February 07, 2013

A Night of Dreams

I got this idea from a tweet I read on twitter so thank that person for the idea. This story idea might be a year too early but I might as well write while the idea is hot in my mind. I hope you guys enjoy this and don't report it to the directors of the site for this being a story about two real life this fluffy, sweet and romantic as well as hilarious story that I present to you guys. Please don't take.

Journal of Laura Marano
April,15th, 2014
I have never been so nervous in my entire life to do something I need to do. And I have been acting since I was 6 which is never an easy business to be in. There is of course the whole audition process which may aid in the lowering of self esteem, being unsure about actually having talent and a future in the acting business.

But what I am about to do, I know will sends chills down my spine, the butterflies in my tummy to flutter like mad and my stomach to clutch like mad until it hurts. When that happens i want to do whatever it takes to get that uneasy-almost pukey feeling out of there before I embarass myself.
You think going to audition after audition complete with rejection would prepare a girl to do something nerve wracking. I mean all I had to do was ask the guy of my dreams to go with me to a simple school event. But according to my butterlfies in my tummy, this event is major nerve wracking in itself.

You are probably asking who the guy of my dreams is and why I am so nervous to ask him to a life event. I will answer all your questions and hopefully you will understand. First of all, some of you will be dumbstruck when I tell you but some will be like "Tell us something new. We already knew you loved him" so here we go.

I am head over heels, don't want to live without, thank God everyday that he was put into my life, hoping and praying he feels the same way or I'll be crushed in love. The guy is one of the sweetest, charming, kindest, down to earth, romantic but not cheesy, hilarious, talented and one of my best friends ever (drumroll please) Ross Shor Lynch.

Now everyone is asking me: "Laura if you are so in love with Ross, why on earth haven't you told him before now and why are you so nervous to ask Ross a simple question?." Here is the answer, Ross is my best friend and if I ever did anything to alter one of the best friendship in the negitive way, I wouldn't forgive myself. That is how much Ross and our friendship means to me.

I am not fully blind. Even though Ross is a total flirt when we are together, his body language, the tone of his voice and the way acts around me changes. It is more of a guy trying with minimum words to tell the girl who is important and who he cares for how much he loves her. So I should know that he shares the same feelings as me or at least I am hoping I am not seeing the things I want to see.
I want to invite Ross to my school's prom but I don't want things to become awkward between us. I mean usually people who are in a romantic relationship go together so they can slow dance in each other's arms and gaze lovingly into each other's eyes as the world disappears.

Not to say that I didn't throughly enjoy the slow dance that "Austin" and "Ally" shared in "Club Owners and Quinceaneras" and the amount of practicing Ross and I shared. I swear we both screwed up on purpose just so we would be able to stay in each other's personal space for as long as we could before it was impartative we pull apart.

My hands smelled like the cocoa butter hand cream that he uses for hours afterward, then again I tried not to wash my hands for as long as I could. And don't get me started on the calming techniques I used that night; yoga, bubble bath, sitting on my bedroom floor breathing deeply and of course giving myself 10 minutes to fangirl like a madwoman before moving on.

I guess my fangirling session was so loud and boisterious that Nessa came rushing into my room asking me if I was ok cause she heard me from downstairs. But she totally forgave me when I told her of why I was making such a ruckus and hung on my every word as I retold of the sweet, special, magical and romantic moments of my day. She is as much of a hopeless romantic as me so there have been lots of fangirling about our dream guys.

Since Nessa figured out that I had fallen in love with Ross though that wasn't too hard to see. Apparently Ross and I aren't exactly subtle when it comes to our feelings for each other. She and I have spent a lot of nights planning out each and every detail of how Ross and I should confess our love after I gush about the sweet and romantic moment Ross and I or or characters shared during the day.

I wrote down what exactly i wanted to say to Ross and practiced in the mirror until i was certain I could ask Ross to be my prom date without stuttering, I am surprised that I can actually have a complete and understandable conversation with Ross. When he looks me in my eyes or should I say my soul with those beautiful hazel pools of gorgoeusness, I become a Laura puddle of mush.
Tommarrow is the day so wish me luck diary. i am going to need it.
End of Journal Entry

Laura was so nervous when she woke up that she felt like she was going to be sick, thankfully she wasn't. So after a few steady and deep breaths, she dressed in one of her lucky outifts; a ruby red dress that flitters around her knees and a white cardigan complete with wedge sandles with her hair curled.

She found Ross in the hair and make-up department with Gretal-Anna. With a deep breath, Laura walked in, smiled, sat down in the chair while saying "hi" to Gretal, the 25 year old young woman who treated the cast like younger siblings.

"Hey girlie. Ok let's get you into the chair and make you beautiful though that shouldn't be hard. I haven't found any make-up that can outshine your natural beauty so this shouldn't take long. By the way, my niece was telling me the hustle and bustle of her upcoming prom aka what dress she should wear and how it is going to be so romantic to slow dance with her boyfriend. So little missy, is your school's prom coming up? Have you thought about your dress? The guy you want to dance and laugh the night away? Come on girlie details."Gretal said with her snappy and witty speech.

"Well yes my school's prom is coming up and I have my ideal prom date. He is my dream guy, he is sweet, sensitive, romantic , easy to talk to and be around. Did I mentioned he is extremely handsome. I hope when I ask him he will say "yes" Laura said as she tried to look at Ross from the corner of her eye.

Ross's eyes were blazing with envy, anger and jealous complete with fists clentched as Laura was talking. This made Laura's heart leap in delight as it was confirmation that there was a strong possibility that he felt the same about her. Gretal semeed to get the hint that Laura had been describing Ross though it wasn't exactly a set secret about the true feelings of the two teens.

There was even a bet between Calum, Raini, Ross and Laura's families and the crew about when Ross and Laura will gather the courage to admit their love to the person they have been in love with since the first table read. And from the description of Laura's dream guy and Ross's reaction to the possibility of another guy having won his fair maiden's heart made Gretal squeal with happiness inside. It looks like whoever picked the week of April 15th is going to be $5x 14 bucks richer. I have to look at the list of the people who is on the bet. I think it was Vanessa.

"Oh i am sure your dream man would never ever have the nerve to say no (gives Ross a pointedly look as if to say "open your eyes boy, she was talking about you but he was pretending to be off his own world).

You are a total sweetie so any guy would have to be crazy not to fall instantly in love with you. I have a feeling your dream guy is just as in love with you as you are with him so all you need to do is ask. The he will say yes while trying to look and sound cool but fail and then you two kids can start your own love story.

Oh shoot, I forgot the special clips i wanted to put in your hair in my car so I am going to go get them." Gretal said as she thought of an excuse to leave the room. With her gone, Gretal was hoping Laura would have the chance to ask Ross to her prom and maybe even admit he was the guy she was describing.

Things got silent in the room while Laura gathered all her nerve to tell Ross that her detailed description of her dream man was actually a thin veiled description of him. Even if this was not the place Laura ever thought she would open her heart to Ross but hey if the universe thought it was the right time then so be it.

"Um Ross, speaking of proms, if you aren't too busy though I am sure you probably have a R5 thing to do or a family thing cause you are a very busy young man. But I was wondering if you would mind being my date?

I totally understand if you say no but I thought wouldn't it be fun to go to my prom with one of my best friends" Laura rambled on while wringing her hands in worry and anticipation of Ross's answer. His answer could either make her super happy or in a rush to salvage hers and Ross's friendship if he said no.

" Laura I would do anything for you, even if it means missing out on a family thing cause you are one of the most important person besides my family in my life. So never be worried about asking me anything. I would love to go to prom with you but what your dream man?

Won't he be mad about not being asked to escort you to the prom first?" Ross said with two balls in his stomach. There was happiness at being asked to escort a young woman he had been falling in love with since the beginning to anywhere that he could be alone with Laura and a ball of sadness about Laura being in love with someone other then himself.

"Awww you are such a sweetheart Ross Lynch. Don't worry about my dream man, one day he will understand the depth of my feelings for him. He is being shy about how he really feels for me.
OMG we are going to have so much fun together" Laura said while trying to balance the fact that once again Ross had melted her heart with few words and trying to hold down her gushing and squealing at the fact that she was going to prom with the man of her dreams until she was safely in her dressingroom.

"Well I gotta go. Darn it cause I was enjoying spending some time with you, it seems like we are always busy with stuff. I miss my Ross-Laura time. But I gotta go, see you later beautiful." Ross said as he gave Laura a little kiss on the crown of her head and then walked backwards towards the door like he wanted to file her image in his mind for as long as he could.

Laura bounced in her seat when Gretal came back to do her hair and make-up and practically ran to her dressingroom. Once the door was closed Laura's excitement, joy and happiness burst through and the room was filled with a combination of bouncing around the room with lots of squeals and rambles of words of excitement that only Laura could understand .

Once Laura tired herself out from the immense happiness she was feeling. She just needed to get her second wind is all and she was about to get it. I mean when a girl has this exciting news to share, who better to share it with but your best friend?

So once Laura collapsed onto her couch, a mile wide smile with hints of remaining happiness dancing in her chocolate orbs, she texted Raini. Her fingers flew over the keyboard so they were blurs of light. She had barley sent it when Raini's response came back in capital letters: "OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME! YOU FINALLY DID SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS FOR ROSS. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. HOLD ON I WILL BE THERE IN TWO MINUTES TO FANGIRL WITH YOU AND HELP YOU PLAN OUT ROSS AND YOURS' MAGICAL NIGHT.

True to her word, Raini was there within seconds. The instant Raini was in the room, there was more jumping up and down while holding on tight to the other's arms and yelling "Yeah! Yeah!" Then once that gush fest was over, Laura had to go over each and every detail of how she had asked Ross.

"Ok so now the fangirling is over for now, let's talk about clothes and hair. Do you have any ideas of what kind of dress you want to wear? I would say that the best kind of dress for your body shape would be a short bubble style dress either one shoulder or strapless.

Please for the love of all that is holy don't put your hair in that off to one shoulder thing (see "Tickets & Trashbags"). Then Ross won't be be focusing on how beautiful you look and falling even more in love with you. He will be fixing your hair all night,not that you or him would mind the excuse to touch." Raini said in what seems like one breath as she lounged on the couch. Her neck was getting tired of watching Laura pace back and forth as the thoughts of what she needed to do to make sure this prom was magical for both her and Ross. She had time to glance over her shoulder with a "very funny" look for Raini's last comment.

"Ok breathe Raini. Sheesh is that how I sound when i ramble? Anyway, as the best friend you know and love, I spent most of last night daydreaming about my favorite dress, the one that will make me look like a mature and beautiful 18 year old that Ross won't be able to keep his eyes off. I have decided that I would like my dress to be flowy, not puffy and strapless so I can feel like a princess gliding around the floor with my Prince Charming." Laura said as she brought her laptop over to the couch to collapse beside Raini.

For the next hour the girls went through what seemed like hundreds of dresses online. Laura and Raini both decided that the best way to figure out the perfect dress for Laura that fits her personality and body type is to go to as many dress stores as possible.

To get a guys' POV , Laura wanted to make sure that whatever dress she wore would make Ross's jaw drop, eyes bug out and his tongue get tied. Any other response wasn't acceptable for Laura. She wanted Ross to have a serious conversation with his brain and heart after the prom.

Laura caught up with Calum as she was leaving, he pulled her aside and gave her a "big brother" hug: "Awww I am so proud. My little sissy took the first step towards her own happines. I am glad that you finally took our advice and did something about your obvious feelings for Ross.

I am surprised that I am not deaf by the amount of screaming and squealing Ross was doing after you asked him. Not to mention the floor didn't collapse from the amount of jumping he was doing. Believe me he is super duper happy to be spending a night with you all lovey dovey. So if you need help with your dress, I am so your man. "

Laura was speechless for a few minutes. But once she got her wits back she hugged Calum back: "Thanks Cal. I always knew that I could count on my "big brother" for fashion advice cause not everyone can pull off "Dez's" original styles but someone who knows something about fashion. If you can handle a day with us girls you are more then welcome to join us for dress shopping. It will be nice to have a guys' opinion."

The next few weeks went by super duper fast. It seemed like every free minute she had, Laura was online checking to see the newest dresses in stock at the local dress shops. She printed them off so when she and her little posse of Rydel, Vanessa, Raini and Calum went they went to the store. It seemed like no matter what kind of dress, style or color, she tried on, not everyone liked it. There was never a dress that rated 10 out of the 4 people out there. Laura felt like she was about to give up finding the dress that made her feel beautiful and knew inside that this was "the dress"

Until the gang went into "Chic Boutique" and after the fourth dress Laura got the response she was looking for: smiles from ear to ear from everyone, a big "10" from all and proclaimations of how beautiful she looked in that dress. This is the dress that I will be wearing on the magical night when I will be in the man of my dreams' arms drowing out the world. Can't wait for Ross to see my dress. I hope he thinks I am the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

Note: I am being super mean right now. I am allowing the readers to describe or send me a picture of the dress that they believe Laura should wear and I will pick my fave.

July 18, 2012

Operation Raura

Ok first of all I love Ross and Laura even when they absolutely drive me and the people around them crazy with their denial with feelings that are so obviously right in front of them. Even though we aren't biologically related, I consider them as my younger brother and sister, we can talk about anything under the sun, I can be myself 100% around them and whatever we do,whether others think it's cool or not, we have a blast laughing, joking around and even when we don't talk, we are still having fun.

It didn't take long for Ross, Laura,Calum and me to become best friends after we meet at the first "Austin&Ally" table read. When I met all three I instantly felt a connection to each one, Calum,Ross,Laura and I become the type of friends who can tease each other mercilessly and still smile afterward cause nothing that is being said is taken seriously, like typical brothers\sisters.

I know that whatever boys take interest in me, they will have Ross and Calum to deal with as they would be protective and critical of the boys' intentions towards me and like my parents would want to make sure I was being treated the way I deserved before giving their blessings. Whereas with Laura, she's my confident, one of my best girlfirends, the person who I can squeal,gush and go all fangirly about girlie stuff like make-up, clothes and love that Ross and Calum pretend not to know much about, though we all know they are romantics at heart.

Speaking of romantics at heart, Calum and Ross may not want to admit it but they will watch any girlie flicks Laura and I want to watch with minimum fuss, I think they only fuss to ensure their manhood stays intact but there have been many nights where Laura and I have looked over to find two teary-eyed, happily ever after-endings-happily-sighing boys curled up with their blankets while watching chick flicks.

When Laura and I see the boys showing off their softer, romantic and sweeter side, of course we have to let the boys know, that like all girls, we love it when guys aren't afraid to be considered "weak" or "girlie" by their peers by not apearing "manly" or "strong". We do that by passing them tissues, giving them hugs and in Ross's case he gets snuggles and a kiss on the check from Laura which both Ross and Calum seem to like cause they hug back or in Ross's case gets a lovesick look on his face, sighs happily and snuggles closer.

I know that Laura and I would love a romantic, sweet, caring, down to earth, easy to talk to and be around, loving, protective kind of guy as our boyfriends , I mean what girl wouldn't want a guy like that as her sweetie? I know we have all dreamed about finding our Prince Charmings since we were little girls. Laura is one step closer to finding her Prince then I am cause like I said before Calum is like my brother even if he's a sweetheart and any girl would be lucky to have him as their boyfriend.

Like I said, Laura is one step closer to finding her dream guy, though she's got to take the first step towards getting her man cause honey you've already won Ross's heart, like say a year ago at the first A&A table reading when your eyes met and sparks flew, according to Laura's gushing like mad to me over the phone for 10 minutes the night they met and Ross's lovesick, staring-endlessly-at-Laura-no-matter-how-many-times-Calum-me-kicked-him attitude all day.

Since beginning of the show, it has been obvious that we have a love story on screen and off screen, it is so obvious from the first episode that "Austin" and "Ally" have more then best friend feelings for each other but it might take them both awhile to admit it to their own hearts let alone each other for risk of losing their close,deep friendship. Hey that is the same deal with Ross and Laura, who knew fiction could relate so much to real life?

Like their characters, Ross and Laura seem to have been made for each other, two people made from one single cloth. I mean both are complete lovable dorks, in an "I love you both dearly cause you two are my best friends" kind of way, that is guaranteed to make you smile and find endearing cause it's a part of what makes Ross and Laura tick. Music is a big part of both of their lives, if they could do any profession for a life career it would be music.

Calum and I have had the prvillage of being able to listen to R5 and Laura's newest masterpieces that from the first note makes your heart want to sing and your limbs start to tap to the beat. Thanks to mommy and daddy Lynch and Marano, Laura and Ross are down to earth, they went into both an acting and musical careers because they love to entertain people, want the viewers to learn life lessons like reach for the stars while following your dreams and you can achieve anything you want and want to use their fame to make the world a better place for their generation and possible the next.

Lastly Ross and Laura are sweet, kind, family and best friends are #1 priorities in their lives. They would do anything for someone they care about whether it is being a listening ear to hear someone rant and rave about their problems, a comforting shoulder in times of trials and tribulations , someone who gives good advice on how to fix problems and lends a helping hand on fixing the problem and finally someone who will do whatever they can to make you feel like you are worth something to this world, like you are a VIP in their eyes.

Plus Ross and Laura have this adorable yet kind of annoying habit of making pretty much everything they say or do seem like they are not so sutbley flirting. There is so many moments that never saw the camera, well the big television camera, where Ross seems to have forgotten the whole personal space thing cause he seems to love standing and sitting really close to Laura, like squished beside her no matter where they are.

Though Laura doesn't seem to mind,she seems to always be looking for Ross around the studio and making up excuses to spend some time with him, like "having trouble learning her lines" or just "walking past his dressingroom and decided to see if he was busy", like he could ever be busy for his Laura.

Ross and Laura flirt whenever it is possible whether in between takes, during scenes and while we are hanging out together, alone or with their families, whether it is having a snapping towel fight instead of doing the dishes complete with water fight or having an intimate conversation where Laura put her legs in Ross's lap and his hand very close to holding her hand and if someone walks into their conversation, they jump away to the ends of the couch blushing like crazy. Aww that is so cute, you guys actually think you guys can hide your obvious chemstry, um nope.

So one day when Ross and Laura were taking their sweet time to get to the lunchroom and Calum and I were sitting down at the table; "Oh great, Romeo and Juliet haven't arrived yet. They are probably hogging up the hallways with their flirting,banter and being all lovey dovey that makes every guest star that has been on the show so far think they are a couple already and are surprised that they aren't.

Those two are so utterly oblivious to the fact that they are perfect for each other, I wish we could tape their special moments and show them to Ross and Laura to show them what the world sees everyday and hopefully get them to confess their love and get together already" Calum said out of the blue as he and I sat at our usual table thinking of topics that we haven't already talked about.

"Calum Worthy, you are a genius. Instead of lamenting how Ross and Laura are the couple we all wish we had in our own lives but are oblivious to their true feelings for each other. We should band together with Rydel, Riker,Ryland, Rocky and Nessa to come up with plans that will finally get Ross and Laura together and prove they aren't just best friends but that there is something more between them like love." I said in an excited voice as a fool-proof plan to help my two best friends figure out they're in love came to my mind.

"I know I am. I surprise myself how smart I can be at times. But dang it girl you have the best idea, I'm sure that R4 and Nessa would be more then willing to help us out with their obvlious but madly in love younger siblings if we ask them. We should text them to see when we can all get together for a meeting." Calum mocked bragged then got a giddy smile on his face as he pulled out his phone to have his fingers fly over the keyboard to text their friends.

The meeting took place a few days later at the Marano's house, Mrs Marano was adorable, like mother like younger daughter, she actually made up little snack trays of her famous nacho dip and homemade chocolate chip cookies all gooey and melty fresh from the oven and freshly squeezed orange juice. After she left us alone in the basement, promising that she and Mr Marano wouldn't bother our adorable little meeting.

"Ok the first but hopefully not the last Operation Raura, we can think of a better name later. We all know why we are all here, because we love Ross and Laura and want to help them admit their love, that what they have together is more then just being best friends and get them together as the couple we all know they want to be.

We have proof of their love that could make any girl and guy who is a hopless romantic but may be too shy to admit it but our darling siblings will only deny our obvious evidence of their flirtiness by saying the usually speal of them being "just friends". We need to think of a plan to prove once and for all to both Ross and Laura that they are made for each other with no wiggle room." Vanessa said with all the rambling of "Ally" as her hands flew as she talked.

"Nessa is right. We have so much moments of Rossy and Laur being all cutsey, madly in love, and increasingly flirty to last us a lifetime but since both our loving siblings\besties are in the denial stage and want to pretend that they aren't one of the cutest couples ever, we have to hit them hard with something that will make them want to yell: "hello true feelings, welcome to the light. Now I must do something about my feelings before something or someone comes along to prevent my dreams from coming true" Ricker said as he scooped up some of the yummy nacho dip.

"Ok this is going to sound realy cliche and kind of stupid but I'm just going to say it. I think we should pretend to organize another family\bestie get together like what we did at the movie and Raini's Birthday party but at a fancy restaurant this time. Then we "conviently" leave them alone cause "something" came up but we hide somewhere in the restaurant to observe our matchmaking at work.

Hopefully once Ross and Laura see that they are alone in a romantic, cozy situation, they will talk, flirt like crazy and become comfy with each other to admit some feelings, hopefully. " Rydel put out there as she twiddled her thumbs not sure if anyone would love her idea.

"Ry, that is better then any idea we ever had like locking Ross and Laura in a closet until they admit their love or scaring them with a pretend home evasion or something along those lines. Another good idea is us "helping" Ross pour out his love in a song that we say is for the R5 but really we would make Ross sing it solo right to Laura because he wants to "prac tice" it before the show. I think we should try some of these ideas" Ricker commented as he high fived Rydel at her brillant sweet idea so her smile re-appeared on her face.

"I love Rylie's suggestion about luring Laura to "listen" to one of Ross's songs cause we all know he has written many love songs about his love for Laura and it would be so much easier for us and Ross if he was able to sing one of his heartwarming -heart poured- out songs that is guaranteed to melt Laura's heart instantly and tell her without words of his love for her and get both Ross and Laura their own happily ever after.

I think we should try that idea before we try anything else cause it seems the sweetest idea. And if it doesn't work, we have other options" Ryland said with a mouth full of nacho dip before swallowing quickly when his brothers gave him a look to finish what was in his mouth before speaking like their mom taught them which he did with an apologetic look.

"Ok so this meeting is going better then I thought; we have two wonderful,romantic, sweet ideas of how to get Ross and Laura to admit their love that will make every romance movie and novelist proud. Now we need to figure out the major details of how to put these plans to work cause I'm know we all haven't been the subtliest people when it came to our feelings about Ross and Laura as a couple.

So i think Ross and Laura already know we are trying to set them up for months now. Oh well as long as Ross and Laura keep making it easy for us to matchmake them it's no skin off our noses, it just makes our jobs easier. Now we need to wrap things up cause I hear the lovebirds upstairs." I commented as I was sitting cross legged on the floor as Vanessa french braided my hair.

Everyone nodded their heads as they also heard Ross and Laura upstairs talking to Mrs Marano so when the two of them came downstairs, well pretended to be just hanging out, you know watching TV, the boys playing cards and the girls doing each other's hair and nails. Anything to look as non-chalant as we could without letting Ross and Laura know what we had been talking about before they came, we wanted our plan to work with the element of surprise.

Well life interfered in the right way for us when Laura commented: "I feel bad that we haven't been able to hang out as much as we all want to lately because of work and family onligations so why don't we all do something tonight like get take-out and stay in listening to music, talking,singing karaoke and talk."

We decided to have Swis Chalet take-out, no fans to worry about or the paps, so while Rocky ordered the food, we all picked out a movie from the Marano family library which ranged from romance comedies to horror and got ourselves ready for a night of fun that will last far into the night so we all drove home to get clothes for the night.

Things got a little ackward when the delivery guy came and he turned out to be a neighbour of Calum's Riley, who seems to always show up when we are all hanging out and flirts with all the girls especially Laura which always gets him the cold shoulder, evil eye and butting in from Ross at every moment. Please let him take his money and go away. No such luck, poo.

Also when Riley or any guy flirts with Laura, they see the green eyed monster come out in true fashion aka Ross. His mouth becomes a tight wire with his teeth clentched (I'm surprised they don't shatter in his mouth at the pressure),hands clentch to his side until they are white and his whole body on edge, ready to defend his lady's honor and get the guy to get away from Laura or he will have Ross to deal with. Ross may seem like a teddy bear but threaten anyone he loves and the beast comes out fighting tooth and nail.

No guy can flirt with Laura except for Ross. He is the only one who can be inside Laura's personal space, flirt endlessly, do the sweet, romantic and caring things that girls love to read and see on every romance novel\movie because Laura seems to throughly enjoy all the attention and romantic gestures Ross gives her cause she loves him too and shows her love through her own flirting and romantic sweet gestures, this is coming from a woman who has observed this happening for a year now.

"Hey ladies. Now the party can really start cause the Riley Man is here. So let me get rid of this food, pump up the tunes and my flirting and get this party started before one of these lamoes (meaning the other boys) pulls out their lame moves and makes this party a bore." Riley said in the cocky, really annoying, immature voice and way that all of us girls hate and wish we could get rid of his and his sliminess that seems to ooze out of him whenever he is near.

How does he not know how diguested us girls think he is, he is the guy that not one of us likes or even would consider dating, he is the anti-guy we are all looking for. Plus what girl would like a guy who disses her bestest guy friends or brothers? I mean if you don't respect the most important guys in our lives then why would you treat us with respect? Riley is just slime and I can't believe we are stuck with him.

When he got handsy with Laura, she pushed him away as gently but firmly as she could and said: ""Um actually we weren't really going to have a party just best friends and siblings hanging out on a Friday night at home with movies, laughter, some singing and lots of chit-chat that you wouldn't be interested in so you should just go home now. So bye bye and thanks for bringing us dinner." while ushering him to the door with "get out now" mental chanting praying he got the hint.

While gesturing towards the boys who were taking down plates, cups and cutlery for our dinner: "Let me guess, little miss homemakers over there thought of this lame night. I won't leave this house so you ladies (with a cheesy wink at all the ladies like he was Mr Macho) can have some fun tonight with Mr Fun-Time right here. Cause without me there would be no fun or party, I'm the life of the party and make your lives more memorable for one night."

(Gags) Oh brother. Keep telling yourself how "special", "one of a kind" "fun to be around" you are cause you aren't fooling anyone with your act of "coolness" and arrogrance. We know you aren't cool and you know deep down you're not all that or a ladies man so drop the act and you might just be a good guy that people will want to be around for more then 5 minutes.

Riley actually tried to walk down to the basement without any invitation from anyone arm still around Laura as he continued to brag about his many made up accomplishments. "Um Riley, we were kind of hoping to have a quiet evening so you should just go home now before you become bored out of your mind. Plus as Laura has shown for the last few months, she doesn't like you being all up in her business flirting with her all the time and touching all over her. So if you stay with everyone's permission of course, could you please stop that? " Ross said while trying to hold in his temper though he showed signs of slowly losing his temper.

Riley just laughed and said: "Whatever dude. You just don't want to admit that I'm more of a man then you which means I have a better chance at getting the ladies (wags his eyebrows at Laura what was suppose to be seductive but failed miserabley). Only little boys do what you do; actually listen to what chicks are saying and talk to them as if they have thoughts and opinions that would be considered intelligent because there are better things to do with their lips (winks suggestively).

Also a little boy holds the girls` hand,calls them dorky and stupid names like "honey" , "sweetie" etc, actually want to be around that person for happy, fluffy reasons instead of the right, manly wants reasons and acts like an idiot, childish, and loser around the brood. And you Ross Lynch are a little boy, a wimp, a loser and a wannbe man so you better step off and let a real man work his magic on your little sweetie``

That`s my girl as we all watched Riley trying to put his arm around Laura's waist , she pushed him away with a snarky tone:``I am speaking for all the ladies in this room and the world when I say that you are not the definition of a real man, you are immature, insecure and a wannabe man with your faux manly attitude, cheesy pick-up lines and out of date thinking about the opposite gender.

The romantic, sweet,caring, deep acts you described as being ``little boyish`` are some of the qualities and attitudes I expect in my dream guy and you little man are definetly not him. So I`m going to ask you again; please leave right now so we can enjoy our night. There`s the door whenever you are ready to go home`

I guess Riley didn`t like the fact that Ms Laura seems innocent and a pushover on the outside which is true but push comes to shove and she has a backbone and can be quite fiesty. "Whatever toots, you don`t know what you are missing out on. But if you want a little boy then a man then it`s your choice. Me being here is making your guys' existence and pathetic life even better but since I was just insulted I will be leaving. Have fun at your pathetic party. See you later losers``.

After Riley stomps off like the big baby he is, we all shurgged off his visit and went on getting our special night ready. I saw Laura going over to Ross and giving him one warm 4 minute hug which I know Ross throughly enjoyed, his face was washed with bliss and love and I think his foot even popped a bit, complete with a kiss on the check.

`I just want to say thanks for standing up for me to that jerk, you are always so sweet,caring and understanding towards me. Any girl would love to have a guy in their lives who will actually listen to them and have long and deep conversations that never loses topics to talk about.

He also does the sweetest, kindest and carest things to make them feel extra special and feel loved and treats them like an equal. Good thing I have got you in my life. Defiently lucky me." Then Laura sauntered off with a wink and flirtatious wave which made Ross collapse onto the counter with a hand to his chest like his heart stopped beating for a second and his breath left him.

Once Ross regained his breath, he walked after Laura catching her as she started to walk towards the basement, took her hand and asked her to meet him outside for a surprise. I wonder what surprise Romeo has in store for his Juliet, please let it be romantic and have him confess his love for Laura. She agreed without any hesitation, now to pull her aside to make her look beautiful for her man.

After the girls grouped together and made Laura beautiful, though to be fair she has the natural beauty that makes whatever she wears look fashionable and pretty on her, I`m jealous of her for that factor. We all decided to put Laura into a sunshine yellow sundress with a light pink cardigan cause it got a little cooler at night with short high heels in case there is kissing involved, Ross and Laura`s height difference should decrease a little bit so Ross won`t have to lean down so far to kiss Laura, not that he doesn;t find their height difference cute.

We were such peepers as we all gathered by the great bay window looking out at the romantic moment happening outside. Ross lead Laura to the chair he had set out for her after picking his chin up off the floor when Laura glided into the backyard, score one of the girls we did an amazing job on her outift.

``Ok so I`m going to sing you a song that I`ve been working on for the past year and since I will be pouring out my heart to you the only rule is no talking as I sing and then I have a speech prepared (holds up a small stack of cue cards) so still no talking. Kay?" Ross said as he wrung his hands in total nervousness and slightly stuttered. Deep breaths bud and you'll be fine.

When Laura nodded, Ross took another deep breath for courage, picked up his guitar and began to play a soft, romantic tune. Ohh I remember Ryland talking about highjacking her brother's songbook and reading all the lovesongs he has written about Laura, to his credit they seem so romantic, sweet and from the heart (Ally Dawson would be so proud of her Austin).

(Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are" -don't own so don't sue)

As we all watched from the window we could clearly see Laura's heart melting like ice cream on a hot summer day, her hand was on her chest as her heart raced like 20 beats per minute and her forcing herself to sit on the chair and not fling herself into Ross's arms to show him how much she is loving his love confession like with tons of tight hugs and the raining of kisses over his face.

As he sang, Ross's eyes never left Laura's face, though that really isn't a stretch cause that is a normal occurance with Ross and Laura. They seem to love staring with their love shining in their eyes whenever they can get away with it though technically they never truly get away with anything cause Team Raura is always watching to see what moments we can see.

Don't worry buddy, you are doing a wonderfully sweet job at expressing your love, your friends and siblings are proud of you that you are finally taking the intiutive at telling Laura you love her instead of just showing it in less then subtle ways. Just keep your eyes on Laura and keep taking deep breaths and you'll be able to get through this song without fainting.

When the last note faded out, Ross looked like a nervous little boy, he was alternating his gaze between Laura's face anxiously waiting for a response to his beautiful song and looking down at his shoes ,probably praying he's not dreaming and that Laura will get his message of love and say she loves him too so they can have their happily ever after. Romeo didn't have to wait long for his lady's response.

Laura's hands that had previously been over her mouth while her eyes teared up at the romantic, sweet and tender words that Ross had spilled out of his heart to her, were soon around Ross's neck as she flung herself out of the chair with so much force that it knocked the chair down and at Ross,knocking him off balance for a second.

I so called it, just call me Cupid's Helper, as Laura's arms went around Ross's neck instantly and pressed her lips onto his. Way to go girl, your man took the first move in admiting his feelings but you took the initutive and kissed him first. Ohh I spy some very serious kissing action going on in the backyard, no tonsil action guys.

it was like a scene from a movie, Ross's arms were wrapped pretty tightly around Laura's waist,like he was afraid she would melt from his arms (well she is melting but it doesn't mean she will ever leave those arms so I have a feelings we will have to pry them apart in a little bit). Laura's arms were around his neck and they were making up for lost time of all the times they weren't able to kiss but really really wanted to kiss. Ross and Laura have wanted to kiss for a year now so this is pent up wanting to kiss unleashed.

After what seemed like forever, not that we cared cause we had been waiting for Ross ahd Laura to kiss almost as long as they have so we were all thrilled I'm actually surprised they didn't hear our cheers, hoots, loud high fives and celebrating even if we were still inside, they broke apart. Laura burrowed her face into Ross's neck for a moment before pulling back to finally say something beyond kissing, not that Ross cared.

"That was one of the sweetest things ever. it blew away every sweet, romantic and heartwarming moment I could ever read or think about. Ross Lynch, I have been falling for you since the day we met, I never believed in love at first sight but you proved me wrong. I have been falling more in love with you each time we are around each other and I don't see that ever changing, stregthening defiently but not diminishing. My last sentence before we resume this lovely act of making up for lost time is I am hopelessly in love with you Ross Shor Lynch."

Sorry guys, we love you guys and we know that you guys would love the chance to continue to kiss and express your affection openly now that the "secret" is out but before some more kissing, there is something we have to say and do (pauses for a dramatic second). Yeah!!!!!!!!! Finally, it's about time! We have been rooting, shipping and matchmaking you two this entire time. Huggie Time!" I said with some seriousness and playful tones.

Then we all group huggied them aka squished Ross and Laura in the middle of a giant group hug right there in the backyard complete with girlie squeals, exclaimations of joy and congradulatory words. Wow the first night of Team Raura and we already have a success, we are really really good at playing matchmakers. Now who is the next oblivious couple we can get together?


















July 03, 2012

Little Fiesty Warrior

A\N: Sorry if Ally is OC but I wanted to protray her as a kick butt girl who can take care of herself and anyone who dares to hurt the people she loves. I don't own anybody except for Frankie and Principal Disney. Don't sue.

Austin may tease Ally about how adorable petite she is, albeit lovingly and not with a hint of malice in his tone or body language cause she is one of his best friends and the girl he had quickly fallen hard for so why on earth would he insult her or do anything to make her feel bad about herself?. Ally once confessed to him that she sometimes felt like a ghost in her own life, just going through life without making a difference, and a total loser, which their loving fellow classmates also attibuted to with their daily teasing, hurtful words and ignoring her trying to express her own opinions unless they were bored and lashed out at Ally for something to do.

Austin knew Ally is super ackward and clumsy especially when it has nothing to do with music or running "Sonic Boom", the store can be brimming with customers and Ally is calm-headed taking care of every customer effectantly as anything which is something Austin could never do. If he had to deal with all those customers, he would be overwhelmed with everyone wanting his attention at once in less then a minute.

Or put Ally in front of the piano with her songbook and she's at home letting the music absorb into every pore of her body, becoming a part of her till the music resoundeds in her heart and mind, she feels the music in her soul and words to describe the feelings course in her mind begging to be expressed through a song that touches anyone's heart who hears it. She's more at ease at the piano then anywhere else even when she's eating pickles or being with her three best friends.

No matter what others, like their classmates, say about Ally to put her down in order to make themselves feel bigger, stronger and tougher and because they knew that one day with Austin, Trish and Dez's love, acceptance and patience, Ally is going to be a big songwriter that every artist will be begging to have her on their team, though there is a slim possibility that anyone on Team Austin would ever change teams and risk losing their best friends forever.

Ally could be considered a dork with her adorable random rambling that seem to go on forever with no point, her shyness that make her literally trip over her feet in order to get out of that scary, unnerving, heart racing and incredibly uncomfortable situation. Another adorable aspect of Ally is her goody goody attitude, the only way she ever gets into trouble is because Austin, Dez and Trish pull her into their mischief which she tries to get them out of, she loves them too much to see anyone hurt the three most imporant people in her life.

Dez, her "older" slightly weird brother, Trish, her spunky, petite and easy-going older sister and of course Austin, the sweetest, caring, supportive, musically inclined young man that Ally had slowly but surely fallen for. Ally may seem like a timid, non confrontional, goodie goodie who would let people walk all over her and never stand up for herself. Most of the time Ally is like that but mess with her three best friends and you will see a spunky and opinionated side of her.

Ally knew that something was admiss with Austin when he started to doubt himself. He could get a standing ovation with loud claps and signs exclaiming the fans' love for him and he still fussed about the "mistakes" he thought he made for the rest of the night, no matter how many times Ally, Trish and Dez reassured him that once again his performance was amazing as usual and he blew the audience away. That isn't like Austin, he was confident in his abilities and his talents, maybe a little too confident at times but he had never doubted his abilities before. What the heck happened to make him doubt his abilities?

Ally didn't understand how someone popular, who seems to draw people from different social groups to himself with his down to earth, caring, sweet and way to connect with pretty much anyone he meets so that the other person feels comfortable talking to him could have a problem at school. Austin didn't have enemeies, ok so there might be some people at school who were jealous of his magnetic personality, handsome looks and once in a lifetime and sang from the heart singing voice that everyone knows will take him to the top of the music business and make him a success in the fans' hearts.

The girls at St Theresa's Catholic High School drooled over Austin, dogged his every move, hung on his every word as well as his arms and gigled like a hyena at whatever he said whether it was funny or not. The fangirls had always been a sore topic for Ally, she couldn't help the jealousy course through her veins to her heart until all she wants to do is grab Austin's arm and drag him to a secret place when they can be together where no one can pull them apart, their parents, their schoolmates or anyone on the outside world, it will just be Austin&Ally.

Ally may not be fully ready to admit her love and care for Austin that goes way beyond the normal feelings for a best friend as she was too afraid to do or say anything that might jepordize hers and Austin's tight knit friendship. Their friendship meant the world to Ally and even though she knew that the love she felt for Austin was the true, unconditional and long lasting love that every girl wishes to have in her life, she hadn't figured out if the risk of confessing her love to Austin was worth getting the love she has always wanted in her life.

Ally wasn't blind to the fact that Austin flirted like mad with her and usually started the sweet and personal moments that made Ally's heart race with the possibility that Austin felt the same way about her, sent her into a love daze where it was only Austin and her in their own love bubble and were ingrained in her subconscious to be pulled out when she doubted herself as someone to love and wanted to relive some of the best moments of her life. Myabe he did feel the same way but Ally was too scared to find out for certain.

Ally soon found out that the boys at her school were very jealous and angry at Austin's huge overnight success and the fact that he has all the girls' attention when they are flirting like crazy trying to capture the girls' attention. They were smart enough not to say or do anything to Austin when Ally, Trish and Dez were around cause they didn't want any witnesses and they knew that Austin, being the loving, protective and supportive best friend he was, he wouldn't tell his friends what was happening in order to protect them from the boys harming them too.

"Austin, are you ok? I've noticed that you have been wearing more long sleeve shirts lately and since it is Miami where the sun shines like everyday, I'm assuming something is wrong. I mean you are usually Mr Confident,sometimes to the point where I want to lovingly but firmly kick your butt, what happened for you to lose that confidence in yourself and your abilities? I'm seriously worried about you. Please talk to me."Ally said as she put her hand into his and tried to get him to look her straight in her eyes so she could look into his soul and find out what's hurting him so she can fix it cause a happy Austin makes a happy Ally .

Even if she melted like ice cream on a hot summer's day like what always happened when she looked into Austin's eyes she would get to the bottom of why Austin wasn't acting like the guy she had fallen in love with. She wanted her Austin back, the real and true Austin. Ally had been asking Austin for his imput on their new song for the entire night and he kept reminding her that she was the imaginative and creative one who always came up with songs that came from the heart and made the audience relate to the lyrics and he was the one who performed the songs cause he wasn't the creative one. He was the one who couldn't come up with song ideas to save his life so why bother to ask him his opinion?

"Als, I'm touched that you are so worried about me but I'm fine. I am just in the long sleeve shirt mood is all and in terms of my "Mr Confident" attittude, one of the most important and awesomest woman in my life has told me many times that although she likes that I have confidence in myself, she isn't afraid to gently knock some sense into me so my head doesn't swell up like a balloon which is one of the reasons why I love having her in my life. Ok in case you didn't know, the awesomest and important woman I was talking about was you.

And since your opinion means a lot to me, I thought i would try something every woman seems to expect from their boyfriends, I mean the guys in their life, that the guy listens to them instead of always doing what he wants. I did promise you little lady that there was no more "Austin time" and more "Austin\Ally time" so I'm being a man of my word. Plus anytime I can see that pretty smile on your face, I'm happy.

So don't worry Ally-gator, I'm just showing you a different side of me baby girl, I mean Ally" Austin said as nonchalant and calmly as he could while struggling to keep eye contact with Ally even though like usual her eyes melted his heart and peer into his soul so she would probably be able to see that he is lying and see what is really going on in his mind and heart.

Ally stared at Austin for a couple of minutes to decide if Austin was telling her the truth, with Austin alternating between looking at Ally and looking away praying that Ally doesn't find out his secret. If she does then she will try to help him with his problem and it will only get her hurt which is something Austin doesn't ever want to happen cause Ally hurt is defiently not a thing he ever wants to happen, she's too important to him for that to happen especially if he was the reason.

""Aww that is so sweet Austin, you mean a lot to me too which is why I am so worried about you. You haven't been acting like yourself lately which I miss a lot cause I have to admit that "Mr Confident" has grown on me same as "Mr Mischief" (playfully pushes Austin) even if I might slightly kind of complain about it (Austin exagerately shakes his head "no" though he has a smile on his face to let Ally know he's kidding).

"Ok so enough serious talk. Time to have some more Austin\Ally time which is a fan favourite. What do you want to do? There is write songs, me trying to look in your songbook and you adorabley stopping me, write songs, have a staring contest, write songs, go for a walk around the mall or the ever popular write a song? " Austin said in a teasing voice as he plays with Ally's fingers without knowing.

It wasn't as if he didn't want to have a serious talk with Ally cause if he would open his heart the entire way and spill out his guts but then things might get ackward and secrets that he didn't think he was ready to share with Ally would come out in more ways then one. He needed to get Ally away from the issue that was the elephant in the room cause he didn't want to involve her in his petty problems plus he really wanted to spend some fun time with Ally like always.

The afternoon was spent writing a wonderful new song entitled "Friends to the Rescue" about friends being there for each other through thick and thin and always have their friends' back against others who want to hurt them. After the song, they celebrated with a double chocolate milkshake and a plate of french fries smothered with ketchsup, they only got embarassed was when the waitress commented how adorable young love was and everytime their hands touched and sparks flew.

So lunch was a little ackward but then again whenever Austin and Ally were together, their chemistry made the simpliest things become sweeter and made sparks fly with the simpliest touch and look between them. But then Austin took the focus off their slightly ackwardness of them sharing food and drinking like typical boyfriends and girlfriends by commenting on the group project for history on the time period of their choice, Trish, Dez, Austin and Ally choose Medievil Times. The rest of the night was Austin and Ally being 100% themselves around each other like always.

The next day at school Ally walked all around the school trying to find Austin cause he seemed distracted during English class, always looking towards the back where Frank the "Tank" and his posse sat , then would turn back to the front with a petrified look on his face and the teacher had to repeat himself many times when Austin was called upon.

So she had to find him and practically force him to tell her what is going on in that pretty little head of his and this time she wouldn't be swayed by sweet words, no matter how incredibly sweet they were and how they made her melt instantly. She didn't have to wait very long to find Austin.

Ally heard boys yelling and a cheering crowd of imature boys so she followed her ears around the corner until she came to a group of her classmates huddling over who she assumed was Frank's newest victim, poor thing, who was being tortured for the joy of being humiliated and in front of everyone to see the humiliation and pray they aren't next.

She pushed her way through the crowd as best as she could with her small stature, it was hard as she got pushed back many times before she got through. What she saw made her heart clinch then beat faster as the blood went staight to her brain telling her to do something; Austin was on the floor with ripped clothes holding up his arms to block his face while Frank was yelling: "You are worthless! You might as well stop trying to do something with your music cause you can't write songs to save your life. You will be the one who lives at home and works at Burger King at our high school reunion.

Your friends are only your friends because they feel sorry for you because you are pathetic. The only reason girls ever pay any attention to you is because they know that you will do whatever they want and buy them whatever they want for any scraps of affection you can get from them. So why don't you drop out of the school and go home crying to your mommy. I never want to see your face again or you'll pay."

Ally didn't hear the jeers and echoing of Frank's posse, all she heard was the blood roaring through her body as she pushed to the front of crowd of people who should be running to the nearest teacher for help to break up the bullying and save poor Austin cause she's about to do something about it.

Ally threw herself in front of Austin, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and giving her meanest "how dare you hurt someone I love" look at the bullies: "I suggest you boys leave right now and take a closer look at yourselves cause you guys are the ones that are pathetic. I mean what person puts down someone as sweet, caring, down to earth and talented guy like Austin just to make themselves feel better about themselves and their insecurities.

Trish,Dez and I are best friends with Austin because he is a wonderful friend to us, he likes us for us and doesn't try to change us for anything, he accepts our differences like we accept his. He will always have our backs when people like you try to mess with any of us and kick anyone's butt for even thinking of hurting us.

When our high school reunion comes, it will be you guys living at home sponging off your parents cause you have a dead end job. During that time Austin will be living his dream of showcasing his personal songs, which he helps me write by the way countray to what people think, of love, true friendship and living out your dream. So I'm going to say this once more; leave Austin alone, stop being so childish, imature and hurting others to fulfil some stupid wish to be feared, appear strong and manly."

Frank did a double take at the fact that little quiet, shy and petite Ally Dawson not only got in the middle of one of their "man" talks with their victims but also insulted them and stood up for one of their "victims". That won't do cause then the nerds might get it into their heads that since Ally can stand up for someone being bullied, they can do the same and that will make the nobodies stronger which means the popular kids' reign of the school will end.

This will happen when pigs fly cause losers deserve to be bullied for being losers and there is a reason why popular people are on top of the school pyramid. So even though they have to hit a girl, they will do whatever it takes to rein supreme cause without being supreme they were considered just another teenager.

"Ally, what are you doing? Are you nuts? Frank isn't above hitting a girl to show his superiority. I don't want you to get hurt because of me not being able to defend myself. Please just leave before you get hurt cause if you get hurt because of something I did or didn't do, I will never be able to forgive myself. So just run to the principal and get help while I man up and defend myself just don't forget the first aid kit cause I will need it." Austin whispered to Ally while looking at her with all the admiration he could muster up at his girl's braveness and fiestiness at standing up for him to a hulk who could seriously hurt her.

"Austin, there is no way I am ever going to leave you with the King of Bullies. Is this what you were trying to hide from me? There is nothing to be ashamed of; like I mentioned before you are too good of a person to be bullied and I'm not going to let you continue to get hurt by these losers. Don't worry about me, Trish has taught some tai-chi to protect myself when needed so I may be small but I can kick butt." Ally whispered back as she brushed off Austin's shirt and looked him over to see if he had any visible wounds that need her tender care before she dealt with Frank.

"Who do you think you are little girl, telling us kings, what we can and cannot do to anyone we deem unworthy to be in our prescence. In case you forgot, we run the school, our rules go no matter what any of your losers say and nothing the stupid teachers or principal can do, they are losers and nobodies like pretty much everyone in this school, can do can stop us. If we want to show whose the boss to your little friend then we will without your consent. Now to show you what your brave front will cost you" Frank said in a meanacing voice while his posse move back to see what their fearless ruler will do to this loser.

Ally squeezed Austin's hand which had grabbed hers when she moved to stand up in reassurance that she could handle herself though she was shaking a bit, she hadn't used her skills on someone as big as Frank but she had anger at someone she truly loves being hurt on her side and that is pretty powerful in itself.

One of Frankie's posse grabbed Ally but quickly let go when Ally elbowed him in his stomach, stepped on his foot and when he let go she grabbed his arm and flipped him over to the ground and knocking the wind out of him so he laid there gasping for breath. Another guy came charging at her only to have the same fate as his friend when Ally tripped him up by kicking his leg out from under him so he landed facedown on the floor.

"Ohhh a tough girl. I have to admit I'm surprised a skinny little girl who no one takes seriously has a bit of fight in her though a baby can defeat these losers that hang on my every word and are brainless so they will do whatever I want. I think I will enjoy taking you and your little boyfriend down because I'm the boss around here and if I choose to bully someone then others should accept the fact that I'm not bullying them and stay out of my business. You and loverboy are going to wish that you didn't go to the same school as me cause I'm going to hurt you both so that your grandchildren feel your pain " Frankie said as he slowly and meanacing walked towards them as he had been leaning against the wall watching the action.

Before he had the chance to do anything an authoritive voice rang out: "Is that so Mr Buggy? I hate to inform you that contray to what you seem to believe, you aren't the boss around here and there is someone who isn't going to allow you to emotionally and physically abuse your fellow human beings as well as classmates.

I guess the lesson of treat others the way you want to be treated needs to be reaffirmed into you and I'm sure your parents, which I will be calling, would love to hear you talk about your despicable behaviour today. " Mrs Disney, the Principal, was standing right behind Frank, arms crossed, frown lines furrowed into her forehead and a "Don't mess with me young man. You are in serious trouble" look on her face.

Mrs Disney took Frankie by the ear and as he practically screamed "ow" dragged him down the hall to her office cause she was a woman who meant business. She didn't take any business of unfairness in schools like bullying too lightly. She tried to keep the school as peaceful as she could. Everyone who was still hanging around wondered what was going to happen with Frankie but they were also thanking their lucky stars that Frankie was being dealt with and they were safe for now from his terror.

"Ally, that was amazing. Remind me never to get you mad or I will find myself like Daniel and Gorden with my butt being kicked to high heaven. I know I should have told you sooner that Frankie was messing with me but I didn't want you to get hurt and get involved in my fight. Though you just proved that you are a girl who can kick anyone who thinks she's weak cause she's so adorabley petite's butt so I guess I shouldn't have been worried. I just can't stand to see the people I love get hurt, even if they can take care of themselves, so that is why I didn't mention what was happening. " Austin said as he walked over to where Ally was standing while clapping, face shining with admiration and love for his very own warrior princess.

"Well you know how I do" Ally pretends to wipe her fist on her shirt."Austin, though it is sweet that you wanted to protect me, you could have gotten seriously hurt if Principal Disney and me weren't here to protect you. Like you, I don't like it when the people I love get hurt so you should have told me about Frankie boy sooner cause Trish,Dez, you and I could have put our heads together and thought of a way to stop Frankie from hurting you or anyone else.

You should know by now that 1) you can't keep things like this from us cause I have someone who will do pretty much anything to find out peoples secrets aka Trish and 2) whenever you need an extra hand or someone to have your back, you have Trish,Dez and me and don't you forget it. So never ever take things on that are too big for you on by yourself cause believe me it won't work out for you." Ally smiled sweetly at Austin as her eyes begged for him to never take a risk like that again cause she never ever wanted to see him hurt, physically and emotionally, or her own heart might break.

Austin saluted with a cheeky smile "Yes ma'am. From now on I will try to be a good boy or I will have Ally, warrior princess kick my butt. Also remind me to do whatever I can to make sure Trish never ever finds out my deepest secrets cause she scares me and some things must never get out unless I'm ready to admit it." Ally just rolled her eyes at his teasing and started to walk away.

Austin caught her easily around the waist, kissed her check and continued to walk with her down the hall. "Whops how could I forget this important sentence; thanks Ally for saving my butt once again. Now why don't I escort you to your next class to begin to say thanks once again for having my back. This way my lady"

Ally just blushed, she had wanted Austin to kiss her for a long time and a kiss on the check was a step closer to her lips and he had called her "his lady" which is something only boyfriends and Medievil knights called their girlfriends or wives, nodded wordlessly and edged closer to Austin as they walked down the hall. Hmm I should be superwoman more often if this is the thanks I get.













June 15, 2012

Food Fight of Love

Wow people weren't kidding when they said that it could only take a moment to totally change your way of thinking and make a memory that you will never forget, even as the years past and other just as wonderful memories come and go. This magical moment stays in the "stored" memories files in your brain, available whenever you want to relive the magical moment that impacted your life so much.

I had that kind of moment about 4 months, 7 days, 12 hours and 8 minutes ago when I met Raini and Calum who quickly became my best friends as well as co-workers, it felt like moments after meeting them I had known both of them for years, our conversation were so natural and flowed like we could talk about anything. I knew then and there that I would throughly enjoy working and being best friends with Raini and Calum.

I didn't think the day could get better but then I met Ms Laura Marano. Growing up I heard about cases of true love, I mean you read all about it in fairy tales and I have heard the story about how mom and dad meet and fell in love days after meeting each other in the 9th grade. But I never thought it would happen to me, I mean i was hoping that I would meet a girl, feel spark and a strong connection that told me I met a girl I will share something extra special and lifelong with.

I had been talking to Calum about the night before basketball game when Calum turned around mid sentence and said: "Well you must be the young lady that will play our really talented but shy songwriter. I'm Calum and I will be playing Dez, videographer extraordinaire and fun loving guy and one of your best friends, hopefully in real life too" as he walked over to the new girl and shook her hand all while shooting her an easy-going smile guaranteed to put anyone at ease.

I got one of the best surprises of my life, besides the happiness,joy and excitement I felt when I got the call that I had got the part as "Austin" in the show. When I got the call, I danced\ran around the house yelling my excitement which of course clued my family into how the important phone call had gone so of course they celebrated big with me complete with jumping up and down, screaming, lots of hugs, kisses and congratulations all around for me.

From the first moment Laura and mine's eyes met, I felt an instant connection, my heart raced then beat irregular, I could hear bells ringing in my head and I felt like the world disappeared like Laura and I were the only ones in the room. I'm pretty sure my mouth was wide open and random stuff came out without my brain thinking things over before they came out of my mouth, I hope at least some cool, coherent sentences came out of my mouth or I might die from embarassment.

I mean I could hear the lame and random things coming out of my mouth but I was also focusing on the rushing of my blood in my veins, the fast paced beating of my heart and my brain yelling "Don't just stand there, say something. OMG I have seen an angel or at the very least the most beautiful woman that I already know I will share something special with."

Of course during my inner ramblings and outward dorkiness Laura was the sweetheart and easy going young lady that I now know is her normal personality took it all in stride. She gave me one of her heart stopping smiles that instantly put me at ease, gave me a handshake with her softer then silk hand and in a voice that was soft, melodious and sweet like the melody of an angelic choir: "Hi I'm Laura. It's nice to meet my rocker, my "Austin" and one of my best friends which hopefully won't be just for the show. I hope we all will be able to spend a lot of time together so we can really get to know each other cause I have a feeling we all will be best friends. I can't wait to start working with you guys."

Calum came to my rescue without knowing he was helping me came over, inveritably intrupting our conversation: "Well now that we all have met, i think we should all do something together after the table reading like say have lunch together in order to really get to know each other cause it is important that our chemistry is strong for the show. Plus I have a feeling that I have met 3 new friends today."

As Raini, Calum,Laura and me all walked down to the main room where the table reading was being held, my eyes were glued to Laura as we all told a little about ourselves cause we all were going to spend pretty much 24\7 together so we should at least know some thing about each other. Plus i wanted to get to know as much as I could about my three new best friends\co-workers cause I will tell them all they want to know about me.

My eyes were focused solely on Laura so that I didn't see the few people that I almost ran into and the open door I almost walked into and my ears were defiently open to hear and absorb as much information about the woman I seem not to be able to take my eyes off of. The more I knew about Laura, the more ways I can find to spend time alone with her doing things we both enjoy doing cause I already know that whatever Laura and I are doing, I will have the time of my life.

I learned Laura has an older sister named Vanessa who ironically is going to be on the ABCSpark network as Ryder which is cool. She is also very smart, hmm beauty and brains me likey,so when we was younger she was on the TV show "Are You Smarter then a 5th Grader", memo to myself check Youtube for all and any videos I can find of Laura on that show cause I'm sure she was a total cutie putie as a child.

One of Laura's passion in life besides acting is her love of music, like me, which occupies most of her time, like it does to me and my siblings. "I have been writing songs since I was old enough to write, mostly about what was happening in my young little life. I admit they weren't good, they were very childish but from them i learned how to better my writing so that anyone who listens can learn something about their own life.

I want everyone to know that if they have big dreams and a gift they can do whatever they want no matter what others have to say about their dreams. I pray that I will be given a chance to show kids my age what can happen when you dream big and work your butt off to achieve it and that you can bounce back from anything life throws at you whether it is peer pressure, cliques or getting your heart broken." Laura said as she walked backwards so that her back wasn't to her new friends, she was defiently better at the art of walking backwards then I was cause she didn't run into anyone or anything.

School, family and close friends are Laura's top priorities which is wonderful to hear. It means like me, she hasn't forgotten where she came from, a simple life like the rest of us who got her dream of being on TV and playing a showcase of characters until she became them. Laura seems so down to earth and caring towards others, not self centred like most celebs after being in the business for a number of years and listening to her talk shows me she is also cultured. She can communicate her opinions and thoughts freely and clearly without the overuse of "like" that most teenagers seem to use when they talk.

Lastly, I learned that Laura considered herself a bit of a dork, good to know cause as my loving brothers and sister have mentioned numerous time since we were in diapers I'm one of the biggest dorks ever so that is something else we have in common. We both know that life isn't to be considered seriously and that it is ok to unleash our inner child out in the open.

Like her character, she's bit of a "goody-goody", klutz which there is nothing wrong with cause I have a feeling Laura will be an adorable goody-goody, klutz dork that no matter what she says or does, I will find her behaviour utterely adorable and can't stop a huge smile from appearing on my face when we are around each other. I mean who could resist a beauty with big chocolate eyes and a sweet and adorable desposition? I can't, I already know that.

Ok so I might have just met Laura but already I can tell that we have so much in common,both with our interests, the people closest to us and our personalities. That is good cause I have a feeling that Laura and I have the kind of connection that will only strength as we spend as much time as possibler outside the studio as well as between scenes where we will talk about whatever we want and act like ourselves the entire time, no pretenses or acts, cause we feel that comfortable with each other.

We finally got to the table read, I made sure my seat was next to Laura, she smelt so nice like fresh cut flowers and I could even feel the wave of heat from Laura's body as her arm was only about an inch away from mine. The table read was fun though long, we seemed to go over the script more then once, like say 8 times, so that each one of the cast could know their lines backwards and forwards before we start shooting the episode for real.

At times it was a little tiring having to go over the same lines and same stage props over and over again but the directors seemed to know what they were doing, they had done Disney shows before so they were pros. Plus I wanted to get my lines down pact so that I didn't embrass myself in front of the camera and more importantly Laura. But the constant pain in my ankle kind of took my mind off the amount of times I had to say the exact same thing more then once.

"Really dude? The only time you weren't staring at Laura was when it was your turn to read your lines. Otherwise it was drool city, I mean I'm surprised that there isn't a puddle of drool besides your name plate from the amount of times Raini and I caught you staring at her. If you haven't noticed the pain in your ankles were because you weren't subtle at all about you lking Laura as more then a friend. All I've to say is Laura and Ross sitting in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Good thing there is a strong indication that yours and Laura's characters have more then best friend feelings for the other cause that way you two can act out this flirty dance you two have been doing since your eyes met. Aww a possible love story on and off screen, how romantic. I can't wait to see it happening before my eyes for myself" Calum said in a teasing voice complete with kissing noises that reminded me of the many times growing up that Rydel,Rocky, Ryland, Rydel or me have had a crush and our loving siblings have tried to give us dating advice complete with good natured teasing that only siblings can do.

Can you blame me for becoming a drooling, mindless idiot around Laura? i was sitting right beside one of the most beautiful, inside and out young woman I could ever hope of meeting, who wouldn't stare? As long as I wasn't openly staring with drool and a glazed look on my face so that anyone besides Raini and Calum noticed, it wasn't a big deal. And I got the same vibe that Disney might bless me by allowing Laura and mine's characters to have their own love story that I hope to have one day with Laura from reading the first episode's script.

I mean there are some subtle but still sweet moments between "Austin" and "Ally" which I hope and pray will continue to be the underlying theme for this season. If "Austin" and "Ally" are the main love couple in the show, it will make a certain guy aka me, super duper happy and love being casted on this show even more then i already do

Of course it would make things at the studio even better to go to everyday and would make working at the studio each and every day for 12 hours even better, though I have a feeling that whatever Laura,Raini,Calum and I do at the studio will be more fun then what should be considered work cause we will be doing what we love to do and hanging out with our best friends.

I also know from this day on that I will enjoy being able to spend more time getting to know a young woman who might be the woman I dreamed about since I was little and the other two people who have quckly became my best friends. Can't wait to start the fun with Laura, Raini and Calum so why wait. Let the fun times start now, hmm since we are done with the table read for the day. i think it is time for 4 certain young adults to unleash their inner children and have a blast really getting to know each other without talking.

"Calum, I have a plan to have some fun with the girls. I was thinking that we have a food fight with whatever the cafeteria has in stock, hopefully something not hard. It can be girls against boys and we won't have to take it eay on Raini or Laura cause I'm pretty sure that they will be highly offended which is never a good thing and will kick our butts badly for under estimating them. How does that sound?" I said as I pulled him aside from the girls as they had gone to their own dressingrooms to check them out as we walked towards our own.

"Ross, that sounds like a fun icebreaker for us all to really get comfortable with each other so that our chemistry is just as comfortable on screen. I know the girls will be on board with the fight, i think the cafe has marshmellows which is perfect ammontion. Why don't we go to our dressingrooms to see what ideas we can get for decorating them cause I have a feeling we all will be in those rooms a lot during our downtimes then get everything ready for the fight?" Calum said as he and I walked leirsuring to our dressingrooms which were across the hall from each other.

After Calum and I took a look at their dressingrooms and mentally took a picture of what we both wanted to do with these rooms. I was thinking of spreading as many pictures,inspirational quotes and things from home to make it more "homey" since these rooms will soon become a home away from home, then got to work on our marshmellow attack on the girls which Rydel and the cafeteria ladies were more then willing to help us out with.

Calum and I found Laura and Raini in the clothes department talking about what clothing would look good on the other from the rack of clothes, putting them against each other to see if they might match their skin and hair color without trying them on. Awww what a sweet girl moment, I can already tell that Raini and Laura will be best girlie friends. I wish I could have my own fashion consultation with Laura. I will be her fashion dummy anytime she wants gladly.

I haven't known her that long but I already know she has good fashion statement; I mean in her white crochet baby doll dress with matching pink crocket shrug with ankle length bootsshe looked drop dead gorgeous. Plus if i have to be a Ken doll to spend as much time with Laura to see if the connection and sparks I am feeling right now goes deeper and gets stronger the amount of time I get to spend with Laura then I'm not opposed to it. Fingers crossed that the answer is a big "Yes!" to do Laura and I have a lifelong connection.

The only warning we gave the girls before we striked was tossing the guns into the room before we ran into the room and started to pelt them with marshmellows. Both Laura and Raini gave a shriek of surprise as they turned around to see who and what was pelting them and when they saw it was Calum and me, they declared the war was on. They grabbed the guns on the floor and began to hit us just as hard with marshmellows while running to duck behind the clothes rack for cover.

Oh the war is on so with laughter, Calum and i ducked behind the chairs in the room until we decided to get the girls out in the open and take this war outside of this room so without words, Calum decided to target Raini and I got Laura, wahoo more time with her. As we were shooting marshmellows in a stream still trying to hit the girls as we walked seperate ways around the room to surprise the girls.

We both surprised the girls, I grabbed Laura around the waist and carried her out of the room as Raini tried to shoot me to get her friend back but Calum had my back by pelting her with marshmellows. Laura may be small but she is a fighter, she was struggling the entire time. "Ross put me down. Where are you taking me? Ohh you are so getting marshemellofied when I get out of here. Watch out Mister Lynch, I may be small but I will kick your butt badly." Laura said as she wiggled and jiggled all while trying to hold in her laughter. Score i made her laugh on the first day. Every girl likes a guy who can make her laugh.

"Ohh a fiesty woman, me likey. Keep fighting girlie cause this game is just getting interesting and more fun. I like a woman that fights back and is fiesty. Now to upt the ante" I said in a flirty tone, I didn't even register that I was talking in flirty tones, it just came out naturally like I had been around Laura for more then 6 hours and felt comfrotable with her enough to flirt though I never flirt with just anybody, only with people I feel a connection with.

I started to tickle her under her ribs and her sides which was difficult cause I was trying to hold onto the gun and a wiggley Laura with one hand and the other hand was the tickling hand so Laura wiggled out of my arms, darn it I was kind of enjoying having her small, lithe flower sceneted body in my arms even for a moment. Oh no honey, you ain't going far before I catch you again and this time you aren't getting away again so easily.

"Oh no you don't little Miss Wiggly. You aren't getting away that easily. Get your tushie back here.I wasn't done with you!" I called as I chased a pretty fast Laura as she raced down the halls screaming "Catch me if you can pretty boy. I'll run run as fast as I can but you can't catch me cause I'm lightening fast girl. Come on flirtypants, come and get me if you can" with laughter and playful teasing behind the words.

Laura and I probably looked like complete doofuses running around the studio with plastic guns with marshmellows in them, laughing like maniacs and chasing each other down the halls with taunting and teasing words being exchanged from both parties. But on the postive side we were having fun and were really getting to know each other, i learned Laura may be petite but she can be just as fiesty and flirty as I can which is a bonus cause it is another checkmark on the list of why Laura may be the girl of my dreams.

I finally captured Laura, after hiding behind an unlocked door and grabbing her as she ran by. Laura was laughing her head off while struggling out of my grasp. Nice try girlie but I'm not letting you out of my sight again cause who can tell if Raini and Calum teamed up so Laura might be my teammate."Gotcha my slippery lady, you thought you could get away from the ultimate flirtypants. Not a chance girlie. Now what to do with my lovely prize is the next question"

"Your prize, as Princess Jasmine would say: "I'm not a prize to be won". So think again Mister. My answer to you catching me and calling me your prize is......" Laura trailed off as she quickly wretched herself from my grasp enough to raise her marshamellow gun and pelt me with marshmellows enough to make me almost completely let her go, laughing the entire time at having bested me.

When I turned my back to get my gun from my back pocket, I suddenly felt a small weight on my back, not enough to knock me down but enough to take me off guard a little. Ohh little Miss feisty is back. Bring it on sweertheart, things just got more interesting. I love a girl who is willing to fight back without any whinning, worrying about her appearence or nails and could possibly best me in the flirting department. Most girls I flirt with get indignant at me trying to have a little fun with them or are horrible flirters so we both end up being embarassed.

With a laugh and a "Oh so you want to play rough huh? Well bring it on Miss Marano" Laura and I play wrestled for the gun, me trying to get it so I could counterattack and Laura to disarm me. She is good at staying on while I was trying to wrestle her off me though she was making it hard by tickling me and if you have been tickled you know how hard it is to stay still.

I finally decided to drop the weapon, close enough that I could get it if I needed, and get my little fiesty one where I could clearly see her and get those nimble little fingers away from my ticklish spots. So I flipped Laura gently over my shoulder and cradled her bridal style., I enjoyed having Laura in my arms, feeling her small lithe body in my arms and her vanilla scent was surrounding me into a vanilla cloud. I think I'm going to enjoy the scent of vanilla from now on and associate it with Laura.

"Well hi there. Are you the little nyja who has been trying to tickle me? I never noticed you back there, little miss doesn't weigh a thing. " I said with a sweet smile as I gazed sweetly at Laura and getting lost into those gorgeous chcolate pools that a person could gaze into for hours at a time and still not know every inch of Laura's soul but I am determind to learn.

Laura and I just stood there, Laura in my arms, in the hallway, for what seems like hours, I couldn't really tell since time seemed to stop until it was just Laura and me in the entire world. That is until I felt something soft hitting my back and a familiar voice rang out: "Really dude? You ditched me to kidnap Laura to stand in the hallway making goo-goo eyes at each other. Really cool dude" Calum said in a teasingly serious voice including hands on his hips to mimic being mad at me though I know he wasn't really mad at me.

"Ok I'm going to give you to the count of 3 to release Laura so us ladies can go to town on the boys' butts and bring the victory to the ladies. Don't think I wouldn't pelt you with marshmellows until you do cause I will. " Raini said in a sassy volice that I'm sure I will hear everyday as she alternated between pointing the gun right at my tummy and standing with her hands on her hips and a "I'm-not-kididng-try-me" look on her face. Ohh it seems I will be working with two fiesty, take charge young lady. I'm cool with that.

I stood there pretending to comtemplate what I should do even as Laura struggled to get down. Oh no honey, there is no way I will willing to let you go when we were having a wonderful little moment here. Somehow during my fake thinking period, Laura got partly down, I don't think so little one I'm not letting you go that easily again.

I easily scooped Laura up once again and calling "1-2-3, see you two later" over my shoulder , I ran like the wind with a giggling Laura who was playfully screaming "Help me. Help me. I'm being carried away by the enemy. Raini,you need to help me so we can team up on the guys' and kick their tushies".

The halls rang out with laughter, cries of "get your butt back here with Laura!" and of course the heavy footfalls of 4 teenagers running through the halls. I know that Raini, Calum, Laura and me were having a blast and were only playing in order to get comfortable with each other. Laura and I ended up hiding in the cafeteria behind the counter til Raini and Calum came in, gave the room a quick check-out and then left.

Since we couldn't go out until we were sure that Raini and Calum were gone for good, Laura and I sat on the counter sharing a plate of spaghetti complete with big chunks of meatballs, don't worry we left some money on the counter for the lunchlady so technically we didn't steal the food.

I was kind of hoping that sometime we both went in for another forkful we would get the same piece of spaghetti and do the whole suck the noodle until we kissed thing you seen in movies but it didn't happen. oh well, a guy can dream. I think spaghetti is going to be Laura and mine's food. As we ate, we talked some more about ourselves and made jokes about how things at the studio would get even busier but a lot more fun especially since we had found our funmates in each other, Calum and Raini. Hmm this lunch is going better then I expected; I expected to learn as much as I can about my new friends and ended up having some laughs, some private time and learning about the woman I feel a strong connection to. Works for me. I just hope Raini and Calum don't find us anytime soon cause I'm throughly enjoying what is happening right now.

We were having a lovely moment of silence as we enjoyed our food when all of a sudden Laura piqued up: "OMG I just realized that we left a mess of marshmellows over the studio. That is not the best first impression I want the cleaning people to think of us, that we are slobs who make a mess and don't clean up. We all should go and clean up the marshmellows before we leave today."

She went to get off the counter but I stopped her. "Laura, we will clean up the marshemellows together along with Raini and Calum when we find them again. Ok? Don't worry, honey, no one will think we are slobs, not on my watch". The "honey" kind of slipped out before I noticed what I said but I hoped Laura didn;t notice, she didn't seem to have. Laura just nodded and came back to sit on the counter and continued on with lunch.

After lunch, Laura actually got down on her hands and knees and starting to pick up the marshmellows. "Laur, that is going to take forever to pick up each and every one of them. Why don't we go get a vaccum cleaner to help us?. Ok?" Laura nodded and we went searching for the nearest janitor's closet. When we found one, Laura said in a playful tone: "Cool there are two vaccums. I bet I'm a faster cleaner then you are. How about we have a friendly competition, that I will totally win, whoever cleans the most through wins a special prize. Are you in Mr Lynch? Or are you too scared?"

Aww how adorable. Laura is a bit of a neat freak but in an adorable and sweet way that is guaranteed to make you smile and shake your head lovingly at her. Now I want to win cause I want my special prize even if it's only a hug from Laura. "Ohhh bring it on Miss Marano. I wil take your dare cause I may not look like it but i'm a speedy cleaner. And when i win I will choose the best prize ever and you will be forced to comply." I said in a teasing voice. Hey if Laura can tease me, I am more then willing to tease back.

Once again we both looked like idiots racing down the hallway at the top speed we could manage and stil pick up each and eveery marshmellow but from the level of laughter and teasing that rang out, we both didn't care how silly we looked. It eneded up being a tie so the prize for both of us, and what a prize it was, was a hug for both of us. Score, I once again got the chance to hold Laura in my arms and have her wrap her arms around me and lay her head on my chest like there was a hollow made just for her.

Oh dear, our sweet moment was interupted by the directors needing us back to the stage for some more practicing of our lines on the actual sets. Poo once again the fun has to stop for work but hopefully Laura and I will get to spend some more alone time together cause me likey alone time with Laura. "Your chariot awaits you M'Lady." I said in a flirty tone which seems to be the theme of the day. So Laura hopped on my back and we rode back to the set.




May 21, 2012

Love & Letters Chapter 5

A\N: Sorry this chapter took so long. Life got kind of busy and plus I had other Auslly stories to write. This story is now finished but I guess if more then 1 person wants a sequel I can squeeze something together. Enjoy and review. Please and thank you.

I don't own anybody bu Andrew, Aaron and Amee Moon. The Snuggly Bunny Song belongs to Snuggle Bunny. So don't sue.

Ever since Ally had put the pink IPod into his hand and sauntered away with a wave, Austin hadn't let go of that player. He had gripped it in his hand so tightly that he was afraid if he gripped it any tighter, it might snap in half which wouldn't be an easy thing to have to explain to Ally about why her player was crushed in half.

As he was waiting for his mom, Austin hemed and hawed about whether he should listen to Ally's song now or wait until he was safe and secure in his room where his reactions to what he already knew was going to be a wonderfully written, beautiful, catchy, awesome, inspiring Ally Dawson original song didn't have to be censored for the outside world who would probably use it as teasing material.

Although at home there were Aaron and Andrew who weren't afraid to tell their younger brother that he was a loser and a nobody whose dreams of making it big in the music industry would never come true. They also had the annoying habit of telling Austin that his obvious love for Ally, a girl that the family had never met but has heard Austin talk about her non stop for the last 6 months, would never ever, not in a million years love him back nor did he have a chance in heaven with her so he should just give up.

What loving and supportive older brothers I have. Only well I guess I will just have to fanboy quietly and limit how high I jump on my bed. Austin thought as he tapped his foot and told himself that even if he really really wanted to surf through Ally's playlists to find out more about the young lady he had fallen for at first sight it seemed cause the more he knew about Ms Ally Dawson the more ways he could woo Ally.

"I know it is wrong. I should have learned my lesson the time when Dez and I read Ally's songbook after she told us repeatedly not to touch it, heck I don't even think we can look at it without her permission. She and Trish got me good, I actually believed that South Beach Sound was interviewing me live when I was orange and sweaty.

I have to admit that wasn't my brightest idea; i mean mom and dad have always taught us boys that it takes a real man to balance showing his emotions to the people he truly cares for and to be a strong supporter and\protector for the important people in his life. So why couldn't I look Ally in those beautiful pools of melted chocolate that shows her every emotion and where I can see her soul and confess my love to her?

Oh yeah now I remember why I can't do that. I am so afraid to ruin the close bond, best friend relationship that Ally and I have had from that magical moment when our eyes met and we become best friends\partners. Add that to the fact that whenever I look into Ally's eyes I get tongue tied and lose pretty much the ability to speak. How long have I been talking to myself out loud cause I probably look like an idiot." Austin said as he alternated between hitting the right buttons to get to Ally’s playlist and then hititng the exit button when his conscience screamed at him for thinking of invading Ally’s privacy again.

At that moment Mrs Moon arrived so Austin climbed into the car still clutching the IPod tightly and fighting with himself of what files to go into. "What do you have there honey? Did you and your friends have a good day? I hope you didn’t drive Ally crazy cause honey that is not how you can win her over." Amee Moon said in a cheerful voice as she guided the car back onto the street.

Austin just glanced at his mom in surprise, he had thought he had been as subtle as he could when it came to hiding his true feelings for Ally, according to the world Ally was just his bestest buddy who happened to be an extremely attractive young lady that he spends all his free time with and sometimes spend all night alone in a music room within a locked store with but who would think there was something going on besides best friendship?

Amee just laughed at her son's astonished face. "What sweetie? You didn't think that you could fool your mother? I know that your father and I haven't met Ally yet, though hopefully that will change one day soon cause we do want to meet the girl who has captured our youngest baby boy's heart, we can tell by the way you talk about her non stop and literally drop everything to be there for her, whether emotionally or physically. that you love Ally as more then best friends.

"Mom, I don't talk about Ally that much, I just wanna give you and dad the facts about one of my best friends who is also amazing, down to earth, adorabley dorky, sweet and caring. You guys are always wondering who I spend my time with so I am telling you. To answer your first question Ally let me borrow her IPod to listen to a song she wrote for me, no biggie" Austin said in a voice that betrayed that he had been saying the same speech to anyone who has asked him about his real relationship with Ally to hide his real feelings for the beautiful brunette.

His mom just shot her son a "whatever" look that all mothers have perfected over the years to show their kids that they don't believe what their children are saying and kept on driving in silence until Austin got sick of the silence, turned on the radio and sang on the top of his lungs to the songs as he danced in his seat.

When the duo got home, Austin rushed upstairs to his bedroom to listen to the IPod cause he was really anxious to listen to the song that Ally had written especially for him, he was praying with all his might that the song Ally told him to listen to was a love song that clearly outlined her undying love for him and not a song like the ones they had written together about reaching for your dreams, never giving up on yourself and life with best friends, not that he didn't like those songs.

Austin had time to put the IPod on his comforter, take off his sweater and say hello to Dougie who was hiding under his pillow before his mom called for him to come help with dinner. Austin was hopping with anxiousness the entire time he helped his mom with dinner, he loved the time he spends with his family but all he wanted to do was lock himself in his room and listen to Ally's song in peace.

"Sweetie, I know that you really really want to go to your room and listen to Ally's song. But bouncing around like an adorable little bunny isn't going to make dinnertime go any faster so take a chill pill, relax and enjoy family time. Since it is Andy's turn to help with clean-up, I promise as soon as dinner is in your tummy, you can rush your little tush up to your room and listen to the song." his mom said with a knowing smile, she had been in love like Austin was when she was her son's age so she knew how much he wanted to find out if the young lady he truly loves feels the same way about him.

During dinnertime Austin barely heard anything what his brothers, dad or mom said, they had to repeat themselves many times before he understood what was being said to him. he was eating as fast as he could without being rude,he wasn't shovelling food into his mouth but was getting another forkfull of food ready while chewing as fast as he could.

As soon as dinner was done and his dishes were put on the sink, Austin rushed upstairs, shut, locked his door and collapsed on the bed. Dougie became a headrest as both he and the IPod were snatched from their places. Austin took a deep breath before hitting play, he was trying to settle his nerves.

"I just wanted to start off that Cupid has got nothing on you. I mean what other guy would send me a sweet, romantic letter that details one of the most important, special and memorable moments in my life; the day I met you and how we become best friends and partners to tell me that you are as in love with me as I'm with you. Only you would do something like that. I will treasure the letter with my whole being.

You are the sweetest, most understanding of my issues, doesn't pressure me to do things I don't want to do or don't feel comfortable doing but pushes me to go past my comfort zone to better myself as a person, a caring, gentle person who will pretty much do anything to ensure I'm happy, content in life and feel loved young man I have ever met.

You may try to hide the fact that you're a total sweetheart to the world but I know the real Austin Monica Moon, I still can't believe your parents named you that, and everytime I'm around you or think about you, I get butterflies in my stomach, my heart either races like a racing horse or its beat is interupted till it sounds like a beating drum, my palms sweat so much that I have a small pool in my hands, I stutter and trip over my words so that I feet like a complete loser and the biggest dork ever.

You may tease me about my quirky habits and personality but I know that there is no malice or anything mean behind the words. You are just playfully teasing me like best friends do everyday just like I tease you about the adorable, slightly- dorky-yet-still-looks-cool quirks that make you the guy I love.

You heard right, I, Allyson Laura Dawson, love you, Mr Austin Moon very very much. Pretty much from the moment our eyes met, just to be clear, I might have thought you were a smidge annoying at first, but from the first time we touched, I felt sparks going through my entire body and I forgot where we were for a few minutes. Those feelings have grown stronger over the months after we become partners and I don't see it slowing down.

I am truly sorry for trying to mislead you into thinking that all I felt for you was best friend feelings, though that will never ever change as you will always be one of my best friends no matter what happens to us. You mean so much to me, you are more then just my best friend; you are my work partner, my confident, my #1 supporter and the guy of my dreams.

I tried to dismiss my love for you as a best friendship kind of affection but whenever we were together, I felt every and all emotions that girls love reading in romance novels, the can't eat or sleep cause your thoughts are focused on that person, you have a mile wide smile on your face at the sound of their voice and do anything in your power to spend some precious moments with that person.

Even if it is only a small insignificant thing like colouring for the rest of the night, as long as you are with the person you love with all your heart, you feel truly happy and are having the time of your life. I swear you can even make getting into mischief fun though it doesn't seem that way during the times we are getting into trouble. You made my life that more interesting since my life before you.

I can barely remember life before you though I'm sure my life was so mundane, the same thing happening everyday, each day the same as the last one. I barely had a life before you. I'm surprised I didn't feel the anxiety or boredom rishing from the pit of my soul, I mean I didn't have much of a life, how pathetic is that?, I was just bidding my time on Earth, hoping for someone to take me away from my mundane life. I got my wish when you walked into my life.

Even though this doesn't really matter but I thought I would just say that I spent countless hours pouring out my heart onto paper, that is why there is a huge pile of crumpled and ripped papers in the wastebasket so don't be shocked. Nothing I wrote down fit how much I love you and my feelings for you until I got this:

You are my sweetest love, this love ...
I always wanna hug,
because I really love you,
the world just has to know.
I'll do anything for you,
there is nothing I wouldn't do.
snuggle, cuddle and then hug me,
with you I always want to be.

la la la la ...

My love is deep and true
I'd be lost if not with you
So long it would have been
If not for you and me
I'll do anything for you,
there is nothing I wouldn't do.
snuggle, cuddle and then hug me,
with you I always want to be.

la la la la...

Our feelings are so strong
And our hearts will beat as one
Another ending story
Is what I have with you
I'll do anything for you,
there is nothing I wouldn't do.
snuggle, cuddle and then hug me,
with you I always want to be.

la la la la...

You are my sweetest love,
this love I always wanna hug, because I really love you,
the world just has to know.
I'll do anything for you,
there is nothing I wouldn't do.
snuggle, cuddle and then hug me, with you I always want to be.

I hope that this song is able to express how deep my love is for you, I am trying to express my feelings and love the only way I know how to without stumbling, stuttering, chewing on my hair, triping or anything else I do when I'm extremely nervous or stressed out as you are aware of being as you are near me almost 24\7, not that I mind of course.

I love you Austin Monica Moon"

Austin didn't register the fact that the IPod had shut off and he was now listening to silence, his mouth and eyes were as wide as they could get and his face ranged from adoration and love when listening to the girl of his dreams gushing about him, to surprise that Ally knew he wrote her the letters to amazement of "OMG am I dreaming? Did Ally, the girl of my dreams, really write a love song confessing her love for me? Cause if I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up."

Then the quiet room was filled with lots of shrieks, squeals and loud cheers as Dougie was suddenly dropped on his stuffed face as Austin bounded off the bed with a big jump then proceeded to move his body in an extremely happy dance complete with more jumping around and jumping on his bed still cheering loudly.

Rapid knocking on his bedroom door woke him up from his happy dancing. "Austin, honey, what is going on in there? What is all that noise?" his mom called with concern ringing from her voice behind the door. "Why are you screaming? Are you hurt?"

Austin threw open the door and fell onto his mom into a big bear hug complete with jumping up and down with manly squeals of "She loves me! She loves me! She really loves me!". "Mom, Ally wrote me a love song complete with her adorable rambling but the most important thing is that she loves me just as much as I love her. One of my main dreams that I never thought would come true has come true thanks to my little songbird.

I feel so giddy right now, like I could burst with happiness. My heart is racing a mile a minute and I swear my face is going to crack in half from the size of my smile right now. I have all this pent up happiness and energy that needs to be let out in lots of bouncing,jumping and running around my room hence the noise you have heard in my room." Austin exclaimed excitedly as he rambled on, still holding onto his mom's waist and as his huge smile grew even wider.

"Oh honey that is wonderful. even though your father and me have never met Ally face to face, hint hint, we have heard all the gushing, praising and adorable rambling you have done in regards about how an amazing, inspirational, sweet, caring, immensely talented, adorabley dorky, down to earth, friendly, easy to talk to and be around, how your music career would be nothing without her, how she's has become quickly your one of your best friends and so many attributes that I can't describe at this time.

So we know how much and for how long you have been madly, head over heels in love with Ally so knowing that the woman of your dreams is as much in love with you as you are with her makes me as a mother happy that my baby boy is in love. Unfortunatly your happiness will have to be contained a little longer cause sweetie it is too late to call Ally, she's probably in bed right now so your "happily ever after" will have to wait until tommarrow." Amee Moon smiled softly at her son's lovesick face and the happiness that was bursting from every pore of his body and facial language, she could feel his happiness through his tight hug.

At her son's pout at not being able to have the desirable love confession with the woman of his dreams that he was dying to have at that moment but would have to wait until tommarrow,Amme just smiled understandly, turned Austin around and tucked him into bed with kisses on the forehead and telling him that he needs a good night's sleep so he can be fully alert when he and his sweetie have their talk and hopefully do some serious kissing, that made Austin blush like crazy.

Austin fell asleep thinking of the perfect plan on how to get Ally alone and the right words and gestures to comfess his love officially so that Ally will believe with all her heart and soul that he truly loves her. When he got up, he was all ready to get what hopefully will be one of the best days of his life. For some good luck, he wore his favourite outfit, a yellow plaid button down shirt over a plain long sleeve white shirt, ripped jeans with a chain in his pocket. He needed all the luck he could get today.

Austin found Ally working at the front desk at Sonic Boom while Trish was talking about how she had spent the first 4 hours of her job at Tim Hortons playing ring toss with the donuts, chitchatting with the drivers in the drive thru and watching dvds on the store's TV when things were slow and the manager was away.

"Ally, I need to talk to you about the thingy. You know the thingy we have should have been talking about for months now." Austin said as subtle as he could, he didn't want to tip off Trish to what hopefully will be a private, lovey dovey, serious talk that will end up with lots of kisses cause knowing Trish she will spy on them and that is not a good thing. Trish isn't the best secret keeper so if she heard or saw anything that happens between Austin and Ally she would practically tell the whole world.

Austin wasn't oblivious to the fact that Trish and Dez had been playing matchmaker for Ally and him for quite some time now, dropping hints when Ally and he have their moments when it seemed like they were ignoring everyone else and where in a world of their own that they should just date already or leaving them alone in the practice room cause "something" came up that made Trish and Dez have to leave suddenly. Well now Trish and Dez will be thrilled that Ally and he were finally doing something about their love for the other.

Ally blushed a little, nodded and ducked her head but Austin just lovingly smiled, took her small hand in his and gently lead her upstairs to their practice room. Austin sat her down on the piano bench. Austin pulled a chair up close enough so that he could rest his forehead on hers,took her small hand in his, took a deep breath to talk when Ally shushed him and said she wanted to go first but he couldn't intrupt her or she'll never get what she wanted to say out.

"Austin, this may come as a shock to you but I don't do well with feelings. They are confusing at times, lots of people say one thing but do the opposite thing, they can say that they love you but then do stuff that hurt you deeply to where you feel like you can't put all your feelings into someone else in fear that you will end up getting hurt once again.

I may not show it but I feel like I can trust you with my whole self, heart included. You have never done anything to hurt me intentionally and if you have you are there in an instant with an apology, a hug, that adorable puppy dog look that melts the hardest hearts and makes anyone want to do your bidding and kind, caring words that breaks apart all the sadness, hurt and anger and turns it into true happiness and acceptance of self.

I have to thank you for always being there for me, all I need to do is call and you are ready to offer words of comfort, reassurance and love along with a sweet,kind and comforting touch. You have even stayed up until the wee hours of the morning listenning to my tales of woes and only hang up after I reassure you that I am ok.

You are always there standing behind me supporting me in every avenue I take, whether it is a success or a complete failure. You make me want to take a risk once and awhile cause you will be there behind me cheering me on. I don't think anyone would ever hear my songs if it wasn't for you, meeting you that day was one of the best days of my life.

On that day, I met my best friend, my partner, my confident, my strength, my backbone, the man of my dreams, my Austie and my rockstar. I don't know what I did to deserve you in my life but whatever I did, I'm glad that I did it cause it brought me the treasure of you in my life that I could never thank God enough for if I lived to be a hundred.

Ok so I have just spilled out my heart to you so if you can smile, nodd or anything that tells me that you not only heard my long speech, though you should already know I talk a lot cause I'm getting really nervous right now and am starting to doubt myself. So if you could say something that will help me right now" Ally got up from the bench, though she was throughly enjoying having Austin so close to her so she could feel his warm, minty breath on hers and the soft skin of his forehead on hers.

As Ally got into her speech more she started to stutter and stumble over her words hands flying, even more when she saw Austin still hadn't said a word but just sat on his chair smiling from ear to ear while bouncing like an impatient child obviously anxious to say something. Austin wasn't exactly making her anxious go away with just sitting there smiling like an idiot.

Austin's response was quite sweet and to the point, he leaned forward and stopped Ally's rambling on speech though it was beyond sweet and defiently from the heart with a kiss, something he had been wanting to do pretty much since day one even though he thought Ally's rambling was adorable and always made him laugh how someone so small could talk without taking many breaths but can talk in run-on sentences.

Even though the kiss was short, both Austin and Ally felt the sparks flying through their bodies, their hearts race and beat irrgeularly, time stand still and the Earth move from under their feet as their lips moved gently and softly against each other. Then when the need for air overcame Austin and Ally, they unfortunatley had to stop kissing so they both let go of each other's lips but their faces had a million watt smile on it.

"I guess this is a little silly considering you obviously read my letter though I guess I wasn't really that subtle about concealing my identity. But I'm going to say it anyway, Allyson Laura Dawson, you are the girl I defintely dreamed of falling in love with; you're sweet, caring, down to earth, family and friend oriented, easy to talk to and be around.

Someone I can have long talks with about the most random stuff and still have things left over to talk about, adorabley dorky and not caring what others have to say about you and someone I can hang out doing anything from cloudwatching (which is an actiivty that you make funnier then it should be) to watching scary movies and still have a blast.

What more can I say but I love you Miss Allyson Dawson very very very very much" Austin said as he took Ally's hand in his and made an Austin-Ally hand sandwiches and gazed deeply into her eyes to show her that what he was saying came straight from his heart and he meant every word of it. Then to put that beautiful smile back on her face he made a small joke complete with arms open as wide as he could.

Ally was so touched that she launched herself into Austin's arms knocking them both over the chairs so they eneded up on the floor but Austin didn't mind as it also meant that he had Ally in his arms, the perfect place for her to be, and she was raining kisses on his lips in between exclaims of "I love you Austin Monn!" which made the situation even better.

"I... love....you....too...Ally. I do love your kisses and hopefully I will do and say more to deserve more of your addictive kisses but first I want to get some business out of the way. Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend? Also clear your schedule for Friday cause I am planning something special for us to do together." Austin said in between kisses which was hard cause with every kiss, his mind wandered to his happy place.

Before Ally could respond, Trish could be heard yelling at Ally to get her butt back downstairs cause she's done working alone. Ally just smiled, got up from the floor, kissed Austin on the cheek and walked out the door with a wave, wink and a "talk to you later sweetie". Austin laid on the floor grining like the Chesire Cat, he couldn't believe that one of his #1 dreams had come true. If he was dreaming don't wake him up cause he loved this dream and never wanted it to end. Who knew sending annoymous love letters would bring him true love?