January 07, 2012

Love & Letters

Love and Letters

Chapter One

A/N: This is my first story so I hope and pray it is good enough to match the best Austin/Ally writers I have ever had the privillage of reading. If you don't like it, please don't write mean stuff about it; try to find at least one good thing about my story. I have seen the first two episodes about 10x :D and quickly fell in love with Austin and Ally. I mean who wouldn't? Sorry if everyone is OCC. This may seem sad so sorry about that but the ideas were in my head and needed to be taken out. Please please review. I want to say thank you to my beta and friend lillypad6.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters cause if I did then I would made more Austin/Ally adorable, sweet and slightly romantic moments until I let them date. Thanks in advance.

I know I am not like the average young lady. I don't obsess over the latest fashions, like wearing the right clothes and accessories makes me superior to everyone else and it is the end of the world if I'm seen in an outfit that was "fashionable" weeks ago. The girls at my school change clothes like every period and if one hair is out of place they have a major freak out, complete with high pitched screaming, whining and lots of pouting.

I wear clothes that are comfy and easy to care for, and that are picked randomly from my closet, I try to mix and match clothes that others might think would never go together but somehow I make them work. I spend like 10 minutes getting ready and that's for hair, clothes and shoes instead of the usual 1 hour morning routine that most girls do.

I know I'm not exactly a guy magnet; I'm shy, slightly boring (I like pickles and cloud watching), anti-fun (according to Trish, Dez and Austin), have my dorky moments when I say and do the dorkiest things; like chew on my hair and trip over my own feet when I'm nervous, stutter and say random stuff to hide my shyness and nervousness about the situation. Wow, even I describe myself as lame and pathetic. Saddening.

I don't get it; young woman who are immature (they make a big deal over the smallest things not worth fussing over), ditsy, manipulate people around them to do their bidding, cheat on their boyfriends when someone more physically appealing comes along, and use their looks to get ahead in life instead of going the normal route of using their brains, talents and perseverance to get all the guys.

I mean I don't sit around and dream about finding the perfect guy for me and then us living happily ever after; I have better things to do with my time, which pretty much consists of writing songs for Austin, working at Sonic Boom and trying to have a social life with my three best friends. I don't have time for love, I want to be established in my career and have my own life before I let love into my life.

I mean I might not be one of those hopeless romantic types that most girls are, you know; waiting for their Prince Charming that will sweep them off their feet and "save" them from all their troubles. But I do have the dream of finding a guy who loves me for me, insecurities, immense stage fright, boringness and all. My dream guy won't try to change any part of me; he will accept me for who I am and love me for it. I'm one step in that direction, I mean I know Austin and Dez love me for me, even if they tease me mercilessly that I really need "fun lessons" to lighten up, but I know that the boys are just teasing and love me like a sister.

I have to admit though that I have totally gone the girly route; I have fallen in love with someone who is my total opposite yet perfect guy. I mean this guy loves music as much as me and is determined to go against his parents' wishes of giving up a "bazillion in one" chance at making something of himself in the music industry and make his dreams come true. This guy is also sweet, though sometimes he can be a bit arrogrant but he plays it off as just being confident in himself and his abilities, something I wish I had and puts the people closest to him first, like family and friends.

He is sensitive, though he tries really hard to hide that side, kind, a really good friend (he would do pretty much anything and everything for his friends even if it's not the popular choice), is fun to be around and lastly when I'm around him; I feel safe, though most of the time, since I started listening to my heart, things have been a little awkward whenever he is closer to me then "best friends" should be.

In those moments I can really feel the sparks that shoot from his body to mine and don't get me started on the times when he is talking to me and I don't hear anything he says cause I'm too busy staring into those beautiful chocolate orbs of goodness that makes you melt. Pair that with blonde hair that just begs me to push it out of his eyes or play with it, his perfect for hugging height that makes you feel safe and secure when you are in his arms, and his gorgeous, million dollar smile that brightens up a room whenever it spreads across his angel-like face, and I'm a girl in love.

In case you haven't noticed, I am taking about Austin. I know what you are thinking; why would someone as awesome, amazing and all the other qualities that I listed above even have anything but feelings of friendship towards someone like me? And that is the #1 reason I will never ever tell Austin that I love him. All he will ever know is that I love him the way I love Dez; as a brother. Wow, that is sad.

Anyway, I was writing in my journal/songbook at the front counter of Sonic Boom, waiting for the store to open and trying to hide what I was writing from a curious Austin; who was determined to see it over my shoulder no matter how many times I slightly playful pushed him aside and tried to cover the book with my body or hand.

Austin and I were still goofing around when Trish came into the store, announcing that she had gotten a job at the local bulk barn and that there was a note stuck to the door that was addressed to me. I don't remember seeing anyone near the store though to be honest; I was paying more attention to Austin to notice anyone else so if someone came to the door I didn't notice.

The note was on white paper with a flower border and in nice handwriting was poem:

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

There is not a day that passes

When I don't think of you.

I have loved you since the first sight

But what stopped me was my fright.

I have decided today is the day

I will tell you why I love you in every way.

Each day a note of love will come to you

and hopefully you will know that my love is true.


Your Secret Admierer.

After reading the poem, I could feel my heart practically melt with happiness. The note was so beautiful, sweet and romantic; it was like the note was written by Prince Charming for his Princess in a fairy tale or a romantic movie that Trish and I love to watch. The boys are always griping at us for making them watch chick flicks with them. Though, I liked cuddling up to Austin with my head on his shoulder as I got absorbed into the romance of the movie, well that was the excuse that I give to anyone who makes a big deal about Austin and me being all snuggly together.

Trish has been teasing me that I have fallen head over heels in love with the singer of my songs. That girl may not be good at keeping a job but she definitely is a master of the heart. She has been dropping hints to Austin like crazy since the day I finally broke down and confessed my love for Austin to her, no matter how many times I tried to distract her and give her the "shut up" motions with my hands and mouth.

I want to be the one who tells Austin that I love him not my best friend, though I do love her. Now all I need is the courage to get Austin alone and open my heart to him and hopefully he has the same feelings as me. I would love it if Austin was my secret admirer, that would be the most romantic thing to ever happen in my life, like my own fairy tale, but even Austin admitted that he wasn't very poetic or creative in writing. So unfortuantely, I will have to find this secret admirer and let him down gently. He might be one of the most romantic guys ever but I have a feeling that it would take more then a few romantic and sweet notes to get Austin out of my heart. I guess I will have to wait for the next love note and see if I can guess who my secret admirer is.

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