May 04, 2011

Some Channy Love

Dear Diary

If I could I would kiss the director of Sonny with a Chance for thinking up the idea of having Sonny and Chad finally do something about their feelings instead of just hiding behind unresolved love and veiled flirting for a full year and start dating, yeah. I mean it wasn't like i didn't enjoy flirting with Sterling, though my flirting is so much more flirting and playful in real life then in the show, but the veiled flirting and random moments of sweetness was getting kind of old so I was glad that something will be done between Chad and Sonny.

Even though I love Sterling dearly, Chad Dylan Cooper drove me nuts and not in the good way. I mean would you find an arrogant, self-absorbed, narcissitic young man who thought he was God's gift to the world and was always rubbing in So Random's faces that Mackenzie Falls was better, though I have seen that show and I personally don't see why it is so popular, it kind of looks stupid to me with no plot and over acting, sorry Sterling, and who only did sweet, caring things for my character sometimes someone to fall in love with?

Not me. I love Sterling just the way he is. He and Chad are so different, Sterling is sweet, sensitive, caring towards his family, close friends and of course his fan, romantic, on my break from the tour he invited me over to his house for a home cooked candlelight dinner and he always drops everything or so it seems to rush to my side to comfort me when I'm feeling down on my self and need a self esteem boost.

He is always trying to think of new ways to make me laugh, I love a guy who can be sweet and romantic one moment and then be a total goofball, dork the next moment, and is one of the best friends I could ever ask for. We always seem to have a blast whenever we are together, we can talk about anything under the moon and still have enough topics to talk about the next time we hang out. heck we could not talk, just sit there and we still wouldn't be bored cause we are confident in our friendship not to have to talk every second of the day.

The only thing Chad and Sterling have in common are that they both are drop dead gorgeous with that soft, silky slightly wavy hair with the fringe that just begs you to play with it and run your hands through it feeling each strand running through your fingers, believe me I have been wanting to run my fingers through his hair every time I see him. His fringe of hair that always hangs over his sparkling, sky blue eyes that just make you melt into them until you swear you can see inside Sterling's soul. Whenever I'm around him I can't stop getting lost in them so that I go into a daze and forget that we are standing in a crowd of people awaiting my response to the line that Sterling said until someone gently reminds me to wake up from my daydreams.

Anyway, I actually jumped for joy and screamed for joy that made my mom rush into my room wondering what happened to make me scream. She rolled her eyes when i told her what I was happy with a megawatt smile on her face. I was so ecstatic that I was able to be all lovely dovey with the guy i have been in love with for two years that I was unable to do in real life unless I get up all my courage to tell Sterling my true feelings.

In "Falling for the Falls" showed my true feelings, if Sterling and I actually go to the point where we go on an actual date I would be so nervous that anywhere a person can sweat i will sweat through and run around my room bugging Tiff like crazy by trying on like 30 different outfits until i found the most perfect outfit that just screams beautiful but causal, a women has to look her best for her dream guy.

On our date, I would be so nervous, just like Sonny and Chad were on their first date, though I'm pretty sure that since Sterling and I are best friends we wouldn't have that awkward silence where we both struggled to start a conversation like Sonny and Chad did though I thought it was awfully adorable how nervous Chad was and so uncool he was during their date. It showed that Chad actually gets nervous just like any other guy going on a date with a girl he really likes though I felt so bad for him that he was so nervous that he spit water at me. Hopefully Sterling and mine's date we both wouldn't be as nervous as they were but who knows how nervous we will be until it actually happens.

If Sterling ever came to my apartment by using a window washer trolley just so he could talk to me and then showed me our own private dinner on a billboard with a huge sign saying that he was a fool for me for the whole world to see how much he loves me, I would melt to his feet and probably scare the poor guy by jumping into his arms and raining kisses all over his face, how unlady like of me huh?. Then I would run into my bedroom to change into something for our romantic dinner then drag Sterling outside to our dinner.

I would totally take loads of pictures of mine and Sterling's romantic date along with the billboard. Sterling would definitely get a kiss from me for being so romantic. Don't get me started on being able to kiss Sterling, I thought being able to touch his shoulder, wrap my tiny arms around his waist, and of course can't forget me being able to be held incredibly close to Sterling in those strong,warm, snugly arms being able to press my nose into his soft, cotton, Snuggle scented shirts or taking a quick sniff in the crook of his neck so I could take a huge whiff of his cologne which smelt to good that I'm thinking of buying it so I can spritz some onto my pillow so I can pretend that I'm snuggling with Sterling letting the world melt away where it is only us in our own world. Talk about heaven on earth, I swear I died and went to heaven I could stay there in his arms smelling his scent for as long as he would let me.

Plus I felt so warm and protected like nothing could hurt me when I was in Sterling's arms and I was kind of sad that I couldn't hold onto him for very long but | didn't want to look desperate by holding onto him when he let go of me. Anyway as much as I thoroughly enjoyed being able to be all lovey dovey with my dream guy without having him know how much I'm in love with him I really really enjoyed being able to touch lips with him, even if it was only for a second.

I love the scene when Chad, being a total sweetheart and a romantic that I knew was hidden inside, posted romantic, sweet poems around the studio with rose petals lining the carpet so that I knew where to go. I couldn't help but skip to my "dressing room" cause I was so filled with love for Sterling, even though the notes were just part of the script, cause I knew that this totally romantic gesture would be something Sterling would do for me to show me of his love. I would treasure those love poems in their own special laminated binder along with as many rose petals I could pick up and stuff in a pouch of the binder so I would always remember my guy's sweet gestures and brag to my friends about how romantic my guy is and how much he loves me.

I feel bad for "Chad" when "Sonny" drops the bell cover over his head after he accidently startles her when she lifts the cover and discovers Chad puckering up, then runs away when the pressure of "Channy" first kiss from everyone around them gets to her leaving "Chad" to run after her with the table still stuck around him.

Personally if I found Sterling puckering up under a table I wouldn't hesitate to give him what he clearly wants; a long, tender smooch in between me exclaiming how much I loved his poems and rose petal runway and of course can't forget to tell him how much I love him and appreciate the fact that I obviously have a romantic, sweet, sensitive, caring boyfriend who will do little, (some might say insignificant things) to make me smile and know how much he loves me.

When our lips touched it was like sparks ignited between us. I could feel the earth move beneath our feet, the world stops until it is just us in the room, you get the picture. No wonder I couldn't stop smiling afterward and I melted into a puddle of goo, I am surprised that I remembered my lines, when I felt Sterling lightly stroking my face with a feather light touch. I don't remember that part in the script but hey I'm not complaining. I noticed that as I was talking Sterling was rubbing his lips then looking at the faint smudge of my lipstick on his fingertips, hey a girl has to leave her mark on her man so that the other women who think they have a chance with my guy knows he is taken by someone who really truly loves her for him.

I also didn't have any trouble keeping my arms around his neck, heck that is the perfect place for them to be, it lets me stand extra close to his warm, snugly body as I mentioned before and be able to stare into his gorgeous eyes which I have already mentioned how much I love them. Another perfect place for my arms to be would be around his waist as we tenderly kiss and even just talk with my arms around his neck and his around my waist. Unfortunately I had to let go at the end of the scene but believe me according to my gushing to you through this journal I will never forget the episode appropriately called "Sonny with a Kiss" cause I got to kiss my dream guy. Now all I need to do is figure out how I can tell Sterling of my love so we can share some real kisses.

Night for now journal but I will keep you posted on my ideas to land my dream guy. ;)

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