May 19, 2011

Big Baby Meets Reality

Ok so I knew that some people, unfortunately, are manipulative, mean, vindictive, selfish and have the mind set of "I'm entitled to lots of praise and attention cause I'm famous" but what happened tonight takes the cake on how people's personality makes me wonder what was happening with humankind.

I was super excited for May 16 cause it was a special night; Sterling and I were both in the animated movie called "Sleeping Ugly" and for the premiere we were bringing along our own little princesses Kayleigh and Sonny. The movie was another version of "Sleeping Beauty" but this time the main character may "not physically appealing" to others but she had a kind heart, good, sweet nature, a lover of people and animals, even if the person isn't kind or nice back to her, which makes her "beautiful" to the Prince who stumbles upon her fast asleep under a spell along with a witch and a beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside princess. It ends with the "Plain Jane" lady marries the Prince and they love happily ever after.

I know that Sterling and mine's fans were surprised that both of us had gone back to doing family\kids movies after leaving "Sonny with a Chance" years ago but watching the old episodes with the girls made us remember how fun it was doing comedies, making the audience burst a gut with laughter and making people smile. Although Sterling and I had done other comedy movies and TV shows as well as drama shows and movies, which don't get me wrong was fun, I enjoyed working with my co-stars very much and had made many new friends and it really excerised my acting chops, I learned how to cry on cue and to research my characters' problems, such as playing a women who found out that her newlywed husband has two mistresses on the side, one who was pregnant with his child and the other one having two of his children already ( I know that will never happen in real life cause I know in my heart of heart that Sterling and I have a strong marriage based on trust, true love, communcation and a strong foundation of being best friends before becoming husband and wife).

This way I become my characters, know what they would be feeling in certain situations and how they would react to the drama in their lives so I can react appropriately and so the audience feels like it's really me going through the drama and from my acting they are pulled into the storyline so that they will come back each week to watch what happens next. I do like doing dramas (life isn't always a fun thing filled with laughter and fun times) but from what my friends, family and fans, i'm better in comedies. My friends say that I have a knack for making others laugh whether I make funny faces or make quirps that is guaranteed to make someone laugh so I should do more comedies.

When my agent showed me the script I read it and soon became hooked to the story, it teaches children that beauty is only skin deep and in the eye of the beholder. If you are "beautiful" inside with a wonderful personality (sweet, kind, caring and nice to everyone they met and are genuine and down to earth) then it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside cause there will always be someone who can look beyond the surface and fall in love with you because of it. As a mother I knew that I did this project to make a good example for my daughters plus as I said before, the story drew me in.

I loved the project even more once I found out that my very own Prince Charming was going to play the Prince in the story and my very own love interest in the movie. Hmm the producer made a good choice casting Sterling as my love interest cause he is defiently my own Prince Charming who i know loves every inch of me, he actually researched "bi-polar disorder" when I was first diagnosed so that he could possibly understand what I was going through and so he could find ways that he could help me live a normal, healthy life and not have so many maniac episodes, how sweet is he for doing that cause to me that is one of the sweetest things he has ever done for me and he has done a lot of sweet, caring and romantic things for me during the time we were dating and during our marriage.

Even though I know from what people have told me and from looking in the mirror, I'm not vain but even I can see that I'm not exactly hideous, I think I'm pretty attractive,Sterling not only tells me that I'm beautiful on the outside but also how I am a one of a kind, down to earth, sweet, genuine, kind, caring gorgeous on the inside young women he could ever met and have the privilage of falling in love with.

He is always telling me that God made me extra special, an angel on Earth to show people that being yourself 100% of the time, never letting go of your dreams and never letting anyone tell you what you can and can't do, and that God made me just for him to be his soulmate and the women of his dreams. How sweet is he for saying that? Just what a women wants to hear; that her husband thinks she's a gift from God and an angel on Earth to boost her self-esteem and feel loved.

Memories of working side by side with Sterling and how much fun we had shooting our scenes, learning our lines, being all lovey-dovey, flirting and being all in love (both in real life and on screen) during the 2 seasons of SWAC came back to me though I will never forget the wonderful memories of filming and hanging out backstage and in front of the camera Sterling and I had with our best friends\co-stars\honary family members for as long as I live, those memories have been grained into my brain where i keep all the memories that Sterling and I have built up from being together, as best friends, girlfriend-boyfriend,husband and wife and mommy and daddy over the years as well as memories of rasing two inquistive, funny, adventurous, sweeties of little girls.

I throughly enjoyed working on the "Sleeping Ugly" movie, the other actors were nice and we all had a few laughs but man was Sterling and I really tired at the end of the day, even more then when we had to be on set for 6 am and stay there for about 8 hours before coming home and having two little rambuncious, eager to play with mommy and daddy, little girls who practically pull our arms out of our sockets eager to play with mommy and daddy since they had been busy all day and hadn't had the chance to play with their two little angels all day and plus Sonny and Kayleigh are on the edge of their seats bursting to tell Sterling and me about their many adventures and new experiences at Preschool and Junior Kindergarten for that day.

Then there was the matter of having some kind of food before it was the girls' bed-time routine of baths, getting them dressed for bed (Sonny more then Kayleigh), teeth brushed (again Sonny needs more help then her sister cause Sonny likes to flick toohpaste onto the mirror as she brushes and doesn't quite have the skill to reach every inch of her teeth, she pretty much just puts the brush inside her mouth and goes from side to side once then she's "done"), storytime is next which usually is either a fairtytale or a "mommy-daddy-tale", mostly stories of Sterling and I when we were either dating or being " all goofy" about how much in love we were with each other, according to Kayleigh. Then after lots of hugs, kisses and having to go into Kayleigh's room to remind Sonny that she wasn't sleeping in her sister's bed tonight, no matter how much she wanted to and to shoo her into her own bed, Sterling and I would climb into our bed, too tired most nights to even have our nightly talks about what's new in our lives and talk about any struggles we had to talk about to see if the other person could come up with suggestons on how to fix it. So we would end up just snuggling down after a goodnight kiss, cause I found since marrying Sterling i have a hard time getting to sleep without one of his loving, sweet, soft like a cloud goodnight kisses.

Kayleigh and Sonny enjoyed going on set with Sterling and me on our TV shows, I know that it wasn't exactly the funniest place to be when you're 3 & 4 years old and none of the other actors didn't have children and had no idea how to act around children, my co-stars had confided in me that they feel uncomfortable being around Kayleigh and Sonny so could I maybe find other arrangements for them during the day and if I couldn't find any other arrangements then Kay and Sonny could come on set but they had to stay in my dressingroom with lots of toys and movies to keep them company. It would be better for everyone, the girls wouldn't be in the way and the cast wouldn't be tripping over them and the girls would have fun besides sititng in my director's chair bored out of their minds.

But going to a set for a movie that is designed for children was a lot funnnier for both of the girls, the cast was more laid-back, child-likeable or at least with cast that is linked into their inner child, and would actually play with the girls in between voice taping whether it was rough-housing with Sonny and playing dress-up with Kayleigh, them dressing up with their costumes and Kay with her bestest "Princessy" clothing.

Kayleigh and Sonny were actually asked to watch some scenes and asked to rate from a scale of 1-10 how good they thought they were and their comments were taken into consideration for the final cut. It made the girls feel "grown-up" that adults were asking their opinions and not treating them like "stupid" kids that shouldn't be seen or heard.

Kayleigh and Sonny are just like other children; they love to spend anytime they can with Sterling and I, no matter if it's only a couple of minutes (you know a kiss and a hug and then bye kind of thing). They actually wake us up by jumping on our beds and exclaiming that it was time to play and they actually hang onto our legs, sitting on our feet so that we carry them around the house while we are getting ready just so we don't forget that they want us to play with them, don't worry sweeties daddy and I will never forget to spend time with our two special angels.

We love hanging out with our babies, it makes our busy and sometimes stressful days complete and it brings joy and laughter to both Sterling and mine's days. Sometimes I have to promise myself that i will spend more time with Kay and Sonny the next day cause that day I barely had time to kiss the girls goodnight before it was time for them to go to bed or had missed their sleepy-time routine so that both girls were fast asleep in dreamland before I get home from the set before I can fall asleep.

When the movie had left production and was going into theatres I was very proud to say that this was one of the best projects I have done, it was entertaining to children and it taught then a life lesson of "Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover" with no violence and swear words which of course all parents enjoy as it's a movie that the whole family can sit down and watch without having to worry about the movie being not inappropriate for children. I had a good feeling that the movie would be a great success with the families that watches it and I also know that Sterling feel the exact same way about "our" movie, 1) cause I know that he loves making a difference in our fans' lives and if he can influence someone to be the best person they can be then he's happy and 2)he loves making people laugh by being his silly, dorky self that I fell in love with.

The night of the premiere was kind of busy, not only did Sterling and I have to get ourselves dressed and beautified but the girls as well.Though Sterling doesn't need to do anything in order to be handsome, he is handsome even when he's in his pj pants and a ratty old t-shirt with his hair mused, can you tell I'm a women who is madly in love with her husband?. I also find him really attractive when he's playing the role he was born to play with ; a "loving, suburban daddy" and "loving supportive husband".

I love watching Sterling playing with Kayleigh and Sonny, either dressing up in Kay's dress clothes drinking pretend tea and cookies with Kay or having a pillow fight with both Sonny and Kayleigh who gang up on him with their frilly, pink pillows and he pretends that they have backed him into a corner so he is yelling for reinforcements aka me so that he will have a partner in crime in this playful fight.

Seeing Sterling with the girls makes me smile really huge, like from ear to ear, my heart feels lighter like it will burst from my chest any moment cause it's beating so fast and grows even bigger when I see the 3 people that I love with all my heart interacting cause Sterling and the girls are so adorable together, it's clear that Kay and Sonny love their daddy so much, they are most defiently daddy's girls as their little faces lighten up , their smiles grow from ear to ear with face spliting smiles and they throw themselves at him and cling to him when Sterling enters the room. I could stare at Sterling and the girls interacting all day long and never get tired of it.

After a nice long bubble bath with both girls sharing the bath complete with their bath toys of their Barbies being mermaids and exploring some underwater place with their trusting plastic squeezing whale and dolphin toys and of course the ever popular childish game of "Let's see how much water we can splash out onto the floor" which I stopped immediately cause I didn't feel like mopping up puddles of water on the bathroom floor. Unfortunatley as the little mermaids played in their ever so fun imagination, mommy mermaid had to wash their wavy light brown hair till it practically squeeked with cleaness and looked so soft that even the toughest person couldn't resist touching the girls' hair cause it looked so darn soft and begged to be touched then it was time to wash every inch of their ivory, delicate skin until it was so soft that when you held them all you could breathe in is the scent of baby Dove soap and their baby shampoo.

Then Sterling and I tag teamed by drying one of the girls, then helping them get into their pretty dresses, Kayleigh is a pale pink, polka dotted sleeveless sundress with pale pink Mary-Jane shoes and Sonny in a yellow,paisley sleeveless sundress with pale yellow ballerina flats. Sonny was a little hesitant to wear a dress cause she says that it made her look like a girl which Sterling gently told her that she was a girl so it didn't matter. Then it was time for some serious hair brushing, both girls' hair was a bit matted from toweling it dry and while Kay would sit down patiently and loved having her hair brushed and put into different styles not Sonny, touch her sculp and she jumps like we had hit a tangle and don't get me started if we actually hit a tangle, Sonny starts whinning that we are hurting her as she holds her head and starts to cry a little.

Sterling and I try our hardest to be gentle and get the tangles out through detangling sprays and holding the hair by the scalp so that the comb doesn't pull on the hair as we comb slowly down the hair shaft cause it brings tears to our eyes when we hear Sonny start to cry even though we know that we have to get the tanlges out so they don't get worse as the day\night goes on cause if the tangles get worse then there will be more tears. Sterling and I don't ever want to be the cause of one of our loved ones' tears cause their tears go straight to our heart and tears it piece by piece until we ourselves are close to tears.

After tears were dried up by hugs and kisses, the girls looked absolutely adorable in their outfits, it was time for Sterling and I to get ready. I had my very own fashion consultants aka the girls helping me to pick out my own outfit from the many dresses I have, there was no famous fashion designer that most people in my situation of going to a movie premiere would go to see so that they look like a million dollars in outfits that will have everyone drool over and want to spend a pretty penny to have, it was just the selection of the dresses i had in order to look like a million dollars.

The girls decided that mommy would be best if she dressed in a pale blue, not as pale as my sweeties' eyes but it was pretty darn close, striped sundress with a pale blue ribbon around my waist and sky blue sling back strapped sandels and hair lightly curled into waves dancing around my shoulders. The only jewelry I wore was my wedding rings, or course as they are my favorite piece of jewelry that I never take off except for sleeping, cooking and bathing of course, and a thin chain with my heart lock pendant on it that Sterling gave me to symbolize that I had the key to his heart just like he has the key to mine.

And from my husband's constant "huba-hubas" and wolf whistles after every outfit selection I think the girls did a wonderful job helping me find something to wear, my Sterling couldn't take his eyes off me though since we had gottten together he has always had a problem keeping his eyes off me just like I had a problem keeping mine off him. Knowing that when i'm in the room Sterling's focus never wavers from me even if the most beautiful woman are in the room veying for his attention, I will always be the only women he will focus on and think "Man is she gorgeous!" is good for my self esteem.

I have to say that Sterling looked mighty handsome in his baby blue dress shirt and midnight blue dress pants with his pale pink tie, he didn't even look "gay" in a pink tie, pink suited him. His hair done over in a messy do so that he looked like he had just woken up from his nightly cuddle time witn both girls. All in all I have to say that we made a wonderfullly beautiful family in our dress clothes, picture time before we go to the premiere even if Sonny and Kay groan over another one of mommy's million picture taking for one event that makes the girls have to stay in one pose for a long time, ok so for the record I don't make them stay still for that long, it just seems long cause they are kids who don't like to stay in one spot for very long but hey i love having pictures of important memories in my family's life cause I know that no matter how much Sterling and I want Kay and Sonny to stay this small, adorable, and innocent, it ain't happening and I want the girls to have pictures to remember their childhood memories with.

The ride to the event was filled with fun times, singing really loudly to a "Barney" CD complete with dancing in our seats with hand actions that probably made us look pretty silly to the other drivers but oh well, we are a family who isn't afriad to have fun and act silly in public, we were having fun and that's it. If I had known what awaited me at the awards show I would have waited for the movie to come out onto video to watch with my angels' in our PJs all comfy in our surroundings.

It started off with my name being called which I turned to see who was calling me cause I thought it was one of my co-stars, only to find Joe Jonas, one of my ex-boyfriends and even worse ex-best friend leering at me with some really slutty dressed women with a permanent sneer on her face. Um ew, does he not know that I'm a happily married women with children? What gives him the right to look at me like I'm a frigging ice cream cone he wants to devour? He lost that right, not that he ever had that right, when he dumped me for someone who obviously only wanted what his money and fame could bring her and dumped him soon after getting all that she wanted from him.

D: "Hi Joe. How are you? And what are you doing here? I never knew that you had kids. (I was trying to be nice and polite but i really didn't want to talk to him)

L: "Um Joey bear why is this horribly dressed, fat, short,no talent, ugly, mental person talking to you? Does she not know who you are? You are the hottest, coolest, most talented,famous guy in the world and this little girl isn't worthy of breathing the same air as you let alone talk to you. I have read about her, she actually had a mental breakdown so she went to the mental hospital until the doctors got sick of her so they released her and she has been making pathetic,childish CDs that only little girls' and boys' love listenning to cause their little pea brains can't handle listening to "real music".

(Um excuse me but your little "Joey bear" talked to me first so don't hate on me for starting the conversation. Secondly I didn't go to a mental hospital, I did have a breakdown but only because I have a disorder that a ,ot of people have that I had no idea I had before going to the treatment centre and it is completely controlled by handling my stress level and taking medications. Thirdly, your little girlfriend's description of you is pathetic, I can't believe that she thinks you're a God? What's the matter with her cause according to me you are just a normal guy who has minimum talent and my fans are not brainless, zombie children who don't know "real music" , they listen to my music cause they can hear that I put my heart and soul into each song cause I write my songs to inspire and touch my fans' heart and souls cause without them I wouldn't be as popular as I am. I would be nothing without them)

D: "Actually your boyfriend talked to me first and I'm gonna assume that by the leering and checking out that Joe is doing that he doesn't agree with your description of me being "ugly", "horribley dressed" and "fat". (I responded to Libby's not so subtle jabs with fake sweetness and restraining my urge to say not so nice things back at her but Sterling and I are trying to teach the girls to be civil to people they meet even if they don't like them so if I say what I wanted to what kind of example to my daughters would that be?)

J: "Um actually you are dreaming if you think I'm checking you out cause I was wondering why on earth would you go out in public with cameras in that horrible,ugly dress that looks like what a Kindergartener would wear and that frizzy, oily hair. Sweetie, did your "fame" finally die down after your immature, child-like fans grew a brain and found that the songs and the girl that they worshipped was just a little girl trying to play hard ball with the big boys aka me by writing songs that didn't have any sort of melody, rythym or a theme, it's pretty much you screeching and talking in your whinny voice that just begs to be listened to even if you have nothing interesting to say.

I tried to tell you that my brothers and I, who are wildly popular with all the girls because we not only have talent and charisma but are also drop dead gorogeous that any other guys are wildly jealous of us and want to be just like us and why not and all girls of any age fall over themselves to do our every wish and wants, why do you think I have had so many girls throw themselves at me? Cause they want some of the Jonas hunkcake and will do anything they can to get me to make them the ultimate prize; my girlfriend though one slip up like with you having some mental problems and having a mind of your own and not being a minldess zombie like my old girltoys, and it's bye bye.

I could only carry you so far before I gave up on a talentless, no personality, ugly little girl like you. I'm surprised that your little, pathetic show, I forget what it was even called it was so small and insignficant, survived 2 years on air, the fans must have been brainless to think that pile of doggy doo doo was funny. Unlike my two shows "Jonas" and "Jonas LA" which was wildly popular with the teens, they couldn't get enough of me, I don't blame them for thinking I was the most talented, handsome guys they have seen and mobbed me for inches of clothing or pieces of hair, every one wants a piece of me but there is only one Joe and baby he's a God. "

D: ( Must not laugh.Must not laugh although Joe is just as immature, snobby, vain, jerk he was when I was 18. I can't believe he actually thinks that he and his family "carried" me. I mean they might have helped me start my music carrer by Mr Jonas Sr being my manager but honey i hate to break it to you but my sheer determination, drive, spirit, sweat, tears, people who appreciate a young women who puts her heart and soul into every song she writes and every role she does and think of her as a role model for young people and God given talent is what made me popular, not you boys who think their God's gift to the world. I can't wait to read your career demise in the paper and believe me it will happen one day soon. But for now I'm going take the high road and be the adult in this situation. I'm no longer afriad to tell Mr Imature jerkward that his insults don't faze me anymore.)

"Actually my sweet, little daughters helped me pick this outfit out and my loving, supportive, trusting, down to earth, sweet, caring husband who loves me just the way I am and wouldn't change me for anything thought I looked very beautiful in this dress. I'm so glad that you guys are doing well though I still don't know what you guys are doing here. This is for families with children or at least people who like children and since you guys aren't in any of those categories, I wonder what you guys are doing here?" ( I looked at them pointedly to telepathetically say "get out of here, you're not wanted here")

J: "OMG you have brats and an actual husband. Poor Demi, she doesn't have game or feminine wiles to lead a group of men on to thinking that she "loves"" them and buy her expensive gifts so she sticks herself to the only man who will ever pay her any attention or affection and lies down with him to have snot nosed brats who are only good at making a person look good by not talking but just standing there like little dolls that you can dress up and mold into your own image.

I can't wait to met the guy who you ended up with, the 2nd best guy you will ever get cause obviously I'm the #1 choice of every women and all you had to do was be my willing slave to my every whim, demand and want and stop thinking with your own mind,living by the values and morals that your mommy and daddy taught your sisters and you as babies, to be one of my major playtoys but since you couldn't play by my Jonas games, it was bye bye to the curb. I bet he is as pathetic,weak, talentless and a loser as you are, two losers make one huge super dork. I bet your kids are butt ugly and losers like their mommy and daddy."

D: "Ok so you can call me a loser and a dork cause I stopped listening to and caring what you think of me a long time ago so whatever childish, pathetic insults you and your little "girltoy" come up with to pass the time of you wasting your life bullying others, bring it on. But don't you dare badmouth the people I love, I can't help it if I found a guy who isn't afraid of committment, expressing how he is feeling at all times whether it makes him seem "weak" or "pathetic", who isn't afraid to show emotions of love,devotion and admiration for someone other then themselves in the same amount of emotions whether we are alone or in public and someone who I know loves me for me cause they know that no one is "perfect" and doesn't try to change me into a cardboard version of their adolescent fantasies."

( Joe never got a chance to respond to my very well placed quirps about how wonderfully different Sterling is from him and that is why I love Sterling so much cuase my very own Knight in Shinning Armour, I never get tired of that joke though I think that Sterling is starting to tire of that joke and is fake laughs when someone tells it, came to my rescue.)

S: "Hey sweetheart. Everything ok? I was getting worried about you, I took the girls to their seats and when I didn't see you behind us I got worried. " (Sterling put his arm supporting and lovingly around my waist and looked pointedly at Joe and Libby daring them to say anything mean about me in front of him cause he may look sweet and innocent and half the time he is but mess with anyone he loves and he can sling quirps as well as the meanest bullies out there.)

( I could see Kay and Sonny looking at him like "Who the heck is this guy? Is he hurting our mommy cause if he is then he has to deal with us cause no one hurts our mommy" and alternating their gazes from their daddy,me, Joe and Libby trying to decide what was happening in their own private child-like world)

K: "Hi I'm Kayleigh Knight and this is my little sissy Sonny. Are you friends with my mommy? Hey you were in that movie with mommy, um Camp Rock. You are so lucky to have know my mommy cause she is the bestest mommy I know; she's nice, funny, sweet, really fun to play with, she gives great hugs and kisses and my sissy, daddy and me love when mommy sings to us cause her voice sounds like Ariel. " (Aww how sweet is my little girl saying all those things about me, i knew that she loves me but to say those things out loud to an adult makes my heart swell)

(I don't think that Joe liked hearing a little girl, my little girl, only recognized him from a movie that I was in and not for being him. So how does being overlooked as second best feel Joe? Get used to it dude cause I have a feeling that it will happen more and more as the years go on. He looked at both girls like they were tiny bugs beneath his feet.)

J: "Your mommy named you Sonny? What a stupid name! What idiot would name you after a weather report?!"

S: "That's not my real name dumb dumb, mommy and daddy named me "Allison" which is what they call me when I get in tuble which is never ( I love you honey but I know that you tend to get into trouble more then you think, it's your lovable michiviousness that guarantees that it's more then once a day) but my lovable personality made them call me "Sonny". And don't call my mommy and daddy idiots, they are not idiots, they are the bestest mommy and daddy I know. Plus calling someone an idiot is a mean thing to say to someone. Now apologize to mommy and daddy for calling them a mean name"

(This was of course was said with as much attitude as a 3 year old could have complete with little hands on her hips and a "I'm not playing with you" look on her little face. Sweetie I doubt that Joe will apologize for his rude and childish behaviour, sometimes I have a hard time remembering that he is suppose to be 3 years older then me by the words that come out of his mouth and the actions I have seen tonight, but mommy is proud of you for standing up for yourself, daddy and myself. That's my girl).

J: (rolls eyes at having be told off by a child) Whatever kid. Hey did you kids know that I used to date your mommy and she was all gooey, lovey dovey towards me just like she is with your daddy and that she was kissing me instead of your daddy who she "loves". But she was way to clingy and wanted me to return her affections whether we were in front of the cameras or in front of my friends and family and then she would pout if I pushed her away cause I obviously didn't love her back, I never even liked her more then someone who I did movies with."

( Gee thanks dude, tell my girls the ancient history of our failed relationship where I actually thought you had a sense of dignity and modesty like any other human being. Excuse me for not being afraid to show my emotions to someone whether we are alone or in front of people, I was told by my parents growing up not to be afraid to show my emotions or how much a person means to me even if I end up looking like a dork. I used to love you, or I thought I loved you but now I know it was just puppy love that disappeared as soon as I openned my heart fully to Sterling and realized with him I had found the true love I have wanted since I was a little girl. I'm so glad that I realized how much of a committment scared ,jerk, snob, selfish, vain and overall jackass you were before we got really serious so I could get on with my life and fall even more in love with Sterling then before and get on with our life together.

So thanks for showing me your true colors Joe so I can ditch any "dead weight" in my life and moved onto the life I not only dreamed about but am now living with a loving, supportive husband and two beautiful, healthy, sweeties of daughters, true, close like family friends and a career where I can be myself, act and write songs from my heart and have my talents be appreciated by loyal and true fans.)

( I don't think that Kayleigh and Sonny got the concept of mommy "dating" someone else and being all lovey dovey with anyone other then their daddy cause their faces were so confused with heads crocked and little noses wrinkled in confusion. I guess Sterling and I aren't exactly sutle or private about how much we are in love and adore each other, we have been told by other people, either our friends, family or even strangers that we still act like newelyweds all giggly, cutsey-wutsey, adolescently-lovey dovey that they can't believe we have been married 5 years and have 2 children.)

J: "Well I know what you have been up to these past few years of your pathetic life, you are on a TV show which is obviously blind and deaf to your "comedy" talent cause you aren't funny, you are actually pathetic when you are trying to be "funny", everything about your jokes and comedic skills are lame and I still can't believe that any of the fans of that show would find you funny, They must be retarded to think you're funny. You are still doing some stupid, lame and screechy songs that only a bunch of babies would like or even listen to cause all you do is whine that life isn't fair and that people should treat everyone who are losers, retarded or are inferior in every way the same way as the superior people like me who do everything in their power to squish the losers and make them feel like the insects that they are to this world.

I'm certain that you would like to know that my CDs can't stay for long on the shelves cause I'm just so popular with the ladies both for my music, my personality, looks and acting chops, whatever I do I am phenomal at and the ladies can't get enough of me or keep their hands off me. I even wrote to all the magazines to tell them that it would be in their best interests to do a cover story about me so that their pathetic little magazine will get more readers then they already do. I didn't even know that you had gotten hitched or had babies, but now I can totally see the fat dripping off you that you didn't get rid of from having your babies, what's the matter sweetie not at all caring that you let yourself go and are so not at all sexy. Oh well I guess that's what happens when your candle has gone out, you are stuck with doing insignficant roles while leaving the bigger roles for professionals like me"

S: ( Poor guy was trying to keep his temper in because Kay and Sonny were still in the room and he didn't want to taint their innocent ears with telling Joe what he really thought of him which he told me after Joe and me broke up cause no one hurts his girl and gets away with it.) "Ok look jerkward, from what you exaggerated about your life these past years it sounds like any other actors\musicians' life so you are totally not different from anyone else.

And how dare you insult my wife, she may have had some problems in the past but everyone has personal issues that they have to deal with, either physical, emotional or mental, and it takes a bigger person to admit they have issues and work towards working the issues out so that they aren't so big and difficult to handle but unfortunately you haven't obviously learned that life lesson cause you were taught that if someone has faults to treat them like dirt and cast them aside like yesterday's garbage. Demi has worked out her problems, starting with getting over the self-absorbed, vain, selfish, cold boyfriend she had, now who was that again? and is now on the path to the life she defiently deserves.

I'm sorry that you are in your own world that you don't see that people like my Demi have talents that reaches into people's hearts and souls and lets them realize that they aren't alone in this world that no matter what problems they have, whether it is bullying at school or physcial problems like thinking they aren't skinny enough so they don't eat, they always have a group of people, whether it be their family, close friends or even teachers at school, behind them to support and love them no matter what they do.

Unlike you, I know true beauty lies both inside and out and I can tell you that Demi is defiently one of the most beautiful women I know both inside and out. She's down to Earth, genuine, sweet, caring towards everyone she meets whether she likes them or not, tries to help people using her talents and doesn't care what people have to say about her. I'm not superficial unlike someone to believe that after having a baby, women immediately snap back to their pre-baby weight, it makes me love Demi even more knowing that she nurtured our two little angels inside her body and that we made our daughters with our immense love for each other"

(Aww you tell him baby. Way to support your women; I already knew that you weren't like any other superficial man who thinks that womens' jobs are to take care of their every needs and wants as well as the housework and the children but it is always nice to know that I found one of the best males in the world that actually likes helping his women around the house with the household chores and taking care of their kids as well as making sure that the women in their lives knows how loved and adored they are and make sure that their wants and needs are taken into high consideration as well as their own.

I especially love the subtle quirps that Sterling took at Joe without being obvious, way to put him in his place sweetie, I can tell who the girls' personalities came from; their daddy.Plus it's always nice to hear your sweetie brag about your many wonderful qualities and the many reasons that they love you from the physical attributes to the emotional qualities, it really brings up a woman's self esteem and makes her feel like 10 feet tall and feel so loved from the bottom of her heart to the tips of her toes, every inch of her feels all warm like you're in front of a blazing fire being held tight but lovingly in the person you love's arms, that's how I feel when I'm around Sterling, whether we are kissing, snuggling on the couch after a hard day at work or even me overhearing my guy gushing about me to someone. )

(While Sterling was defending my honor, Joe and Libby had their mouths open wide like they were surprised that after Joe's immature, selfish speech about how "awesome" he is, not that he is at all awesome to my family who thinks he is "lame" and is made that my family and I didn't slink away with our tails between our legs, bow down to him as the superior being, yeah like that's ever going happen, and instead of bailing my eyes out I actually stand up for myself. Sorry to disappoint you two, what no I'm not sorry at all. I'm a stronger women then you guys thought, so deal with it.)

J: "Did you actually insult me? You, little boy, just insulted a man by immaturely picking at my immaculate character while describing your "women"". (well duh. Good boy Joe, you figured it out that you're not the only one who can insult someone with subtle hints). I think I need to go online and tell my fans who believe anything I say and do cause they are mindless zombies who obey their King's, aka me, every wish, what I know about your beloved wife cause I have so much dirt on her that would totally ruin your sweetie's reputation with the media community and her fans, though she doesn't have many after her little stint at the mental hospital. You should apologize to me or I will do the same for you, I might even go further by saying that you and Demi defamed my perfect , cause I am the only one in the world who is perfect, character so that your sweet, little angels will still be paying my settlement when they are at their jobs flipping burgers as teenagers."

(Aww poor baby, he actually thinks he's perfect, what dribble has his parents being filling his head with growing up? I mean every parent thinks that their child is "perfect" but as their child grows up they learn that their initial perspection was wrong and teaches their children to learn from their mistakes and not be afraid to make mistakes in their lives cause their parents will be there to support and love them, no matter what they do. But I don't think Joe's parents got the memo cause 2 out of 4 boys think that they are "Gods", gag.

Bring it on Joey Bear cause just like you have dirt on me I have so much dirt on you too. It was the only joy of being your "friend" for 4 years and I highly doubt that your fans are as "brainless" as you think, I don't know why they still are fans of someone who obviously thinks he's better then everyone else, is vain, selfish, mean, cruel, a bit of a baby when things don't go his way and thinks of himself as a "God"" but I don't think that they are zombies. If you do tell your daddy how Sterling and I were "meanies" to you, fake crying, then I will gladly bring up the fact that you and your little girlfriend were just as mean to me and we will see who comes out on top.)

S: "Of course you would suggest telling daddy that someone is breaking the image you have built up in your mind for years that you're perfect and that the world resolves around you and your wants and needs but stop thinking that you're some sort of God cause newsflash you are just like anyone else. You can't stand that someone is actually standing up for themselves instead of just keeling over and running away like a scared little baby so you want to go whine and cry like a little boy to your parents to fix your problems for you so you don't have to use your own brain to think about anything besides thinking of new ways to be a bully"

( Joe's eyes bugged out and his face got all red either in embarassment that another one of his victims is standing up for themselves and in public too so that everyone who happened to walk by can see what a big headed baby he was being which wouldn't be good for his "perfect" image.

Next thing I know my poor Sterling was on the floor holding his nose bleeding all over the floor, OMG did that jerk actually hit Sterling in the nose just because he didn't like the truth about himself that Sterling was saying about him so he hit him. I, of course kneeled by his side trying to hold his hand tighter over his nose to stifle the bleeding until we get hold of some toilet paper or kleenex. Oh wait I have kleenex in my purse in case the girls get a bad case of the "boogies". I completely forgot that my two little angels had witnessed the argueing between the 4 adults but I guess they had paid more attention to what was going on better then I thought cause all I heard was a yelp and suddenly Joe was on the ground also holding his left foot and tummy.

It turned out that Kayleigh and Sonny had hated that their daddy had gotten hurt so their revenage was Kayleigh stomping on his foot and Sonny punching him in the stomach, haha Joe got powned by a 3 and 4 year old little girls, not any little girls but my little girls. So diss on you Mr Joe Jonas. That's what you get for messing with the Knights.)

Joe whimpered like a little girl and couldn't decide if he should hold his foot or his tummy and Libby was shouting for help cause two maniac little girls attacked her boyfriend, um ok 1st of all your precious boyfriend hit my husband first and 2nd my girls were only protecting their daddy and you guys started the whole thing with the whole insults of me and trying to put us down so if anyone should leave it's you guys. Sterling and I are part of the movie so we are needed here but you guys are just here for exposure so bye bye.

The security guards actually had a hard time holding in their laughter at the thought that this big, slightly muscled guy had been taken down by two innocent little girls but they managed to hold it together as they escorted Joe and Libby away by saying that they better get to their seats for the showing but that they would be given a warning not to bother Sterling or I since it was obvious that they had started the altercation with us. So with one final "You are gotta regret what you did" look from both Joe and Libby they stomped off to their seats. Hopefully their seats will be in the back so that Sterling and I won't have to deal with them for the rest of then night cause this was suppose to be family night.

The rest of the night went smoothly, our seats were up close to the screen and the ushers actually brought out phone books so that the girls could actually see overtop the front seats and see the screen. Sonny and Kay loved the movie, like I knew they would cause it was a super sweet, entertaining movie that is guaranteed that all little kids would love cause it has memorable songs, a love story with lots of kissing for the "Little Princesses"" and action and fighting scenes for the "Little Knights in Armour" in the audience. At the end of the movie, it got a standing ovation from everybody in the audience so the movie seemed to have gotten 5 stars out of 5 which is what an actor wants to see from a movie that they do. On the ride home, all the girls could talk about was their favorite parts; Kayleigh loved the gooeyparts, you know the romantic parts of the movie, and Sonny liked the humorous parts where the witch would comment about what she thought of the spoiled Princess Rottonella behind her back with funny, exaggerated faces of disguest and mocking her at every turn. I'm glad that they enjoyed the movie so much and I hope that Kayleigh and Sonny don't remember what mean and horrible things were said about their mommy cause I never want them to repeat what they heard to anyone. Sterling and I taught them to be nice to everyone and treat everyone with the respect that they deserve and I will not have a snob, selfish, jerk ruin our parenting in one night. Sweet dream my little angels.

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  1. I loved how the girls dissed Joe. And oh hell no sterling didn't get punched if I was sterling I would have punched Joe back