January 30, 2012

Love & Letters Chapter 3

Love & Letters

Chapter Three

A/N: Thank you for all the reviews I've been given. I hope this chapter is just as well received as the last two, sorry it took so long for me to post this story but I wasn't too sure about how I should take the advice I was given in reviews and how I felt this chapter should go. I tried to ask my friends for their advice but no one got back to me so here is the chapter that I thought of. Hope you enjoy this chapter.

I adored "Tickets and Trashbags", Ally looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and that hairstyle, so mature and I'm surprised that Austin's jaw didn't drop when he saw her. How sweet was his and Ally's hug, though it was brief? It was an adorable moment as was the fact that Austin had a framed picture of Ally that he brought with him to the awards show. I thought Dez, Trish and Ally's trashbag outfits were very well done, they looked like an actual shirt and pants instead of garbage bags and man can Trish and Dez move, I never knew they could dance.

Anyway, I have gone on long enough. Once again I don't own anybody so please do not sue. Enjoy and please leave reviews.

"I have a sneaking suspicion that Austin might be my secret admirer, insert girly squeals, cause he is the only one who would know the intimate details of the first day that I set eyes on the young man that would ultimately become one of my best friends, my confident, my work partner, my personal cheerleader and the guy I have dreamed about meeting since I was a little girl.

I can't very well go up to Austin and confront him with the sweetest, most romantic letters ever written, they are even better than anything romance novels could come up with, and ask him to tell me the truth; that he is in love with me as I am with him. Umm yeah I can so see how that will play out; Me spending all night convincing myself that I can tell Austin my feelings, though I hadn't been able to tell him for the last 6 months (my excuse is one look into Austin's beautiful brown eyes and I melt into a tongue-tied goofball who can't string together a complete sentence).

Then the next day, I would force my feet to go over to Austin, wordlessly put the letters, which have been under my pillow since I got them so that I can constantly re-read them whenever I have the urge to remind myself that some guy loves me the way I am, on the counter and wordlessly and begging in my head that Austin says something to make my dreams come true.

Oh man that scenario is pathetic, I mean what guy would want a wall flower who is too scared to tell him what she is feeling deep in her heart when he has poured out his heart to her to either reciprocate or deny his love. Okay, I so need help from the mastermind of getting confessions from people without the person even knowing they are being questioned and who is a secret romantic aka my best girlfriend Trish." Ally said out loud to her bare room as she wrote like mad in her songbook/diary about what she had been thinking about all day since she got the last romantic letter but she didn't want to write her feelings down right at the store when her friends were always trying to take a gander at her journal no matter how many times she tells them not to touch it and she didn't want Austin to see her gushing about him until she's ready.

The next day Ally seeks out Trish who was upstairs with Dez watching the newest music video before they posted it online. She had to get rid of Dez before she talked to Trish because Dez might not be the smartest cookie in the box but he would definitely tell Austin what the girls would be talking about. But Ally had an idea of how to get Dez out of the room, sorry Dez.

"Trish, I really want to talk to you about this super-duper guy that I have a massive crush on. I need your advice on what make-up, hairstyle and clothing I should wear to impress him and of course I need flirting advice" Ally said with as much of a calm and natural voice with the touch of need for a girl talk as she could so not to let Dez onto what she was doing.

"Okay, girl talk is makes me feel queasy so I'm going to get out of here and find Austin for some man time. Have a good talk, ladies. I'm getting out of here before I get caught up in the girlishness of the moment. See ya," Dez said as he backed out of the room like he was afraid to catch some girl disease but at least he was leaving.

"What a dork. He acts like talking about love and impressing the person you love is something to fear and run away from. I hope that not all man are like that or mankind will be in trouble of getting their butts kicked from the woman in their life for being wimps when it comes to admitting they love someone other than themselves." Trish said in exasperation at the retreated Dez.

"I hope not because I was telling the truth; there is this guy that I'm like madly in love with and have no idea how to impress him so he will fall in love with me too. And I have been getting this romantic and sweet note filled with personal references for the last few days and I have an idea that Austin is my "secret admirer," Ally uses her fingers to quote her last point, "Please help me!" Ally babbled as she glanced pleadingly at her best friend for help in winning over Austin.

"Ally, slow down, you have been getting romantic notes from the guy who you think is Austin for two days and you didn't think to show them to me?" Trish exclaimed. "I wouldn't think Austin would be romantic and sweet as you make these notes to be but I guess a guy who is madly in love will only show his true colors to the woman he loves. Can I see the notes?" Trish asked excitedly as she grasped the concept that her two best friends were finally acting on their not so subtle feelings and all because of a love note.

Ally gave Trish both notes with a confused face; "What do you mean that Austin is in love with me? He never gave me any indication that he feels anything but friendship towards me? An example of that would be the time where Austin and Dez read my journal and thought I had a crush on Austin. Do you remember how freaked out he was? So there is no way that Austin loves me so why get my hopes up?"

Trish looks at her best friend with an "Are you kidding me?" look. "So what I'm getting is that you and Austin are going to continue to play dumb to the fact that you two are perfect for each other, and let poor Dez and me suffer through having to play matchmaker instead of concentrating on Austin's career. How unfair!"

"It is not our fault that you and Austin are so afraid to admit your guys' not so hidden love because you both worry you'll lose your friendship, which I'm here to tell you there is a 0% chance of that happening. You both are too scared to admit your true feelings for each other that if you guys aren't careful you will lose the other person to someone who isn't afraid to show their love for them to the world and then where will you both be? Do you really want to risk losing someone that might be your true love? I don't think so. So girl, for the love of all things holy, girl up and go get your man" Trish said with the exasperation and attitude she was famous for dishing out to the people she loves.

Ally stared at Trish with an open mouth in total surprise that she wasn't as subtle as she thought she was so that her best friend already knew how she felt for Austin. Cause if Trish knew her true feelings for Austin then there is a greater chance that Austin already know how she felt and was probably trying to come up with ways to let her down easy.

"Oh great. Since you and Dez already know my feelings for Austin, that means he does too. He doesn't like me like that, he just sees me as a friend and that is all we will ever be. We are destined to be with other people and I will have to accept that" Ally said in sad voice as the image of Austin with another girl made her heart sad.

"Oh sure Austin doesn't like you as more than a friend. Then why did he sing a song written by a 5 year old in front of thousands of people just so you wouldn't be embarrassed by Tilly or freak out at the number of people watching the "competition? Or have a framed picture of you that he brought to the Internet Music awards, according to Nelson. Or spent so much energy trying to find things you guys could do together that you both would enjoy on your "Austin-Ally" day, though I think Austin wanted you to act scared during Zaliens 5 so he could comfort you.

Or "assisted" you with coloring outside the lines? Or tried to get you on camera during "It's Me, It's You"? I suspect that during the songs he sings such as the song I just mentioned or "It's Not a Love Song" he is thinking of a shy little brunette the entire time which is why his ritual during his performances is to pick you out of the crowd, lock eyes with you for a couple of seconds, point and wink at you before returning to the audience. I even think someone did a double look at you in your dress for the Music awards. Need I go on?

And girl don't make me list the number of times, Dez and I have caught you two flirting cause that is another long list of events that you two thought you were alone. Nope us matchmakers were in the shadows watching for sweet moments like that" Trish said as she alternated between putting her hands on her hips and staring point blank at her best friend daring her to question her findings and looking up to heaven for strength at the never ending battle of trying to convince her friend that the guy she was head over heels for was just as love-struck as she was.

"First of all I don't flirt; I don't even know how to flirt. I simply interact with Austin who flirts with me while I blush like crazy and try to keep my fast beating heart from jumping out of my chest. And so what if I have fallen madly in love with Austin with his kind eyes, hair that makes me want to push it out of his beautiful eyes that I can stare deep into for hours and see his soul in, the smile that makes me melt like butter on a summer's day and his personality that makes you want to know every inch of it to see what makes him tick, it doesn't make a difference cause there is no way that he loves me like I love him" Ally said over the piece of hair in her mouth as she nervously chewed on it at having her deepest secret being put into the open.

"Ah-ha, so you admit that you love Austin. I wonder what Romeo has to gush, I mean say, about you when asked why he loves you, it is probably said with all the emotion and love he has in that pop star body of his and Dez has probably heard it like a million times already. Now that you know that your Dream Boy loves you as much as you do, we have to figure out how to let Lover boy know that you love him and that he wasn't at all subtle that he is your secret admirer.

But to do that you need to have a little fun driving him nuts with your flirtations, which I will help you with, cause come on you know I'm the Queen of driving people nuts. We just need to find your inner flirt," Trish said while rubbing her hands together as she thought of all the things Ally could do to drive Austin nuts until he finally couldn't take it any longer, caves and tells Ally he loves her.

Then Ally will do the same, they'll kiss and end up being one of those couples that makes people gag and roll their eyes at their open displays of affection and love like kissing, giggling over inside jokes, hold hands and whatever else couples do. Even though Trish was kind of dreading seeing that all the time whenever she hung out with Austin and Ally she also knew that her two best friends belonged together and if watching the two of them being in love to the point that it made her wish she had someone special in her life, then it would be worth it.

"Now the first thing you need to do is—"


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