January 18, 2012

Love & Letters Chapter 2

Love & Letters

Chapter Two

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Now onto the story;

I have been thinking of the mysterious but sweet note all night, every spare moment when I wasn't thinking of Austin's latest song, working at the store or making dinner for dad and me. I was dedicated to trying to figure out who my secret admirer could be. It had be someone who works at the mall cause he mentioned that he had seen me around but there were so many stores in the mall, I only know that because Trish seems to have worked in almost every store in the mall and yet there always seems to be a store that she hasn't been fired from.

My secret admirer could be anyone. I have gone over the note with a fine toothed comb, going over each and every line trying to find a clue, no matter how small, as to the identity of the guy who has loved me from first sight with no luck. This guy is really good at keeping his identity a secret to me until he feels he is ready to come out of the shadows and show me his face.

Once again my fingers are crossed that by some miracle, it is Austin. My heart feels lighter with love, my insides twist and clutch with hope and there is lots of praying at the thought that the man of my dreams being just as much in love with me as I am with him until reality sets in that there is a small chance that it is Austin. Oh well a girl can dream can't she?

I love Trish like a sister but I could die from embarrassment if I hear her tease and josh me once more about how Austin and I are completely oblivious about how we both are madly and hopelessly in love with each other. According to her, even Dez knows how Austin and I feel about each other, and Dez, though I love him like a brother, can be a bit dense when it comes to things happening around him.

Trish and I have sat down and went over the list of the guys in the mall our age that we knew of that could possibly be my secret admirer; like Dallas the cell phone accessory guy who, from the only conversation we ever had, was completely boring; he kept referring to me as "babe", he kept checking out other girls in the mall as he was talking to me as well as checking out his hair and teeth in the mirror on the cart and when I tried to come up with a topic to talk about all I would get is a, "whatever" attitude.

I have been praying that he isn't my admirer, though I doubt he would ever have the brain power to come up with something so romantic. See when I get stressed, my mean streak comes out, but I really blame Trish for putting the idea of speaking my mind in my head and to let out the bad girl Ally hiding inside me.

There is no way that I'm telling my dad about the note because he would totally freak out. I'm his little girl and any guy who wants to date me has to get through a game of 20 questions, and they aren't easy questions, they are to the point, frank and kind of intrusive like " What are your intentions with my daughter?", "What are your life goals?", "How are your relationships with the women in your life?" and so on.

I know that dad just wants to make sure that the guy who eventually takes his little Princess away from him will love and honor me like he does but also treat me like he treated mom before she died, like an equal, his best friend and partner in life and everything that happens in their lives together. But I don't want him to freak out and go all "Dad-zilla" before I find out who is my secret admirer and decide how I feel about him, so for now the notes are a secret.

Before I closed my eyes, I felt a thrill of excitement at getting another romantic and sweet note from the guy and possibly a vital clue to his identity tomorrow. I couldn't wait for the next day. I didn't have to wait long for the next note; the next note was attached to the drum set, on the middle drum. I wonder how the guy had the chance to post the note. I was only upstairs in Austin and mine's practice room for a few minutes to turn on the store's lights, that didn't give him much room to get in and out without anyone seeing him.

I began to read the note which was scrawled in pretty nice handwriting, it wasn't fancy or anything, but I could tell that this guy really took the time to write this note in as nice handwriting as he could which made me feel like he was doing everything he could to make me feel special.


As I mentioned before, I think I fell in love with you as soon as your beautiful chocolate pools met my boring brown ones. I felt a connection between you and me at the slightest touch of our hands; I hope that my large, clumsy and rough hand didn't tarnish your smaller, delicate, and soft like silk hand.

With that connection, I knew that I needed to spend more time with the earth angel I had met to see how deeper and stronger our connection can become so I would think of the smallest reasons to see you. I heard that you are a really good singer with an angelic singing voice who writes songs from the heart and the experiences that your adorable shyness won't allow you to discover for yourself unless you have a very extraverted person in your life who is willing to be a "pain in the butt" to get the world to know the sweetheart that is Allyson Dawson.

To do that someone might have to do something big and kind of wrong like "borrow" one of your wonderful song and perform it online. That will give me the chance for you to search me out and come into my personal domain aka my home.

But when we meet again be prepared for me to sound like a total nerd who says the most random and dumbest things when an angel aka you tries to talk to me cause who can really speak coherent words with someone as beautiful and fiery as you in the room? But don't worry sweetie, I will make sure that I find you and apologize for my lack of speech and try to make up for my past disregards to build me up as a great guy that really wants to get to know you and hopefully be the man of your dreams.

That will mean that we will have to spend all night writing one song, you waking me up from my catnap with symbols which knocks me off the counter then me shocking you with a magic shock finger and ending up with us sitting side by side at the piano with our hands brushing and sparks flying through both of our bodies.

Then we have an awkward moment where we see whether we hug which means more sparks as you enter my inner sanctuary and I can breathe in your sweet scent of flowers that make me feel like I am lying in a meadow of spring flowers. Or we could go the traditional way and just shake hands though I am sure that the sparks will fly no matter what we do or what body part touch, I didn't mean for that to sound dirty, I swear.

We seem to have that secret spark that every couple hopes and prays to have in theirrelationship and I know our spark and connection will last for a long time, as friends or as sweethearts cause we have the strong base of being best friends who know every detail of each other's lives and what makes the other tick that will hopefully flow into the next step of becoming sweeties who will last forever cause I have a feeling we have a good chance of being the couple that last.

That is the end of this letter; I hope I didn't bore you too much. This is what happens when a guy has a chance to open his heart to the woman he loves. So bye for now though to be honest I'm never too far away from you, that sounds so stalker-like, but you draw me into you like a moth to the flame. So until the next time, stay the same, sweet, sensitive, caring, adorably dorky, shy and beautiful young woman I know and love and never ever change.

I love you,

Your Secret Admirer


Once again this guy has made my heart go pitter patter, stop for a second then speed up with each sentence I read. I mean who wouldn't? With every sentence this sweet, sensitive and romantic man painted a picture that reached into my chest and touched my heart of how much this guy must really love me to make up possible scenarios that could happen if we ever met and shared some sort of connection.

Even I'm not that naive not to see that my secret admirer's scenarios matched the history of Austin and mine's first meeting and our first interactions with each other. And only Trish and Dez are the only ones, besides me and Austin, who know the details of those two days and believe me they wouldn't spill those details to anyone because it isn't anyone's business but Austin and mine. Plus they both know Austin and I would kick their butts to Kingdom Come if they told anyone.

I still remember every detail from those two important days, I mean it isn't every day when a girl goes to work like any other day and meets her dream man. I was writing in my songbook about how I wished with all my heart to make a difference in people's lives with my songs, inspire people to be the best possible versions of themselves and rise against the adversities and challenges that life brings them, if only I could get over my stage fright or that would never happen.

I heard someone playing the drums loudly and when I glanced over, I saw a really, really cute boy who looked about my age playing the drums with something other than drumsticks with another red haired boy filming him. I knew I had to stop him cause like the sign behind him said there was no playing the instruments so I rushed up to him and whistled really loudly in his ear.

The words I wanted to say got stuck in my throat for a moment as the cutest guy I had ever seen turned towards me, my mind didn't register that I was holding his wrist still, all I could focus on where the pair of brown eyes that were locked on me. I, of course, told him of the rules and then gave him a last glance as I walked back to the counter.

If I had my way I would stay with the boys and try to get to know the white blond haired boy because the moment I touched his wrist, I felt sparks going all through my body, just like you read about in every romance novel. I had never felt sparks from the other boys my age who come into the store to buy musical instruments for the school band; I wanted to see how far these sparks went.

I got my chance when after shooing Austin and Dez out of the store after Dez, trying to show off, tried to play a harmonica through a tuba and shot the harmonica into a poor old lady's throat and almost choked her, thank God she's okay, Austin popped up beside me in my practice room.

He was so nice to compliment a song he had only heard a bit of before I kicked him out, I didn't want to kick him out but my fright of people having a chance to criticize me made me push him out the door praying he wouldn't be swayed by my attitude and come back to the store.

I didn't have to wait long. The next day Trish downloaded "Break down the Walls" which I didn't know that he had stolen until then, so of course, I had to confront him. I wasn't mad at him for very long cause he was just so cute, in a dorky way, with his merchandise that he and Dez had made by themselves so I was trying really hard to stay mad at him so he would know that even though he is super cute, he couldn't go around stealing other people's work.

I even tried to go to the Helen's Show to get my voice heard, what I was thinking of me speaking in front of thousands of people because I haven't been able to speak or sing in front of anyone, I can't even sing in front of Trish and I have known her since kindergarten. I was so embarrassed that I went to the wrong studio and called Austin "a weasel that wasn't even cute".

I was happy when Austin came to Sonic Boom and asked me to help him write another song cause it meant I got to spend more time with the cutest guy I ever saw and have another chance to get to know him more, I was thrilled to find out that while Austin may have a bit of an egomaniac problem sometimes deep down he is sweet, funny and fun to be around.

I enjoyed spending the night with Austin; we laughed, joked around, crumpled up lots of paper with the rejected lyrics and woke each other up the fun and different way; me crashing cymbals in Austin's ear and him shocking me up with Trish's stupid shock finger. But finally our song was complete.

I bet Austin and I looked dorky, trying to decide whether to shake hands or hug, either one would be fine with me. Either way I would be able to see if sparks would fly between us like at our first meeting and every time our hands or thighs touched when playing the piano but sadly none of it happened.

Austin was really sweet to try to push me into the spotlight at the show and for saying that I wrote the song he was going to sing live but I will never ever live down the embarrassment of me trying to hide from the laughing and probably judging me audience and trying to run away from the Helen Show stage, heck I even hide my head in the drums as I crawled off the stage.

That video made it to the #1 spot on YouTube and last time I checked there were a ton of viewers and lots more comments, not that I ever read any of them because they are probably all saying what a dork I was.

The only good thing that came out of me embarrassing myself is that Austin asked me to be his songwriter, which meant that I would be able to spend more time with this cutie and learn as much about him that he was willing to tell and show me. Right then and there I had the feeling that he and I will become the best of friends and I couldn't wait for that to happen.

Back to the present, I will need more evidence that Austin is my secret admirer before I confront him about his romantic and sweet notes that bring up wonderful memories that I will never forget. But if my secret admirer keeps bringing up the wonderful memories in his letters like he has I might have all the evidence I need to finally get the man of my dreams sooner then he planned (fingers crossed).

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