July 18, 2012

Operation Raura

Ok first of all I love Ross and Laura even when they absolutely drive me and the people around them crazy with their denial with feelings that are so obviously right in front of them. Even though we aren't biologically related, I consider them as my younger brother and sister, we can talk about anything under the sun, I can be myself 100% around them and whatever we do,whether others think it's cool or not, we have a blast laughing, joking around and even when we don't talk, we are still having fun.

It didn't take long for Ross, Laura,Calum and me to become best friends after we meet at the first "Austin&Ally" table read. When I met all three I instantly felt a connection to each one, Calum,Ross,Laura and I become the type of friends who can tease each other mercilessly and still smile afterward cause nothing that is being said is taken seriously, like typical brothers\sisters.

I know that whatever boys take interest in me, they will have Ross and Calum to deal with as they would be protective and critical of the boys' intentions towards me and like my parents would want to make sure I was being treated the way I deserved before giving their blessings. Whereas with Laura, she's my confident, one of my best girlfirends, the person who I can squeal,gush and go all fangirly about girlie stuff like make-up, clothes and love that Ross and Calum pretend not to know much about, though we all know they are romantics at heart.

Speaking of romantics at heart, Calum and Ross may not want to admit it but they will watch any girlie flicks Laura and I want to watch with minimum fuss, I think they only fuss to ensure their manhood stays intact but there have been many nights where Laura and I have looked over to find two teary-eyed, happily ever after-endings-happily-sighing boys curled up with their blankets while watching chick flicks.

When Laura and I see the boys showing off their softer, romantic and sweeter side, of course we have to let the boys know, that like all girls, we love it when guys aren't afraid to be considered "weak" or "girlie" by their peers by not apearing "manly" or "strong". We do that by passing them tissues, giving them hugs and in Ross's case he gets snuggles and a kiss on the check from Laura which both Ross and Calum seem to like cause they hug back or in Ross's case gets a lovesick look on his face, sighs happily and snuggles closer.

I know that Laura and I would love a romantic, sweet, caring, down to earth, easy to talk to and be around, loving, protective kind of guy as our boyfriends , I mean what girl wouldn't want a guy like that as her sweetie? I know we have all dreamed about finding our Prince Charmings since we were little girls. Laura is one step closer to finding her Prince then I am cause like I said before Calum is like my brother even if he's a sweetheart and any girl would be lucky to have him as their boyfriend.

Like I said, Laura is one step closer to finding her dream guy, though she's got to take the first step towards getting her man cause honey you've already won Ross's heart, like say a year ago at the first A&A table reading when your eyes met and sparks flew, according to Laura's gushing like mad to me over the phone for 10 minutes the night they met and Ross's lovesick, staring-endlessly-at-Laura-no-matter-how-many-times-Calum-me-kicked-him attitude all day.

Since beginning of the show, it has been obvious that we have a love story on screen and off screen, it is so obvious from the first episode that "Austin" and "Ally" have more then best friend feelings for each other but it might take them both awhile to admit it to their own hearts let alone each other for risk of losing their close,deep friendship. Hey that is the same deal with Ross and Laura, who knew fiction could relate so much to real life?

Like their characters, Ross and Laura seem to have been made for each other, two people made from one single cloth. I mean both are complete lovable dorks, in an "I love you both dearly cause you two are my best friends" kind of way, that is guaranteed to make you smile and find endearing cause it's a part of what makes Ross and Laura tick. Music is a big part of both of their lives, if they could do any profession for a life career it would be music.

Calum and I have had the prvillage of being able to listen to R5 and Laura's newest masterpieces that from the first note makes your heart want to sing and your limbs start to tap to the beat. Thanks to mommy and daddy Lynch and Marano, Laura and Ross are down to earth, they went into both an acting and musical careers because they love to entertain people, want the viewers to learn life lessons like reach for the stars while following your dreams and you can achieve anything you want and want to use their fame to make the world a better place for their generation and possible the next.

Lastly Ross and Laura are sweet, kind, family and best friends are #1 priorities in their lives. They would do anything for someone they care about whether it is being a listening ear to hear someone rant and rave about their problems, a comforting shoulder in times of trials and tribulations , someone who gives good advice on how to fix problems and lends a helping hand on fixing the problem and finally someone who will do whatever they can to make you feel like you are worth something to this world, like you are a VIP in their eyes.

Plus Ross and Laura have this adorable yet kind of annoying habit of making pretty much everything they say or do seem like they are not so sutbley flirting. There is so many moments that never saw the camera, well the big television camera, where Ross seems to have forgotten the whole personal space thing cause he seems to love standing and sitting really close to Laura, like squished beside her no matter where they are.

Though Laura doesn't seem to mind,she seems to always be looking for Ross around the studio and making up excuses to spend some time with him, like "having trouble learning her lines" or just "walking past his dressingroom and decided to see if he was busy", like he could ever be busy for his Laura.

Ross and Laura flirt whenever it is possible whether in between takes, during scenes and while we are hanging out together, alone or with their families, whether it is having a snapping towel fight instead of doing the dishes complete with water fight or having an intimate conversation where Laura put her legs in Ross's lap and his hand very close to holding her hand and if someone walks into their conversation, they jump away to the ends of the couch blushing like crazy. Aww that is so cute, you guys actually think you guys can hide your obvious chemstry, um nope.

So one day when Ross and Laura were taking their sweet time to get to the lunchroom and Calum and I were sitting down at the table; "Oh great, Romeo and Juliet haven't arrived yet. They are probably hogging up the hallways with their flirting,banter and being all lovey dovey that makes every guest star that has been on the show so far think they are a couple already and are surprised that they aren't.

Those two are so utterly oblivious to the fact that they are perfect for each other, I wish we could tape their special moments and show them to Ross and Laura to show them what the world sees everyday and hopefully get them to confess their love and get together already" Calum said out of the blue as he and I sat at our usual table thinking of topics that we haven't already talked about.

"Calum Worthy, you are a genius. Instead of lamenting how Ross and Laura are the couple we all wish we had in our own lives but are oblivious to their true feelings for each other. We should band together with Rydel, Riker,Ryland, Rocky and Nessa to come up with plans that will finally get Ross and Laura together and prove they aren't just best friends but that there is something more between them like love." I said in an excited voice as a fool-proof plan to help my two best friends figure out they're in love came to my mind.

"I know I am. I surprise myself how smart I can be at times. But dang it girl you have the best idea, I'm sure that R4 and Nessa would be more then willing to help us out with their obvlious but madly in love younger siblings if we ask them. We should text them to see when we can all get together for a meeting." Calum mocked bragged then got a giddy smile on his face as he pulled out his phone to have his fingers fly over the keyboard to text their friends.

The meeting took place a few days later at the Marano's house, Mrs Marano was adorable, like mother like younger daughter, she actually made up little snack trays of her famous nacho dip and homemade chocolate chip cookies all gooey and melty fresh from the oven and freshly squeezed orange juice. After she left us alone in the basement, promising that she and Mr Marano wouldn't bother our adorable little meeting.

"Ok the first but hopefully not the last Operation Raura, we can think of a better name later. We all know why we are all here, because we love Ross and Laura and want to help them admit their love, that what they have together is more then just being best friends and get them together as the couple we all know they want to be.

We have proof of their love that could make any girl and guy who is a hopless romantic but may be too shy to admit it but our darling siblings will only deny our obvious evidence of their flirtiness by saying the usually speal of them being "just friends". We need to think of a plan to prove once and for all to both Ross and Laura that they are made for each other with no wiggle room." Vanessa said with all the rambling of "Ally" as her hands flew as she talked.

"Nessa is right. We have so much moments of Rossy and Laur being all cutsey, madly in love, and increasingly flirty to last us a lifetime but since both our loving siblings\besties are in the denial stage and want to pretend that they aren't one of the cutest couples ever, we have to hit them hard with something that will make them want to yell: "hello true feelings, welcome to the light. Now I must do something about my feelings before something or someone comes along to prevent my dreams from coming true" Ricker said as he scooped up some of the yummy nacho dip.

"Ok this is going to sound realy cliche and kind of stupid but I'm just going to say it. I think we should pretend to organize another family\bestie get together like what we did at the movie and Raini's Birthday party but at a fancy restaurant this time. Then we "conviently" leave them alone cause "something" came up but we hide somewhere in the restaurant to observe our matchmaking at work.

Hopefully once Ross and Laura see that they are alone in a romantic, cozy situation, they will talk, flirt like crazy and become comfy with each other to admit some feelings, hopefully. " Rydel put out there as she twiddled her thumbs not sure if anyone would love her idea.

"Ry, that is better then any idea we ever had like locking Ross and Laura in a closet until they admit their love or scaring them with a pretend home evasion or something along those lines. Another good idea is us "helping" Ross pour out his love in a song that we say is for the R5 but really we would make Ross sing it solo right to Laura because he wants to "prac tice" it before the show. I think we should try some of these ideas" Ricker commented as he high fived Rydel at her brillant sweet idea so her smile re-appeared on her face.

"I love Rylie's suggestion about luring Laura to "listen" to one of Ross's songs cause we all know he has written many love songs about his love for Laura and it would be so much easier for us and Ross if he was able to sing one of his heartwarming -heart poured- out songs that is guaranteed to melt Laura's heart instantly and tell her without words of his love for her and get both Ross and Laura their own happily ever after.

I think we should try that idea before we try anything else cause it seems the sweetest idea. And if it doesn't work, we have other options" Ryland said with a mouth full of nacho dip before swallowing quickly when his brothers gave him a look to finish what was in his mouth before speaking like their mom taught them which he did with an apologetic look.

"Ok so this meeting is going better then I thought; we have two wonderful,romantic, sweet ideas of how to get Ross and Laura to admit their love that will make every romance movie and novelist proud. Now we need to figure out the major details of how to put these plans to work cause I'm know we all haven't been the subtliest people when it came to our feelings about Ross and Laura as a couple.

So i think Ross and Laura already know we are trying to set them up for months now. Oh well as long as Ross and Laura keep making it easy for us to matchmake them it's no skin off our noses, it just makes our jobs easier. Now we need to wrap things up cause I hear the lovebirds upstairs." I commented as I was sitting cross legged on the floor as Vanessa french braided my hair.

Everyone nodded their heads as they also heard Ross and Laura upstairs talking to Mrs Marano so when the two of them came downstairs, well pretended to be just hanging out, you know watching TV, the boys playing cards and the girls doing each other's hair and nails. Anything to look as non-chalant as we could without letting Ross and Laura know what we had been talking about before they came, we wanted our plan to work with the element of surprise.

Well life interfered in the right way for us when Laura commented: "I feel bad that we haven't been able to hang out as much as we all want to lately because of work and family onligations so why don't we all do something tonight like get take-out and stay in listening to music, talking,singing karaoke and talk."

We decided to have Swis Chalet take-out, no fans to worry about or the paps, so while Rocky ordered the food, we all picked out a movie from the Marano family library which ranged from romance comedies to horror and got ourselves ready for a night of fun that will last far into the night so we all drove home to get clothes for the night.

Things got a little ackward when the delivery guy came and he turned out to be a neighbour of Calum's Riley, who seems to always show up when we are all hanging out and flirts with all the girls especially Laura which always gets him the cold shoulder, evil eye and butting in from Ross at every moment. Please let him take his money and go away. No such luck, poo.

Also when Riley or any guy flirts with Laura, they see the green eyed monster come out in true fashion aka Ross. His mouth becomes a tight wire with his teeth clentched (I'm surprised they don't shatter in his mouth at the pressure),hands clentch to his side until they are white and his whole body on edge, ready to defend his lady's honor and get the guy to get away from Laura or he will have Ross to deal with. Ross may seem like a teddy bear but threaten anyone he loves and the beast comes out fighting tooth and nail.

No guy can flirt with Laura except for Ross. He is the only one who can be inside Laura's personal space, flirt endlessly, do the sweet, romantic and caring things that girls love to read and see on every romance novel\movie because Laura seems to throughly enjoy all the attention and romantic gestures Ross gives her cause she loves him too and shows her love through her own flirting and romantic sweet gestures, this is coming from a woman who has observed this happening for a year now.

"Hey ladies. Now the party can really start cause the Riley Man is here. So let me get rid of this food, pump up the tunes and my flirting and get this party started before one of these lamoes (meaning the other boys) pulls out their lame moves and makes this party a bore." Riley said in the cocky, really annoying, immature voice and way that all of us girls hate and wish we could get rid of his and his sliminess that seems to ooze out of him whenever he is near.

How does he not know how diguested us girls think he is, he is the guy that not one of us likes or even would consider dating, he is the anti-guy we are all looking for. Plus what girl would like a guy who disses her bestest guy friends or brothers? I mean if you don't respect the most important guys in our lives then why would you treat us with respect? Riley is just slime and I can't believe we are stuck with him.

When he got handsy with Laura, she pushed him away as gently but firmly as she could and said: ""Um actually we weren't really going to have a party just best friends and siblings hanging out on a Friday night at home with movies, laughter, some singing and lots of chit-chat that you wouldn't be interested in so you should just go home now. So bye bye and thanks for bringing us dinner." while ushering him to the door with "get out now" mental chanting praying he got the hint.

While gesturing towards the boys who were taking down plates, cups and cutlery for our dinner: "Let me guess, little miss homemakers over there thought of this lame night. I won't leave this house so you ladies (with a cheesy wink at all the ladies like he was Mr Macho) can have some fun tonight with Mr Fun-Time right here. Cause without me there would be no fun or party, I'm the life of the party and make your lives more memorable for one night."

(Gags) Oh brother. Keep telling yourself how "special", "one of a kind" "fun to be around" you are cause you aren't fooling anyone with your act of "coolness" and arrogrance. We know you aren't cool and you know deep down you're not all that or a ladies man so drop the act and you might just be a good guy that people will want to be around for more then 5 minutes.

Riley actually tried to walk down to the basement without any invitation from anyone arm still around Laura as he continued to brag about his many made up accomplishments. "Um Riley, we were kind of hoping to have a quiet evening so you should just go home now before you become bored out of your mind. Plus as Laura has shown for the last few months, she doesn't like you being all up in her business flirting with her all the time and touching all over her. So if you stay with everyone's permission of course, could you please stop that? " Ross said while trying to hold in his temper though he showed signs of slowly losing his temper.

Riley just laughed and said: "Whatever dude. You just don't want to admit that I'm more of a man then you which means I have a better chance at getting the ladies (wags his eyebrows at Laura what was suppose to be seductive but failed miserabley). Only little boys do what you do; actually listen to what chicks are saying and talk to them as if they have thoughts and opinions that would be considered intelligent because there are better things to do with their lips (winks suggestively).

Also a little boy holds the girls` hand,calls them dorky and stupid names like "honey" , "sweetie" etc, actually want to be around that person for happy, fluffy reasons instead of the right, manly wants reasons and acts like an idiot, childish, and loser around the brood. And you Ross Lynch are a little boy, a wimp, a loser and a wannbe man so you better step off and let a real man work his magic on your little sweetie``

That`s my girl as we all watched Riley trying to put his arm around Laura's waist , she pushed him away with a snarky tone:``I am speaking for all the ladies in this room and the world when I say that you are not the definition of a real man, you are immature, insecure and a wannabe man with your faux manly attitude, cheesy pick-up lines and out of date thinking about the opposite gender.

The romantic, sweet,caring, deep acts you described as being ``little boyish`` are some of the qualities and attitudes I expect in my dream guy and you little man are definetly not him. So I`m going to ask you again; please leave right now so we can enjoy our night. There`s the door whenever you are ready to go home`

I guess Riley didn`t like the fact that Ms Laura seems innocent and a pushover on the outside which is true but push comes to shove and she has a backbone and can be quite fiesty. "Whatever toots, you don`t know what you are missing out on. But if you want a little boy then a man then it`s your choice. Me being here is making your guys' existence and pathetic life even better but since I was just insulted I will be leaving. Have fun at your pathetic party. See you later losers``.

After Riley stomps off like the big baby he is, we all shurgged off his visit and went on getting our special night ready. I saw Laura going over to Ross and giving him one warm 4 minute hug which I know Ross throughly enjoyed, his face was washed with bliss and love and I think his foot even popped a bit, complete with a kiss on the check.

`I just want to say thanks for standing up for me to that jerk, you are always so sweet,caring and understanding towards me. Any girl would love to have a guy in their lives who will actually listen to them and have long and deep conversations that never loses topics to talk about.

He also does the sweetest, kindest and carest things to make them feel extra special and feel loved and treats them like an equal. Good thing I have got you in my life. Defiently lucky me." Then Laura sauntered off with a wink and flirtatious wave which made Ross collapse onto the counter with a hand to his chest like his heart stopped beating for a second and his breath left him.

Once Ross regained his breath, he walked after Laura catching her as she started to walk towards the basement, took her hand and asked her to meet him outside for a surprise. I wonder what surprise Romeo has in store for his Juliet, please let it be romantic and have him confess his love for Laura. She agreed without any hesitation, now to pull her aside to make her look beautiful for her man.

After the girls grouped together and made Laura beautiful, though to be fair she has the natural beauty that makes whatever she wears look fashionable and pretty on her, I`m jealous of her for that factor. We all decided to put Laura into a sunshine yellow sundress with a light pink cardigan cause it got a little cooler at night with short high heels in case there is kissing involved, Ross and Laura`s height difference should decrease a little bit so Ross won`t have to lean down so far to kiss Laura, not that he doesn;t find their height difference cute.

We were such peepers as we all gathered by the great bay window looking out at the romantic moment happening outside. Ross lead Laura to the chair he had set out for her after picking his chin up off the floor when Laura glided into the backyard, score one of the girls we did an amazing job on her outift.

``Ok so I`m going to sing you a song that I`ve been working on for the past year and since I will be pouring out my heart to you the only rule is no talking as I sing and then I have a speech prepared (holds up a small stack of cue cards) so still no talking. Kay?" Ross said as he wrung his hands in total nervousness and slightly stuttered. Deep breaths bud and you'll be fine.

When Laura nodded, Ross took another deep breath for courage, picked up his guitar and began to play a soft, romantic tune. Ohh I remember Ryland talking about highjacking her brother's songbook and reading all the lovesongs he has written about Laura, to his credit they seem so romantic, sweet and from the heart (Ally Dawson would be so proud of her Austin).

(Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are" -don't own so don't sue)

As we all watched from the window we could clearly see Laura's heart melting like ice cream on a hot summer day, her hand was on her chest as her heart raced like 20 beats per minute and her forcing herself to sit on the chair and not fling herself into Ross's arms to show him how much she is loving his love confession like with tons of tight hugs and the raining of kisses over his face.

As he sang, Ross's eyes never left Laura's face, though that really isn't a stretch cause that is a normal occurance with Ross and Laura. They seem to love staring with their love shining in their eyes whenever they can get away with it though technically they never truly get away with anything cause Team Raura is always watching to see what moments we can see.

Don't worry buddy, you are doing a wonderfully sweet job at expressing your love, your friends and siblings are proud of you that you are finally taking the intiutive at telling Laura you love her instead of just showing it in less then subtle ways. Just keep your eyes on Laura and keep taking deep breaths and you'll be able to get through this song without fainting.

When the last note faded out, Ross looked like a nervous little boy, he was alternating his gaze between Laura's face anxiously waiting for a response to his beautiful song and looking down at his shoes ,probably praying he's not dreaming and that Laura will get his message of love and say she loves him too so they can have their happily ever after. Romeo didn't have to wait long for his lady's response.

Laura's hands that had previously been over her mouth while her eyes teared up at the romantic, sweet and tender words that Ross had spilled out of his heart to her, were soon around Ross's neck as she flung herself out of the chair with so much force that it knocked the chair down and at Ross,knocking him off balance for a second.

I so called it, just call me Cupid's Helper, as Laura's arms went around Ross's neck instantly and pressed her lips onto his. Way to go girl, your man took the first move in admiting his feelings but you took the initutive and kissed him first. Ohh I spy some very serious kissing action going on in the backyard, no tonsil action guys.

it was like a scene from a movie, Ross's arms were wrapped pretty tightly around Laura's waist,like he was afraid she would melt from his arms (well she is melting but it doesn't mean she will ever leave those arms so I have a feelings we will have to pry them apart in a little bit). Laura's arms were around his neck and they were making up for lost time of all the times they weren't able to kiss but really really wanted to kiss. Ross and Laura have wanted to kiss for a year now so this is pent up wanting to kiss unleashed.

After what seemed like forever, not that we cared cause we had been waiting for Ross ahd Laura to kiss almost as long as they have so we were all thrilled I'm actually surprised they didn't hear our cheers, hoots, loud high fives and celebrating even if we were still inside, they broke apart. Laura burrowed her face into Ross's neck for a moment before pulling back to finally say something beyond kissing, not that Ross cared.

"That was one of the sweetest things ever. it blew away every sweet, romantic and heartwarming moment I could ever read or think about. Ross Lynch, I have been falling for you since the day we met, I never believed in love at first sight but you proved me wrong. I have been falling more in love with you each time we are around each other and I don't see that ever changing, stregthening defiently but not diminishing. My last sentence before we resume this lovely act of making up for lost time is I am hopelessly in love with you Ross Shor Lynch."

Sorry guys, we love you guys and we know that you guys would love the chance to continue to kiss and express your affection openly now that the "secret" is out but before some more kissing, there is something we have to say and do (pauses for a dramatic second). Yeah!!!!!!!!! Finally, it's about time! We have been rooting, shipping and matchmaking you two this entire time. Huggie Time!" I said with some seriousness and playful tones.

Then we all group huggied them aka squished Ross and Laura in the middle of a giant group hug right there in the backyard complete with girlie squeals, exclaimations of joy and congradulatory words. Wow the first night of Team Raura and we already have a success, we are really really good at playing matchmakers. Now who is the next oblivious couple we can get together?


















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