May 21, 2012

Love & Letters Chapter 5

A\N: Sorry this chapter took so long. Life got kind of busy and plus I had other Auslly stories to write. This story is now finished but I guess if more then 1 person wants a sequel I can squeeze something together. Enjoy and review. Please and thank you.

I don't own anybody bu Andrew, Aaron and Amee Moon. The Snuggly Bunny Song belongs to Snuggle Bunny. So don't sue.

Ever since Ally had put the pink IPod into his hand and sauntered away with a wave, Austin hadn't let go of that player. He had gripped it in his hand so tightly that he was afraid if he gripped it any tighter, it might snap in half which wouldn't be an easy thing to have to explain to Ally about why her player was crushed in half.

As he was waiting for his mom, Austin hemed and hawed about whether he should listen to Ally's song now or wait until he was safe and secure in his room where his reactions to what he already knew was going to be a wonderfully written, beautiful, catchy, awesome, inspiring Ally Dawson original song didn't have to be censored for the outside world who would probably use it as teasing material.

Although at home there were Aaron and Andrew who weren't afraid to tell their younger brother that he was a loser and a nobody whose dreams of making it big in the music industry would never come true. They also had the annoying habit of telling Austin that his obvious love for Ally, a girl that the family had never met but has heard Austin talk about her non stop for the last 6 months, would never ever, not in a million years love him back nor did he have a chance in heaven with her so he should just give up.

What loving and supportive older brothers I have. Only well I guess I will just have to fanboy quietly and limit how high I jump on my bed. Austin thought as he tapped his foot and told himself that even if he really really wanted to surf through Ally's playlists to find out more about the young lady he had fallen for at first sight it seemed cause the more he knew about Ms Ally Dawson the more ways he could woo Ally.

"I know it is wrong. I should have learned my lesson the time when Dez and I read Ally's songbook after she told us repeatedly not to touch it, heck I don't even think we can look at it without her permission. She and Trish got me good, I actually believed that South Beach Sound was interviewing me live when I was orange and sweaty.

I have to admit that wasn't my brightest idea; i mean mom and dad have always taught us boys that it takes a real man to balance showing his emotions to the people he truly cares for and to be a strong supporter and\protector for the important people in his life. So why couldn't I look Ally in those beautiful pools of melted chocolate that shows her every emotion and where I can see her soul and confess my love to her?

Oh yeah now I remember why I can't do that. I am so afraid to ruin the close bond, best friend relationship that Ally and I have had from that magical moment when our eyes met and we become best friends\partners. Add that to the fact that whenever I look into Ally's eyes I get tongue tied and lose pretty much the ability to speak. How long have I been talking to myself out loud cause I probably look like an idiot." Austin said as he alternated between hitting the right buttons to get to Ally’s playlist and then hititng the exit button when his conscience screamed at him for thinking of invading Ally’s privacy again.

At that moment Mrs Moon arrived so Austin climbed into the car still clutching the IPod tightly and fighting with himself of what files to go into. "What do you have there honey? Did you and your friends have a good day? I hope you didn’t drive Ally crazy cause honey that is not how you can win her over." Amee Moon said in a cheerful voice as she guided the car back onto the street.

Austin just glanced at his mom in surprise, he had thought he had been as subtle as he could when it came to hiding his true feelings for Ally, according to the world Ally was just his bestest buddy who happened to be an extremely attractive young lady that he spends all his free time with and sometimes spend all night alone in a music room within a locked store with but who would think there was something going on besides best friendship?

Amee just laughed at her son's astonished face. "What sweetie? You didn't think that you could fool your mother? I know that your father and I haven't met Ally yet, though hopefully that will change one day soon cause we do want to meet the girl who has captured our youngest baby boy's heart, we can tell by the way you talk about her non stop and literally drop everything to be there for her, whether emotionally or physically. that you love Ally as more then best friends.

"Mom, I don't talk about Ally that much, I just wanna give you and dad the facts about one of my best friends who is also amazing, down to earth, adorabley dorky, sweet and caring. You guys are always wondering who I spend my time with so I am telling you. To answer your first question Ally let me borrow her IPod to listen to a song she wrote for me, no biggie" Austin said in a voice that betrayed that he had been saying the same speech to anyone who has asked him about his real relationship with Ally to hide his real feelings for the beautiful brunette.

His mom just shot her son a "whatever" look that all mothers have perfected over the years to show their kids that they don't believe what their children are saying and kept on driving in silence until Austin got sick of the silence, turned on the radio and sang on the top of his lungs to the songs as he danced in his seat.

When the duo got home, Austin rushed upstairs to his bedroom to listen to the IPod cause he was really anxious to listen to the song that Ally had written especially for him, he was praying with all his might that the song Ally told him to listen to was a love song that clearly outlined her undying love for him and not a song like the ones they had written together about reaching for your dreams, never giving up on yourself and life with best friends, not that he didn't like those songs.

Austin had time to put the IPod on his comforter, take off his sweater and say hello to Dougie who was hiding under his pillow before his mom called for him to come help with dinner. Austin was hopping with anxiousness the entire time he helped his mom with dinner, he loved the time he spends with his family but all he wanted to do was lock himself in his room and listen to Ally's song in peace.

"Sweetie, I know that you really really want to go to your room and listen to Ally's song. But bouncing around like an adorable little bunny isn't going to make dinnertime go any faster so take a chill pill, relax and enjoy family time. Since it is Andy's turn to help with clean-up, I promise as soon as dinner is in your tummy, you can rush your little tush up to your room and listen to the song." his mom said with a knowing smile, she had been in love like Austin was when she was her son's age so she knew how much he wanted to find out if the young lady he truly loves feels the same way about him.

During dinnertime Austin barely heard anything what his brothers, dad or mom said, they had to repeat themselves many times before he understood what was being said to him. he was eating as fast as he could without being rude,he wasn't shovelling food into his mouth but was getting another forkfull of food ready while chewing as fast as he could.

As soon as dinner was done and his dishes were put on the sink, Austin rushed upstairs, shut, locked his door and collapsed on the bed. Dougie became a headrest as both he and the IPod were snatched from their places. Austin took a deep breath before hitting play, he was trying to settle his nerves.

"I just wanted to start off that Cupid has got nothing on you. I mean what other guy would send me a sweet, romantic letter that details one of the most important, special and memorable moments in my life; the day I met you and how we become best friends and partners to tell me that you are as in love with me as I'm with you. Only you would do something like that. I will treasure the letter with my whole being.

You are the sweetest, most understanding of my issues, doesn't pressure me to do things I don't want to do or don't feel comfortable doing but pushes me to go past my comfort zone to better myself as a person, a caring, gentle person who will pretty much do anything to ensure I'm happy, content in life and feel loved young man I have ever met.

You may try to hide the fact that you're a total sweetheart to the world but I know the real Austin Monica Moon, I still can't believe your parents named you that, and everytime I'm around you or think about you, I get butterflies in my stomach, my heart either races like a racing horse or its beat is interupted till it sounds like a beating drum, my palms sweat so much that I have a small pool in my hands, I stutter and trip over my words so that I feet like a complete loser and the biggest dork ever.

You may tease me about my quirky habits and personality but I know that there is no malice or anything mean behind the words. You are just playfully teasing me like best friends do everyday just like I tease you about the adorable, slightly- dorky-yet-still-looks-cool quirks that make you the guy I love.

You heard right, I, Allyson Laura Dawson, love you, Mr Austin Moon very very much. Pretty much from the moment our eyes met, just to be clear, I might have thought you were a smidge annoying at first, but from the first time we touched, I felt sparks going through my entire body and I forgot where we were for a few minutes. Those feelings have grown stronger over the months after we become partners and I don't see it slowing down.

I am truly sorry for trying to mislead you into thinking that all I felt for you was best friend feelings, though that will never ever change as you will always be one of my best friends no matter what happens to us. You mean so much to me, you are more then just my best friend; you are my work partner, my confident, my #1 supporter and the guy of my dreams.

I tried to dismiss my love for you as a best friendship kind of affection but whenever we were together, I felt every and all emotions that girls love reading in romance novels, the can't eat or sleep cause your thoughts are focused on that person, you have a mile wide smile on your face at the sound of their voice and do anything in your power to spend some precious moments with that person.

Even if it is only a small insignificant thing like colouring for the rest of the night, as long as you are with the person you love with all your heart, you feel truly happy and are having the time of your life. I swear you can even make getting into mischief fun though it doesn't seem that way during the times we are getting into trouble. You made my life that more interesting since my life before you.

I can barely remember life before you though I'm sure my life was so mundane, the same thing happening everyday, each day the same as the last one. I barely had a life before you. I'm surprised I didn't feel the anxiety or boredom rishing from the pit of my soul, I mean I didn't have much of a life, how pathetic is that?, I was just bidding my time on Earth, hoping for someone to take me away from my mundane life. I got my wish when you walked into my life.

Even though this doesn't really matter but I thought I would just say that I spent countless hours pouring out my heart onto paper, that is why there is a huge pile of crumpled and ripped papers in the wastebasket so don't be shocked. Nothing I wrote down fit how much I love you and my feelings for you until I got this:

You are my sweetest love, this love ...
I always wanna hug,
because I really love you,
the world just has to know.
I'll do anything for you,
there is nothing I wouldn't do.
snuggle, cuddle and then hug me,
with you I always want to be.

la la la la ...

My love is deep and true
I'd be lost if not with you
So long it would have been
If not for you and me
I'll do anything for you,
there is nothing I wouldn't do.
snuggle, cuddle and then hug me,
with you I always want to be.

la la la la...

Our feelings are so strong
And our hearts will beat as one
Another ending story
Is what I have with you
I'll do anything for you,
there is nothing I wouldn't do.
snuggle, cuddle and then hug me,
with you I always want to be.

la la la la...

You are my sweetest love,
this love I always wanna hug, because I really love you,
the world just has to know.
I'll do anything for you,
there is nothing I wouldn't do.
snuggle, cuddle and then hug me, with you I always want to be.

I hope that this song is able to express how deep my love is for you, I am trying to express my feelings and love the only way I know how to without stumbling, stuttering, chewing on my hair, triping or anything else I do when I'm extremely nervous or stressed out as you are aware of being as you are near me almost 24\7, not that I mind of course.

I love you Austin Monica Moon"

Austin didn't register the fact that the IPod had shut off and he was now listening to silence, his mouth and eyes were as wide as they could get and his face ranged from adoration and love when listening to the girl of his dreams gushing about him, to surprise that Ally knew he wrote her the letters to amazement of "OMG am I dreaming? Did Ally, the girl of my dreams, really write a love song confessing her love for me? Cause if I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up."

Then the quiet room was filled with lots of shrieks, squeals and loud cheers as Dougie was suddenly dropped on his stuffed face as Austin bounded off the bed with a big jump then proceeded to move his body in an extremely happy dance complete with more jumping around and jumping on his bed still cheering loudly.

Rapid knocking on his bedroom door woke him up from his happy dancing. "Austin, honey, what is going on in there? What is all that noise?" his mom called with concern ringing from her voice behind the door. "Why are you screaming? Are you hurt?"

Austin threw open the door and fell onto his mom into a big bear hug complete with jumping up and down with manly squeals of "She loves me! She loves me! She really loves me!". "Mom, Ally wrote me a love song complete with her adorable rambling but the most important thing is that she loves me just as much as I love her. One of my main dreams that I never thought would come true has come true thanks to my little songbird.

I feel so giddy right now, like I could burst with happiness. My heart is racing a mile a minute and I swear my face is going to crack in half from the size of my smile right now. I have all this pent up happiness and energy that needs to be let out in lots of bouncing,jumping and running around my room hence the noise you have heard in my room." Austin exclaimed excitedly as he rambled on, still holding onto his mom's waist and as his huge smile grew even wider.

"Oh honey that is wonderful. even though your father and me have never met Ally face to face, hint hint, we have heard all the gushing, praising and adorable rambling you have done in regards about how an amazing, inspirational, sweet, caring, immensely talented, adorabley dorky, down to earth, friendly, easy to talk to and be around, how your music career would be nothing without her, how she's has become quickly your one of your best friends and so many attributes that I can't describe at this time.

So we know how much and for how long you have been madly, head over heels in love with Ally so knowing that the woman of your dreams is as much in love with you as you are with her makes me as a mother happy that my baby boy is in love. Unfortunatly your happiness will have to be contained a little longer cause sweetie it is too late to call Ally, she's probably in bed right now so your "happily ever after" will have to wait until tommarrow." Amee Moon smiled softly at her son's lovesick face and the happiness that was bursting from every pore of his body and facial language, she could feel his happiness through his tight hug.

At her son's pout at not being able to have the desirable love confession with the woman of his dreams that he was dying to have at that moment but would have to wait until tommarrow,Amme just smiled understandly, turned Austin around and tucked him into bed with kisses on the forehead and telling him that he needs a good night's sleep so he can be fully alert when he and his sweetie have their talk and hopefully do some serious kissing, that made Austin blush like crazy.

Austin fell asleep thinking of the perfect plan on how to get Ally alone and the right words and gestures to comfess his love officially so that Ally will believe with all her heart and soul that he truly loves her. When he got up, he was all ready to get what hopefully will be one of the best days of his life. For some good luck, he wore his favourite outfit, a yellow plaid button down shirt over a plain long sleeve white shirt, ripped jeans with a chain in his pocket. He needed all the luck he could get today.

Austin found Ally working at the front desk at Sonic Boom while Trish was talking about how she had spent the first 4 hours of her job at Tim Hortons playing ring toss with the donuts, chitchatting with the drivers in the drive thru and watching dvds on the store's TV when things were slow and the manager was away.

"Ally, I need to talk to you about the thingy. You know the thingy we have should have been talking about for months now." Austin said as subtle as he could, he didn't want to tip off Trish to what hopefully will be a private, lovey dovey, serious talk that will end up with lots of kisses cause knowing Trish she will spy on them and that is not a good thing. Trish isn't the best secret keeper so if she heard or saw anything that happens between Austin and Ally she would practically tell the whole world.

Austin wasn't oblivious to the fact that Trish and Dez had been playing matchmaker for Ally and him for quite some time now, dropping hints when Ally and he have their moments when it seemed like they were ignoring everyone else and where in a world of their own that they should just date already or leaving them alone in the practice room cause "something" came up that made Trish and Dez have to leave suddenly. Well now Trish and Dez will be thrilled that Ally and he were finally doing something about their love for the other.

Ally blushed a little, nodded and ducked her head but Austin just lovingly smiled, took her small hand in his and gently lead her upstairs to their practice room. Austin sat her down on the piano bench. Austin pulled a chair up close enough so that he could rest his forehead on hers,took her small hand in his, took a deep breath to talk when Ally shushed him and said she wanted to go first but he couldn't intrupt her or she'll never get what she wanted to say out.

"Austin, this may come as a shock to you but I don't do well with feelings. They are confusing at times, lots of people say one thing but do the opposite thing, they can say that they love you but then do stuff that hurt you deeply to where you feel like you can't put all your feelings into someone else in fear that you will end up getting hurt once again.

I may not show it but I feel like I can trust you with my whole self, heart included. You have never done anything to hurt me intentionally and if you have you are there in an instant with an apology, a hug, that adorable puppy dog look that melts the hardest hearts and makes anyone want to do your bidding and kind, caring words that breaks apart all the sadness, hurt and anger and turns it into true happiness and acceptance of self.

I have to thank you for always being there for me, all I need to do is call and you are ready to offer words of comfort, reassurance and love along with a sweet,kind and comforting touch. You have even stayed up until the wee hours of the morning listenning to my tales of woes and only hang up after I reassure you that I am ok.

You are always there standing behind me supporting me in every avenue I take, whether it is a success or a complete failure. You make me want to take a risk once and awhile cause you will be there behind me cheering me on. I don't think anyone would ever hear my songs if it wasn't for you, meeting you that day was one of the best days of my life.

On that day, I met my best friend, my partner, my confident, my strength, my backbone, the man of my dreams, my Austie and my rockstar. I don't know what I did to deserve you in my life but whatever I did, I'm glad that I did it cause it brought me the treasure of you in my life that I could never thank God enough for if I lived to be a hundred.

Ok so I have just spilled out my heart to you so if you can smile, nodd or anything that tells me that you not only heard my long speech, though you should already know I talk a lot cause I'm getting really nervous right now and am starting to doubt myself. So if you could say something that will help me right now" Ally got up from the bench, though she was throughly enjoying having Austin so close to her so she could feel his warm, minty breath on hers and the soft skin of his forehead on hers.

As Ally got into her speech more she started to stutter and stumble over her words hands flying, even more when she saw Austin still hadn't said a word but just sat on his chair smiling from ear to ear while bouncing like an impatient child obviously anxious to say something. Austin wasn't exactly making her anxious go away with just sitting there smiling like an idiot.

Austin's response was quite sweet and to the point, he leaned forward and stopped Ally's rambling on speech though it was beyond sweet and defiently from the heart with a kiss, something he had been wanting to do pretty much since day one even though he thought Ally's rambling was adorable and always made him laugh how someone so small could talk without taking many breaths but can talk in run-on sentences.

Even though the kiss was short, both Austin and Ally felt the sparks flying through their bodies, their hearts race and beat irrgeularly, time stand still and the Earth move from under their feet as their lips moved gently and softly against each other. Then when the need for air overcame Austin and Ally, they unfortunatley had to stop kissing so they both let go of each other's lips but their faces had a million watt smile on it.

"I guess this is a little silly considering you obviously read my letter though I guess I wasn't really that subtle about concealing my identity. But I'm going to say it anyway, Allyson Laura Dawson, you are the girl I defintely dreamed of falling in love with; you're sweet, caring, down to earth, family and friend oriented, easy to talk to and be around.

Someone I can have long talks with about the most random stuff and still have things left over to talk about, adorabley dorky and not caring what others have to say about you and someone I can hang out doing anything from cloudwatching (which is an actiivty that you make funnier then it should be) to watching scary movies and still have a blast.

What more can I say but I love you Miss Allyson Dawson very very very very much" Austin said as he took Ally's hand in his and made an Austin-Ally hand sandwiches and gazed deeply into her eyes to show her that what he was saying came straight from his heart and he meant every word of it. Then to put that beautiful smile back on her face he made a small joke complete with arms open as wide as he could.

Ally was so touched that she launched herself into Austin's arms knocking them both over the chairs so they eneded up on the floor but Austin didn't mind as it also meant that he had Ally in his arms, the perfect place for her to be, and she was raining kisses on his lips in between exclaims of "I love you Austin Monn!" which made the situation even better.

"I... I do love your kisses and hopefully I will do and say more to deserve more of your addictive kisses but first I want to get some business out of the way. Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend? Also clear your schedule for Friday cause I am planning something special for us to do together." Austin said in between kisses which was hard cause with every kiss, his mind wandered to his happy place.

Before Ally could respond, Trish could be heard yelling at Ally to get her butt back downstairs cause she's done working alone. Ally just smiled, got up from the floor, kissed Austin on the cheek and walked out the door with a wave, wink and a "talk to you later sweetie". Austin laid on the floor grining like the Chesire Cat, he couldn't believe that one of his #1 dreams had come true. If he was dreaming don't wake him up cause he loved this dream and never wanted it to end. Who knew sending annoymous love letters would bring him true love?

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