November 02, 2011

Family Date Night

Tonight is very special night for me and my little family, though I am so in love with Demi, Sonny and Kayleigh that I think anytime I get to spend with them is special to me. Cause I am super busy between writing my cookbooks that hopefully teaches other guys that is not just a woman's job to cook meals and there is great joy and accomplishment in creating a meal that your love ones enjoy, and working on the movie sets that I am blessed to have the opportunity to be on where I can showcase the talents and skills that God has given me to my loyal and devoted fans who have stood by me through the ups and downs of my life, both career and life wise.

Most nights, it seems like Demi and I are always passing each other during the day and sometimes not even have time to take a breath before it is time to head off to another place to work. We just have time for a quick kiss and then off we go. Demi is also super duper busy with writing, recording and singing her from-her-heart-soul-touching-intimate-danceable-catchy-radio-friendly songs, I never get tired of listenning to her songs (I can't decide if I enjoy hearing Demi's songs from her own beautiful, angelic voice while we are cuddling in each other's arms and Demi is singing softly into my ear in our own love bubble aka in our room or listenning to her songs in the car, droning out the stress of the movie that I am working on if only for a little while and bopping to the tune as I belt out the words and try to focus on the road and other drivers around me)

Demi and I made a promise that one of us has to be home when the girls are out of school, there is no way that I am letting my family, friends or even a babysitter raise my little angels and experience all the joys, good times, laughter, memories and worst times that having children and family brings to a person firsthand. I don't want to look back and regret missing out on any important and memento moments that my girls experience with their wide, open and innocent eyes and not be there to experience the moments with them as they happen instead of having to hear about them from Sonny and Kay secondhand.

Nothing, not even all the money and fame in the world, could replace being the best daddy I can be to Kay and Sonny. I want to be the type of parent that Mom and Dad were to me, Spence and Sammy when we were growing up; supportive no matter what dumb mistakes we did or the descions we made in our lives (they were there for all of our activities from ballet recitals, soccor games and graduations), loving even in public and in front of our friends that embarassed us immensely or got us teased by our friends.

Mom and Dad were also extremely fun to be around (dad was never afraid to let us kids beat him up in play fights and mom was forever trying to get us to dance our butts off to the songs on the radio using household items as our dance partners) and of course loving, mom tucked me, Spence and Sammy in everynight complete with kisses until the day we left for college and even when we came home from school we got tucked in or at least gave us a kiss and a "sweet dreams honey".

Dad wasn't afraid to show us kids especially Spence and me, that it is perfectly acceptable for boys to show the people they care about how much that person means to us through forms of affection such as hugs, kisses and of course telling them with words how much we love and care for them. Then of course, mom and dad had to also have a strong hand, a sense of morals and their own way of discpline cause every child needs discipline and structure in their lives to be functioning, active and highly developed members of the human race.

I hate coming home after a long day's work at the studio to find all three of my sweethearts asleep all cozy in their beds and exploring Dreamland although Demi does try her hardest to stay up so I can have someone to talk to about my day, the good and bad parts, and have some company as I eat the dinner that Demi so lovingly saved for me. But most nights I come home to my very own Sleeping Beauty with her book falling out of her hands, aww my Dem Dem was so sweet trying to stay up so we can get some alone time since we sometimes have no time to talk or just cuddle, one of my fave activities to do with Demi, cause of our busy schedules.

Even though I get sad when I come home and find my sweetie fast asleep, cuddled up to my pillow on my side of the bed with a smile on her face, cause it means that I won't get my cuddle and talk time with my darling wife, I really don't want to disturb my angel's slumber for my own selfish reasons. So when that happens, I just tuck Demi all cozy and warm into the blankets, kiss her check with whispers of "Night sweetheart. Sweet dreams" then get ready for bed myself before cuddling up to her, picking up Demi and laying her head on my chest so that she is tucked into my arms before I fall alseep too

Usually Demi and I do something together outside of the house every Friday. I don't care if Demi and I go to the local park for a picnic and a walk around the nature trail, go to a Texas Rangers game where we yell and cheer like idiots for our hometown with our red shirts and baseball hats or even go bowling where we have our only-for-fun-competition which usually includes Demi and me doing our ridiculously silly and goofy victory dances when we knock down even one pin.

Like i said, I look forward to every moment, no matter how small, I can get with my wife and daughters. I actually have a heart sticker on every Friday of every month to symbolize my date with the woman who means everything to me, who is my inspiration, my role model on the type of person I want to be in life and my angel on earth. I look forward for Friday even more since I know it is date night with Demi, even my friends and family know not to bother me or Demi at all that night cause the only person I want to focus on is Demi.

Heck I even think Sonny and Kayleigh love Date Night, even though I know that they treasure anytime they can get with their mommy and me, when Demi calls from work to say she is going to be late for dinner that night, either Sonny or Kay ask in a very anxious voice if she will be home in time for some play and cuddle time before bed or both girls try with all their little might to beat sleep until either Demi or I come home so they can tell us all about their adventures in Kindergarten while cuddling with us.

When Demi and I go on our dates, Kay and Sonny are usually "baby-sat" or as they call it big-girl-looking-after cause they aren't babies so it can't be called baby-sitting, by one of their aunts, uncles or grandparents. Once the girls know who is looking after them for the night, they have to discuss the whole night's activities with us about what they want to do with their babysitters from the time they set foot in the door and Demi and I leave to when we come and get them, even though usually they are sleeping like little angels when Demi and I pick them up.

This date night is a little different then Demi and mine's usual Friday night date, Sonny has a dance recital tonight which she has been practicing for weeks and every other place she can think of like our living room complete with knocking down the side tables, the plants and almost the lamps, the halls of the school, thank God no one was in it at the time and the park with bumping into trees, the benches and of course the playground equipment. And no matter how many band-aids or times Demi and I as sweetly and gently as we can suggest she wait until dance class to practice her awesome moves, she continues to practice whenever she can. My determind little dancer :).

Kayleigh has been working on a poster to support her younger sister at her recital all week. Our recycling bin is filled with the "rejects" either the color wasn't right,there was an error, even as slight, in the writing or Kay changed her mind of what she wanted to say. What a supportive big sister my Kayleigh is, she and Sonny always making up posters and signs of encouragement and love for what seems like every event in someone they loves' life, whether it be Demi recording a new CD, me filming one of my comedy movies to Sammy's soccor games.

I know that Demi and me loving looking out into the audience and seeing those two sweet,little faces with their million watt smiles that stretch from ear to ear, just like their mommy, hearing their chants of "We Love You Daddy!" or "Yeah Daddy!" and seeing their personalized posters, ok so technically Sonny and Kayleigh tell Demi and I what to write on the posters cause their handwritting is still in need of practice, shaking wildly and being held up by small little arms as high as the girls can hold them.

Seeing my girls' support and love towards me as I am showing the world my God given talents and skills as well as my two little angels makes my heart grow bigger with each heartbeat and become filled with love and affection for the 3 most important girls in my life, oh excuse me the woman and two little girls in my life, I want to do projects that has a good message for young people about how they should live their lives and entertain all viewers no matter what age, gender or interests so that everyone enjoys the movie. So in general, I want Kayleigh and Sonny to be proud of their parents, their accomplishments, descions and think of us as their role models of how to be the best versions of themselves cause that is one of the roles of a parent.

Finally Kayleigh was satisfied with her poster that read "Go Sonny. I Love you Sissy", aww that is so sweet Kay. I am sure that your sister will love seeing your poster of love and encouragement for her and will give you a big hug of thanks. Before the recital, we were going to Kelsey's Restaurant for a special family dinner cause this is an important event in our little family and it needs to be celebrated as much as we can so Sonny can feel special for one night cause everyone deserves to feel special, it boost someone's self esteem a bit cause all focus is on you for a night.

Once again I am blown away by the girls' differences; Kayleigh had no problem helping Demi pick out her dress, she gave us both a small little fashion show of her and her mommy's choices of dresses and from the big grin on her face and her excited squeals of joy as she twirled around letting the skirt twirl around her she enjoyed being all girly. Finally Kay settled on a pale yellow polka dotted sundress with her auburn hair in pigtails, her favorite hairstyle, after contemplating with an adorable look on her face complete with pursed lips.

Sonny, on the other hand, wasn't too excited about wearing a black skirt and white blouse. Hey it isn't a dress which Demi and I already know Sonny hates wearing cause she doesn't like to be reminded that she is a girl instead of the tomboy her mommy and I know and love. That was Demi and mine's arguement when Sonny made a fuss about her outfit and with an adorable frown Sonny agreed. She even sat still for her light brown hair to be put into a bun and she never has liked having her hair done cause it means she can't move and that is not in my sweetie's vocabulary.

Demi, of course, looked beautiful in a dark burgandy sleeveless dress with matching black shawl with her light brown hair with blonde highlights in waves around her ivory skinned face and shoulders, she looked like a Goddess, my very own Goddess but then again she always looks beautiful to me. Even when Demi is wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt covered in paint, markers and dirt from playing with the girls, hair a mess, she still makes me do a double take and not be able to keep my eyes off her.

I chose a pale blue dress shirt and a tan pants with black dress shoes which made me look pretty according to my girls, I even got extra hugs from both girls as well as Kay and Sonny hanging off my legs as we waited for Demi to put on some make-up, though I think that Demi looks even more beautiful when she isn't wearing make-up just lipgloss cause it lets her natural beauty shine out for the world to see.

The ride to the restaurant was fun; Kayleigh and Sonny dancing in their carseats and singing their lungs out to their favorite Barney CD as Demi drove and I daydreamed and reminisced about how incredibly lucky and honored I am that I had found the woman of my dreams in the last place I thought I would find it; on the set of "Sonny with a Chance", and now am living the life I have always dreamed of; a good career where I am able to use my talents and skills to entertain and educate the next generation, have a loving and supportive family, have true love with Demi, two beautiful and healthy daughters who I love with all my heart as well as my health.

The restaurant wasn't packed, thank goodness, cause I don't want to have my family's dinner interupted by overjealous fans wanting a photo and an autograph. I wanted it to be just my wife, me and our two little girls, just like any other normal family dinner. The girls seemed to enjoy being at the big table without booster seats, they just had to sit at the edge of the seat to reach the table to eat, they must have felt really grown-up cause when they climbed into the seats they sat up straight with their hands on the table like I am sure they have seen Demi and I do when we sit down.

Once the waitress had given them a kids menu which of course included pictures to color and activities to do, both Kay and Sonny got right to work and didn't really give us an answer to what they wanted for dinner, Demi and I would offer suggestions and Kay and Sonny would either shake their heads or nod in response. We finally agreed on two grilled cheeses with a nice big healthy glass of milk for the girls, Demi got a spghetti platter with sprite and I got a nice juicy, medium rare steak with mashed potatoes, corn, peas and a roll complete with a glass of water, I know boring right?

The girls tried their hardest to remember their manners, just like Demi and I had taught them, but they were excited at eating in a restaurant, cause eating out is a treat done like every 2-3 months or so, and of course the excitement of Sonny's dance recital cause no parents were allowed to watch the rehersals for fear that their kids would become too nervous and too focused on their parents to practice their moves. So this is the first time Demi, Kayleigh and me will see Sonny perform though we did get a small glimpse of the show whenever Sonny did her practicing in those interesting places.

The girls were done before Demi and I did so they started to get really ansty which included making funny faces at each other as well as a kicking game, Kay was sitting beside me and Sonny beside Demi so the girls were facing each other. Both games resulted in loud and boistrious giggles from both girls which made the neighbouring tables look at us in annoyance at their dinners being interupted by two small children making noise. Demi and I tried to shush by reminding both of them where they were and what was the proper behaviour for being out in public.

Demi and I ate our dinner in record time when Sonny and Kayleigh started to whine about how bored they were complete with putting their little heads on the table, lamenating about how slow Demi and I were eating and how Sonny was worried we would be late for the recital cause the girls had to be there an hour beforehand to make sure everyone and everything was set up for the recital. Don't worry sweetie, mommy and I know you are super excited about your performance tonight so we won't let you be late.

Then it was time to go to the recital, Demi went to the changing room to help Sonny get dressed in her costume cause it is tricky to put on cause it is skintight and gets stuck on limbs easy, while Kayleigh and I went to our seats, Kay made me put her poster for her sister on my lap or she would sit on it so that she can pull it out for her sister's performance. Demi soon joined us which was right before the lights went off and the performances began.

Sonny's group performance was near the middle. I tried my hardest not to twiddle my thumbs, shake my leg and concentrate on the other performances but I could feel my mind wandering to the next day's work schedule and some of the recipes I wanted to try out for my night of cooking, no matter how hard I tried to tell myself to pay attention, my mind wandered many times.

Sonny and 4 other little girls her age, I don't know their names or have met them, were performing a jazz number to the song "CandyMan" complete with fake and pretty big candycanes for 5 year olds, man was that candycane a pain to make so Demi had to hold the stick while I twined the red and green ribbons around it. Sonny and her partners were dressed in a leotard with red, white and green stripes painted on it with white tights.

The girls adorabley shook their little tushes, pranced, jumped and moved as gracefully as 5 little 5 year olds could, you could tell that each one of the little sweeties were throughly enjoying dancing and showing their mommies, daddies, grandparents and siblings what good little dancers they were cause they were smiling really big.

You think Kayleigh was at one of Demi's concerts by the way she was acting, holding up the sign, well ok Demi and I were holding the sign and Kayleigh was holding the middle part as she called out "That's my sissy. You go Sonny!. I so proud of you!" which got her muffled chuckles and whispers of "How adorable. What a good big sister" from all around us.Demi and I whispered for her to tone done her encouragement and to put down her sign cause Sonny and the rest of the girls wouldn't be able to concentrate with her yelling plus her sister already knows that Kay loves and supports her.

With an embarrassed look on her face for possibly disrupting her beloved sister while she is doing something she dearly loves and bugging the people around her, Kayleigh put down her sign and after clapping as enthusiatically as her little hands could when Sonny's dance was over, Kayleigh spent the rest of the recital sitting quietly with her little hands in her lap. But after the recital, she rushed down the hallway to practically knock Sonny down in a huge hug which Sonny gave back just as hard.

Of course Demi and I gave Sonny a hug and a kiss of congradualations and I had bought my little dancer a tulip cause every dancer gets a bouquet of flowers after a performance so why not give Sonny a flower? Sonny's gorgeous smile grew even wider and she even squealed as she threw herself into my arms thanking me for the pretty flower. I think a good performance like the one Sonny and her friends did deserves an ice cream as a reward.

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