May 13, 2011

Sad Sonshine

I have never seen my littlest angel look so sad; her adorable little face is all scrunched up,eyes red and face kind of blotchy from her crying spell that seemed to go on forever and no matter what I did there was no way to stop her from crying. I was at my wits end, you know pulling my hair out and so close to promising Sonny anything if she would just stop crying but all I could do was to keep reminding her that Kayleigh didn't leave her forever, she would be back at the end of the day from Junior Kindergarten and then they can play like they always do.

Ever since Demi and I told Kayleigh that mommy was gonna have a baby, Kay has been enthralled with her baby sister though I don't think she really could understand what we were trying to say, I think all she could understand that mommy had a baby in her tummy and that she wasn't gonna be the baby anymore; I mean she was 11 months old at the time and from what I read in baby books their comprehension wasn't quite honed in yet.

I,myself, was absolutely thrilled about the new baby. I always wanted Kayleigh to have a sibling and a playmate like I had growing up with my sister and brother. I always had someone to talk about things that were happening in my life and when making major and minor descions they were the ones who I would bounce ideas and suggestions on what to do with, I had someone to be goofy with and who I could be myself around, no matter how imature I might have been and know that they wouldn't judge me. Pretty much siblings are the friends that you are born with and who will always be there and love you no matter what happens in your life or what you do. I wanted that kind of close, loving and lasting relationship for Demi and mine's daughter and now she was going to get it.

Most people who heard about the new baby were like "I'm sure that since you already have a daughter that you are hoping that the new baby is a boy so that you have a heir and have a boy to do guy stuff with" but I could really care less what gender this baby will be. I know from experience that the girls in my life can go from being a girlie girl, wearing dresses, drinking fake tea with their stuff animal friends and spending more time then I think necessary for make-up and to do their hair in styles in order to be more beautiful, ok so the last thing was speaking of my one true love, well my first true love cause if you want to be technical Kayleigh and Sonny are also my true loves cause it was love at first sight for all three of my girls.

I also want to point out that I think that Demi is the most beautiful women I have ever and will ever met and I'm happy to say that both of our daughters take after their mommy, they might have my hair and eye color but they have the beauty and personality of their mom and that means that every boy will be after my little sweeties and will do everything in their power to win the hearts of my angels, like I did with Demi,which hopefully means that they love my daughters truly and deeply like any father would want in the guy who will ultimately take their daughters away from him though I'm still sure that I will be the only guy who will truly and deeply love both Kayleigh and Sonny but I'm pretty sure that my father in law said the same thing in terms of Demi.

As much as my girls can be girlie girls, they can also be tomboys. Demi isn't afriad to get dirty, whether it will be helping me around the house with the normal repairs that every house needs from building shelves, unclogging the kitchen sink to going under the house to see what has been moaning and whinning all night long scaring the girls to the high heavens cause they think it's a monster, it was a stray cat in case you were wondering. Demi also isn't afraid to play sports with me and our guy friends and I'm not afraid to say that she is pretty good at keeping up with the guys and she is quite capable of beating us at our own game and all while still looking so adorable in her sweats, t-shirt and messy ponytail. That is what we are trying to teach our girls, that just because they are girls that doesn't mean that they can't do whatever they want to do and not to let anyone say that they can't do something just because they are girls and are suppose to be the "weaker" sex.

Kayleigh's favorite activity in the 9 months proceeding Sonný birth was to have "private" conversations with her sister, ok so mostly she just babbled in her toddler speech which kind of sounded like incoherant babble and not words that you can understand but it is still sweet that Kay wants to be a good big sister by telling her baby brother or sister about the world they would be coming into soon and by telling them how much they are already loved.

Kay also thought it was super duper funny to lay one of her chubby hands or even her little curly head on Demi's tummy and feel the baby kick at her hand or check which would make Kayleigh laugh her adorable, giddy laugh, give a big 2 teethed million dollar smile, clap her chubby little hands together in excitement at feeling her sibling kicking at her then go and do it again while pointing at Demi's tummy and say "baby". That's right baby girl, your baby brother or sister is in mommy's tummy and is comunicating with you.

Demi and I never wanted to find out the gender of our second child before that child was born, hey it's one of life's only best kept secrets plus when we were pregnant with Kayleigh we didn't find out and it kept us kind of sane through the delivery cause we were both anxious to find out if we have a daughter or a son, though Demi and I didn't really care what gender our baby was, a boy and girl didn't matter they would be smothered with love and devotion either way.

Kayleigh's way of telling us that she would really wanted the baby to be a girl so that she would have a playmate, a secret keeper, a best friend and confident growing up was to call the baby "sissy" and it didn't matter how many we told her gently that the baby could be a boy, all she would do is make a ""yucky"" face, hey daddy's a boy so not all boys are yucky even though you and your little sister are never gonna get boyfriends if I have anything to say about it cause even though you two are still children, you are just as gorgeous as your mommy, lucky girls, and that means that most of the boys that you girls will meet will only have one thing on their minds cause not all boys had the same pure and innocent intentions that i did at their ages and there is no way that I'm letting my girls get hurt by anyone if I could help it. They're my girls and it's my job as their daddy to protect them from any and every harm and heartaches as much as I can as well as love them and raise them to be respectful, loving and caring young women.

When her baby sister, Allison "Sonny" Mackenzie, was born on June 20, Kayleigh was still half asleep cause Sonny was born at 6am so she was carried out of the house wrapped in a blanket still in her footie pjs by her babysitters aka "Nana" and "Papa"-Demi's parents, where she had been snuggled under her pale pink blanket in dreamland, I was told by my in-laws that Kay had been really hard to get to bed cause she was super excited that she would be getting a new sibling in a couple of hours, by her bedtime Demi and I had gone to the hospital cause Demi had been having contractions for most of the day and they had gotten stronger at that time so it was off to the hospital to have our new baby angel.

It took two fairy tale stories, lots of snuggles and cuddles, Demi's mom spent practically 1 1\2 hours in the rocking chair swadling Kay in her baby pink baby blanket and humming her all the lullabies she knew, before Kay finally drifted to sleep gently sucking on her soother probably dreaming about how much her small, short life would change after tonight but how much funnier it would be when her new sibling arrived. She must have been really tired cause even the hussle and bustle of the busy hospital, even at the wee hours of the morning,didn't wake her up. She was passed from one set of arms to another of our family and closest friends who had drove in the early hours to be there for Demi, me, Kayleigh and the new baby at this wonderful and joyous period of our lives, the welcoming of a new family member not only to the world but to our family, both biological and exteneded.

I was ,of course, where I was suppose to be; beside Demi holding her hand, letting her squeeze the heck out of my hand which for some reason helped her deal with the immense and growing pain of each contraction and stroking her sweaty hair and back with encouraging words that she was doing a wonderful job and that every inch of pain will be worth it when we see our new baby's adorable little face and how much I love her. I'm pretty sure that giving birth isn't the most pain-free thing, I know I'm a man and don't have to go through childbirth so i really don't have any say in how painful labour is but from what I've read and seen I have a new admiration for all women who have done this, I have no idea how they do this more the once. I guess the pain is worth it when they see their child's face for the 1st time.

I did have Kayleigh at the back of my mind during the birth, did Demi, I and even Kayleigh fully realize how much different our lives would be once this little peanut came into our lives? I mean Demi and i will have to balance our time and attention between both Kayleigh and the baby and of course each other, I don't want Demi and mine's marriage or relationship to suffer at all because we were too busy with our seperate careers, taking care of our babies and making sure that their needs and wants are being taken care of to the best of our abilities cause besides each other, our daughters are two of the most important people in our lives that we love with our hearts and would do anything for. What if I couldn't handle being the best daddy I can be to both of my daughters and the best husband I can be to my Demi? I don't want either of my girls to suffer from my shortcomings but all I can do is keep loving Demi, Kayleigh and Sonny with all my heart and being and try my hardest to make sure that all 3 are being taken care of and get the love and attention that they deserve.

I was there at Kayleigh's birth, I alternated between standing at the head of the bed encouraging Demi to keep breatihng, to push as hard as she could to get the baby out so that she won't be in so much pain any longer and we can start to enjoy our new child, and the end of the bed watching with earnest as my newest little angel comes into the world. So why would I miss this little one's birth either? Just like her older sister, Sonny was absolutely gorgeous even covered in goop, blood and crying her little eyes out at the intrusion at being thrusted out of her warm, watery bed into this cruel,cold, unknown world. I didn't want to leave my newest little angel but I knew that she was in the good and capable hands of the doctors and nurses. plus I had family,friends and a big sister to go see.

Of course our family and friends were thrilled about baby Sonny's birth, I got lots of hugs, kisses on the cheecks and shouts of "congradulations" from everyone but the reaction I was most looking forward to was the new big sister Kayleigh who had woken up from all the commotions of the well-wishers and reached out for me to hold her. I carried her into Demi's hospital room so she could meet her new baby sister, Demi was sitting up in the bed, looking so tired and worn out which I knew that she would be cause childbirth was a hard job to do so even the seasoned pro would be tired, but yet she still looked absolutely gorgeous, My love for her grew even stronger then it was before and I was so proud of her like when she had won an Grammy, Emmy and a Tony award for her immense talent both in music and acting, she had given me two beautiful healthy and wonderful baby girls.

Kayleigh couldn't decide who she wanted to see first, her mommy who she hadn't seen for awhile now or the bundle of blankets in her mommy's arms, her eyes were darting from Demi who was smiling sweetly at her and beckoning her to come over and give her some cuddles. Kayleigh of course couldn't say no to some cuddling time with her mommy,like father like daughter in that sense. So she strained to get out of my arms complete with fretting so I walked quickly to the bed, gave Demi a kiss on the lips, took baby Sonny out of her arms and let Kay climb out of my arms and guided her to crawl in her mommý's arms.

"Hey baby girl. Mommy has missed you so much. Did you have a lot of fun with Nana and Papa last night? " Demi said in the mommy voice that I have grown to love while snuggling Kay close and raining kisses on her light brown wavy hair and plumb cheecks.The mommy voice is the voice she always has when she is talking to Kay and will probably use when dealing with Sonny and everytime I hear it i melt. I love watching the two of them together, it makes my heart sing, my spirit rise and I melt into the floor at seeing my two girls interact.

Kayleigh's babbling must have been her way to tell her mommy what she had done with her grandparents and how excited she was at finally meeting her sibling. Now why delay the first meeting between the new sisters? So after raining kisses on Sonny's little stockened head as she cooed and stretched in her blanket in my arms, I walked to the bed and gently sat down beside Demi and slung an arm around my Demi's shoulder.

"Kayleigh there's someone here who would love to meet her older sister. Her name is Sonny. You can hug and give her kisses but remember baby is fragile and too small for you to play with yet so you have you to be gentle with baby" I said as I switched Sonny over to my other arm so that Kayleigh could see her baby sister's tiny face. I swear that both Sonny and Kay were having a sister moment, Sonny had openned her eyes though I know that she couldn't focus on faces yet, so the girls were just staring into each other's baby blue eyes for a moment. It was such a sweet moment,like both girls were realizing that the person in front of them was the voice\ultrasound picture they have seen and heard over the last 9 months.

"Baby" was Kayleigh's way of saying hello to her new sister as she gently poked Sonny in her little, pudgy arm and looked at us as if to say "This is my new sister. Am I dreaming? Last time I checked she was still in my mommy's tummy and now she is out here" with wide eyes like she couldn't believe that this tiny creature was her new sister. Then we gently put Sonny into her arms though one of us was holding her tiny little arms cause she still wasn't old enough to support Sonny by herself. The big surprised look on her small face complete with her rosebud mouth and baby blues wide open looking at us like "OMG I'm actually holding my baby sister. I'm a big sister and I'm holding my baby sister. What a big girl I am. Look mommy and daddy, look at what your big girl is doing!". What a picture we made, our first family protrait with me and all three of my girls, i hope a family member comes in and takes a picture of us so we can have a mentoes of this special occassion.

Once again fate intervened,we heard a gentle knock on the door and then my mom popped her head in; " Sorry to interupt but you guys have a lot of people out here who would love to meet the newest addition to our family. May we intrude on this adorable little family moment?" When I nodded, a whole lot of people came into the room and of course cooed and fell over themselves at baby Sonny, it was like everyone wanted to hold her at the same time but thank goodness people also paid attention to Kayleigh as well,she got lots of hugs and kisses and many people gushed about the fact that she was a big sister and such a big girl which of course Kay ate all the attention up by giving everyone her beautiful 3 teethed grin complete with drool dripping down her chin and her baby blues shining like stars.

The day that Sonny came home which was 2 days after her birth was wonderful though it was also hectic cause according to my mom Kayleigh "was fussy all day, all she would say is either mama, dadda or baby and when Demi, me or Sonny didn't magically appear she would start to cry and continue to call out for her mommy or me and even snuggles, kisses and reassureances that mommy,daddy and baby are coming home soon, which would have calmed her down instantly but not today. It just made her want Demi and me even more so she would cry more and it seemed like nothing would calm her down"

Even the usual putting on "Sonny with a Chance" so Kay can "see" her mommy and me without Demi and me actually being there didn't work.It usually works when Demi or I are away from home because we are filming a movie and Kayleigh misses us terribly and won't go to sleep or wakes up constantly all night crying for Demi and me until she sees or hears our voices so put on an episode and be prepared for lots of squeals, giggles, cooes and cries of "mama", "dadda" and by the end of it, she's fast asleep with a soft smile on her face, probably dreaming about Demi and me holding her tight singing softly in her tiny little ear lullabies.

Oh great, not only do Demi and I have a newborn who wil be up constantly at night for feedings, diaper changes and overall fussing that all newborn babies have cause they can't really communicate what they want or need and are still not used to the world outside the womb and who will need attention 24\7. But we also have an 11 month old who will also desperately want both mine and Demi's attention 24\7 and will probably start fussing, whining and maybe even acting up a bit in order to catch Demi and mine's attention, although up until now Kayleigh has been very calm and collected, she only cries when she needs something important like food and whines when she's really tired or bored but other then that Kayleigh is the laid back little girl that every parent wants; she just goes with the flow of life and doesn't mind sitting quietly on our laps with one of her toys to clutch in her chubby little hand watching one of her parents act on their TV set for possibly hours at a time with mininium whining and fussing.

I know that things will get easier for Demi and me from going from being parents of 1 child to a parent of 2 children once we juggle our new responbilities of both children and their needs and wants with the responbilites of being a married couple who can survive anything life throws us and making sure that our relationship doesn't suffer in stressful times. Not to forget our own personal needs that make us feel like the people around us know that we have needs, wants and desires too and that they need to be met in order for us to feel like we are being heard, to feel like a whole person.

It might take awhile cause 1st we need to get Sonny on the same schedule as Kayleigh and Kay has to get used to the fact that she's no longer an only child, she needs to share mommy and daddy with her new baby sister and that includes Demi and mine's attention though our love for her will never change. We'll never stop loving Kayleigh just because Sonny has joined our family, she is and will always be our first born daughter and we will love each girl the same way, unconditionally, whole-heartedly and forever, and always be there for each one no matter what they want to do with thier lives, they will have Demi and me 100% behind them, supporting them the entire way.

We were right, it took awhile for Kayleigh to get use to baby Sonny especially at night when we had two crying babies on our hands, Sonny would start crying in the middle of night for her midnight feeding which would wake up Kayleigh who would then start to cry at her sleep being disturbed so Demi and I would alternate; she would feed Sonny while I tended to Kayleigh which consisted of me rocking her in her rocking chair and using my daddy tone to let her know that Sonny was still a baby who needed mommy and daddy a little more then she did cause she was getting to be a big girl and soon she would learn how to feed, dress herself and entertain herself. But just because we spend a lot of time with the baby it doesn't mean that mommy and daddy didn't love her any less, she was still our little Kaybug.

It didn't take Kayleigh long to fall as much in love with Sonny as Demi and I had, for us it was as much love at first sight as when we first saw Kayleigh when she was born and when we first laid eyes on each other at the first table read of "Sonny with a Chance", with Demi, Sonny and Kayleigh it was like a lightening bolt had hit me right in the heart that told me that what i was feeling was true love and not to let go of that feeling for anything.

Kayleigh took one look at her baby sister and fell in love with her, she was always toddling over to whoever was holding her and tried to climb onto the couch or chair so that she can sit next to the person and gently stroke Sonny's little hand while babbling at her sister. She loved to hold her sister close to her with support from a grown-up of course and give her little kisses, she was still learning to be gentle with the baby and not be so rough while dealing with Sonny, like reaching into the carrier and and trying to pat her arm but hits Sonny by accident so that Sonny starts to cry so Kayleigh starts to fuss cause she knows that she accidently hurt her sister and she never meant to do so.

Sonny was the first person Kayleigh wanted to see in the morning when she woke up in the morning, when Demi or me went into her bedroom to pick her up from her crib, we didn't even get any morning hugs or kisses before she says "baby" and struggles in our arms to get down so that she can toddle to Sonny's room and then alternate between gazing lovingly at her sister and looking at us like "Hurry up I want to see my sister so please pick her up"". Wherever we go, if we're carrying her she crawls or stumbles after us, even when she's playing she plays close to her sister's carrier and if she starts crying she tries to calm her down by putting her soother in her mouth, babbling to her and patting her arm and if that doesn't work then she calls out "mama" and "dadda"so we can come and make her sissy stop crying.

Sonny always seems so much more happy and smiley when she's around her sister, Kayleigh could make a funny face and Sonny would burst into giggles like Kay said the funniest thing ever. When she was learning how to crawl she would follow Kay around the house like a duckling and when she was learning to walk she would only take a step after she heard Kayleigh cheering her on and was sitting on either Demi or mine's lap for her to walk to.

Kayleigh is the first person Sonny will go to when she has a problem and if their little brains couldn't come up with a solution then they would come to Demi and me for advice. Who does Sonny go to when she has nightmares,before she goes to sleep or can't sleep? Answer her older sister to snuggle under her duvet sharing secrets,inside jokes that only they seem to understand and think is funny, protecting each other from the "monsters". Many nights Demi and I would need to go into Kayleigh's room to remind Sonny that she needs to go into her own bed to sleep and she will see her sister in the morning many times a night until she regretfully trudges to her own room but not after she gives Kayleigh a huge hug and kiss. I thought that I was close to my brother and sister growing up but seeing my two little sweeties together makes me smile and melt inside but then again I'm so in love with my girls that anything they do makes me smile and go all gooey inside. It's so sweet to see the sisterly love and bond between my two angels.

Kayleigh is very protective of the people she loves especially her younger sister, ever since Kay was a baby and we told her that she needed to protect her new baby sister as well as always being there for her. I guess she took her "older sister" vows seriously cause no one hurts her baby sister and gets away with it, she may not be so abrupt about things like Sonny but she'll tell them in a no nonesense voice that what they did to Sonny was wrong and that the person should aplogize to Sonny with a straight face and will stand there with her tiny hands on her hips until they do.

Plus Kayleigh tries her hardest to keep her younger sister out of trouble cause sometimes Sonny's curiousity and spontenous gets her into trouble but Sonny knows that she has older sissy to have her back and get her out of it though sometimes I think Sonny does things that she knows will drive her sister crazy cause she knows that she can drive Kayleigh crazy but that Kay will always have her back and love her even if she wants to strangle Sonny for getting into trouble once again ;).

I can't wait to share with Sonny how her name came to be; Kayleigh Anne's name came from the baby book that I bought the day that Demi told me that she was pregnant and after looking through it from A-Z and eliminating the ones we didn't like or didn't go with our last name we ended up with Kayleigh Anne. But this time we thought it would be significant if we incorporated names that had some sort of meaning for our youngest child, if the baby was a boy it would be Cooper Dylan and if the baby was a girl it would be Allison Mackenzie.

If you haven't guessed Demi and I got those names from the TV show "Sonny with a Chance" that brought us together in the first place, if it wasn't for the director and producers who had auditioned and casted Demi in the show and me as her rival\future boyfriend then I would have never met the women of my dreams. So thanks Disney for bringing true love into my life.

A piece of trivia that most people didn't know; Sonny's real name is Allison but she was called Sonny cause the last 3 letter of her name starts her very appropriate nickname; I mean Sonny is the perfect name for my sweetie, or should I say Chad's sweetie, she's a little ball of sunshine that brightens everyone's world, no matter if they don't want to be, and makes people really sit down and think about how they treat the other people that is in their life and if they treat others bad then it makes them want to stop that from happening again even if it's only in small bouts each day, it's a start to be the best versions of themselves as they can get.

Sonny may meddle sometimes and hasn't really learned that sometimes it's better not to interfer with other people's business\lives but it's kind of sweet and touching that she wants to try to make the person she deeply cares and loves very much happier and yes sometimes she goes overboard on the ""trying to help" but she only has her friends' best interests at heart and she only wants the best for them. Sonny also has the smile and giggle that would melt the hardest of hearts and want someone to do anything in their power to make that gorgeous smile and bells of laughter ring out once again. In short she makes the world a better place for everyone involved.

It seemed like the perfect name for our little angel in the long run cause it was like Demi and I had taken the character of "Sonny Monroe" and made her a real life girl, Demi and mine's little girl. Sonny is a little sweetie at the age of 3 but she also has a mind of her own, she will defiently tell you what she thinks of that person especially if someone dares to hurt a person she dearly loves. An example of this is the first time she meet one of Demi's ex-boyfriends, she actually told him that he was a big dumbie for hurting her mommy and that he should apologize with a straight face complete with her little hands on her hips and tapping her foot waiting for him to do what she says and aplogize to Demi and when he said there was no way he would do that cause Demi was apparantly "lucky" to date him and that she should aplogize to him for not being the women he wanted, ok so Sonny is too young to know what he's talking about, Sonny said with too much attitude for someone so young that he was dreaming.

Then there was the time where she actually thanked one of my ex-girlfriends for breaking up with her daddy cause then I wouldn't have met her mommy who luvs me very much and didn't even care that she got a "Who the heck is this kid?" look and was kind of being ignored by Brenda as she talked. She said her peace and that was it. Lastly there was a the time when Sonny was two and still learning how to feed herself and the girls were visiting their mommy backstage at one of her concerts. This one guy thought that if he took good care of Sonny and Kayleigh that Demi would fall over him though he was majorly dreaming if he thought babysitting Demi and mine's little munchkins would give him the attenion and fawning that is reserved only for me, Kay and Sonny then he is mistaken.

He actually commanded Kayleigh or Sonny that since he was busy reading comics instead of watching over my two little angels that they needed to feed him bites of meatball sandwich that I had sent with the girls as their lunches. Um hello you'r e a big boy so you can feed yourself just like any other person as my daughters are not your slaves. Well I guess I didn't need to teach the boy that lesson cause my girls taught it to him by Kayleigh giving him her patent "Ok I may be 3 but even I know that's not happening dude" then goes back to her book but Sonny took the cake she sweetly said "Ok mister I'll feed you but you have to close your eyes so you can enjoy your food" then when Justin smiled at his way being done and closed his eyes prepared to be waited on hand and foot, Sonny would either fling the food at his face or overfill the spoon then practically shove it in his mouth along with making airplane noises like he was a little boy, well he was acting like a little boy so why not treat him like one.

When he sputtered out "What are you doing?!", Sonny would innocently say "What? You said that you wanted me to feed you which I am" complete with slight batting of her eyelashes and a pout that he isn't happy with her efforts. He yelled "No I'm not happy, look at me I'm covered in food. I look stupid!" at her which made Kayleigh speak up by saying that "there was no need to yell at her younger sister for something he asked her to do. Besides it's rude to yell at someone so could he please use his indoor voice". Kay was of course ignored and Demi couldn't help but laugh when she saw Justin covered in food, guessed what had happened and made both Justin and Sonny aplogize (Sonny for intentionally spilling food on someone and Justin for making her feed him and yelling at her) which they both did.

I knew that Sonny and Kayleigh were not only sisters but also best friends, it always seemed that wherever one was the other one wasn't too far away, they were two peas in a pod who yes had little disagreements just like any other siblings but they are minor like both girls wanting to play with the same toy but the problems are easily resolved and they go onto playing happily with the other. Kayleigh and Sonny were always coming up with funny, pretend games with their dress-up chest, filled with costumes from Demi's childhood and my sister's play clothes that they could play for hours without getting bored.

Poor Sonny was not at all happy to hear that starting in September, sissy was going to school everyday cause it meant that she was losing her playmate for the day which she was not happy about at all. Even when Demi and I told her that Kayleigh would be going to a place where she can play with other boys and girls her own age and learn new stuff like how to write her name, her "ABCs" and numbers and that Kay would be back at the end of the day to play with her once agian to which Sonny would reply "But daddy sissy can have fun with me, I'm fun and why does she have to go to a building to learn when she can learn all that stuff here at home with me?"

I tried to explain that all little boys and girls go to school to learn when they get to be Kayleigh's age and yes Kayleigh can learn new stuff with her at home but Kay will learn even more at school. I even reminded her that next year she would be in school too and will do everything that Kayleigh is doing now; singing songs, learning to write and read like a big girl so that she and Kay can read the bedtime stories instead of me and mommy, paint and draw mommy and me pretty pictures for us to display proudly in our dressingrooms for everyone to get jealous of and playing with other children besides her sister.

Sonny did agree that going to school did sound fun and it would allow her to be with her sissy, um honey before Kayleigh went to school you girls hung out all the time and besides there is no guarantee that you will be in the same class as Kay so the only time you girls could hang out is at recess and I know that you love your sister but I think it's time for you girls to get other friends and other interests besides the other one, no matter how much of a challenge and change it will be for both Sonny and Kayleigh, it will be for the best for all. Besides it's not as if the girls can't still be best friends cause I love the idea of both my daughters being best friends even when they are adult women but they do need other friends besides their sister.

Sonny pouted everytime we mentioned Kayleigh going to Kindergarten, she even would take out Kayleigh's school supplies from the shopping cart at Wal-Mart and put them back on the shelf. It took Demi and me awhile to figure out what our youngest was doing when we noticed that no matter how many school supplies we put in the cart it always seemed to be a smaller amount when we would look into the cart. Plus we kind of caught Sonny trying to put a new set of scented markers back on the shelves, for the record we didn't yell at her or spank her, Demi picked her up while I continued on shopping with Kayleigh who had no idea what was going on.

Demi took Sonny to a corner of the store and talked to her in her loving, soothing, sweet,caring motherly tone that I love hearing, it makes me melt a little or at least makes my heart happy, that taking her sister's school supplies from the cart and hiding them is not a nice thing to do. How would she like it if Kayleigh took something that was for her and hide it? Sonny admitted that she wouldn't like it but she just didn't want Kayleigh to leave her by finding other girls to hang out with and forget about her and not want to play with her anymore. Aww Sonny, that's so sad yet sweet. Demi, of course, told her that Kay would never forget about her, she and Sonny have been best friends since the girls were babies and friends like them would never ever go away, no matter what life brings them.

Demi did mention that sometimes trying new things is scary but it can also be fun. Who knows maybe the girls that Kayleigh brings home will enjoy having Sonny around and invite her to play with them in their games, we'll have to see. After some hugs,kisses and some reassurance that she understand the life lesson about true friendship and the changes that life will bring can be a good thing that her mommy was telling her in her sweet, understanding way, Sonny and Demi came back to find Kayleigh and me in the little girls aisle for Kayleigh's special first-day-of-school-outfit.

Kayleigh picked out a nice fushia pink long sleeved top and black checkered pants complete with white frilly socks and black mary-jane shoes and judging by the smile on her face and the numerous spins that she did in front of the mirror I take it she loved her new outfit. Sonny was a good girl after her mommy-Sonny talk, she didn't make the "yucky" face complete with little tongue sticking out and baby blue eyes crossed, when the word "school" came up, she tried to put a smile on her face and be "happy" for her sister even when she wasn't. Aww Sonny learned another life lesson today; sometimes you gotta do things and say things that you don't really want to say and do in the name of love and making someone else happy and put their needs in front of your own.

The day of Kayleigh's first day of school was so sad for my littlest angel, she didn't wake up her happy-go-lucky self ready to take on what the day will bring her, she quietly held up her arms for Demi to pick her up and snuggled close to her when usually she clings to Demi or me like a little monkey exclaiming everything she wants to do for the day and what she dreamed about the night before as we get her ready for the day. She didn't say anything during breakfast even as Kayleigh kept chatting on about how excited she was at going to school, meeting new friends, trying new things and she wondered if her teacher will be nice and if she will have fun.

When it was time for Kay to leave with Demi, Sonny latched onto her and begged her not to leave her. Kayleigh told her that she loved her very much, would never ever leave her and would see her sister tonight so she could tell her all about her fun filled day all this while giving her a giant hug also. Demi and I let the girls hug out all their fears plus they looked absolutely adorable hanging onto each other so why ruin the sweet sisterly moment. After a few moments, Sonny was forced to let go of her sister by Demi putting her hand on her shoulder and saying in a gentle voice said "Sonny sweetie, sissy has to go now but you will have a day of fun with daddy then sissy will come back home and you girls can play together. Ok?" then we both waved at the bay window as Demi and Kayleigh drove away.

Then I saw big fat tears coming out of my little sweetie's big blue eyes and then the room was filled with heart-wrentching sobs complete with little chest heaving gasping for air as Sonny continued to sob her little heart out. "Aww sweetheart, don't cry, you're breaking daddy's heart. Honey, mommy, daddy and sissy already told you that you have nothing to worry about, sissy is going to come home with lots of stories and new games for you girls to play all night. Sissy will never ever forget that you were her first best friend cause she loves you very very much. Come on baby girl, daddy is all ready to play with you but first you need to stop crying and give daddy one of your "sunshine" smiles." I said as I gathered my little sweetheart in my arms and walked with her around the living room like I did when Kayleigh and Sonny were babies and wouldn't go to sleep crooning into her little ear tender words of comfort and love which gradually calmed Sonny down until all I could hear were little adorable hiccups of someone trying to stop crying after a crying spell and felt shudders as Sonny's tiny body calmed down.

I think that Demi and I should have put both Kayleigh and Sonny into a preschool or daycare for a couple of hours a week so that the girls weren't so dependant on the other one for company and socializing cause I knew that the girls were super duper close but from the way Sonny reacted about Kayleigh leaving for school, it was like her arm or foot had been cut off and she was mourning its death. I mean even though I am glad that my daughters are best friends but still children need to have more friends their own age to play with and talk to besides their siblings, it's healthy for every child. Hopefully both girls will find their own friends at school that likes the other sibling hanging out with the group, that way the girls can still be best friends growing up.

When Sonny had calmed down we got down to some serious playing. We played soccor in the backyard one on one and Sonny may be small but man is she a fighter, she was trying her hardest to keep up with me as we ran towards the "goal"- the midle of two trees, and was kicking at my heels trying to steal the ball, good thing I wasn't running at my top speed but at my "playing with the girls" speed, not too fast and not too slow but the right amount of speed to make the game funnier.

When I was in goal and Sonny was shooting at me, i did the whole dramatic throw myself on the ground trying to stop the ball bit but letting some of the balls, "graze" off my hands into the goal, hey I love my Sonshine's celebratory dance (screams of joy, jumping up and down, whooping and overall shaking her little bootie with joy), it was adorable to watch. Then when it was my turn to kick the ball, I tried to kick the ball so that Sonny could catch the ball in her tiny little hands and say that daddy didn't score against her.

Then it was time for some reading of what seemed like all of her fairy tale books. We must have sat on that pink, blue and purple quilt that Demi had gotten at a flea market years ago reading fairy tales from the ever popular "Cinderella" to "Thumbelina" for what seemed like hours or at least until my thorat was sctachy and dry that I couldn't utter another word without coughing so I had to tell Sonny that reading time was over for now but that mommy or daddy will read to her and Kayleigh tonight before bed-time.

Then it was time for the Chef Sterling and his adorable assistant Sonny's cooking show where we made brownies for Kayleigh's return from her first day at school which of course, once her sister's name was mentioned she was so on board with helping me with cooking plus I know that both her and Kayleigh loved hanging out with Demi and me,we could be gardening or doing something else boring like cleaning and the girls would jump at the chance to help mommy and daddy out.

Making the brownies was a lot of fun, messy but fun. Sonny, trying to be a big girl tried to hold the measuring cup filled to the brim with the incrediants and bring it to the bowl but it was too heavy for her so her little hand shook most of the incrediants out onto the floor and she actually sneezed and some of the flour blow up into her face turning it all white with wide eyes at what she made the flour do; it got all over herself and the floor.

But overall the brownies came out all gooey, chocolately and moist and both Sonny and I had a blast making them, sneaking tastes off our spoons to give to the other so we could taste the batter and make sure that it was "tasty", like it wouldn't be it was afterall my grandmother's recipe. They were our desert for lunch which consisted of peanut butter finger sandwichs, and fruit punch in her purple sippy cup and me in large cup sitting on the same blanket as we did during reading time. Then after giving the dishes a "bath", it was time for painting, Sonny wore one of my old shirts so that she didn't get dirty cause I'm pretty sure that Demi wouldn't want a paint soaked outfit in the laundry basket no matter how calm and encouraging she is with the girls about being creative and exploring their world and I didn't feel like dealing with an angry wife, I prefer a loving, calm wife.

We used up all 5 peices of paper, Sonny did pictures for Demi and me to put on our dressingroom walls as decorations of a dolphin jumping from the ocean, a butterfly flittering around a bunch of flowers, a family protrait in front of our house, a rainbow in a bright spring sky and then a little girl with a puppy, sweetie mommy and I know that you and Kayleigh want a doggie but we don't think that you girls are ready for that immense responsibility of taking care of a doggy, yes they are cute but they are also a lot of responsibilty.

Finally after clean up it was time for something I know has been in the back of Sonny's mind for the day no matter how much fun she was having with me; it was time to pick up Kayleigh from school since Demi wouldn't be home from set until 4 and it was almost 3. All I had to say was "time to pick up sissy" and Sonny was off in flash to the front hall to get her shoes on, she put them on the wrong feet though, and practically threw the car keys at me, she missed me the first time so it landed only a few feet away which she rushed over to collect them then actually ran over to where I was standing by the wall looking at her with a smile on my face at how excitedly adorable she was being, then again I'm so in love with my girls that I think practically anything and everything they do is adorable.

Once the car keys were in my hand and I changed Sonny's shoes to the right feet, I was practically pushed out the door by a stronger then I thought little girl, man does Sonny have some muscles for a 3 year old. On the way there, my little girl turned into a chatterbox of what she wanted to tell her sister about her day, how excited she was to see Kayleigh again and how she hoped her sister had fun at school. When we got to the school, Kayleigh's class was just coming out to the buses and one look at her sister and Sonny practically ripped off her seatbelt , threw open the door and ran out to glomp onto her sister, hugging her really tightly and exclaiming how much she missed her. Kayleigh hugged Sonny really hard back and said that she missed her sissy too. After I got a hug from Kayleigh, we climbed inside the car and drove home for a whole night of playing and more story reading. I can't wait to hear about Kayleigh's first day at school if I can get her away from Sonny for a moment. Sisterly love gotta love it.

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  1. awwwwww :) how cute can this be? it was so adorable to read I was going awww every time. I liked the part when they bashed Joe. ahaha and I also liked the part where the school supplies kept on disapearing. that was funny