July 08, 2011

Mistaken Indentities=Fun

Ok so today has been one of the best and ackward day at the same time. I mean what I experienced today wasn't suppose to be something I should be thinking about since Demi and I have been dating for a year and a half now but today put thoughts in my head that i quite enjoyed thinking about.

I should start at the beginning to explain myself. It all started when Tiffany and Chris went to a movie and dinner one Saturday evening, I think they were going to see "Mr Pooper's Penguins" and dinner at East Side Marios, and Demi and I were asked if we could babysit their nine month old daughter Jennifer or ``Jenny`` as she is affectionatley called for the night.

I adore that little girl but who wouldn`t. I mean with Tiff`s blonde hair which makes the sunlight bounce off it and is naturally wavy and bouncing and of course her smile complete with dimples, but Jenny`s smile has nothing on Demi`s million dollar smile that brightens a room and makes people want to smile just as big cause her smile heck her personality makes your heart feel happier, and Chris`s brown eyes that Tiffany tells me in her ``I`m so in love that I can`t help but gush about my man`` voice makes her melt like chocolate on a hot summer day and Jenny is a very beautiful baby girl even at 9 months.

As well as being a little beauty, she could probably win if she was ever entered in a ``beautiful baby contest``, Jenny is also a sweet little baby, she is always smiling, giggling and chattering in her baby talk and she hardly cries unless she needs something, like food or cuddles. Speaking of cuddles, Jen loves them, she will actually snuggle really close to you and bury her little head into your shirt and clutch your shirt in her tiny little hands. Can you tell I really love Jen as if she`s my own?. :). What can i say I`m a proud uncle.

That`s right, I might not be related biologically to Jen but I have known Tiffany and Chris for many years and feel like they are my siblings like with my other friends, to me we are all one big family filled with love and support for each other. So Demi and me are called "Auntie Demi"and "Uncle Sterling``.

As soon as I found out that Tiffany and Chris wanted me to babysit Jenny, I thought about babysitting with Demi cause anything done with Demi is fun even if it's not designed to be fun like learning lines or cleaning the backyard. Plus it gives me a chance to spend time with my two favorite girls in the world so what else could a guy ask for?. I love spending time with Demi, whenever I do my whole day is brighter and makes it so much better even if I only spend an hour or less with her.

Demi, of course jumped on the chance to spend time with her niece cause she loves Jenny as much as I do. Whenever Demi sees Jenny, she scoops her up in her loving, snuggly, warm and loving arms and smothers her little face with her sweet and addictive kisses, which I love getting although I usually get them right smack on the lips but they always make me melt into the floor and my heart feels like it is flying out of my chest, and cooes to her in her baby voice about how adorable she is and how much she loves her, I love hearing how much Demi loves me cause sweetie I love you a whole lot like with all my heart and isn't afraid to say and show it.

I had the whole day planned out so that I could enjoy every moment with my girls, even though Demi and I talk, either through tweeting on our phones, text messages or actually calling each other, almost everynight for at least 3 hours about what is happening in our life and random stuff that happened to us that day, it is never too much time for me to spend with the woman I love. If I had my choice, I would spend as much of the 24\7 hours each day with my sweetie, I know that Demi and I need other interests besides spending time with the other one or our relationship might be boring but as I said before I love spending time with my sweetie.

I want Demi and me to be one of those relationships that lasts forever until death parts us, no even after that, even though Demi and I have only been dating for a year and a half, I have known her for 3 years and that is a long time to really get to know someone's heart. And I know my own heart and it is saying that Demi is my one and only, my dream girl, the woman I will one day marry and my parents taught me to follow my heart so I'm going with my heart on the issue of Demi and me lasting.

Demi looked comfy but adorable in a pale blue short jumpsuit that showed off her long legs and paired with her black wavy hair piled up in a messy bun on top of her head and her matching blue sandals, I couldn't take my eyes off her but then again I already knew that being able to take my eyes off Demi whenever she's in the room was a big problem for me.

No fair, I got a sweet but way to short of a hello kiss and a warm, snuggly but once again too short of a hug from my girl before she rushed to Jenny in her playpen, scooped her up and smothered her tiny little pudgy faces with kisses while cooing to her about how happy "Auntie Demi" is to be able to spend the day with her and Uncle Sterling. Hey I know you love Jenny but there is a guy in the room who would love to have the same amount of kisses and snuggles that you are giving to this little girl so could you please put Jenny back in the playpen and give me some more kisses and snuggles? Pretty please :(.

After I got the hug and kisses i desperatley wanted, after clearing my thoart to get Demi's attention, holding out my arms and pouting a bit, we smothered Jenny with sunscreen and a sunhat cause we don't want a red, sunburnt baby on our hands cause I'm pretty sure Tiff and Chris would be mad at us if we returned Jenny sunburnt. Man they don't make child carseats easy, it took both me and Demi to strap Jenny in and even Jenny got frustrated, Demi had to soothe her with soft songs and words to stop her from fussing and squirming.

When we got to the park, after a car ride filled with sing along with Barney, Demi took Jenny into the girl bathroom to change her into her frilly pink one piece swimsuit. I didn't go right into the wading pool straight away because I wanted to give myself a chance to gaze upon the beautiful young woman and the adorable child splashing away. Demi had Jen on her lap and was gently splashing water on her legs and the top of her head to get her used to the water and Jen loved it, she was laughing and giggling the most adorable baby giggle and kicking her legs.

Then it was time for some serious water fun; Demi held her up as she kicked her feet again this time splashing the water upward and soaking her little legs with a giggle. Then Demi gently sat her down on her diaper butt so that she could splash with her tiny hands while leaning against Demi's legs since she wasn't quite yet able to sit up by herself yet.When Jen was starting to get fussy, Demi scooped her up and holding her under the arms she swung her back and forth so that her little feet graze the water while making airplane noises of them swooching sounds in the air.

From Jenny's squeals of joy and Demi's melodious laughter that rang out like bells in my ears, I could tell that both girls are having a blast. Then it was time for Jenny to come out of the water cause she was starting to get fussing. While I dressed Jenny in her adorable polka dotted t-shirt, shirts and a clean diaper, I peppered her little face with kisses, played with her little fingers by counting them and doing "This Little Piggy" song and talked to her in a baby voice about how she looked like she was having a fun time with "Auntie Demi". I was trying to stop her from fussing cause like every baby, she doesn't like to be naked for too long.

Then it was time for some tag team playing, Demi and I both played with Jenny by laying her on her tummy on a blanket and dangling some of her favorite toy in her eye gaze but within her reach so she could learn how to hold her head up and still reach for things in order for her to one day learn how to crawl and walk. Demi and I laid on our tummies and shook the toys from side to side so that Jenny could hear the sounds her toys made and reach for them.

Then it was for tickle time for everyone involved, Demi started to tickle Jenny under her plumb chin, arms and side as Jenny giggled and laughed and tried to roll away from her auntie's wandering little fingers, I tickled her cause a guy especially this guy loves hearing his woman laugh and knowing that he was the reason for the laughter and as Demi tried to roll away from my tickling fingers she tried to tickle me but her efforts were kind of weak cause I made sure she didn't get too close to me in order to tickle me cause I am super ticklish.

I could see the slight older then us couple sitting beside me watching Demi and Jenny cuddling close as Jenny was having her lunch bottle and Demi was lightly hummy to her and swaying back and forth (man Demi would make a wonderful mommy to her kids, she's so gentle, kind, loving and supportive so she would be the parent who would always let her kids know that she's has their back and will always love them no matter what they do). The guy was practically drooling all over himself as he watched Demi, um ok dude I know that my woman is gorgeous but stop looking at her like she's a piece of meart. She's a human being and an angel who deserves to be treated with the upmost respect and devotion as does anyone and not as an object to oggle over.

What the heck? The guy didn't even seem to notice I had not only cleared my throat to get his attention off my sweetie but also said out loud: "Um could you please stop staring at my wife? She's not an object to oggle at, she's a human being who deserves to be respected. Thanks" before turning back to watching Demi and Jenny interacting.

I know that I had just lied and hopefully no one reads the gossip magazines and challenge my claim that Demi and I are married cause neither I or Demi are wearing rings. The words just leaped from my lips before I could stop them and calling Demi my wife felt so right, it flowed from my lips like I had described Demi my wife hundreds of time so it was like a second nature to me.

Oh I'm liking the mental image of Demi wearing my ring and us spending the rest of our lives together, our love growing stronger each day and taking the joys and pains that life gives to us and facing it together as partners in life made my heart feel lighter and a smile grow on my face. This couple probably also thinks that Jenny is mine and Demi's daughter which is also a happy thought.

I always wanted to get married and have kids, at least two, cause I love children, watching them develop and mature into wonderful young adults who try their hardest to use the gifts God gave them to better the world a little more by helping others reach their potential. Plus I have been told that I'm a big kid that knows how to have fun with kids and not care what people think of him and the idea of raising children with Demi is a wonderful mental image of mine.

The guy didn't listen to my kind warning and continued to stare at my woman until his wife hit him over the head and when he turned towards her she glared at him."Um I think this nice young man told you to stop gawking at his wife and plus um hello do you think you could remember that your own wife is sitting right next to you and will kick your butt serious if you ever look at another woman besides me. God Herald this man is a family man with a young daughter, get a hold of your hormones.

I'm so sorry sir for my immature husband's uncomfortable looks at your wife. May I just say that you, your wife and your daughter make an adorable family. Your daughter is the perfect combination of both you and your wife, she has your hair and your wife's eyes and smile complete with dimples. You both are so lucky, I wish I had as beautiful of a family as you and your wife do" Then she turned back to facing her husband and gave him grief about openly oggling another woman in her presence and I went back to gazing lovingly at the two woman of my life.

Then it was time to bring Jenny home cause her mommy and daddy were going to be home soon and I'm sure that they wanted to spend the rest of the day with their precious daughter. After another version of "How to strap Jenny into her carseat before she starts fussing?" it was time to drive home. I wonder how our friends will react to the knowledge that someone thought Demi and I were not only married but have a 9 month old baby, they will probably laugh their heads off and tease us for a week that we must have looked so "couply" and lovey dovey like always so as to convince people we are married and have a child and how we must have hated having to "pretend" to be married for one whole day. Oh well I enjoyed my day with Jenny and Demi too much to care how much teasing our friends will give Demi and me.

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  1. aww this was so sweet how Sterling thought of Jenny as his own :)