May 04, 2011

Supporting my Sweetie

I have always hated award shows, I mean they were so boring. Sometimes there are performers that I really like to see perform live on stage but most of the time there are performers I have no interest at all to listen to on stage. yes I have to admit that I'm pretty picky when it comes to what music I listen to everyday. I enjoy listening to the oldies; you know the 70's and 60's that your parents listened to when they were teens, pop songs like my darling wife Demi sings and of course,me being the hopeless romantic that my Dem Dem teases and yet loves me for, I listen to love songs also.

When there is no performers I like I pretty much zone out as I do for the rest of the show while people I have either never heard about or can't believe they even were nominated let alone won. I mean I'm not mean enough to say that they don't have enough talent to get noticed but I could name a couple of people who I thought had more talent then the individuals who had won and the people I thought should have won might not have even been nominated.

My sweetie was one of those people who either never got nominated and if she did get nominated then she hardly won. I mean I know that I'm probably being biased about how talented I thought Demi was since I'm so madly in love with her, even though her million of fans totally agree with me that Demi is talented.

I mean I know so little artists who after coming into the music or show business who have "lost their way" or so it seems. They go from the sweet, kind, genuine and actually care for other people people that their parents installed into them as children to self absorbed, selfish jerks who use people for their own gain to get ahead instead of relying on their talent to speak for itself by bringing in people who likes their talent and personality. it's like they don't think that their fans appreciate them being themselves so they change themselves to match what they think their fans "like".

Unfortunately I have seen many artists changing their personality and putting down anyone in their way whether they were other artists or even their staff in order to get ahead and Karma always gets to them making them either one shot wonders or washed up artists who people barely remember after a few years of bad and non selling CDs. So in the end no primping their image or self or hurting others to get ahead was worth it and the individual sees how wrong and misinformed they were and regret their actions.

Thank God me, my darling Demi and our best friends were brought up to be true 100% to ourselves and no matter how popular we got to take each day like it is a gift from God and that it is from his many blessings and the love and support of our many fans who became our fans because they felt we are role models on how far you can go in life when you dream big, work hard, reach for the stars and believe in yourself no matter how many people try to discourage you from your dreams by saying that they are stupid and that you will never reach them. And even as adults have still taken our parent's lessons and kept them all our lives, whether professional wise or personal, and one day when we all have children, God willing, we will install the same values and guidance as our parents did to us.

Anyway back to my original train of thoughts, my Demi is extremely talented. She wrote her beautiful heart-warming, sweet, soul-searching songs from the bottom of her soul and heart and uses the life problems and lessons she herself has gone through to let her fans know that to keep their chin up and keep end of their issues in sight and they will be fine, they have people behind them to support and love them through the tough times and when you are through the tough spot you can look back and say "Whew I made it through and I'm a stronger person because of it".

So I don't know why my darling hadn't won that many awards for her obvious talents, not just for music but also for her wonderful, genuine, soul-searching acting, my girl has had many different parts whether it was in a comedy where she had the audience rolling in the aisle and their tummies hurt from laughing so hard or dramas that had the audience holding white fisted to their seats in terror about could happen next to my sweetie's character cause she is so convincing, it's like she is that character and is going through whatever her character is going through. Believe me, i have never missed any of my angel's work, whether I watch it on the big screen, ok so it is really my TV screen, or go to the set to watch first hand my baby's wonderful acting from the backstage before rushing onto the set to praise my sweetie from her superb acting, like she doesn't do the same for me.

I love getting a message saying Demi is at the front gate so of course I rush to the front gate to welcome my very own ray of sunshine into the set where of course I give her the exclusive tour of the set ending of course in my dressing room where my desk has a whole lot of pictures, ok more like a shrine, of pictures that feature my favourite women in the whole world, my wife of course. I have a lot of pictures of Demi, both alone and with our closest friends and of course with me, one course I love her and two we have been best friends for seven years and married, quite happily I meant add, for a year. Wow I sound obsessed but it isn't true. i'm just madly in love with my wife and love having her around me even when it is just her pictures that are around me.

I actually perform better when Demi is on set cause of course I want to impress my sweetie so that when I'm all done for the day I get lots of smooches, man do I love Demi's kisses especially when they are aimed at me, some of her beautiful million dollar smiles that brighten and go straight to my heart making it beat super fast and even skip a beat and get some snugly, warm, flowery scent hugs from her while she is exclaiming about how well I did and how proud she is of me.

Most celebrities who heard that they have been nominated for a Grammy brag about it whenever they get a chance to their friends but not my sweetie, I mean people actually had to remind Demi that she had been nominated for a prestigious award and whenever they asked her how she felt she would tell them that she was honoured that the nomination committee had chosen her as a nominee and that she, of course hoped she won, but if she didn't then she would be too mad as she felt it was an honour to be nominated.

Once again most celebrities the day of the awards show would spend the day being pampered at the salon with the works, a manicure, pedicure,facial, bikini wax, eyebrow tweezing etc where they would be perfecting their acceptance speech and wouldn't lift a finger or they might damage their makeover so they are like waited on hand and foot by their entourage. Not my Demi.

This is going to sound kind of silly but Demi and I spent most of the day cleaning our two bedroom apartment from top to bottom cause man it was messy from Demi and mine's super duper busy schedule of getting up at 6:30 am and after a kiss we would rush off to our jobs, me on a new comedy movie and Demi on a new hit comedy TV show, where we wouldn't see each other until like 7 pm where we would have dinner while cuddling on the couch and talk about our day then fall into bed for a full night's sleep before doing the same schedule the next day.

Then after a nice dinner of pasta and cheese, we got ready, we already had our outfits picked out a week in advance. Demi picked out this beautiful hunter green strapless chiffon ankle length dress that just flowed over her beautiful body like a Greek Goddess, what Demi is my Greek Goddess, it's in her name so it is proof. She, of course, looked absolutely gorgeous in it though she looks gorgeous in everything she wears, even sweatpants and a t-shirt with her hair piled on top of her head. I, of course, was wearing a suit and tie. Demi did her own makeup which in my opinion is the best solution. I find that whenever a make-up artist does my sweetie's make-up Demi doesn't look natural, make-up isn't suppose to hide the person's inner beauty by caking on so much make-up that you can actually hear their pores screaming for mercy, it is suppose to lightly enhance the individual's beauty so that it looks like they don't have make-up on at all and this is coming from a man.

But when Demi does her own make-up it looks like she isn't wearing any make-up at all. Though she looks gorgeous without make-up so I like it when she does her own make-up she seems to be the only one who can get her own make-up done so she looks natural and even more beautiful then she usually is. Her make-up job only enhances her natural beauty that everyone should have, no one should feel like they should cake on make-up to appear beautiful to the world.

The other drivers on the road on the way to the awards show were lucky cause I had a hard time keeping my eyes not glued to the goddess seating before me. i even had cars honking at me and me having to swerve around cars, I wasn't so carelessly that I was in trouble of hitting any cars thank God. Hey I'm sure that if any other man was sitting beside Demi they wouldn't be able to keep their eyes on anything but drooling over my women, emphasis on my women. But I was a good boy, I made sure I kept one hand on the wheel and the other one was busy holding and stroking my wife's hand and making sure that I give her as many loving glances as I can as I try to focus on the road so we don't get in an accident on the night where my sweetie might get her recognition that I have wanted for her for many years. No way am i stopping her form getting that recognition if it is the last thing I do.

I won't bore you with the details of how boring the show was, I mean the performers were kind of gross dancing all perverted wise and their lyrics on one or more instances had some sort of sexual innuendos attached to them. The awards were no better, it seemed like the awards would never end, they even started to blur together. So in fear of getting bored, I made a little game ofg playing with my angel's delicate little fingers then turning her wedding and engagement ring around gently on her finger, loving the fact that the rings on Demi's finger were my rings showing to the world that this grogeous and vibrant young women is my wife, my soulmate and out of the thousands of guys veying for her attention she picked me to spend the rest iof her life with.

Then I would whisper in her ear my personal opinion about each and every one of the performers like make a snide but hilarious;y true comment about their outfit, their hair or even their performances etc. And from her muffled giggles which even though muffled still sounded like bells to my ears my angel thought I was hilarious. Yes I love making Demi laugh her melodious laughter and smile her thousand watt smile and knowing that it is me she thought was funny and made her laugh.

Finally Demi's category came up and so i waited on baited breath praying with every cell in my body to hear my sweetie's name and know that she won the award so this boring night, though I do enjoy spending anytime I can get with my Demi even if we are being surrounded by people who are only here to get an award and then go to the after party to celebrate, can get more interesting. Demi and I won't go to the after party as we both aren't much drinkers and don't really know that many people so why go to a party where we will only socialize with each other when we can go home and lounging in the backyard on our deck with some smoothies to celebrate my angel's hopeful win.

Hmm I thought that I had cheered really loud when Demi's name was announced as a nominee, Demi even put a hand on my arm and with a serene smile told me to calm down and bit even though she knew that i was just really excited that she was nominated but nothing compared to my reaction when i heard those seven lovely, heart-stopping words: "And the Grammy goes to.... Demi Knight!". I think half the world could hear me as I screamed, jumped to my feet and clapped like a goof but hey I'm sure that i wasn't alone. I'm sure that every one of Demi's loyal, devoted and treasured fans were watching the show just to see if their role model won the award and when tney saw that she has won they would be cheering and jumping up and down like I am doing right now, I'm too thrilled for my wife right now that I don't care how silly I look.

After I gave Demi her congradulations kiss, think of "Chad" and "Sonny's" kiss before the Tween Choice Awards were announced for Best Tween Choice Award, she walked very gracefully but you could tell by the gorgoeus watt smile that also shone out "OMG I can't believe I actually won an award. Am I dreaming?" that she was just as excited and giddy as anything upto the stage to accpet her long-waiting award. She gave whoever the gentlemen and lady who were giving out the awards a quick hug never heard of them and to be honest I was more focused on my women and my viligant chanting of her winning this award.

Demi's acceptance speech: "Wow this is a huge surprise. I'm thrilled that the fans decided that from all these extremely talented actors who all deserve to be up here instead of me, that I should be the one to win this award. So first of all I want to thank my fans, I wish i could thank each one of the independantly cause I love you all, for standing by my through the tough and trying times and always letting me know with their handwritten letters how much they love and support me and how much of a role model I am to them and hopefully I'm able to fulfil that role the way that best helps young people to be all they can be.

Next I of course need to thank the second group of people who have supported, loved and been there for me through good times and bad and who i knew will always be there to keep me grounded and sane when my life gets super hectic. I want to give a shoutout to my family especially my mom, my sisters and of course my darling husband, I love you guys (blows a kiss to me which I of course catch, hold my fist with the captured kiss to my heart and then of course blew her a kiss and winked at her to show that I love her too). Thanks Guys!

Then she walked away waving off stage smiling all the way. I knew that she was probably flying high right now, everytime I mentioned that I had a really good feeling that she was going to win tonight she would say that it would be great if she did win but she wouldn't be too disappointed if she did, yes it would be a great achievement to add to her list of accomplishments but still it was a honour just to be nominated so please don't get my hopes up.

I'm so proud of my Demi right now, she deserves to have her wonderful talent recognized by people other then her devoted fans though as she mentioned in her speech she loves dearly and is so thankful for all their love and support over the years. My face hurts so much from smiling with pride, my hands hurt from clapping so much and so hard and my voice hurts from screaming like a maniac but who cares it was so worth it. I'm so proud of my girl that I feel like my face will split apart from smiling, spirit feels like I can fly and that I'm on top of the world and I can only imagine how Demi is feeling right now, I bet what I'm feeling right now is like tripled with how Demi is feeling. Now to go home to celebrate a night of accomplishment and the start of a life where my angel gets all the recognition she deserves.

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