July 20, 2011

Matchmaking for Stemi

Ok I am so estatic right now; I had just recieved one of the best news about a once in a million shot I never thought would be possible. I signed up for a contenst where a lucky person got the chance to take two of their friends to their favorite TV set on a dare cause I don't ever win anything important so I had no reason to assume that I would win. When I got the phone call from Family.ca that I had won the prize, at first I didn't believe them, I thought they were playing a trick on me or that I was dreaming. But after I pinched myself I tried to listen to what the producers were telling me about the details of how I and my two friends would arrive at the Sonny with a Chance set, the schedule of the day would be and how we would get home.

I was estatic to have the chance to go to the set of my favorite TV show "Sonny with a Chance" and get to meet the people who daily do and say the funniest things ever written designed to make the audience burst out in laughter and forget their life and its issues for 23 minutes each day. Plus I also got the one in a million chance to meet my idol and favorite singer\actor Demi Lovato who I had admired, loved and followed ever since I had first seen her face and heard her gorgeous singing voice in the first "Camp Rock" 3 years ago.

I had always wanted to meet Demi face to face and in as much of an even, easy, laid back, not showing how extremely nervous and excited I was to meet her voice tell her all the reasons why i love and admite her and even though I'm older then her see her as my role model in how I should live my life; helping others get over life's troubles and their own personal demons by letting them know that no matter what they did in their past ,they were never alone in their fight and being themselves the entire way is the only way to have the life they want.

Who am I trying to kid? If I ever met Demi face to face I would be a bundle of nerves, shuttering and tripping over my words which would include lots of "Ums" as I grasped for the correct words that will make me sound mature, calm and confident and not a scared spitless girl who is talking to her idol face to face. I had to tweet my good news to my friends on Twitter cause if I don't share my immense joy about winning the contest with someone I might burst plus I know that they will be just as estatic for me as I am.

Within minutes of tweeting my good news, I got a response from my two friends @StemiFlu and @SWACChannyFan who I had choosen to accompany me to the SWAC tour cause they are the two people who I talk to everynight for many hours. Plus us three girls are Stemi fans which means that any chance we can get to see the Stemi gooeyness and lovey doveiness that we have been talking about ever since the begininng of SWAC with our own eyes we will definetly do take it.

Jessica and Esther and me talked for days before hand about what we wish could happen, from what we were going to wear, what we were going to say to Demi, Sterling and the rest of the cast when we meet them and hoping that we would be very discreet about keeping our eyes peeled for moments where Sterling and Demi do something that isn't exactly "friend-like" even if it's a touch or a glance or what they whisper to each other in a corner and even be prepared to do some matchmaking although I think that Demi and Sterling's friends and co-stars have that part covered for many years. I bet they have been playing matchmaker for their darling and sometimes blind to their feelings for the other friends for years now but hey everyone needs help sometimes.

I took my very first plane ride to LA and it was a long 3 hour flight, because I was just so freaking excited that I got to go on a plane ride once again to the place where they say is the land of dreams so I couldn't sit still which annoyed my seatmate very much cause he was trying to read the newspaper. As I rode on the plane I tried to practice what I was going to say to Demi when I met her in my head but I guess I was saying stuff under my breath cause once again my seatmate was glaring at me. Opps sorry buddy I'm just too excited.

The cab drove me to the hotel whcih was quite impressive if i do say so myself. it had 15 floors and even the lobby was highly decorated with pillars of marble and highly detailed painting on the walls. I was going to meet Jess and Esther up in my room since our rooms were connected to each other by the doors in our rooms and I was excited to meet the girls I had been talking to for a year now in person and to experience this wonderful event in our lives together.

When I got to my room, my mouth dropped and my eyes bugged out. My room was amazing; it was bigger then my one at home with a big queen sized bed, a jacuzzi sized bathtub and a beautiful view of the nearest park. I had just dropped my bags when there was a knock on the door. I oppened it to find a young lightly tanned girl with long straight dark brown hair and eyes dressed in blue jeans and a white long sleeved shirt and another young girl with wavy black hair, light brown skin and brown eyes wearing dark blue jeans and a nice light red shirt greeting me.

By first glance, i assume they were Jess and Esther so since I'm a a hugger and we had been talking for awhile now I practically threw myself at them in a gigantic group hug which after a few minutes of probably thinking "What the heck is this girl doing?"they returned my hug then as we stepped back into my room, the excited chatter of how pumped we were about our tour, being in LA and meeting Demi and Sterling echoed in the room.

The day of the tour, I was up at 7 am cause I had a hard time falling asleep last night, my nerves about meeting Demi face to face and not sounding and looking like an idiot and my excitement about meeting my idol and seeing the set of my favorite TV show in person with my two friends. I woke up and dressed in my light blue jean capris and pink capped top, I had spent 20 minutes the previous night deciding what to wear cause I wanted to look perfect.

The taxi ride to the studio was spent with all our noses pressed to the window trying to memorize all the sights and sounds of LA that we wil always have in our long term memories of our trip of LA so there wasn't much talking being done. The studio was a big building with smaller TV show lots, "Sonny with a Chance" was lot #2 and a very chaotic place of extras, directors, costume designers and the other people who make the shows work running around in productive chaos as we walked in.

The director caught sight of us and with a big smile shook all our hands and welcomed us to the SWAC set. He began the tour at the studio's classroom where Alyson, Demi, Doug and Brandon went to school when they weren't on set, the crafts table where there were lots of yummy and fattening treats for the cast and crew which made me drool a bit cause it looked so yummy but I continued on.

Then it was time to go on set wherre Brandon, Doug and Alyson were pratcing their lines where "Zora" was trying to sell the use of her snake to "Grady" and "Nico" to get the pretty extra to notice "Nico" and from the sidelines it looked really funny. We found Tiffany in the "prop house" which looks exactly like in the show. Tiffany was super nice as was Doug, Brandon and Alyson when the director intrupted their scene to meet us.

We got hugs and warm hellos from all the cast as we stared wide eyed at them, we knew they were friendly and down to earth but we never expected them to be this warm and welcome towards us at first meeting. They even invited us to sit with them in one of their dressingrooms for a luncheon with all the cast so we can ask any questions we might have and "hang out". That sounds like a wonderful dream that neither of us want to wake up from.

We found Demi in her dressingroom curled up in her wheelie chair bent over a notepad scribbling something furiously. She must have been writing another one of her heart warming personal songs and was really writing down her thoughts and feelings as her pen was moving at the speed of light. When the director knocked on her door lightly and asked if he could come in, Demi closed her notepad with a smile and gestured us in.

I think my eyes bugged out of my head and my mouth dropped right to the floor with my brain and my mouth not communicating at all with the other one so the words i wanted to say in order for me to appear mature and confident in myself in front of my idol wasn't coming out when I wanted them to.

And it seemed like Jess and Esther were having the same problem as me but Demi, being her down to earth, sweet, welcoming and personable woman she was, she just smiled at us and welcomed us to the SWAC set and said about how she hoped we could join her and her friends for a lunch so they could get to know more about us and us about them. When we got our voices back, Jess asked what she was writing and could we have a sneak peak.

Demi blushed a little and ducked her head in embarassment at being caught as she said that she was writing something very personal to her heart and that no matter how much she wished she could share it with us, she wrote it for a very special person in her heart and wanted them to be the first person to read it before she shared it. Hmm I wonder who the special person in Demi's heart could be that she's writting about? My mind was pleading for it to be a love letter to Sterling.

Demi told us that she would walk us to the set so we can actually watch her and her friends practice their scenes together. As we walked, Demi,Jess, Esther and me talked about everything from how we were liking LA, the set and what kind of fun things do we do in our hometowns, um my life is pretty boring, like we had been friends for forever and not that we had just met 10 minutes ago.

When we got to the set, Sterling was missing so the director sent us to retrieve him, oh I know that Jess will love that task :). We found a very adorable and sweet sight; Sterling with a picture of Demi in his hand and he was walking at a lesuiring pace around his dressingroom, I guess he was practicing telling Demi he loves her as more then "just friends" before telling Demi in real life so he does'nt sound like a voice cracking, teen boy who doesn't know what to do with his hands and his brain and mouth don't communicate when the time comes.

Why on earth couldn't he have said those beautiful, touching from the heart speech to Demi face to face 2 years ago? Cause if a handsome, sweet, caring, sensitive romantic guy were to describe the reasons why he loves me, I will no longer be a person but become a puddle of mush on the floor and I would defiently throw myself into his arms smothering his face with kisses.

I'm sure that if Demi ever heard the sweet, romantic and from the heart speech that Sterling was telling "picture" Demi, I'm sure that Demi would tear up, throw her arms around Sterling's neck, in between kisses exclaim how she has been in love with him for the same amount of time as he has and will be his forever to love and adore.

He quickly turned around when we knocked on the door, we really didn't want to ruin this sweet moment but we knew that Sterling really was needed on set and we didn't want to get into trouble with the director for not bringing him as quickly as we can. When Sterling saw it was us, he blushed a deep red at his most intimate thoughts and feelings out in the open for anyone to hear.

We really should have just kept our mouths shut about what we heard and saw in Sterling's dressingroom but something inside us sparked us to step into the room, close the door and do something about Demi and Sterling being afraid to tell the other person their true feelings for the other person cause if we needed to be the driving force to knock some sense into their heads about finally confessing their true feelings for the other then so be it , it is a shot we have to take. Here goes nothing.

"How much did you ladies hear?" Sterling asked in in a nervous stuttery voice that just begged for us to say that we hadn't heard who he was talking about and thought he was practicing for the show. He wouldn't look us in our eyes. Sorry Sterling we can't lie of what we heard no matter how hard you want us to, it's yours and Demi's love at stake.

"Well first of all, my name is Kim, this is Jessica and Esther and we are only 3 of the people online who think that you and Demi are a match made in heaven, God couldn't have made a more perfect couple then you two. We have seen how you two can't seem to help gushing about how talented and how wonderful the other person is at every turn, sometimes even without being asked."

"Kim's right. And don't you go and say that you brag about all your friends when asked about them cause a blind person can see how you and Demi both light up with an inner light that just shows how much you guys love each other as well as in your facial expressions and body language. You guys have been best friends for 2 years so you and Demi know the other person's heart and soul so please gather up your nerve and tell Demi of your love before it's too late and you kick yourself about not taking a chance at true love" - Jessica

"I agree with both Kim and Jess. You should never be scared of true love cause it's a beautiful gift from God and should be treasured with your heart. I think that you and Demi should "borrow" some of the cafe's food and have your own private picnic under the sun where you both lay your hearts and feelings on the line so Demi and your's happy ever after can start today. We aren't trying to be pushy or mean, we love both you and Demi and we want you guys to be truly happy so please just think about what we have to say"- Esther

Sterling looked at us with wide eyes and mouth, what did he really think that he could fool his and Demi's loyal fans about his love for Demi? I don't think so boy, I mean you and Demi are wonderful actors but you can't fake the heart's emotions. All he did was nodd at us, mutter "excuse me" and walk out of the room. We had to follow him to see if he took our advice plus we are a bit nosy so we have to follow our nosiness to see what happens next.

We followed close behind Sterling, without shadowing him too closely, and saw him going over to Demi who was getting lunch from the crafts table, take her elbow, whisper in her ear that made her smile and nodd and they both piled two plates full of foot then Sterling, sterring her with a hand on the small of her back, led her outside the studio doors to the nearest shady tree where they set up a picnic.

Jess, Esther and I watched from behind the nearest tree that we could find where we could still hear and see what was being said and done but without technically evesdropping. We had to hold in our squeals of joy as we heard the carefree, easy going conversation turning into a serious more turn when Sterling gently tucked a piece of hair behind Demi's ear and then left his hand on her check.

"Demi, I got a major eye openner from the 3 girls who are our visitors today about something I have kept hidden deep in my heart but it is time to let it out so please listen to me before talking. Sterling took a deep breath then went on. Demi I have been in love with you since the day, June 14, 2008 at 9:25 am, our eyes met, but your warm, caring about others and doing everything in your power and with the many gifts and talents that God has given to you to better other people's lives made me fall even more in love with you. You have been in my heart and mind for the past 2 years and everything I have said and done made me think of you since you are in my heart 24\7. I knew that there is a slim chance of you loving me in the same depth that I do but I know in the depths of my heart that what I feel for you is true love. Please say something or I might have to run away like a scared little boy"

As Sterling was pouring out his heart to her, Demi teared up as she gazed deep into his eyes to see into his heart. Demi's answer was to throw herself onto him and in between smoothering his face with kisses said "How could I not fall in love with such a sweet, sensitive, caring, down to earth and family and friend oriented young man who knows what to say and do to take a girl's breath away, make her heart skip a beat only to speed up a second later and how to make a girl feel like she's the only woman in your life. I love you so much, with all my heart and soul and this is definetly true love sweetie. "

With those words, the smooching began and right on the lips too. It was like a scene from a romantic movie, a young couple in love kissing on a picnic lunch date while the rest of the world just blurs away leaving the couple in a love bubble that can't be contaminated or disturbed in anyway. We actually had to put our hands on the other girls' mouth to stifle their squeals of excitement; um hello who wouldn't squeal when their ultimate dream is coming true right in front of your eyes. Ok so I don't know what Jess and Esther are thinking but my two thoughts are; Stemi is finally here and man are Jess, Esther and me good at matchmakings so we should open our own matchmaking office.

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  1. lol it's like you took the thoughts outta my head hahah THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD HAVE SAID was my though as i read the story :D and yayy I got a chance to meet the 2 people i talk to the most which is cool...