May 04, 2011

Family Picnic with Some Drama Mixed In

I'm usually an easy going,laid back kind of guy but mess with the people I love, like my family and friends, and Papa Bear comes out and I'm not a happy person or a person you would want to be around. I mean I'm not crude, or rude with swearing and cussing the person out but I tell that individual in no nonsense terms that I don't appreciate the person talking smack about someone I love and care about.

I don't even allow my fans to say or even write something mean about anyone in my personal pictures cause obviously the people in my pics mean something to me and are important in my life. So please show some respect to them, I don't go around dissing your family and buds, no because my parents taught me to respect others, treat them the way I hope they would treat me and the old motto: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" applies to me and my life.

I expect people to treat me like a person, cause I may be a celebrity but I'm still a person who should be treated like anyone else, famous or not. I started off just like they did, as a child of two hard working, breadwinnering, middle class people, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents taught my sister, brother and me to work for what we want, never give up on our dreams no matter how difficult the road is or how many obstacles get in your way and reach for the stars cause you never know what you can achieve with hard work, hope, dreams, ambition and of course the help of God.

Hopefully Demi and I can install the same values, attitudes and and respect for everyone in the world that our parents taught us to the next generation aka our little princess Kayleigh who's 2 years old but she already has had bad experiences with the press and negative comments about her parents no matter how much Demi and I have tried to shield her from the media.

Ever since Demi found out that she was pregnant we both have been very careful to shield our unborn daughter from the media who pretty much bombarded my poor baby every step of the way to get new updated pictures of Demi's growing baby belly which the fans so lovingly made fat jokes about and commented about how "big" she was getting. Um it's a good thing that Demi was getting a belly on her that means that she is taking good care of herself, eating well, taking her vitamins and going to her prenatal visits, so that she and our daughter was healthy and Kayleigh was growing and developing as planned.

I would be upset and worried if Demi wasn't gaining the weight she needed to and the doctor kept telling her everytime she commented that she gaining too much weight, that she was gaining the right amount of weight for the baby's gestation age. I won't tell you how many nights I had a bailing and hormonal pregnant wife in my arms and reassuring her that I was still very much attractive to her, yes the lovely fans made up rumours that I had a wandering eye since I didn't think my wife was attractive as her pregnancy progressed. Wrong!

I'm still attractive to Demi, I mean I thought she was gorgeous ever since I met her a long time ago but her being pregnant with our daughter with her motherly glow and inner beauty shining outward and even more knowing that she is carrying the life that she and I created with our undying love for each other.

I thought I couldn't love Demi anymore then on our wedding day but seeing her pregnant with Kayleigh I think I fell even more in love with her. My love will never change, I promised that I would love her til death parts us, though I know I'll love her even after that, at our wedding and that is a promise I will never go against.

The magical day when my littlest angel came into the world was of course filled with lots of love from our family and closest friends who were at the hospital supporting Demi and I through this life changing event and to be there when our newest family member came into the world. I still remember how nerve wracked and scared yet excited I was, I was nervous about being a good dad to my daughter, I had read all the parenting books I could get my hands on, when Demi had told me she was pregnant I went out and bought every pregnancy (I wanted to know what was happening with both of my babies for the next 9 months) and parenting books (Hey I wanted to know every aspect of parenting as I could before I had to put it into practice so I could be the best daddy to my child as I could, even though I had the best role models in my parents).

Plus I love Demi so much and like anyone who knows how it feels to love someone immensely and only want what's best for them, I felt so bad whenever Demi squeezed the living heck out of my hand and screamed or moaned really loud in pain whenever the contractions hit her like a ton truck but I knew that this was part of the labour process that would eventually make us parents of a healthy baby girl and it was a natural thing, I still can't believe that women do this everyday with or without drugs even multiple times including my own mother and mother in law.

Even though I tried to remind myself that labour was a natural process, I still grimaced and did everything in my power to keep Demi calm, focused on what her body has been programmed to do, cool her down with ice chips and cold compress on the back of her neck and forehead and letting her know as much as possible that I'm proud of her for handling the pain of labour that she has, I knew that my women was a trooper and today just proved it, that she was doing awesome with bringing our little girl into the world, that I loved her more then ever and reminding her that this pain was worth it, like any guy could really even try to imagine what women go through to give birth to our children or how pain they are in, cause at the end we will have our beautiful daughter.

Kayleigh was absolutely the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen, besides Demi of course, even when she was crying her little eyes out at leaving her comfortable, warm, safe bed where she had been for 9 months and covered in goop. I couldn't take my eyes off her, I unfortunately got in the doctors and nurses' way as they tended to my little princess, sorry I was just excited and in awe of Kayleigh and never wanted her out of my sight. Then I ,of course, remembered that I had another angel to deal with who had gone through a lot of trauma today so I left my smallest angel in the tender and wonderful care of the doctors and returned my affection and attention to Demi who was sitting in the bed, being tended to by the nurses to make sure that she was doing ok after giving birth to our daughter.

Even though she was bathed in sweat, hair shrewd from the braid she had put in to keep her hair detangled and probably still in pain or extremely uncomfortable, she was still one of the most beautiful women ever, I hope and pray that our daughter will look like her, then again if she does then I will never ever let any boys near her unless they were screened intensively by me, I'm talking applications asking about every inch of them and if i feel a police check is necessary to guarantee that this "boy" will treat my little girl right their personality, dreams, ambitions and of course intentions with my daughter then I will do it.

I gathered Demi into my arms and rained kisses all over her face and told her how beautiful Kayleigh is and how proud I was of her. Then the nurse brought over our sweet angel and Demi, Kayleigh and me had our very first family cuddle complete with opening the blanket and counting each finger and toes to make sure that they were there, ok so Demi and I just wanted to stare in awe at every little inch of our new daughter without the blanket interfering with our mommy\daddy inspection. Then we had a kissing ring, it went kiss Kayleigh's tiny, stockened head, then Demi and I would kiss each other either on the lips or me on her forehead.

After a few days, Demi and Kayleigh came home, I swear I was bouncing on air as I pushed Demi in the wheelchair her cradling the munchkin as we went to the car and I had a million watt smile on my face as I craned my neck to never lose sight of the beautiful sight of my two girls, I love the sound of that. I wasn't the only one who was ecstatic on this mementoes day as Demi had a beautiful smile on her face as she cradled our little angel in her arms and looking at her with all the love she had in her big heart. I swear I drove like a turtle on the way home, hey I had precious cargo in the car so why risk the lives of the two most important girls in my life by driving fast?

Later that night; as Demi and I did our nightly snuggle, which I actually look forward to everyday at work cause I love snuggling with Demi, with me cuddling Kayleigh we saw that the media was making up stories, once again, out of spite cause we had gone to the hospital in the dead of night and had left without a trace of us even being there so they never got their million dollar shots of the newest member of the Knight family. I still can't believe what people will come up to just to sell a story, we heard the reports from "inside sources" that Kayleigh was born with something medically wrong with her (She was born healthy), that I took one look at her and declared that she wasn't my kid and accused Demi of cheating on me (Oh no you didn't, I know Demi would never cheat on me so don't even go there) and many more ridiculous and so untrue stories about one of the happiest days of mine and Demi's life. Good thing Demi and I just looked at each other, shrugged, changed the channel and not let what those people are saying about our daughter and our relationship get to us.

Over the next 6 months, Demi and I made sure that our little angel had a normal upbringing, no nannies for Kayleigh, Demi and I did 100% of parenting, all the midnight feedings, 2-3 hours of sleep per night and all the diaper changes that went along with it. But we got to absorb all the rewards of being full time parents, like seeing Kayleigh smiling at us with her gummy smile, turning her head towards the sound of her mommy and daddy's voices, seeing Kayleigh searching for us when we leave the room even for a second, cuddling in our arms and her big blue eyes that just shines with all the love that was captured in her tiny little heart and knowing that it's directed at us.

Demi and I shared the responsibilites of raising Kayleigh along with our careers, we both had comedy TV shows that took us most of our time plus we did movies but we had an agreement that says that one person had to be home with the little munchkin at all times though if the movie set was local there was always time for a personal tour for baby and parent. And of course Demi and I had to also balance couple time where it can be us spending time alone with Kayleigh having a sleepover with either one of our friends or family members so that our marriage didn't suffer in the long run cause we were rushing around taking care of anything and everyone and not taking time for ourselves and keeping our relationhip loving, fresh and a top priority in our lives

We have decided that every Friday night will be date night, whether it be a movie night, a romantic dinner either at a restuarant or homemade or a walk in the park. It doesn't matter what we do; as long as we are together I'm happy and am having fun. Our Friday night date night have become a highlight to my week as is coming home to Demi and Kay is the highlight of my day cause even if I'm playing with Kay with her kicking at her mobile cooing or me making funny faces and Kay mimicing me or snuggling and flirting with Demi, I'm happy to be alive. Any time I can spend with the two most important people in my life is a highlight of my day and life, I love spending time with my girls.

On this particular date night we had decided that we were going to take Kayleigh to the local park for a walk around the bay and have a picnic in the park since Demi and I had a day off of shooting. We made a picnic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, homemade brownies (which I know are the moistest, chocolatey and gooeiest ones ever made),a ziplock filled with fresh, juicy strawberries and a thermos of chocolate milk.

The weather was beautiful and if any of the people at the park recognized Demi and me from TV or movies, they never gave us any indication that they know of the two famous people in their midst, they just smiled and waved at us as we past them with the stroller, just like they would with any other couple they met. Demi even had a conversation with another mom about their kids and how their husbands were the biggest kids ever, I had put Kayleigh on the baby swing and was gently swinging her and was pretending that Kay was kicking me as she swang up complete with sound effects and putting my head back as she got close which got Kayleigh to laugh her melodious laughter.

Then it was time for me to put Kay on the slide and help her slide down again with sound effects or us both going down with her on my lap. I don't know which one of us was having the most fun; Kayleigh with her gummy smile, chubby hands clapping like crazy or her melodious laugh that kept ringing out or me with my big smile and baby voice as I talked Kay through every activity. Does it really matter?. I can't wait for Kayleigh to get older so I can play with her a lot more interactively, there is only so much playing we can do together when one of the participants is 6 months old.

There was a bit damper on my girls' and mine special family day when as I was leaving the family bathroom after changing a pretty stinky diaper, I might add, I bumped into someone I never wished to see in my life; my ex-girlfriend Breanna. Even though I haven't had many ex-girlfriends in my lifetime, hey I'm no way a player or womenizer, she was the worst girlfriend I have ever had. Bre's hobbies included shopping for bucket loads of clothing that were super tight and revealing, shoes that would make any feet groan for mercy and guess who had to pay for it? Me cause I was the only one who really had a job that you had to work at, her father supported her every whim.

Don't worry it didn't take me very long to stop the cash flow from going out, say one super huge bill that I made her pay every penny back with odds and end jobs around her community. Another one of her hobbies was gossiping and making fun of my friends and family, this women even made snide comments about my parents about everything from how their home was decorated, the neighbourhood I was raised in, their food etc. Um no one makes fun of my parents and friends and gets away with it.

Plus spending time with her was so boring all we talked about was celebrity gossip, the latest fashions and make-up trends and when I tried a conversation that interested me, all I got was a cold shoulder, repeative "uh huhs" and glares of "how dare you interrupt my intruging conversation of make-up for something from the real world".

So we would just sit there in total silence, I'm ok with sitting with a girl in silence if we have been talking for such a long time about everything under the sun and our conversation has been meaningful and deep cause then I know that we have gotten to know each other as much as possible in such a short time. The final straw was when she broke up with me because I wouldn't be the man she wanted, weak and will do anything to please her so she cheated with a total doorknob with no mind of his own.

When Bre broke up with me I was one of the happiest guys ever. I'm not kidding, on the outside I was trying my hardest to keep my face straight faced. I mean I didn't want to lie and pretend to be devestated about her breaking up with me cause I wasn't feeling it, I mean who would want to date a super snob,whinny, little girl? Not me! Bre gave me my walking papers then sauntered off with her new boytoy and as soon as she left the room it was happy dancing, jumping, whooping and girlie squealing all the way.

I hadn't seen Bre for 4 years and she's defiently the face I never wanted to see; it looks like she hadn't changed at all from her appearence of super tight shortie shorts that hinted at a butt curve, really low cut halter top that totally hinted her breasts which she must have had an upgrade cause they are bigger then I remember and a perma-pout on her face, like she had swallowed a lemon.

"Well if it's Sterling Knight. Are you going around pretending to be the daddy of your girlfriend's brat cause you aren't man enough to find a girl who will put up with your constant obsession with making up your own mind and having things your way. I'm wonderful by the way; I have so many boyfriends that are always constantly looking for ways to inpress me, money is no option, and my days are filled with shopping, gossiping, spas and nail salons"

Ok don't care what your pathetic, selfish, self-serving life you have was my thought but I tried to keep my calm and not lose my temper and tell Bre what I thought of her in front of my sweet angel. "I'm wonderful and I would like you to meet my daughter, Kayleigh, whose mother is the love of my life and my wife. We have been married for 2 years and I love her so much. I'm glad that you finally found a guy who treats you like you wanted. I guess we both found the right people for us. Now if you will excuse me I wish to continue my wonderful day with the two most important girls in my life."

Then I walked away until I heard that screeching voice piping in: "Oh yes I heard that you connected yourself to some talentless, wannabe rock star, someone who only pretends to be a role model to those snot nose, mindless brats who wouldn't know talent and need to have some sense knocked into their thick brains, ugly, butt chinned freak of nature that you were so pathetically "in love" with while I pretended to be your girlfriend, like a goddess like me would be interested in someone pathetic and lowely as you.

Yes you might have found someone as pathetic as you but I totally win the game of "perfect mate" cause my boyfriends are wrestlers, professional boxers and security guards who all I have to do is crock a finger at them and since they are at my beck and call and will do anything I want them to do so be aware cause if you piss me off then I will have my boytoys kick your ass, I might even get your daughter to watch her pathetic, useless, weak daddy get his ass kicked right in front of her. Bye bye" then with a manipulative kiss and wave she sauntered away.

Kay's face pretty much summed up my opinion of that pointless, stupid, immature conversation with that girl, she doesn't even deserve to be called a women. Kay's little face was scrunched up in a "What the heck?" confused face with her head tilted during the conversation with Bre, thank God she was too young to understand what mean, crude, and hurtful things were saying about her mommy who she loved dearly. Then when Bre walked away her face turned to the face she got when Demi or I feed her something she didn't like, the usual "That's gross!" kind of face, face all puckered up with the pursed lips and eyes scrunched. Then she looked up at me as if to say: "Daddy, who was that? I didn't like her".

"My thoughts exactly baby girl. Now what do you say we go back to mommy?" to which Kay responded with lots of claps, a big gummy smile and lots of babbles and cooes to express her joy at going back to one person who she loves with all her little heart. Kay loves pretty much everyone in her short life, whether they were biologically linked or not to her, but to be 100% honest I know that Kay loves Demi and me the most, we are her parents and the reason she exsists in the first place.

Kayleigh is a super affectionate little girl, she loves smiling at people and doing funny things, like trying to miminc their actions or facial expressions, to make them laugh, just like her mommy with her dorky yet adorable antics. I'm so glad that Demi is currently doing a comedy TV show cause she can always make me laugh, my mother-in-law joked around with me when Demi and I started to date , Tiff and her were trying to clean-up the water pipe spillage in the bathroom with towels and their clothes as they kept sliding across the floor and falling into the water, that my life with Demi in my life would never be boring.

Just like her mommy Kayleigh can sense, even at a young age, when people are sad and are in need of a hug, a listening ear or a nice good old fashioned cuddle, just like her mommy with her amazing, warm, snuggly hugs and compassionate, empathetic, sensitive personality, Demi can listen to the same problem over and over again and still be sympathtic to the person's obstacles and offer them the same kind wisdom as any pyschiotrists can give.

Demi and I have been told that anytime one of our friends or family members are having a bad day, all they have to do is hold Kayleigh and have her snuggle her entire body into their arms, gently bat their arms like she is patting their arms in comfort and then look up at them with her big blue eyes that just screams "I'm here for you to make your sad mood into a happier one. If you want to vent, I'm listenning cause I love you" and their bad mood disappears.

Ok so I understand that everything I wrote about my little girl is exactly what made me fall in love with Demi in the first place which is a wonderful thought. When Demi was pregnant with her, I wished that not only was the baby a girl, I always wanted a daddy's girl who I could be super overprotective of and yet super loving too so much that I would do anything for whether it be Barbies, dress up or tea parties, but that the baby would inherit their mommy's wonderful,beautiful personlity. Kay may look like me with her dirty blond hair, pale complexion, dimple in her left check and blue eyes but she is most defiently her mom's image in personality, ya genetics. Now to go on with the rest of the picnic with Demi and forget what I ever saw in Breanna Volt.

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