February 26, 2012

Love & Letters Chapter 4

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"I don't think I can do this. I mean you have seen me when I have a major crush on a guy, I babble on and on about random stuff, chew on my hair and trip over my own feet and tongue. This not only embarasses me but also the guy cause everyone is looking at the freak who can't talk or walk straight. Those people wonder why I am bothering a guy who is obvious uncomfortable with being around me and who is out of my league.

When that happens, I feel like such a loser, you remember when Dallas rejected my advances cause he said I wasn't his type. I cried in your arms for hours on end and couldn't eat or sleep for two days enough to make not only you and dad worried but Dez and Austin. I don't think I could handle it if your plan of showing Austin how I have fallen for him fails and my friendship with Austin is ruined.

I know I couldn't stand if that happened, Austin and our friendship means everything to me and if it becomes too ackward for us to hang out and work together and Austin decides he can't be my friend anymore, my heart will literally break into a million pieces and never recover if that happened." Ally said as she paced around the room, arms waving as she talked aminately and a mile a minute about all the negitive things that could happen with Trish's plan and then finished off with her collapsing onto the couch exhausted about the effort it took in thinking about what could go wrong and wondering if it was even worth it.

"Ally for the love of God, Austin will never in any way shape or form reject you. Girl what in the heavens do I have to do and tell you to convince you that Austin is as crazy in love with you as you are with him? I have given you so many examples of you and Austin being adorable and totally oblivious, do i need to tell you more?

I mean any guy would be honored and lucky to have someone as special, sweet, caring,compelete dork but in a good way, wonderful friend and down to earth girl like you. I'm not just saying that cause you're my best friend it's not your fault that no other guy besides Austin has been able to see the real you.

Even if Austin, for some really stupid reason does reject you, which wouldn't happen in a million years, things wouldn't get ackward cause I know that your friendship with Austin means just as much to him as it does to you which is why Mr Romeo hasn't said anytihng yet but chooses to live in the shadows of adorable moments

Austin is always telling anyone who will listen that he wouldn't be anywhere without you, that he owes you everything for his fame and gives you shoutouts as his partner and best friend before every show. i bet his family has heard everything there is to know about you yet have never met you.

I keep telling you that my plan will make Austin do a double take,irony was intentional. His neck will keep getting cracks in them from the amount of times he will do a double take, his eyes may stay popped out from his sockets and his jaw will lock up from the amount of times his jaw drops.

I can't wait to see Austin start following you around like the lovesick puppy he is after you show him he isn't the only one who can subtle flirt with someone and make the other person blush like mad and get away with it." Trish said with glee complete with rubbing her hands together as she thought of her amazing and brillant plan of getting her two best friends together.

I mean there were all those months of obvious flirting and love sparks between Austin and Ally that both she and Dez had to deal with for months now and the late nights thinking of ways to get these two together without making it seem obvious of it being a matchmaking between them.

Here we go. Please God let this plan work and don't let me embarass myself in front of Austin. Ally thought as she took a deep breath to ready herself to go down to the storefront and flirt openly with Austin. I can't do this.... I have to do this or Austin will never know how much I love him. Please God let Austin be my secret admirer or I'll lose all the blood in my body to my face cause I will turn reder then a tomato if I'm wrong.

"Hey Ally. Dez and I weren't doing anything wrong. Nope" Austin said as he tried to hide the fact that Dez was headfirst in the tuba with an assortment of knocked down instruments around him. Austin had a sheepish look on his face as he waited for Ally's outbreak at how immature and reckless both he and Austin were being, like always.

Why did I never notice how adorable his puppy dog eyes and pout are when he knows he has been a bad boy? How could I ever stay mad at him when he's looking at me with those eyes? I mena it is impossible to stay mad at apuppy. i must have more self control then I thought if I can handle the puppy eyes and pout

"Austin, I'm not going to yell at you or Dez cause I know it probably won't work like the other 50 times I told you boys that Sonic Boom isn't your personal playground. I'm going to help you get Dez out of there like the good friend I am." Ally said with as much calm in her voice as she tried not to think about how long the clean-up would be if it required to put all these instruments back where they came from.

Ally walks over to the tuba, grabs Dez's legs and starts to pull. After a few moments of pulling by herself and not getting anywhere, she turns around to see Austin staring at her. "Austin, you make a handsome statue but I kind of need your strong muscles to help me with getting our best friend out of the tuba. So get your butt over here." Ally said with a smile at Austin whose mouth went even wider as did his eyes at her obvious flirting. OMG is Ally actually flirting with me?

After a few moments Austin came over to Ally and just stood there, not sure if he just wraps his arms around her waist or wait for her to put his arms where she won't feel pressured or surrounded. With a loving roll of her eyes, Ally puts Austin's arms around her waist then with a smile at his slight unsure look turned back to Dez.

Am I dreaming? Cause the Ally I know and love would never ever be this flirty with me. She is more of a subtle I'm-Not- Flirting kind of person.What has gotten into her? Oh who am I kidding? I like this new side of Ms Ally. With a silent 1-2-3 Ally and Austin pulled as hard as they could. It took a couple of tries but Dez flew out of the tuba, knocking both Austin and Ally backwards over the counter and in an uncomfortable situation.

Please tell me I brushed my teeth cause this is a lifetime event; Austin Moon nose to nose with Ally Dawson, breathing in her strawberry scent that wafts off her like a wave of heavenly scent to my nose and heart. I never realized what a deep beautiful chocolate brown Ally's eyes were and they stare deep into my soul. Oh that is a good lyric for my love song for Ally.

"Well hello there. How lucky am I that I got caught by someone so strong, has beautiful eyes and has such minty breath? I don't know about you but I think someone deserves a kiss as a thank you." Ally said with a secret smile as she rises up from being squished onto Austin and sat on her knees beside Austin as he slowly sat up, unsure if he was dreaming that he had the woman of his dreams in his arms even for a second.

"Thanks Austin for your help and for catching me. Now since Dez is out, you gentlemen can help me clean up the intruments." Ally said with a slight batt of her eyes while secretly praying that Dez and Austin would help her clean up cause if not then it will take her a long time to pick all the instruments up and put them away.

"Um sure we will help. Won't we Dez?" Austin said still a little unsure about this new side of Ally, he didn't want to find that having the woman of his dreams actually flirting with him was only a dream, as he looked over at his best friend to see if he was on board on helping Ally clean up their mess.

Since there was 3 people cleaning up, it didn't take long for Austin, Ally and Dez to put away all of the instruments. Ms Ally's flirting didn't decrease, she always seemed to "bump" into Austin, whether it be his arm or side then she would smile coyly at him before moving on to the next fallen intrument.

Ally hugged both boys, although with Austin, she wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his arms tightly around her waist. Austin and Ally stayed like that for a few minutes, just holding onto each other memorizing every scent and feeling of being able to hold onto the person most important to them.

Dez had to hold himself back from joining in the hug, no matter how much he wished to join in, he didn't want to ruin this special moment between two of his best friends and plus he knew that Trish would kill him if he dared disturb Austin and Ally when they were having a moment.

I can feel myself melting like a ice cream on a hot summer's day. Did Austin always smell like Irish Spring soap and feel so cuddly, warm and soft?. Man it is like I'm hugging a big teddy bear with the biggest heart and sweetest nature I could ever ask for. in a gu. Don't lose focus Ally, remember why you are doing this; you want to show Austin that you're in love with him and deserve a chance to win his heart.

Ally slowly pulled away from Austin, not wanting the wonderful moment to end, stared deeply into Austin's eyes, trying to read his thoughts about her obvious and not really good flirting cause if he was embarassed that his best friend was flirting with him, she might die with embarassment right on the spot.

There's the Ally I know and love; the insecure yet totally lovable and adorable young lady. Wow I never noticed what a beautiful deep chocolatey brown her eyes are , I can see right through her to her soul. I think she knows my deepest secret and is hopefully trying to show me that she loves me too as more then friend. Please please please

Please let that be the reason for Ally's flirting with me and not that she is trying out her flirting techniques to win another guy's heart cause if so that would break my heart into splinters and that will make Austin sad.
After a few moments of just staring in each other's eyes and the world disappearing, Ally was the first one to break the staring contest by smiling one of her million dollar smiles.

"I could stay here staring into your chocolate pools forever but we need to work on a song for your next podcast.So we need to go but first" Ally gave Austin a kiss on the check, even holding his face still cause Austin was trying to move his head so that her kiss would land on the proper place, his lips. After the soft, gentle kiss, Ally took his hand and lead him upstairs.

Wow Dez was right, i do follow Ally around like a puppy, get all excited when Ally walks in the room and is always looking for ways to impress Ally and am anxious to be the one who stands beside her at all times. Oh well, I'm a guy in love so it doesn't matter how pathetic and desperate I look.

While Ally pulled out her songbook out of its hiding place, in the piano bench, Austin sat down on the piano bench eager to spend some alone time with his best friend like every single day, he was literally bouncing on the bench waiting for Ally to take her usual spot beside him.

When Ally came to sit down, book in hand, she sat so close to him, she was practically sitting in his lap (an ackward position for a teenage guy). He could feel her warmth coming from her strawberry infused lithe body and her floral scented hair. Both scents were now permenated into Austin's nostrils to be called on when he was missing Ally, which would be everynight as he cuddled Dougie the dolphin close.

I wonder if Ally woke up this morning and decided to drive me crazy anyway she can. Then again Ally can drive me crazy with a single glance or innocent touch, one look or touch can make my heart race,the world blurs until it is just Ally and me and I can hear music in my head.Tommarrow is the day where I up my flirting cause today the flirting goes to Ally.

"I gotta go. I'm suppose to help my dad with dinner. Before I go I have been writing a new song that I would really love it if you listenned to it tonight and give me your honest opinion on it. Pretty please, it would mean so much to me." Ally said with a slight batt of her eyes as she handed Austin her pink IPod. Then with a wink and a tiny wave, Ally left a speechless, open mouthed Austin behind.


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