May 04, 2011

Huge Fan of Fanfiction

OK so I may sound a little stalkerish though to be totally honest what I'm looking at features me so I don't know if it's really stalking. I am really bored one rainy afternoon, I have a day off from filming "Sonny with a Chance", my friends have something else going on in their lives so they can't hang out with me and my family were of course still in Texas so I'm all alone in my 2 bedroom house trying to find something to occupy my day until it's time to go to see my girl for our weekly date night where we were going for a walk in the park for our picnic dinner. Can't wait for that.

I'm in some mood, I don't feel like going for a drive in my baby, my car, just incase someone recognized me. I love my fans but I don't feel like being mugged or swarmed by girls screaming my name, squealing like little piglets at feeding time, and jumping, touching and pulling me in every direction by eager hands to either say that they touched an arm, shoulder, shirt or pants of a actor or grab a piece of clothing off sans actor. I will not tell you how many times I have come home with ripped and torn clothing from my outings and had to throw out my clothes and it made me not want to wear my favorite clothing outside the house just in case I meet ravaged fans cause I will defiently regret it when they are ripped to shreds.

Like I said I do love my fans and the knowledge that I have at least some talent that there are people out there who will actually pay good money to watch the movies I'm in and will take the time to watch "SWAC" when there might be other TV shows and things to do with their friends and family but they choose to watch me and my friends on TV. I thank them immensely for their love and support of me as without them I wouldn't be as far along on my career as I am now, talent only gets me so far if there is no one to pay money to watch me do my talent.

I just wish that their "worship" or "admiration" of me didn't including screaming like the dickens and chasing me through the streets screaming my name like a swarm of bees. And then the wild animal like antics when they finally catch me but it's only because they have cornered me so my only options is to cower like a baby while I cover my head and face and pray that they go away soon with most of my dignity still intact.
Their obsession came to a head when some of them actually think and go around pretending that they will be my wives one day. Ok so that is a little freaky, ok more then freaky try beyond wierd.

I mean I meet lots of fans over the years of my career but we haven't we able to have enough minutes to strike up a long, meaningful, worthwhile conversations where we really get to know each other enough that there might be a spark to suggest that we could have a serious relationship like marriage, which I don't want to go lightly into, I want to be as much in love with the person I spend the rest of my life with just like my parents' marriage

I mean them wanting to know every inch of my life is sweet but wanting to know every aspect of my life and stalking my personal online files to get that information is just creepy. And I don't appreciate how in order to "elminate" any other girl getting me romantically, they diss any girl I date or am interested in order to "convince" me that the girl is totally wrong for me. Um guys I have enough sense and integrity to know which girl is right for me without your help.

Anyway back to the list of "I should do this but i don't wanna". It seemed like I had read and re-read all the books I could find on my bookcase and on the shelves in my room. I may have over 100 channels on TV but it seemed like there was nothing on that piqued my interest and I had seen every movie in my collection more then once, even the ones I have deemed as my ultimate favorites and could watch over and over again. and I didn't have the urge to watch them again. To be blunt I was feeling restless, there was always something to do in my house, like cleaning my house from top to bottom as it's not exactly spik and span but it's also not cluttered enough to waste a day on it so I'm not doing it today.

What sucks the most is I can't do the thing I really wanted to do; I really want to talk to Demi but she's busy with spending some much needed time with her family which I would never want to disturb, though to be honest even when I had been around her all day long, sneaking backstage to watch her magical, wonderfully funny and real performance with our friends and then practically following her around inches from her flowerly, Ivory scented hoping that her angel eyes gives me a look and that from the many of people veying for her attention she will give me some of her angelic presence which of course brightens my whole day where everything seems so much brighter like there's a light above my head that shines on everyone and everything i encounter during the day and I always seem to have bounce in my step, big cheesy smile on my face and a sense that nothing can bring me down.

What can I say, I'm a man in love with loves to talk with his girlfriend, yes after being secretly in love with her for the past 3 years, I finally made my move 4 months ago and Demi and I couldn't be more happier or more in love, it's like everything I could have imagined and I'm not the type of boy who reads romance novels or watches romantic movies. But I have watched my parents and their years of marriage and how even though they have their disagreements, like any other couple, yet they work together to resolve those issues and continue being as much in love as they were on their wedding day.

Believe me my brother, sister and I have witnessed their lovey-doviness in person ,kisses, hugs, gentleness of slaps on the butt, endearments, but seriously seeing my parents kiss doesn't freak me out as much as it did as a kid, though to be honest every kid is grossed out about their parent's open affections. That's what I want for my own relationship, still being madly in love after many years of marriage and surviving all what Mother Nature throws in our way in terms of obstacles and problems cause we are confident in our love and each other.

Even though Demi and I have been friends for 3 years now and see each other pretty much everyday, there is usually nothing stopping us from coming home, dropping all our stuff on the couches and calling each other for a 3 hour conversation about everything under the sun from what we did since we left each other about 20 minutes ago, the weather, current happenings in the world and in LA, the happenings on set and what's happening in our lives.

We usually would have to say "Goodbye" when our parents kick us off the phone by telling us that "Romeo" and "Juliet" need their sleep and that we will see each other tommarrow and then we do the whole childish "I love you", "No I love you more" kind of conversation while our parents try not to roll their eyes and hide their smirks, as our parents have been trying to knock the fact that Demi and I are perfect for each other and that we are madly in love with each other but were too blind to admit it to each other since I met Demi and were so thrilled when Demi and I started dating, they think of Demi as a second daughter.

Anyway, I thought I would check up on my e-mails and see what people are saying about "Stemi", Demi's and mine couple name that our fans gave us. Hopefully I won't find too many disses or badmouthing Demi and people trying to diminish our relationship by bringing up my darling's past disgretions which to be honest don't faze me at all cause everyone has troubles and bumps in the road of life to which the individual have to deal with, learn from and go on with their lives as a new person. Those messages are going to have to be deleted cause there is no way I'm going to let those mean messages ruin the love I have for Demi or our relationship even though to be honest I know that even though Demi and mine's relationship may be new but that doesn't mean that our love isn't strong enough to handle anything life throws at us, trials to test our love and our friendship from the Almighty or from the people in the media or other people.

Demi and I trust each other immenessly and if we are told a rumor or something else that might have a ring of truth or if we are starting to believe in as it seeps into our subconscious we will sit down and talk about it rationally and calmly until we are both satisfied that it's just a rumor made by someone eager for an easy buck or to become famous because everyone is talking to them even though they are getting people telling them how wrong the person is for starting such an untrue rumor.

Even though it'll be hard, I will try not to get insanely jealous when Demi is around other guys, I know in my heart in hearts that Demi will never cheat on me, I'm buried deep into her heart like she is in mine and I'm the only guy she will ever need in her life just like she is the only girl in my life. Cause that would be another way that the media will try to tear us apart by posting a story that the other person is cheating when they are seen with someone of the opposite sex, even if it's harmless, like Demi and I hanging out with our friends or collaborting with others like co-stars.

Demi will be the only women who will have my eyes and attention for the rest of our life and relationship,she is the only women I have loved for the past 3 years and will ever love. She is the perfect women for me; she's sweet, sensitive, caring, kind, down to earth, genuine, funny and not afraid to be herself and ok I'm not afraid to say that I think she is the most beautiful both inside and out women that I have ever seen.
No other women will ever come close to the feelings I have for her and I know in my heart that Demi feels the exact way about me; she loves me for me, and won't change me for any other guy who would give her attention or love; I'm all the man she needs and wants in her life which hopefully I will be able to fulfill her every expectation she has in her sweet little mind about her "Prince Charming" and be the man of her dreams.

Yup I was right, there were some immature, cruel comments on my Twitter but once I read even the hint of one mean word, it was bye bye tweet. I didn't want to ruin my mood of getting updates on my friends back home in Texas to funny picture e-mails with funnier captions attached designed to make even the hard-hearted person laugh hysterically so I only skimmed them to see if they were a hit or miss. I really do care about what my true and loyal fans have to say though their opinion doesn't weigh so heavily on my descions as my own does, I mean I do have a mind of my own to make my descions on just like my parents taught me and my siblings. Thank God that most of them were either really happy for Demi and me or were hidding their true feelings and were doing the whole "As long as he is happy, then i'm fine with this relationship even if in my heart of hearts I don't like this relationship" kind of thing.

I saw someone had twittered #Stemi- hmm I guess that's mine and Demi's couple name cute although I prefer Darling though I have no idea where they got it from. I clicked on it to see what else the lovely people on Twitter were saying about Dems and me. it was all good, pictures of us on the "Sonny with a Chance" set being "Chad"and "Sonny" all lovey dovey, my favorite kind of actions cause the captions they had attached to them were the truth neither me nor Demi were really acting like we were in love, we were in love but we were at the point where we were still unsure of how exactly to unearth those feelings to the other person for fear of rejection.

There was also manipulations of real life pictures putting Demi and I in romantic situations, hmm me likey very much, it's like I have actual pictures of me and Demi being romantic even if it's all made up. Even though I'm so saving those pics to my computer for future inspection and drooling over, I prefer the real life pictures that I have taken on my camera, digital of Demi and me together such as kissing on the lips and cheecks, us staring into each other's eyes, though I have no idea how I even remembered to press the snap button, us making funny faces at the camera and of course the pictures of us goofing around, play dancing with dips and me humming a stupid tune to dance to and us flirting, Demi in my arms, my favorite place for her to be, and her making me go bumbling lips with her finger while she laughs at how silly I sound.

I did noticed that I saw links for actual stories, oh goody things are looking even more up then they were before now. I love reading but I don't have much time to do such with my busy schedule and if there about Demi and I then they are even better. Hmm so it looks like there are 3 Stemi writers; @ChadLovesDemi, though to be honest it should really be ChadLovesSonny or SterlingLovesDemi but either way works for me, @Here4DDLovato, you and me both sweetie no matter what Demi does in the future or in the past I will always be there for her with love and support cause I love her very very much and @EarthAngelDemi, ok so girl I love your username as it's so approriate cause Demi is my angel on Earth, she is the reason I believe that God would send an angel to remind people that there is still good people out there trying to make the world a brighter, better place for everyone who lives in it. Plus she's my angel so of course it's appropriate.
Hm I know what I'm going to do today and its reading all these stories that these three young ladies have written no matter how long it takes. @Here4DDLovato's chapter story was very entertaining especially when it only took like 4 chapters for Demi and me to start dating in a tropical paradise, all alone so far away from our friends and family and where we can be all lovey dovey without getting caught by the paparazzi or fans.

I'm not a mean person but even I have to admit that I got a thrill in my tummy when I read that the Jonas family had some troubles when the wives got wind of what jerks their beloveds were to my Demi during the tour and totally gave them heck for it, good i just wished it would happen in real life but of course the wives are either ignorant or have been bought\lied to, they were probably told that Demi deserved all the mean, hurtful things that was said about her and of course the women believed their man not what their hearts and 3 years of friendship and being around Demi almost 24\7 has taught them.

I also enjoyed the part where Demi in her nice, polite, civil and yet no nonsense way told that family what she felt about being dumped and being treated like dirt because of the issues that she had to deal with by her supposedly best friends, except for Nick who actually has a heart and conscience, and second family. That's my girl, sweet yet spunky and fiesty when she needs to be.Watch out Jonases, Ms Demi has come out a better women and you guys might be next on the line of getting the past behind her so we can move forward in our lives together.

In the story I was very understanding about Joe coming back into my Demi's life, just as a friend though cause Demi is my girl now so sorry dude but you screwed up and messed up the best realationship you have ever had so your loss but my gain. I'm torn over what I would do if that actually happened in real life; on one hand I want Demi to be happy and if it means I have to allow this guy into her life as a friend, it will take some time and effort from both Demi and him to get back to the closest they had years back, then I will do it bregrudgenly but I will do it cause I love Demi and only want her happiness even if it goes against something that would diminish my own happiness.

On the other hand, I want to put my foot down and say "No way Jose", there's no way that I'm going to let some guy who not only broke my angel's heart by cheating on her with another girl while dating her then breaking up with her a month after starting to date because he wanted to be the money crazed witch who is only with him to gain for fame, exposure and as have as much money and gifts be showered on her.

Then he allows his girlfriend, her friends or should I say her cronies cause she can't go anywhere without them to laugh at her lame and cruel jokes and the people who were suppose to be best friends tease, bully and insult my women wihout doing anything to stop it like any human being would have done. Demi was already down on herself after being dumped by her "best friend" and past issues resurfacing that her real and loyal best friends and family should have tried to help her work through them with the patience, love and understanding that the people on tour should have had for her instead of ditching her because she is "defected", um excuse me but you guys aren't without defects so I wouldn't point the finger at anyone before taking a good long look at yourself deeply.

I just don't want that guy to come waltzing back into my Demi's life acting like nothing had changed these past year and hurt or break my sweetie's still tender heart, hey I'm working to heal those hurt, scars and bruises on Demi's sweet, caring heart but it might take awhile not that I'm in a hurry as all I want is for Demi to be 100% healthy both mentally, emotionally and physically.

If Demi gets hurt then I feel her pain, every torturing inch of it in my own heart and it makes me even more anxious and determind to get that beautiful smile back on my angel's face and the love and happiness in her heart. I want Demi to work towards a better and brighter future where she continues to reach and achieve her dreams and is surrounded by all the love, support and happiness of true and loyal friends and family as she continues living her life the way God intended her to have.

And if that entails hashing out old problems and old enemies coming face to face to do so in order for everyone involved to move on from old troubles and old dumb mistakes and live a better life apart with everyone being civil towards the other when they met in the industry which of course will happen, then I will let it happen with me beside Demi the entire time for moral support and a nudge when she's losing her nerve.

I love the idea of giving Demi a promise ring that promises that I will love and be with her forever, nothing and no one would tear us apart, and that when she's ready cause she's still only 18 years old, that I will make her my wife. Hmm I'm loving that idea more then ever; I mean what guy wouldn't welcome the chance to spend the rest of his life with the women of his dreams. I know I would love that chance to have Demi by my side for the rest of our lives, spending our lives growing, encouraging and loving each other but it's still too early for us but I might do such a romantic, mature and life-long gesture in the future.

The only thing I didn't like about that story is that it featured Demi and me being intimate, like us making
love. Um ok so that's not something I want to read about cause I'm a gentlemen who was taught by my parents that there will be no that type of intimacy where you take off clothes and enter each other in that certain place unless there is a ring on each of our fingers that symbolize that we have decided to join our lives together as husband and wife and made a committement that the other person is the only person we will be with for the rest of our lives. So I kind of skimmed those parts so that I could enjoy the rest of the story cause for the most part it was well written.

I especially liked the ending where Demi and I are married with newborn twins, a boy and girl. Like any guy I have dreamed about having a little family of my own with the women of my dreams and at least two kids; boy and a girl. A son to do "guy" stuff with like sports and cars not that I'm gender originated cause I know that girls can do anything boys can, they can be tomboys who can kick butt just as much as boys can. I'll pass my knowledge about the proper way to treat people and how to be in a long lasting and loving relationship to my kids.

My daughter will definetly be a daddy's girl who will have me wrapped around her finger, just like her mommy does whether she wants to admit it or not. I will gladly be the daddy that does tea parties, dress up and Barbies with his daughter and since she will be just as beautiful both inside and out as her mommy I will be extrmely strict about what kinds of guys I let around my daughter and who she will date. Let's just say that there will be an extreme survey and screening process for any guy who wants to date my daughter.

@ChadLovesDemi's chapter story I enjoyed, though it wasn't done yet. Even though it seems like both girls had taken a trip into my mind and heart to narrate my true feelings for Demi into words that people can read, this girl did it so much better especially when the version of Tiff and me in the story are talking about my true feelings for Demi, it's like I'm describing Demi to a complete stranger about my dream girl and the goddess in my life. Although in real life Tiff, our friends and of course our family know how much I adore and love Demi, they have known from the beginning and have been bugging me to tell Demi how I feel.

I knew that my girl is tender hearted and very trusting but to actually believe that Mr Jonas had really regretted what he had done, broken up with his money and fame hungry girlfriend and wants her back, one cause I don't yet trust him not to hurt my girl again since he hadn't been in her life during her stay at the treatment centre, not a visit or a phone call to see how she's doing but why would he? He dumped her because he wasn't man enough to stick around when his girlfriend\best friend needed him to be supportive when she needed him.

The second thing is that us readers know that Joe is once again using my poor sweet angel for some dumb reason, who knows why maybe he thinks that Demi will give him a second chance, I don't find him attractive, if he puts on the puppy dog eyes and does some pleading and plus Demi may be kind hearted but there's no way she wouldn't remember the pain and disappointment he has caused her these last couple months. If he thinks he can just waltz into her life, do some lame and so untrue aplogy complete with a pleading face and have

Demi fall back into his arms with full forgiveness he better think again cause it ain't happening.
It turns out that Mr Loser and his master-girlfriend had a horrible plan to embarass my sweetheart even more then they already had by getting her to think that Mr Immature had changed and had actually grown a heart and conscience, like that will ever happen soon, had broken up with his ball and chain, once again ya right as the guy must get pleasure in having people telling him what he can do cause that way he can play the innocent victim of not having a chance to speak his mind or have his own descions being made, and wanted Demi back.

The worst part is that my sweetie actually thought he was a changed man and was considering giving him a second chance. Uh huh sweetie I'm not gonna let that man get his claws into you and tear out your sweet, heart, you deserve better then him plus you have worked your butt off trying to better yourself and to work towards resolving your issues, emotionally, mentally and physically and I will not have your progress or self-esteem be destroyed by some jerk who gets pleasure from hurting and ruining other people's self esteem for a living. I love and respect you too much to let that happen.

Their plan hit a snag when Ms Money Grubber tried to seduce me, don't make me laugh like I would even give someone like her a glance or a chance, sorry girl you're so not my type, I like genuine, sweet, caring and be beautiful inside and outside kind of women. My favorite part of the story so far is the fact that Demi in the story started to date me, excuse me while I scream Yes!!!!!!, and we even had a slow dance where I got to hold Demi's tiny, svelte soft body in my arms where I hope she feels protected, safe and loved cause I'm sure that during our dance I will radiate all the love I have for her and drown out the world until Demi and I are in our own love world where no one can touch us.

I love holding Demi close or even to be next to her in real life where I can smell her flowerly perfume, Ivory scented soap and her hairspray, it makes my day so much better that I wish I had enough courage to go to the store and buy her perfume to spritz on my pillow and sheets so that I can have her scent all around me at all times of the day, when Demi isn't around me. That way I can imagine that Demi is beside me and I'm holding her close, you know like we are snuggling but PG rated guys, in our own love world cause this guy loves to snuggle.

Demi and I's first date in the story was a drive in, once again the writer kept it PG, all we did was watch the movie and talk. I'm so much in love with Demi that we could be cleaning a house or doing something else that would be classified as not fun but if I'm with Demi then I know it will be a blast because I love hanging out with Demi, anytime I have with her makes my life brighter.

Oh goody another piece of drama, it turns out that Nick has a crush on Demi, hmm I wonder if that's true. i hope not cause I'm selfish, Demi is mine and mine only and I will not lose her to anyone without a fight unless Demi knows 100% that the other person is the better choice for her then I will let her go with a heavy heart. But from what I have gotten from Demi, she only has best friend kind of love for Nick, ya for me, so I don't think I need to worry about him swooping in to take Demi from me.

Hopefully the writer will let Nick's heart be taken down easily by Demi cause he seems like a nice guy from what I have seen over the years when Demi has talked about him and when we all hung out which wasn't very much or for very long so I can't really say what his character is. I also can't wait for Mr Jonas to get his just deserts and have my spunky girl tell him in her nice, but no nonsense tone what his betrayal has done to her and how he doesn't have a chance in you-know-where to ever get back with her so stop the games and move on with his life.

Oh great on my side I have drama too, some girl named Linda, i think I know what girl she is based that character on, in real life the girl is nice and is one of my friends, not best friend but friend, but the girl in the story sounds like a b-i-t-c-h. I mean honey if I haven't shown you that I'm interested in you romantically, like with Demi I have been subtlely flirting with her with loving, gentle touches and looks, always being there for her as a shoulder for comfort, a listening ear when needed, another dork to be goofy with and overall a best friend hoping for a more long lasting romantic relationship with her, I don't like you as more then a friend.

Well bring on any and all drama Ms Writer cause I know that even in the story and more importantly in real life that Demi and mine's love and friendship is strong enough to last any drama or stress that the world can bring us and we can survive and go on to have a stronger and loving friendship and relationship in the end. I feel like nothing can tear Demi and me apart, our love is the forever kind, even if it's a new love. So in the end it's gonna be Demi and me, our love still as strong as ever and we will be living happily ever after together, can't wait to read that part, it'll be the best ending that I could ever hope for both in every story and in Demi and mine's life.

I can't wait for this story to be updated. I will be watching this girl's Twitter like a hawk for updates plus anything her and her fellow Stemi lovers have to say about Demi and me cause I think that I'm the biggest Stemi lover there is out there. ;). Lastly is Ms "EarthAngelDemi" who does many little oneshots but man are they long. They're like novels, I guess this girl just has a lot of thoughts and feelings to put into her stories so that's why they're so long. I mean it's not as if they aren't as good as the other stories I have read so far, there just a lot more details and feelings to read then the other ones but that just makes her stories orginal which is always a good thing, no one likes the same type of story over and over again.

Ok so I'm a little embarassed, while reading these girls' stories I have found that the version of me featured in those stories is a lot more poetic and romantic then I'm in real life, that sounds so bad on me that a storybook version of me is more of a Casanova then the real me although I try to be as romantic that I can be, from being raised by my mom and around a sister who I can evesdrop into what girls want their boyfriends to say and do for them to show them that their boyfriends love them. Maybe I should take a page from storybook version me as a guideline as what women want their men to do for them. I want to be the most romantic guy in my sweetie's life so she can brag to her friends that she has the most romantic, sweet, caring and sensitive boyfriend ever.

I loved how her stories ranged from Demi and I as "just friends", hmm I like having Demi as a best friend but I love having her as a girlfriend so much more :) and us as a couple dealing with the trauma, life changing events and upheavel of the last few months and man did she nail not only both of Demi and mine's feelings through that time but it was like she was in our heads and hearts when it came to the support and love Demi got not only from me but from our friends\co-workers. How the heck did she know that I had visit privilages to Demi when she was in the treatment centre and that our friends had sent her videos of encouragement, the fans were never told that private information.

Even better are the stories that have Demi and I married, ;), and in one we actually have a 8 month old baby daughter named Kayleigh, that's one of the most beautiful names I have heard, well except for Demetria. OMG Demi and me being married, like I said before I would welcome the chance to one day marry Demi, all I can hope is that I will be the best husband as I can be; supportive, loving, devoted, a good listenner, good communicater, caring, sweet, romantic and an equal partner in every aspect in our marriage. I know that Demi and I will have the same problems that all married couple have but I know that like our love, our marriage will be strong enough to sustain us and help us to be one of those elderly couples who even after years of marriage are still madly in love with each other.

Aw man, my tummy is saying that the day has flown by and now it's time for me to get all handsome for my women, I still needed to shower, chose my clothes then press them so that they are nicely crisp and brush my teeth with a whole lot of toothpaste cause a guy has to have good smelling breath for some close, intimate moments like some smooching, man do I love the smooching especially when the other person is Demi.

So unfortunately I needed to get off of my computer and get ready. Now how can I review these stories and not have the girls' freak out at me, I mean if I was them and a famous person reviewed my story I would totally freak out, like majorly freak out with lots of jumping, squealing (man can girls squeal really loud and shirlly) and possibly run around the house screaming. If I review them with my own Twitter then they will know it's me, even though that wouldn't be so bad, I mean the fans have to know that I ship Stemi cause um hello 1, I haven't exactly been subtle about my true feelings about Demi over the years and 2, the fans see, hear and read about how happy I am that Demi is my girlfriend and how much I love her.

Maybe I should use my own Twitter that way the Stemi fans know that I'm 100% behind them even if some people are telling them that they were wrong, that Demi and I would never date and when we started to date that we would never last, thanks for the vote of confidence guys but you don't know Demi and mine's heart so shush please,no one cares what you think about mine and Demi's relationship, well I don't care what nasty and mean things you guys have to say and neither does Demi so please keep your opinion to yourself.

Also if I use my own Twitter name then the girls' will know that I like their stories, didn't find the situations that they put Demi and me in uncomfortable and it might give them the encouragement of keep writing such wonderful, romantic stories that go into Demi and mine's minds to capture our feelings and thoughts during situations and events that we have for each other,which they are already doing a wonderful job at from the stories I have read so far. I will definetly keep looking for updates on more of these girls' stories and will be telling my better half about these stories so she can read them, review and then look for the updates also cause I'm 100% sure that she will enjoy reading stories about us in romantic situations being all in love with each other cause I know I do ;). Gotta to go get ready but I will be on tonight to see if there's any more stemi sweetness to gush about. :).

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