February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day for the Lynches

First of all, this is my 1st Raura story so please be nice. I know it's long but I had so many ideas that were just begging to be typed so I had to include them in the story. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do. This is my Valentine's Day gift to all Raura fans. Sorry if it's too mushy, love-dovey and gooey, those are the stories I'm good at writing.

I don't own Laura, Ross or anyone else mentioned in my story so please don't sue.

Dear Journal

February, 14, 2019

I'm actually excited for this Valentine's Day, then again ever since Laura and I gathered up all our courage and spunk to confess our growing love for each other I have looked forward to Valentine's Day. I know that if you really love someone you should spent everyday showing and telling them how much you love them instead of just one day per year.

What can I say; I'm an affectionate kind of guy who likes showing the people who I love and are important to me how much they mean to me, whether it is doing something I have no interest in doing but do it cause I know that the events means something to the person so I go along with it to make the person happy or give them a shoulder to cry on when they are unhappy.

Mom and Dad have taught me, Riker, Rockey and Ryland that just because we are male, it doesn't mean that we have to be afraid to show emotion of any kind to the people in our lives. If we show sensitivity or show that we have a romantic bone to the special people in our lives, it doesn't make us a sissy or a freak. Real men are able to show every emotion we have and not be afraid to let their friends know that they love their families and the woman in their life, like girlfriends or wives.

Thank God my siblings and me grew up with seeing our parents showing their love for each other at every chance they got. I can't count how many times I have seen my parents act like teenagers in love with hand holding, sneaking kisses when they think no one is looking, calling each other endearments like "sweetie", "handsome" "beautiful" etc.

I have to admit that when I was younger, i did gag and cover my eyes, like an other little guy, whenever I saw my parents expressing their love. But now I'm glad that I was given the example of how to treat your wife with respect,love,support and dedication so that I could be the husband that Laura deserves.

Before Laura and I started to date, Valentine's Day was just another day where I could see couples everywhere I turned being all lovey dovey, sometimes over the top. Since I had no special woman in my life at that time, I felt like the black sheep wherever I went, even at my own house, being around all these couples.

When I did have a girlfriend, I would try to be the romantic boyfriend with sending flowers and taking them out to a romantic restaurant but I would get the feeling that my efforts were not being appreciated. I mean I got the feeling that the girls saw the date as a way to brag to their friends about their boyfriend and how much better her boyfriend is compared to her friends.

I wanted a girlfriend who was just as openly affectionate with me and who appreciated the small gestures, you know the ones where no money is required except for my time and attention. Some girls I thought were as down to earth, non materialistic as I was, just because I was known by the public as a famous actor and part of a popular band didn't mean I got better treatment, but sadly I was mistaken.

Thank God I had found the woman of my dreams in Laura, she encases everything I was looking for in a soulmate; sweet, caring, down to earth, has the same interests as me, treats me like an equal, is my best friend, someone I can have meaningful conversations about the most random things and still have topics to talk about when we saw each other next, someone I cna be myself around 100% of the time and someone who isn't afraid to show me how much she loves me.

I know the cliche of "love at first sight" applies to Laura and me, one look at Laura's beautiful face with those big chocolate eyes that I could gaze into for hours on end and still not know the true depth of her soul and her million watt smile that melts even the hardest of hearts and I was hooked.

I still remember the day I met Laura, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I was goofing around with Calum, who I had just met but already knew I had found a best friend in, when one of the directors of "Austin & Ally" Shelley came in and introuduced Laura to us. My exact first words to Laura were "Ross I'm hi", i know so mature right but Laura thought I was trying to put her at ease at meeting the people she would be sharing the stage with for months at a time by making her laugh.

I wish, I could say that I redeemed myself after that moment but nope, there was more stuttering out words such as "Meet you nice to", tripping over my own feet as the other director Eric pulled Laura and me aside to talk about our first scene together, I literally fell flat on my face and from what Raini and Calum have said I "stared at Laura like I had never seen a young woman before and that if I looked away Laura would disappear".

Well excuse me but I wanted to take a mental picture in my mind of the young lady I had dreamed about meeting since I first discovered that girls didn't have cooties and I could go home and tell my family I had found the woman for me. Plus how could I even focus on anything trival, like lines, when I have an angel right in front of me?.

Not that I didn't love making people laugh, entertain the viewers and hang out with my best friends Raini and Calum cause I do. Raini, Calum and Laura became my best friends from the first day with their easy-going, down to earth, sweet attitudes, we became like a family along with the rest of the cast and crew.

I went to bed each night thinking of the fun times and warm, easy going conversations I would have with Raini and Calum the next day and of course, the new sweet "Auslly" moments that the writers would come up with for Laura and me to act out, in those situations I was never acting I was acting out some of my feelings towards my sweetheart on screen for everyone to see.

I thank the writers wrote such sweet, adorable, squeal worthy moments between "Austin" and "Ally" as a possible crushes on purpose, just friends my butt. I mean I might have played "Austin" but even I could see the chemistry between my character and Laura's, cause I quickly learned that Laura and I had chemstry that was obvious to everyone from the fans who lovingly shipped us together, both in real life and on screen to our cast and crew.

Every "Auslly" moment as well as Laura and mine's moments off screen when we were just hanging out at one of our homes or in our dressingrooms were locked into my memory. Laura quckly become a welcome part of my family so she was welcome at my house and me at her house anytime we both wanted. Thank you Mom and Dad. Looking back at my journal entries from way back and from my family and friends' loving teasing that Laura was my favourite topic to gush about to anyone who would listen to my lovesick talk, I can see that fact hasn't changed but grown stronger over the years.

I'm proud to say that Laura and I told each other of our love for the other and started to date before our characters did, maybe Shelley and Eric took the fact that Laura and me were dating to come up wth the storyline for "Austin" and "Ally" to get together. I know our Auslly fans were super duper happy that the characters they had fallen in love with from the 1st episode and knew had chemistry from the beggining were finally together.

I know that Laura and I were really excited to be able to show the affection that only our close friends and family have been able to see on the TV screen. I felt like we didn't have to hide our love, we could express it fully like we wanted on screen. Just like before Laura and I got together, I forgot the camera was capturing ever moment when I'm sure my face and body language expressed how much I truly love Laura as did her face and body language for her love for me.

Unfortunately not everyone was as thrilled about Laura and me getting together and being able to express our love openly so they expressed their disagreement with posting not so nice or mature comments on their blogs and public online sites about them being so "in love" with me that they thought that they would marry me.

Sorry girls but this man's heart has been taken by Ms Laura Marano since the day i met her and even if we meet there is a slight chance that I would have fallen in love with you anyway. I have meet some really nice people who have made an influence on me but I have met so many of fans that I hardly remember all their names let alone their faces.

Sorry ladies, I really do appreciate my fans, they are the reason why me and my siblings have been able to show our music to the public but i don't like to be pushed into loving someone I have no feelings for. Nothing people will say can change my love for Laura so sorry ladies but I'm taken and don't want that fact to change anytime soon.

I thought my life was amazing before Laura and I started to date, I mean had an amazing close-knitted family, a talented band filled with my loving, supportive brothers and sister, two of the bestest, closest friends and co-workers a guy could ask for in Raini and Calum, they were like an extension to my family just like Nessa and Mr & Mrs Marano.

I also had great supportive and loving fans that supported and followed my siblings and mine's career and as people and a job that I wake up and look forward to seeing the new adventures and challenges that await me when I get to the set of "Austin & Ally". What more could I ever want in my already perfect life?

Apparently God thought I needed a true love in my life so he gave me Laura and the next 7 years were some of the best days of my life. it was like my previous life of happiness, joy and wonderful memories with the most important people in my life got 5x brighter and better. I knew early into mine and Laura's relationship that what I felt for her was the true love that I knew I wanted in my life.

You know the whole "Can't eat, can't sleep because you are too busy thinking of the person you love and when you are with that person you have the feeling that you can reach for the stars and climb the highest mountain" feeling that people says you can only get with your true love. I had that tripled when I thought of or was with Laura so I knew that I needed to upt the ante and take mine and Laura's love to the next level.

I must have written out my proposal, all 3 pages back and front, about 10 times but hey a guy who'se madly in love with a wonderful, angelic young woman has a lot of feelings to spill out to her when he is asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. I couldn't even read through the entire proposal without tearing up, ok so I'm hoping and praying that when I actually propose to Laura, I don't bawl my eyes off and look like a doofus.

I proposed to Laura over a romantic dinner that I had prepared with some cooking advice and tips from my mom, hey at 23 I do know how to cook a good and nutrious dinner for myself but it is always good to be 100% sure of a dinner that is being made not only for the woman of my dreams but also for a special,one of a kind night where everything has to be perfect. After a scrumptious dinner, if I do say so myself, it was time for some romantic slow dancing to pre-recorded love songs, thank to Rydel.

I almost forgot the whole point to the night cause I was throughly enjoying the warm,cuddly and flowerly sceneted snuggles I was getting as Laura cuddled closer into the warmth and security of my arms. It is a good thing that I listened, sometimes to my annoyance, to all the love songs that Rydel and Mom listenned to growing up cause it really helped me sweep the woman I love off her feet.

I got reminded of what I still needed to do when Laura whispered "I don't know how this night could get any better; I mean I've the romantic, sweetest and kindest boyfriend ever with whom I'm dancing by candlelight to romantic music after a delicious meal prepared by said boyfriend. What more could a woman ask for?". Um well sweetheart I'm about to make this night even better.

I stepped away from Laura, still holding her hand, the other hand fished around in my pants' pockets for the ring box then of course I did the customary thing, going onbended knee to propose. I hope I remember what I have writtten down and practiced this entire month. Here I go, please God don't make me stumble over my words or get lost in Laura's beautiful eyes like alway and forget what i need to say.

"Laura, I never believed in true love or love at first sight until I met you. I swear that I fell head over heels in love with you when I first laid eyes at you at the first "Austin & Ally" table read and over the years those feelings have grown into more. Everything that happens around or to me reminds me of you,I could be having the worst day ever but all I have to do is think about you or see your beautiful face and once again I have a song in my heart and a smile on my face.

I have a new life goal; to make sure that you know that these past 7 years have been like a dream, a dream that I never want to wake up from and a dream that I want to share with you for the rest of our life so that yours and mine dreams, wishes and life goals combine into one. Cause you have made all my wishes and dreams come true.

The least I can do is do everything in my power to make sure you are as happy, feel as fulfilled and loved as you have made me feel. I love you from the bottom of my heart and soul, you are my soulmate, a big part of my heart and I can't imagine my life without you so would you please put this lovesick fool out of his misery and say you'll marry me?"

As I poured out my heart to my true love, Laura's eyes watered up and her hands went to her mouth. I guess I don't need to ask if Laura will accept my proposal by her reaction but a guy needs an actual answer to the most important question he will ever ask so please Laura put this poor lovesick fool out of his misery and just utter "yes", then we can start the hugging and kissing which is always a good thing.

I got two reactions; one clear "yes" and a nod of her head before Laura launched herself into my arms and my face was rained on by kisses. Of course our families and friends were estatic for us, our moms practically burst our eardrums at their squeals of delight that their babies were getting married.

I couldn't wait to be married to Laura, to spend the rest of our life together and to come home everynight to her beautiful face and snuggle all night with her. In short, I couldn't wait for Laura and me to become Mr and Mrs Lynch. I tried to be as involved as I could in the wedding planning, I might not have been planning my wedding day since I was little but I like to believe I had good ideas of a "prefect" wedding.

The year went by kind of fast, I mean I was busy with R5 which seemed to have a gig like every weekend and not to mention practices almost everynight. Paired with Laura's busy schedule of taping and practicing her lines on her incredible touching and heartwarming TV show "My Kid Brother". My sweetie plays Amanda who has to take care of her brother Adam who has an intellectual disability and of course has to deal with people who underestimate, bully and ignore as well as the struggles of paying the bills and having a social life, and the year went by faster then I thought it would.

I won't bore you with the details of the wedding, though all i can say is that the day I married Laura and made her officially Mrs Laura Lynch was one of the happiest days of my life. It was defiently up there with meeting Laura and our first date, no matter how nervous I was and how much I wanted to throw up cause of the nerves I was feeling about how this night had to go perfect.

I always knew that Laura was a goddess, mind you my goddess, but she took my breath away as she glided down the aisle towards me in a white gown that made her look like a Queen, once again my Queen, on the arm of her dad. Laura and I only had eyes for each other the entire ceremony and I'm so glad that I tucked kleenexes into my sleeve cuffs or the guests would have seen both the bride and groom crying like babies but I tried to keep my calm and wipe my love's tears as we recited our very personal, written from the heart vows.

The priest didn't have to tell me twice, when he said "You may kiss the bride", Laura and I smiled at each other then gave each other a kiss that like the other times we have kissed sent sparks flowing through our veins, butterflies fluttering in our stomachs and fireworks exploding around us. Laura and I had perma grins on our faces for the rest of the night as we anticipated how the rest of our lives would be like after that night.

I'm pleased to say that this past year has been the happiest of my life and I hope of Laura's life, even more then when we were dating. I wake up each morning trying to figure out new and simple ways to show Laura how much I love and appreciate her, whether it be make her dinner on the nights that she is late coming home from the studio, rub her feet after a stressful day or sending her a bouquet of yellow roses to the studio to put that beautiful smile on her face.

Since this is Laura and mine's 1st Valentine's day together, I wanted to make this day special for her, though as I said before I try to make each day special for Laura. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way, Laura had an early wake up call at the studio so she had to get up before me and make her own breakfast.

I had planned for me to make Laura apple cinnimon pancakes with fresh strawberries on top with whip cream, a nice big glass of skim milk complete with a white rose which symbolizes true love and purity which pretty much sums up my wife to me. I was a little disappointed when my carefully 6-month plan didn't start off right but I had the rest of the day to go to redeem myself.

I ended up sending the white roses to the studio with a card that read: "To My Wife and Love. Happy Valentine's Day. Love the man who loves you unconditionally.". My mind kept wandering back to Laura, what else is new?, and my big surprise for her that hopefully she loves all through band practice.

Riker,Rockey and Ryland were teasing me mercilessly though lovingly about how since Laura and I got together how mushy, corny and hopeless romantic I have gotten, I know they don't really mean it cause they have loved Laura from the first meeting as a sister. Thank goodness Rydel is a hopeless romantic like me cause she is helping me set up the rest of my Valentine's gift to Laura and smacked all the boys for not having a romantic bone in their bodies. Thanks sis.

When I got home I found my beautiful wife reading "Frankenstein" on the couch in her pjs, I ushered her into our room to get dressed for the rest of her surprise. As Laura showered I called up my brothers to make sure they knew the plan, though we had come up with the plan 6 months ago and I have been "reminding" them of it ever since even if I got hit repeadly for the reminder.

Laura looked absolutely gorgeous, then again she always did even in sweatpants and a t-shirt with her hair piled on top of her head, in a ruby red dress that flowed like a river over her delicious curves and smelt so sweet, like a bunch of flowers so that all I wanted to do is bury my head into the curve of her neck and breathe in her scent.

Under the pretense of us going out to a restaurant, I "accidently" got lost and ended up at the park when I had set up a romantic picnic complete with candlelit lanterns on the tree branches and romantic music provided by my darling brothers, it didn't take much arm bending to get them to do it cause I always knew they had a romance bones in their bodies no matter how much they deny it.

Laura's reaction to my big surprise was exactly the one I was waiting for; open mouthed, hands over mouth and tears in her eyes before she threw herself into my arms and rained kisses all over my face as she thanked me. Hmm I should do more romantic notions to get lots of kisses from my sweetie.

I led Laura to the picnic blanket where a curry chicken with curry noddles with dinner rolls, hot from the oven, corn and a bottle of red wine chilled in ice were waiting for us. Dinner was delicious, Laura and I were feeding each other in between kisses, and of course the conversation flowed freely ranging from the happenings at the "My Kid Brother" set, the R5 band updates to what was happening in the world.

Then it was gift time. I got Laura a card and a heart shaped locket on a bracelet chain, Laura needs to know that she owns my heart to treasure and love for as long as we live cause I know I have her heart to do the same with. The thing is I spent an hour in the card store searching through their Valentine cards and none of them said what I feel in my heart for Laura. So I ended up writing my own card and it read: To My Wife

You are not just my wife, but my best friend,

my confident, my lover, my heart, my everything.

Meeting you was one of the best days of my life.

You have made my life complete with all the love and

affection that i could ever need and want in my life.

I thank God everyday that he blessed me with a wife like you.

I love you doesn't even amount to how I feel about you.

Happy Valentine's Day My Love



As Laura was reading my card, her eyes welled up and after she was done I once again accosted to a huge bear hug, she actually knocked me over with her exuberance but I don't care, all I care about is that my sentimental card and gift was appreciated by my love plus I love me some Laura hugs and kisses.

My gift from Laura was a really nice watch that is waterproof,scratchproof with an alarm, stop watch and much more and a romantic card. it read; To My Husband

I love you more then words can say.

I just want to thank you for being my shoulder to cry on,

a listening ear to my troubles, arms to hold me

when I need comfort.

Thank you for being someone I can laugh with,

a best friend to share wonderful memories with.

Thank you for being the man I love.

I couldn't ask for the perfect man to spend my life with.

Happy Valentine's Day My Love



After I thanked Laura for her beautiful, romantic card with lots of little smooches and one big smooch, it was dancing time under the moonlight with Riker, Rockey and Ryland playing soft romantic tunes, I will so have to owe them later on cause they are about to be surrounded by more gooeyiness.

I throughly enjoyed holding my sweetie snuggled into my arms while singing the love songs that I pre-ordered beforehand and therefore knew all the words, thank you Youtube, into her ear. Overall I think that this was the best 1st Valentine's Day I could ever have thought of.

Bye for now

Ross Lynch

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