June 15, 2012

Food Fight of Love

Wow people weren't kidding when they said that it could only take a moment to totally change your way of thinking and make a memory that you will never forget, even as the years past and other just as wonderful memories come and go. This magical moment stays in the "stored" memories files in your brain, available whenever you want to relive the magical moment that impacted your life so much.

I had that kind of moment about 4 months, 7 days, 12 hours and 8 minutes ago when I met Raini and Calum who quickly became my best friends as well as co-workers, it felt like moments after meeting them I had known both of them for years, our conversation were so natural and flowed like we could talk about anything. I knew then and there that I would throughly enjoy working and being best friends with Raini and Calum.

I didn't think the day could get better but then I met Ms Laura Marano. Growing up I heard about cases of true love, I mean you read all about it in fairy tales and I have heard the story about how mom and dad meet and fell in love days after meeting each other in the 9th grade. But I never thought it would happen to me, I mean i was hoping that I would meet a girl, feel spark and a strong connection that told me I met a girl I will share something extra special and lifelong with.

I had been talking to Calum about the night before basketball game when Calum turned around mid sentence and said: "Well you must be the young lady that will play our really talented but shy songwriter. I'm Calum and I will be playing Dez, videographer extraordinaire and fun loving guy and one of your best friends, hopefully in real life too" as he walked over to the new girl and shook her hand all while shooting her an easy-going smile guaranteed to put anyone at ease.

I got one of the best surprises of my life, besides the happiness,joy and excitement I felt when I got the call that I had got the part as "Austin" in the show. When I got the call, I danced\ran around the house yelling my excitement which of course clued my family into how the important phone call had gone so of course they celebrated big with me complete with jumping up and down, screaming, lots of hugs, kisses and congratulations all around for me.

From the first moment Laura and mine's eyes met, I felt an instant connection, my heart raced then beat irregular, I could hear bells ringing in my head and I felt like the world disappeared like Laura and I were the only ones in the room. I'm pretty sure my mouth was wide open and random stuff came out without my brain thinking things over before they came out of my mouth, I hope at least some cool, coherent sentences came out of my mouth or I might die from embarassment.

I mean I could hear the lame and random things coming out of my mouth but I was also focusing on the rushing of my blood in my veins, the fast paced beating of my heart and my brain yelling "Don't just stand there, say something. OMG I have seen an angel or at the very least the most beautiful woman that I already know I will share something special with."

Of course during my inner ramblings and outward dorkiness Laura was the sweetheart and easy going young lady that I now know is her normal personality took it all in stride. She gave me one of her heart stopping smiles that instantly put me at ease, gave me a handshake with her softer then silk hand and in a voice that was soft, melodious and sweet like the melody of an angelic choir: "Hi I'm Laura. It's nice to meet my rocker, my "Austin" and one of my best friends which hopefully won't be just for the show. I hope we all will be able to spend a lot of time together so we can really get to know each other cause I have a feeling we all will be best friends. I can't wait to start working with you guys."

Calum came to my rescue without knowing he was helping me came over, inveritably intrupting our conversation: "Well now that we all have met, i think we should all do something together after the table reading like say have lunch together in order to really get to know each other cause it is important that our chemistry is strong for the show. Plus I have a feeling that I have met 3 new friends today."

As Raini, Calum,Laura and me all walked down to the main room where the table reading was being held, my eyes were glued to Laura as we all told a little about ourselves cause we all were going to spend pretty much 24\7 together so we should at least know some thing about each other. Plus i wanted to get to know as much as I could about my three new best friends\co-workers cause I will tell them all they want to know about me.

My eyes were focused solely on Laura so that I didn't see the few people that I almost ran into and the open door I almost walked into and my ears were defiently open to hear and absorb as much information about the woman I seem not to be able to take my eyes off of. The more I knew about Laura, the more ways I can find to spend time alone with her doing things we both enjoy doing cause I already know that whatever Laura and I are doing, I will have the time of my life.

I learned Laura has an older sister named Vanessa who ironically is going to be on the ABCSpark network as Ryder which is cool. She is also very smart, hmm beauty and brains me likey,so when we was younger she was on the TV show "Are You Smarter then a 5th Grader", memo to myself check Youtube for all and any videos I can find of Laura on that show cause I'm sure she was a total cutie putie as a child.

One of Laura's passion in life besides acting is her love of music, like me, which occupies most of her time, like it does to me and my siblings. "I have been writing songs since I was old enough to write, mostly about what was happening in my young little life. I admit they weren't good, they were very childish but from them i learned how to better my writing so that anyone who listens can learn something about their own life.

I want everyone to know that if they have big dreams and a gift they can do whatever they want no matter what others have to say about their dreams. I pray that I will be given a chance to show kids my age what can happen when you dream big and work your butt off to achieve it and that you can bounce back from anything life throws at you whether it is peer pressure, cliques or getting your heart broken." Laura said as she walked backwards so that her back wasn't to her new friends, she was defiently better at the art of walking backwards then I was cause she didn't run into anyone or anything.

School, family and close friends are Laura's top priorities which is wonderful to hear. It means like me, she hasn't forgotten where she came from, a simple life like the rest of us who got her dream of being on TV and playing a showcase of characters until she became them. Laura seems so down to earth and caring towards others, not self centred like most celebs after being in the business for a number of years and listening to her talk shows me she is also cultured. She can communicate her opinions and thoughts freely and clearly without the overuse of "like" that most teenagers seem to use when they talk.

Lastly, I learned that Laura considered herself a bit of a dork, good to know cause as my loving brothers and sister have mentioned numerous time since we were in diapers I'm one of the biggest dorks ever so that is something else we have in common. We both know that life isn't to be considered seriously and that it is ok to unleash our inner child out in the open.

Like her character, she's bit of a "goody-goody", klutz which there is nothing wrong with cause I have a feeling Laura will be an adorable goody-goody, klutz dork that no matter what she says or does, I will find her behaviour utterely adorable and can't stop a huge smile from appearing on my face when we are around each other. I mean who could resist a beauty with big chocolate eyes and a sweet and adorable desposition? I can't, I already know that.

Ok so I might have just met Laura but already I can tell that we have so much in common,both with our interests, the people closest to us and our personalities. That is good cause I have a feeling that Laura and I have the kind of connection that will only strength as we spend as much time as possibler outside the studio as well as between scenes where we will talk about whatever we want and act like ourselves the entire time, no pretenses or acts, cause we feel that comfortable with each other.

We finally got to the table read, I made sure my seat was next to Laura, she smelt so nice like fresh cut flowers and I could even feel the wave of heat from Laura's body as her arm was only about an inch away from mine. The table read was fun though long, we seemed to go over the script more then once, like say 8 times, so that each one of the cast could know their lines backwards and forwards before we start shooting the episode for real.

At times it was a little tiring having to go over the same lines and same stage props over and over again but the directors seemed to know what they were doing, they had done Disney shows before so they were pros. Plus I wanted to get my lines down pact so that I didn't embrass myself in front of the camera and more importantly Laura. But the constant pain in my ankle kind of took my mind off the amount of times I had to say the exact same thing more then once.

"Really dude? The only time you weren't staring at Laura was when it was your turn to read your lines. Otherwise it was drool city, I mean I'm surprised that there isn't a puddle of drool besides your name plate from the amount of times Raini and I caught you staring at her. If you haven't noticed the pain in your ankles were because you weren't subtle at all about you lking Laura as more then a friend. All I've to say is Laura and Ross sitting in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Good thing there is a strong indication that yours and Laura's characters have more then best friend feelings for the other cause that way you two can act out this flirty dance you two have been doing since your eyes met. Aww a possible love story on and off screen, how romantic. I can't wait to see it happening before my eyes for myself" Calum said in a teasing voice complete with kissing noises that reminded me of the many times growing up that Rydel,Rocky, Ryland, Rydel or me have had a crush and our loving siblings have tried to give us dating advice complete with good natured teasing that only siblings can do.

Can you blame me for becoming a drooling, mindless idiot around Laura? i was sitting right beside one of the most beautiful, inside and out young woman I could ever hope of meeting, who wouldn't stare? As long as I wasn't openly staring with drool and a glazed look on my face so that anyone besides Raini and Calum noticed, it wasn't a big deal. And I got the same vibe that Disney might bless me by allowing Laura and mine's characters to have their own love story that I hope to have one day with Laura from reading the first episode's script.

I mean there are some subtle but still sweet moments between "Austin" and "Ally" which I hope and pray will continue to be the underlying theme for this season. If "Austin" and "Ally" are the main love couple in the show, it will make a certain guy aka me, super duper happy and love being casted on this show even more then i already do

Of course it would make things at the studio even better to go to everyday and would make working at the studio each and every day for 12 hours even better, though I have a feeling that whatever Laura,Raini,Calum and I do at the studio will be more fun then what should be considered work cause we will be doing what we love to do and hanging out with our best friends.

I also know from this day on that I will enjoy being able to spend more time getting to know a young woman who might be the woman I dreamed about since I was little and the other two people who have quckly became my best friends. Can't wait to start the fun with Laura, Raini and Calum so why wait. Let the fun times start now, hmm since we are done with the table read for the day. i think it is time for 4 certain young adults to unleash their inner children and have a blast really getting to know each other without talking.

"Calum, I have a plan to have some fun with the girls. I was thinking that we have a food fight with whatever the cafeteria has in stock, hopefully something not hard. It can be girls against boys and we won't have to take it eay on Raini or Laura cause I'm pretty sure that they will be highly offended which is never a good thing and will kick our butts badly for under estimating them. How does that sound?" I said as I pulled him aside from the girls as they had gone to their own dressingrooms to check them out as we walked towards our own.

"Ross, that sounds like a fun icebreaker for us all to really get comfortable with each other so that our chemistry is just as comfortable on screen. I know the girls will be on board with the fight, i think the cafe has marshmellows which is perfect ammontion. Why don't we go to our dressingrooms to see what ideas we can get for decorating them cause I have a feeling we all will be in those rooms a lot during our downtimes then get everything ready for the fight?" Calum said as he and I walked leirsuring to our dressingrooms which were across the hall from each other.

After Calum and I took a look at their dressingrooms and mentally took a picture of what we both wanted to do with these rooms. I was thinking of spreading as many pictures,inspirational quotes and things from home to make it more "homey" since these rooms will soon become a home away from home, then got to work on our marshmellow attack on the girls which Rydel and the cafeteria ladies were more then willing to help us out with.

Calum and I found Laura and Raini in the clothes department talking about what clothing would look good on the other from the rack of clothes, putting them against each other to see if they might match their skin and hair color without trying them on. Awww what a sweet girl moment, I can already tell that Raini and Laura will be best girlie friends. I wish I could have my own fashion consultation with Laura. I will be her fashion dummy anytime she wants gladly.

I haven't known her that long but I already know she has good fashion statement; I mean in her white crochet baby doll dress with matching pink crocket shrug with ankle length bootsshe looked drop dead gorgeous. Plus if i have to be a Ken doll to spend as much time with Laura to see if the connection and sparks I am feeling right now goes deeper and gets stronger the amount of time I get to spend with Laura then I'm not opposed to it. Fingers crossed that the answer is a big "Yes!" to do Laura and I have a lifelong connection.

The only warning we gave the girls before we striked was tossing the guns into the room before we ran into the room and started to pelt them with marshmellows. Both Laura and Raini gave a shriek of surprise as they turned around to see who and what was pelting them and when they saw it was Calum and me, they declared the war was on. They grabbed the guns on the floor and began to hit us just as hard with marshmellows while running to duck behind the clothes rack for cover.

Oh the war is on so with laughter, Calum and i ducked behind the chairs in the room until we decided to get the girls out in the open and take this war outside of this room so without words, Calum decided to target Raini and I got Laura, wahoo more time with her. As we were shooting marshmellows in a stream still trying to hit the girls as we walked seperate ways around the room to surprise the girls.

We both surprised the girls, I grabbed Laura around the waist and carried her out of the room as Raini tried to shoot me to get her friend back but Calum had my back by pelting her with marshmellows. Laura may be small but she is a fighter, she was struggling the entire time. "Ross put me down. Where are you taking me? Ohh you are so getting marshemellofied when I get out of here. Watch out Mister Lynch, I may be small but I will kick your butt badly." Laura said as she wiggled and jiggled all while trying to hold in her laughter. Score i made her laugh on the first day. Every girl likes a guy who can make her laugh.

"Ohh a fiesty woman, me likey. Keep fighting girlie cause this game is just getting interesting and more fun. I like a woman that fights back and is fiesty. Now to upt the ante" I said in a flirty tone, I didn't even register that I was talking in flirty tones, it just came out naturally like I had been around Laura for more then 6 hours and felt comfrotable with her enough to flirt though I never flirt with just anybody, only with people I feel a connection with.

I started to tickle her under her ribs and her sides which was difficult cause I was trying to hold onto the gun and a wiggley Laura with one hand and the other hand was the tickling hand so Laura wiggled out of my arms, darn it I was kind of enjoying having her small, lithe flower sceneted body in my arms even for a moment. Oh no honey, you ain't going far before I catch you again and this time you aren't getting away again so easily.

"Oh no you don't little Miss Wiggly. You aren't getting away that easily. Get your tushie back here.I wasn't done with you!" I called as I chased a pretty fast Laura as she raced down the halls screaming "Catch me if you can pretty boy. I'll run run as fast as I can but you can't catch me cause I'm lightening fast girl. Come on flirtypants, come and get me if you can" with laughter and playful teasing behind the words.

Laura and I probably looked like complete doofuses running around the studio with plastic guns with marshmellows in them, laughing like maniacs and chasing each other down the halls with taunting and teasing words being exchanged from both parties. But on the postive side we were having fun and were really getting to know each other, i learned Laura may be petite but she can be just as fiesty and flirty as I can which is a bonus cause it is another checkmark on the list of why Laura may be the girl of my dreams.

I finally captured Laura, after hiding behind an unlocked door and grabbing her as she ran by. Laura was laughing her head off while struggling out of my grasp. Nice try girlie but I'm not letting you out of my sight again cause who can tell if Raini and Calum teamed up so Laura might be my teammate."Gotcha my slippery lady, you thought you could get away from the ultimate flirtypants. Not a chance girlie. Now what to do with my lovely prize is the next question"

"Your prize, as Princess Jasmine would say: "I'm not a prize to be won". So think again Mister. My answer to you catching me and calling me your prize is......" Laura trailed off as she quickly wretched herself from my grasp enough to raise her marshamellow gun and pelt me with marshmellows enough to make me almost completely let her go, laughing the entire time at having bested me.

When I turned my back to get my gun from my back pocket, I suddenly felt a small weight on my back, not enough to knock me down but enough to take me off guard a little. Ohh little Miss feisty is back. Bring it on sweertheart, things just got more interesting. I love a girl who is willing to fight back without any whinning, worrying about her appearence or nails and could possibly best me in the flirting department. Most girls I flirt with get indignant at me trying to have a little fun with them or are horrible flirters so we both end up being embarassed.

With a laugh and a "Oh so you want to play rough huh? Well bring it on Miss Marano" Laura and I play wrestled for the gun, me trying to get it so I could counterattack and Laura to disarm me. She is good at staying on while I was trying to wrestle her off me though she was making it hard by tickling me and if you have been tickled you know how hard it is to stay still.

I finally decided to drop the weapon, close enough that I could get it if I needed, and get my little fiesty one where I could clearly see her and get those nimble little fingers away from my ticklish spots. So I flipped Laura gently over my shoulder and cradled her bridal style., I enjoyed having Laura in my arms, feeling her small lithe body in my arms and her vanilla scent was surrounding me into a vanilla cloud. I think I'm going to enjoy the scent of vanilla from now on and associate it with Laura.

"Well hi there. Are you the little nyja who has been trying to tickle me? I never noticed you back there, little miss doesn't weigh a thing. " I said with a sweet smile as I gazed sweetly at Laura and getting lost into those gorgeous chcolate pools that a person could gaze into for hours at a time and still not know every inch of Laura's soul but I am determind to learn.

Laura and I just stood there, Laura in my arms, in the hallway, for what seems like hours, I couldn't really tell since time seemed to stop until it was just Laura and me in the entire world. That is until I felt something soft hitting my back and a familiar voice rang out: "Really dude? You ditched me to kidnap Laura to stand in the hallway making goo-goo eyes at each other. Really cool dude" Calum said in a teasingly serious voice including hands on his hips to mimic being mad at me though I know he wasn't really mad at me.

"Ok I'm going to give you to the count of 3 to release Laura so us ladies can go to town on the boys' butts and bring the victory to the ladies. Don't think I wouldn't pelt you with marshmellows until you do cause I will. " Raini said in a sassy volice that I'm sure I will hear everyday as she alternated between pointing the gun right at my tummy and standing with her hands on her hips and a "I'm-not-kididng-try-me" look on her face. Ohh it seems I will be working with two fiesty, take charge young lady. I'm cool with that.

I stood there pretending to comtemplate what I should do even as Laura struggled to get down. Oh no honey, there is no way I will willing to let you go when we were having a wonderful little moment here. Somehow during my fake thinking period, Laura got partly down, I don't think so little one I'm not letting you go that easily again.

I easily scooped Laura up once again and calling "1-2-3, see you two later" over my shoulder , I ran like the wind with a giggling Laura who was playfully screaming "Help me. Help me. I'm being carried away by the enemy. Raini,you need to help me so we can team up on the guys' and kick their tushies".

The halls rang out with laughter, cries of "get your butt back here with Laura!" and of course the heavy footfalls of 4 teenagers running through the halls. I know that Raini, Calum, Laura and me were having a blast and were only playing in order to get comfortable with each other. Laura and I ended up hiding in the cafeteria behind the counter til Raini and Calum came in, gave the room a quick check-out and then left.

Since we couldn't go out until we were sure that Raini and Calum were gone for good, Laura and I sat on the counter sharing a plate of spaghetti complete with big chunks of meatballs, don't worry we left some money on the counter for the lunchlady so technically we didn't steal the food.

I was kind of hoping that sometime we both went in for another forkful we would get the same piece of spaghetti and do the whole suck the noodle until we kissed thing you seen in movies but it didn't happen. oh well, a guy can dream. I think spaghetti is going to be Laura and mine's food. As we ate, we talked some more about ourselves and made jokes about how things at the studio would get even busier but a lot more fun especially since we had found our funmates in each other, Calum and Raini. Hmm this lunch is going better then I expected; I expected to learn as much as I can about my new friends and ended up having some laughs, some private time and learning about the woman I feel a strong connection to. Works for me. I just hope Raini and Calum don't find us anytime soon cause I'm throughly enjoying what is happening right now.

We were having a lovely moment of silence as we enjoyed our food when all of a sudden Laura piqued up: "OMG I just realized that we left a mess of marshmellows over the studio. That is not the best first impression I want the cleaning people to think of us, that we are slobs who make a mess and don't clean up. We all should go and clean up the marshmellows before we leave today."

She went to get off the counter but I stopped her. "Laura, we will clean up the marshemellows together along with Raini and Calum when we find them again. Ok? Don't worry, honey, no one will think we are slobs, not on my watch". The "honey" kind of slipped out before I noticed what I said but I hoped Laura didn;t notice, she didn't seem to have. Laura just nodded and came back to sit on the counter and continued on with lunch.

After lunch, Laura actually got down on her hands and knees and starting to pick up the marshmellows. "Laur, that is going to take forever to pick up each and every one of them. Why don't we go get a vaccum cleaner to help us?. Ok?" Laura nodded and we went searching for the nearest janitor's closet. When we found one, Laura said in a playful tone: "Cool there are two vaccums. I bet I'm a faster cleaner then you are. How about we have a friendly competition, that I will totally win, whoever cleans the most through wins a special prize. Are you in Mr Lynch? Or are you too scared?"

Aww how adorable. Laura is a bit of a neat freak but in an adorable and sweet way that is guaranteed to make you smile and shake your head lovingly at her. Now I want to win cause I want my special prize even if it's only a hug from Laura. "Ohhh bring it on Miss Marano. I wil take your dare cause I may not look like it but i'm a speedy cleaner. And when i win I will choose the best prize ever and you will be forced to comply." I said in a teasing voice. Hey if Laura can tease me, I am more then willing to tease back.

Once again we both looked like idiots racing down the hallway at the top speed we could manage and stil pick up each and eveery marshmellow but from the level of laughter and teasing that rang out, we both didn't care how silly we looked. It eneded up being a tie so the prize for both of us, and what a prize it was, was a hug for both of us. Score, I once again got the chance to hold Laura in my arms and have her wrap her arms around me and lay her head on my chest like there was a hollow made just for her.

Oh dear, our sweet moment was interupted by the directors needing us back to the stage for some more practicing of our lines on the actual sets. Poo once again the fun has to stop for work but hopefully Laura and I will get to spend some more alone time together cause me likey alone time with Laura. "Your chariot awaits you M'Lady." I said in a flirty tone which seems to be the theme of the day. So Laura hopped on my back and we rode back to the set.




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