he and Kay are my favorite topics to talk about even the mention of their names and be prepared for me to go on and on about my two favorite people and my reasons for living all night if I'm able to. The invites were pretty cool, if I do say so myself. They had pictures of a princess with a castle behind her and then the details of the party on a magenta background and lots of ribbons twirling around the border, date, time for the kids' parents to drop them off at the park and what the girls' should wear, princess-type clothing complete with costume jewelry, tiaras and their best party dress though the girls shouldn't wear their best ones cause it will get dirty during the games and I don't want the mothers yelling at me for "ruining" their daughters' dresses.

I could say that my daughter was really excited about her party but that would be an understatement. Kayleigh was a little jumping bean but then again when isn't she jumping from one fun-filled event to the next and talking animately with her hands and adorable little face expressing her every emotion that you are just drawn into the conversation though sometimes you might really truly not understand what Kay is exactly saying cause her grammer isn't the best quite yet and sometimes she gets her words mixed up or forgets to put important words into the sentences just like any little person who is learning how to speak properly.

Her birthday party was all Kayleigh could talk about for the two weeks beforehand and she was totally involved in the party planning though her instructions were not the best or detailed all she told us was to get " pretty, pinky, princessy" stuff for her party. Sterling and I tried not to go too overboard with the party, just because both of us were on TV and could probably afford to throw Kayleigh an eleborate birthday party but before Kayleigh was born, Sterling and I sat down and discussed how we would raise our unborn daughter and we both decided that our daughter will be raised as normally as possible, no special privillages just because her two parents are famous but like any other little girl.

We both wanted to raise our daughter with the same values, morals and upbringing that we had growning up cause I think that our parents did a wonderful job with us, maybe more Sterling more then me (no offense to mom and dad cause I think i did the best job they could have and for that I thank them immensely for that as I probably wouldn't be where i am today without them).

We got most of the decorations from a local party store and they were the basic party supplies, you know streamers, ballons with "Happy Birthday" printed on them and plates and napkins with the Disney Princesses printed on them and we made the double chocolate cake, you know chocolate cake with chocolate icing with the words "Happy Birthday Princess Kayleigh". I bet that Sterling and I made a hilarious picture cause we kept bumping into each other as we both raced around trying to find the ingrediants and put them in the bowl at the same time so our hands would always get tangled together and we would crash into each other and the ingrediants would go all over us. Oh well baking the cake with my hubby was a fun activity for us to do together and plus it was time with my sweetie so why wouldn't I take it?

Of course the birthday Princess had to go through her closet to pick out her prettiest "princessy" dress to wear to her party, Kayleigh does have at least 5 dresses in her closet, when she was born it seemed like everyone's gift to Kay was a pink outfit from pretty and frilly dresses for spring and winter to sleepers and those kinds of "girly" gifts haven't stopped since then. I'm pretty sure that from her grandparents on both sides and from her uncles and aunts besides the other girly gifts of dolls, books and hair accessories Kay will get more pink outfits.

Kayleigh is no way a total girlie girl, she does like wearing dresses which of course includes spining around in circles until she's dizzy cause she likes seeing it twirl around her and holding it up as she walks so that it doesn't get "dirty" but she also has a tomboy side. Kayleigh isn't afraid to get down and dirty, she loves gardening in her little spot of the garden with her pretty flowers that me or her daddy help her to plant but it is her that tends so tenderly with her plastic purple watering can and talks to them like the flowers have ears.

She isn't afraid to play sports with her daddy even if it means clamoring all over Sterling or sitting on his feet in order to "stop" him from getting any points, though the little one doesn't weigh much so really she isn't much of an hinderence but oh well she's too adorable to be told that fact plus she has so much fun trying to be rough and tumble that Sterling and I couldn't bear to disappoint her.

And don't know how many times Kay has needed an extra bath after chasing a froggie into the pond trying to "play" with the poor animal and getting all muddy and wet or playing fetch with Bailey and Bella but not really getting the whole "throwing the ball so the dogs can go after it and bring it back to her" thing so she ends up playing tug of war with the dogs whose strength overlooks her smaller frame so she's pretty much dragged on the ground until she is forced to let go of the toy cause either Bailey and Bella wrentch it from her weak grasp.

Kayleigh chose a lilac paisley sundress with a purple ribbon around her skinny waist and a matching ribbon in her light brown wavy hair tumbling down her back which will get tangled really quickly as she plays with her friends at her party and will make "ouch" her mantra as either me or Sterling try to untangle her hair before she goes to bed but knowing that seeing our daughter's beautiful smile and hearing her melodic laughter will make the pain of trying to untangle our daughter's hair better.

Of course Ms Kayleigh had to help mommy and daddy chose their outfits for her party, um sweetheart daddy and I love you very much but I think we are capable of choosing our own party outfits that you will be proud of but I do think that a 3 year old helping two adults, namely her parents, chose clothes is kind of cute. Ok so I knew that I had married a total hunk but seriously, I thought Sterling was super handsome in every outift he tried, heck he even looked good in a pink shirt and only a certain type of men can pull pink off and not end up looking gay. Sterling and Kay weren't really helping me choose my outift, every dress I tried on got a "Mommy lookie pretty" with a wide, appreciative smile from my little girl and a wolf whistle and a slow glance up and down my body from my hubby, thanks honey for keep reminding me that even after 5 years of marriage you still find me as attractive as the day we first met but hello our innocent eared and impresionative little girl is in the room so this isn't the right time to go all "vavoom" on me, at least not right now but there's always later :).

Sterling decided on this blue shirt that almost rivaled his gorgeous sky blue eyes though the baby blue shirt only enhanced their blue color that you could just melt into and peer into his soul until you can see inside his very core to see what he's thinking and feeling at a particular moment. Staring into his eyes is one of my favorite hobbies, I could stare in Sterling's eyes all day if he would let me though usually when I'm staring deep into his eyes as he is looking deep into mine, we end up kissing, which I have nothing against kissing Sterling, it's like heaven on earth though pretty much anything I do with my two loves; Kayleigh and Sterling, is the highlight of my life. The blue shirt is paired with beige dress pants and with his hair a little spiked at the front he looked "um um good" and to match my hubby I am going to wear a baby pink paisley sundress with pink ballerina flats so I was still able to chase after the girls and be involved in the games and not have sore feet; though I do know that my sweetie would rub my feet without complaint if I did get sore feet.

The day of the party was a crazy morning; it included being awoken at 7 am by an estatic, bouncing, overly hyper little girl jumping on our beds screaming "It's party day!". Ok she was way too hyper for the 8 hours she had gotten the night before and believe me it was even harder to put her to bed then usual because all we heard was Kayleigh's own plan of her party the next day, which included having fun with her friends playing the games and running around like balls of energy that will drive mommy and daddy crazy cause they will be running around after them (thanks dollface for being so concerned about your father and mine's sanity :) though I know that Sterling and I will be super tired and sore from having to patrol 10 energetic and hyper little girls all day long and with the amount of candy that the girls will be having from bowls of M&M, Smarties, Skittles as well as birthday cake will make them even more hyped out on surgar. Oh goody but then again it's all for our little angel so in the end it will all be worth it when Kayleigh runs into our arms, gives us her giantest hugs and says "thank you mommy and daddy, I had the bestest time ever!" over and over again.

Getting Kay dressed wasn't so easy cause my daughter was a litlte jumping bean, bouncing on her feet as she exclaimed for the thousandth time how excited she was that she got to play with her friends all day and got to eat as much candy as her little tummy could handle which I, of course, had to say as a mother that the rule was that Kayleigh couldn't go overboard on the candy or she will get a tummyache. She kept asking me over and over again if it was time for the party which I of course said in my "mommy" voice that it wasn't quite time for the party then I would tell her the next item on the list of "Things to do before the Party"".

When everyone was in their party clothes, we drove to the venue and started to set up, ok Sterling and I set up the pink princess table cloth and set up the plates, cups, the candy dishes and blew up the balloons while Kayleigh followed us around like a baby duckling helping us as much as she could set up. When the cars holding Kayleigh's friends came into view, the only warning we got that they had arrived was Kay's high pitched squeal of joy and her running away screaming her friends' names, so that is what I sound and act like when I see one of my friends, hm I can see why Sterling says it's a bit annoying and always teases me that he knows how close our friends are by my squeals, thanks honey.

After the girls' had exchanged their hugs and exclaim how excited they were for the party, the party started. The last 3 girls, a girl named Whitney and her friends Lana and Jana, came in just as we were starting the three legged races, Whitney practically slammed the door shut in her friends' faces as they were getting out, waved her mother away when she yelled out "Have fun Honey" and walked purposely towards us with the other two girls speed walking behind her trying to keep up with Whitney.
Whitney came to the table, she took one look at the simple set-up and demanded to know when the helicopter was coming to take us to the real "party" cause this ridiculous spectacle in front of her was not the party she expected to go to. Sterling and I looked at each other like "Ok, this isn't what we expected a party guest to say but let's go with the flow" and gently told her that this was the party and that we are about to start the first game.

Sterling explained the game, once Whitney heard that she had to do something physical she said point blank that there was no way that she will play this childish, stupid game, um it's designed for your age group and fine if you don't want to play there are much nicer ways to say so. Since the teams were uneven Sterling had to play; it was adorable to see my man tied to a little 4 year old girl, there was a huge height difference. Sterling, being the sweetie he is, tried really hard not to go to fast for Sarah and even spent the time before I said "Go" to show her the rythym of left-right-left-right. They actually didn't get very far before they ended up in a heap on the grass but at least both were laughing their fool heads off so no one was hurt. Sarah got a "good try" and a high five which she gladly accepted with a shy glance, aww I think someone has a case of puppy love. How cute.

As we we're playing the 3 legged races and admist my loud cheering for everyone, hey I had my daughter and husband on two seperate teams plus I didn't want to play favorites, what kind of judge would I be, I wanted to be fair to the winners, Whitney was openly grousing about how incredibly stupid and lame this was and how stupid we all looked playing a childish game; um are you sure you're 5 cause that attitude is way beyond your years more like a 13 year old. I think someone has been hearing attitude being given about things either at home cause I don't think she would hear that kind of attitude from the teachers at school. Keep calm Demi, you're doing this party for your sweet angel became my mantra for the day it seemed.

The winners, Jade and Amber, got a small folder of Disney Princess stickers that we got from the dollarstore and from the girls' smiles and how they showed their prizes to their friends it was a hit. Next game was the potato sack races and once again Whitney said that she wouldn't participate in the "stupid"game and that the other little girls were "losers" for even playing the game. her opinion didn't change about the game even after I gently but firmly reminded her that calling others a "loser" wasn't acceptable and also not really nice, she just shrugged me off and stayed on the sidelines pouting with her little arms crossed along with her friends, Jana and Lana, who had the facial expressions and body language as Whitney, can you tell two girls are trying to be "lemeys"? cause I can.

This time Sterling and me didn't participate in the games but we were the girls' cheering squad, we chanted on all of their names and told them to go and to remind them that they were almost to the finish line as the little girls struggled to jump while holding onto the sacks at the same time, most of them fell face first but after either Sterling or I helped them up and dusted them off of the grass clippings they were off once again after reassuring us that they were fine and using every bit of their strength and energy to get to that finish line.

Katie won that game by the hair on her little chin, sorry bad joke, and won a package of sparkly pink and purple bracelets. All the girls oggled over her treasure and all Katie could do was smile and nod as the other girls gave her comments about her prize. The next game was the egg toss and to stop the girls' pretty dresses from getting ruined by the eggs, we had cut out a head and arm holes out of garbage bags to put over their dresses so when the egss break it will be easy cleanup. The girls' thought their garbage bag dresses were so funny and put them on with many giggles but of course ``Princess` Whitney had to tell us how she felt about the girls` getups- her opinion was of course that the girls looked totally stupid and lame but then again when has she ever liked anything we have said or did so far so why bother to correct her though Sterling did try to gently remind her that we don`t want to hear her call anyone a `loser` or ``dumb` and once again she ignored us.

Oh well at least Kay seems not to have heard or care that she and her friends were being called a `losers` by their classmates which is a good thing cause I defiently don`t want my daughter to pick up that kind of language and think it was appropriate to talk to people that way or to pout and mope around if her way wasn`t done. I don`t want her speical day being ruined by this little Ms-Attitude or Sterling and mine`s raising on her to be a sweet natured, polite and down to earth little girl to be ruined in one day by her classmate. Why on earth did we invite Whitney again cause right now I have no idea.
The egg toss game went well, there were a lot of giggles and shrieks of joy and fright as the eggs were tossed underhand to their partner and even though most of them broke within seconds, the girls didn`t seem to mind the gunk on them, they just laughed it off. Once again Sterling and I had to participate cause the teams were uneven since Whitney refused to particpate in the `immature` game and her cronies, of course had to agree with their master even if they were looking longingly at the girls obviously having a blast and not caring that they might look like ``babies" even though they are children and deserve to have fun and not care about how they look to others. Feel free to join in girls, you are allowed to have fun, don`t let one girl tell you what`s cool or not, trust your own heart and conscience and join us in the games.
Samantha and Sara won the game and a small package of sparkly fairy temporary tattoos which every other girl was oohing and awwing about. The last game was one of my favorite party games as a child, especially if I got to be my sweeties' partner. I got to show the girls how to play the game with Sterling as my partner, it was fun and we even tried to sneak a kiss in there by nibbling on the licorce until our lips glazed over each other ever so gently over the knot though the girls thought it was sweet and went aww even though Whitney and her friends gagged really loud and said how pathetic we were trying to be all kissy kissy in public. Well excuse me but I love my husband with all my heart and I am not afraid to show him or my sweet angel how much I love them even if it is in public with people watching. I am sure that your parents show you kids how much they are in love even after a number of years being married so you should have gotten used to it by now.

The girls thought the licorce game was a lot of fun especially when they realized that they had to practically do fishy faces so that they can suck the licorce into their mouths for eating without actually touching the candy with their hands. The girls were a little hesitant to actually touch mouths together with someone else so once the partners reached the knot one of them would drop their lines and have the other person eat the knot. I couldn't really see the action due to the fact that I was my sweet little angel's partner, it was so much fun watching my little girl's funny and adorable facial expressions; scrunching up her little nose in intense concentration of trying to suck up her long piece of licorce and not to drop it,her baby blue eyes were almost crossed eyed as she focused on the thin strip and what her task was in order to win the game.

She did give a little giggle and clapped her hands in delight when we both reached the knot at the same time and our lips grazed each other, aww I love kissing you too baby girl even if it's only for a moment. I hope Sterling is taking our picture cause I'm sure that Kay and I look adorable, me kneeling on the ground so I could be the same level of Kayleigh and I'm pretty sure I had a face of extreme concentration as well, together Kay and I made quite a picture.

Unfortunately Kay and I were a few seconds too late and Britney and Jane won by a milasecond and won the prize of a coloring book with a pack of crayons. Oh well I don't know about Kay but I had a blast making funny faces and using my lips to suck up a yummy string of licorce and giving little baby kisses to my little sweetie. After the games it was time for the pizza that Sterling and I had already gotten beforehand so that it was still warm, and the chocolate milk "'tea" so the girls all sat down and had a lovely little tea party in their featherly boas laughing at the happenings of Kindergarten that only a group of 4 and 5 year olds could understand. Well almost everyone was having a good time, of course little Miss Prissy and her cronies refused to sit at the table like little ladies and eat with the rest of the girls.

When Sterling deliberately placed a plate of pizza in front of each one of then with a tea cup full of milk and gave them a look that they were required to eat what was on their plate cause we both wouldn't accept any of the guests going hungry; all he got was a dirty look and all the girls pushing the plate away while keeping their eyes on Sterling, I guess they were trying to say that no one pushes them around or tells them what to do; I guess someone has never heard "No" from their parents before and are used to getting everything they want. Sorry girls but Sterling and I don't accept children who think they are "perfect"" and "Ruler of the World" so to us you girls are just the same as the rest of the girls here so deal with it cause we are both getting tired of your whinning, nitpicking the rest of the girls for acting their age and maturity level and your unwilliness to lighten up and have some fun and we won't take much more of this so be prepared to be asked to leave cause this is Sterling and mine's little girl's special day, ok not technically but still it was day for our daughter to have a wonderfully fun day with her friends and we won't accept people ruininng it with their attitude so suck it up Princess and pretend to have fun for Kayleigh's sake.

Whitney just huffed and pouted even more as Sterling just shrugged off her childish behaviour and turned his attention to the other girls. I guess the day of having to sit on the sidelines and pout while watching the other girls having fun without caring about if she was unhappy or thought they were childish, the rest of the girls' were just having fun and acting their age, got to her cause all of a sudden Whitney burst out: "I can't take it anymore. When I got the invite I expected it to be a lavish, extravant, expensive affair, I mean you two are on TV which means a lot of money that you can spend on anything you want but no I had to come to the cheapest party ever. I mean what person with lots of money to spend on fancy food and decorations will buy pizza, chocolate milk, and store bought decorations. I can't believe that I wasted my precious time at this lame, pathetic party filled with these little girls who are such losers and wannabes. I'm out of here".

With that she stomped away as the rest of the girls turned around and were looking at Whitney and her friends like they had 3 heads and had just noticed how rude and snobbish Whitney and her friends have been to them for the entire time, good as like I said before I didn't want anything or anyone to ruin my sweetheart's special day and these girls were free to leave if they want, it will only make this day even better then it already is cause the rest of the girls seem to be having an enjoyable time.
After the girls had enjoyed their pizza-tea party, it was time for Kay to open her presents; from Jade, Kay got the newest Barbie Doll (Barbie as a Vet complete with doctor supplies and puppy patient), Amber; nail polish kit with 4 small bottles of pink, blue, purple and clear with sparkles, Britney; spongy like picture frame with a blonde hair girl and her puppy on it (hmm maybe that will be a good frame for a family photo or a picture of Kay and some of her best friends).

From Samantha Kayleigh got a kit filled with pink, purple and green scrunchies that had sparkles on them and hair elastics (hmm sounds like Kayleigh and I will be having one of our famous girl nights where we do each other's nails and hair, I don't really care if Kay paints my skin instead of my actual nails and does my hair in a messy array of pigtails, I'll just redo them when she has gone to bed. As long as me and my girl have a mother-daughter moment where we enjoy each other's company I don't care how silly I look)
Sarah got Kay a snuggly, soft and fuzzy stuff dog that Kay instantly fell in love with , named "Precious" and said that she will never ever let her little doggie out of her sight, Precious will go everywhere with her from now on even in the bathtub,ok so there is no way that a stuff animal will go into a bath or it will be ruined and Sterling and I will have a really sad little girl on our hands who will be mourning her friend.

Jane got Kay the latest book in the "Berstein Bears" series, I know what Sterling and I will be reading for the next 3 nights before bedtime cause Kayleigh loves to listen to stories, she asks a lot of questions so she is guaranteed that she understands everything that is happening in the story as we are reading. Usually Sterling and I tell her a moment in the "Love Story of Mommy and Daddy" from the two people who really know the story; Kay's mommy and daddy. What can I say Sterling and mine's love story is one of the stories that Kayleigh begs for each and everynight so why not give the little lady what she wants?

Finally there was Katie, she got Kay a "Dora" DVD where she had to become a mermaid in order to save the Kingdom of Alantica from the "Garbage Monster" from destroying the ocean with garbage. Kayleigh never misses an episode of Dora, whenever it's on her eyes are glued to the screen and she sings and dances along with Dora and Boots. it's the same for "Sonny with a Chance"", another one of Kay's upmost-never-miss-enjoys every moment TV show, it could also be her favorite show cause her mommy and daddy are in it but who knows the real reason? :). Good thing she doesn't really understand the story ideas,she just enjoys seeing her loved ones on screen.

After each girl got a hug and a "Thank You" from the birthday girl, it was time for some birthday cake with vanilla ice cream which of course the girls enjoyed but then again who doesn't love chocolate cake with ice cream? Then after the cake, it was playtime on the play structure with a game of climbing up the ladder and going down the slide or chasing each other underneath the structure, up the ladder and across the playstructure; I don't think they were playing tag but I could be wrong. Whatever game the girls were playing it looked like they were having a blast. They played until their parents came to get them so with a groan and one last hug from Kay they left with their goody bags filled with small bags filled with some stickers, scrunchies, hair ties, a small beaded necklace and bracelet set and a small bag of gummy worms.

After Kay, me and Sterling cleaned up the party site, which didn't take us very long cause there was 3 people helping, we drove home with a certain little girl squealing and exclaiming that today was the "bestest" day ever and how much fun she had today with her friends. Before naptime for Kay cause she had a busy and exciting day so she needed to rest and it will give Sterling and me a chance to actually sit down and not have to be on guard and watch the girls at all time to make sure they were safe, we had been on our feet all day and we needed to sit down for a moment to take a breather. Sterling and I got a hug and a kiss from Kayleigh and then Kay skipped upstairs her nap while Sterling followed her to tuck her in while I collapsed onto the couch in exhaustion. When Sterling comes downstairs, I am going to ask my hubby to give me a foot message while we reminsce about how we planned a wonderful party for our little girl that she will remember for a long time. I still can't belive that my baby is 4, boo I want my baby girl back.

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