July 27, 2011

On the Way to the Fair

I can't wait for Friday cause it means that once again I get to spend time with the three most important woman in my life; Demi, Kayleigh and Sonny. I know what you guys are thinking: "Um Sterling, don't you spend everynight with Demi and your guys' daughters?" And the answer would be yes. When Demi was pregnant with Kayleigh we promised each other that all our children including our unborn daughter would be raised by their mommy and daddy and not some nanny like most celebrities do.

I mean yes I know that they are super busy with doing movies, TV shows and publicity events which doesn't leave time for spending much needed time with their children who didn't ask to be brought into the world of high class society where it seems like money can buy everything anyone might want and need. So in order to continue live the high life, the celebrities hire nannies who pretty much play the role of parents, you know with the whole raising the children to be as good people as possible.

The nannies forget to teach their young charges how to truly love someone, you know to love someone inside and out from their faults, interests and personalities no matter if you don't particularly love them, they are a part of the person you love so you learn to deal with them. The nannies may grow close to their charges since they raise the kids from birth but they can't get too close to the kids which means no affection is given to the child for fear the parents' would fire them for being "inapproriate" with their children. So the children learn that in order to get affection from someone they have to pay them.

But for Demi and me, we decided that we would raise our children the same way we ourselves were raised by our parents. We would raise our children in a house filled to the brim with love, understanding, honestly and support. Demi and I would shower our kids with lots of love, our undying attention aka if our kids need to talk about anything and everything that is happening in their lives Demi and I would drop whatever we are doing, no matter what, to sit down and listen to what our children have to say cause they are important to us and we wanted our children to know that whatever they want to do with their lives, that Demi and I support them.

So when Kayleigh and then Sonny was born, Demi and I decided that we ourselves would raise our daughters as normal little girls as possible with having two TV star parents. We didn't want our daughters to think that just becausde Demi and i had lots of money that they could become spolied brats who get used to expensive things and get whatever they want. We wanted to teach them the amount of a dollar and to appreciate what they have.

So both girls went to a local Catholic elementary school and so far are loving the school, I mean both girls had a wonderful teacher who encouraged her students to use their gifts with lots of encouragement and stickers by making school fun. And both girls have best friends who they share common interests with, Sonny with playing tag and hide and seek and Kayleigh with the Disney Princesses, so most weekends there was a number of gleefully screaming, very engergetic group of little girls in our house.

So when Sonny and Kayleigh brought home a permission slip to go to the town's local fair with Demi and I as cherpones I was excited. Well when I was a kid I loved the fair and everything that goes along with it; the rides, the games and the yummy goodies that just spelled out fair to me, so of course I was on board with taking my two little angels to the fair and if I got stuck on the rides or won a stuffed animal for my Dem Dem then all the better.

I don't know who was more excited about the fair, Kay, Sonny, Demi or me. Demi and I because we got to spend a fun filled day with our two little angels and each other where we don't have to worry about anything else, like what is going at the studios and how many things still need to be down at home or the studio, but trying make lasting memories with our angels.

With Sonny and Kayleigh, it was the fact that they got to spend some much needed time with mommy and daddy without them having to run to the studio or TV station and the only time Kay and Sonny see us is at night for dinner with some playtime before bedtime. The girls love spending anytime they can get with Demi and me, even when we are sitting on the couch reading our scripts and half listening to Kay and Sonny gushing about their adventures in Kindergarten. Anytime the girls get with their mommy and daddy, they are happy.

Demi and I wrote it on our calenders and whenever we were asked what on earth were we doing on the day we booked off, we gladly told them that we were going to be spending the day with our little girls and their classmates being kids outselves at the local fair. I had it all planned out, I would try to play some of the games to win a prize for each of my girls and earn me a sweet smile and a kiss on the check. Then I would take my little group of children, hopefully i would have at least one of my daughters in my group, to the different events and rides (age appropriate of course).

The day of the trip; Demi and I woke up at 6:30 am so we can have our showers and get ourselves ready before we had to wake the girls, Sonny is going to be the most difficult to wake up as she loves to cuddle with her teddy bear in her nice warm bed for as long as she can and becomes a grump when she is awken without the proper technique (whispering "Good morning sweetie, it's time to get up" in her little ear, then pepper tiny kisses on her little face, neck and the top of her curly auburn head until she groggly sits up and stretches, that is a sure sign that she's awake).

Man can I call it, Kayleigh was awake when I went into her room but stayed in her bed until I peppered her little face with kisses and whispered in her ear "Good morning honey" then she sat up and stretched and while in betwen yawns said "Good morning daddy. I hope you had nice dreams".

But poor Demi had a hard time getting Sonny up cause she kept getting hit in the head with Sonny's pillow, had to try to pry the pillow off her head after Sonny burrowed her head under it and then tickled her to get Sonny up all while using her gentle "mommy" voice telling her that it was time to get up cause mommy daddy, Kay and her had a fun day together but the fun couldn't start until she got up.

After a healthy breakfast of toast with peanut butter, Shreddies cereal and chopped bananas and Sonny and Kayleigh got dressed in blue jean shorts with a pale green shirt and blue jean overall shorts with a pink frilled shirt, we drove to St. Anne's Elementary School to meet up with the girls' Kindergarten class and the other parent cheperones. The girls were welcomed with lots of hugs and exclaimations of how excited they are about going to the fair today.

I'm so glad that both Kay and Sonny were put into mine and Demi's groups along with their friends cause it makes this day so much easier and funnier. The trip to the fair was loud as all the kids exclaimed what they were looking forward to at the fair but it was short trip. After the teachers had laid down the rules of the fair and told the parents when lunchtime was, it was time to explore the fair.

Demi and I stayed together in our small groups of 3 children each including our little girls, our first stop was to watch the dog jumping contest (dogs launching themselves off docks after their favorite toys and then seeing which dog jumped the farthest). It was quite entertaining, and it wasn't just because it involved dogs and I love dogs, some of the dogs would run headfirst down the ramp then hesitate at the end and would only jump in when encouraged by the crowd and their owners.

The girls' squeals filled the air everytime the dogs would jump in and then dog paddled over to their toy then back to their owners. After the contest was over, the girls pleaded with us to be able to go over to some of the owners to see if the girls could pet their dogs. After they got to pet some of the dogs and were licked all over their faces with lots of doggy kisses, it was time for some rides.

Demi and I took our little groups on the rotating cups where I was at the end so everytime the cups would go towards the end of the platform to spin back to the beginning the line of little girls on my side of the bech would slide across the bench to squish me, even though they aren't that heavy or big so them squished against me didn't hurt although I was pressed into a hard metal bar which poked me in uncomfortable places.

Then it was time for the ever popular merry go round, what child doesn't love this ride? I mean I liked it when I was a child, I used to pretend that I was a cowboy riding my horse collecting runaway cows and I'm pretty sure that Kayleigh was pretending to be a Princess riding in the open fields with the wind blowing in her long hair and flutterling her long dress as well as the horse's mane and tail. Demi spent the ride trying to comfort a little boy who was getting dizzy from all the motion of going around. We were both worried he was going to be sick all over himself but thank God he was ok after a few moments of sitting on the edge of the ride trying to regain his balance.

Next was a bit of a thrill for those little thrillseekers, a kiddie's rollarcoaster (you know the one that stays on the track and goes up small hills and down the other side but it doesn't go as high as the original ones). Sonny started a ritual of raising their little arms when the coaster went down the hill with cries of adorable shrieks, not of fear but of true excitement, which her classmates were more then willing to help her make it a ritual.

i even did it even though this was so tame compared to the coasters my brother, sister, Demi, our friends and me love to go on for our thrill seeking urge where we can scream our lungs out with delight at the twists and turns that the rides brings and throw our hands up in the air and wave them like we just don't care. Ok I don't have to ask Demi if that was lame cause I know it was :D.

The last ride was the bumper cars which showed me that when Kay and Sonny reach the age of being able to drive, Demi and me will have to be very patient and careful not being overly anxious, nervous and not be the type of parents that grips the armrests at every twist, turn and mistakes that the girls will make while learning to drive like proper citizens on the road.

All of the children were turning the wheels the wrong way so they were turning around in circles screaming for someone to help them cause they were getting dizzy or bumping into the other kids without meaning to and ending up in a hudle of cars. The kids who weren't in the hudle had a new game of following me and Demi around trying to bump into us from every side with the eviliest laughter ever heard from little kids. I pretended to jerk forward, which couldn't be good for my neck and back, with a sounds of groans and protest of a group of children ganging up on me but it was all for fun. I wanted to play my part in their little game.

After the bumper cars, it was time for lunch. Yummy cause Demi, Sonny, Kay and I worked together to make a super duper yummy lunch for the 4 of us to share which included bolgna and cheese sandwich on a white kaiser bun, a big thermos of fruity Koolade, homemade extra chcolate chip cookies that the girls and Demi made the previous Saturday afternoon and of course a yummy, juice filled fruit salad with only the freshest bannas, strawberries, blueberries, apples, pineapples and pears.

After lunch it was time to go on some of the attractions. the kids seemed to love bouncing in the Bouncing castle, they were screaming with joy trying to overjump their friends or seeing who could bounce the highest and touch the ceiling. Of course the little girls loved the pony rides cause they got to pretend that they were royal princesses being escorted by a groomsman during a parade in their honor where all their royal subjects come out of their houses to throw out flowers and well wishes.

Aww how sweet is Kayleigh, she saw that her younger sister was scared of sitting on the big thousand pound animal with a stranger being responsible for keeping her safe so she sat behind Sonny and Kayleigh whispered in her ear encouragements and patted her little hand when she got scared. What a good big sister, it makes my heart melt seeing their sisterly bond.

Next was the climbing, inflatable wall with a slide on the other side into a pool of balls. The kids scrambled up the first side usinng both their hands and feet to "walk" themselves up the wall with the help of the ropes achored to the top to assisat them in their climb and then when they reach the top with a squeal of delight they jump and slide down to the pool of balls. While there they would have a ball fight of flinging the balls at their friends below the waist but not very hard of course until the teachers and parents stopped the game before someone got hurt.

I couldn't keep my eyes off my two girls who climbed the wall,slid down the other side into the balls and got out to do it all over again all while holding hands and encouraging the other one when they seemed to have problems climbing with one hand and was slowing the pair down a bit but no matter how many times one had to stop to wait for their sister, Kayleigh and Sonny held tight to the other's hands and then skipped to the front to do it over again.

Then it was time for the groups to split up to do whatever they want for an hour before the buses came to take us back to the school to go home. So i decided to let most of the kids in Demi and mine's group to join their friends in the other groups leaving my family being able to spend some time together before going home.

I helped Sonny win a small teddy bear dressed in pink shorts and a t-shirt with pink sunglasses in the fish game, you know the game where you have a toy fishing line and you have to hook a fish "swimming" in the toy pond with the other fishes to win a prize. Good thing we had 3 tries cause it was harder then it looked, even with my gentle and steady hand it took us all 3 tries. But I got a kiss and a thank you from my littlest girl so it was totally worth it.

Next it was time for Kayleigh to win her pink stuffed doggy that she instantly called "Princess" from the shooting game, where you shoot a dart gun at balloons to deflate all 5 of them with 3 bullets. it didn't start out so good cause our 1st shoot we didn't hit any, then the next 2 shots got all 5 balloons. I once again stood behind Kay to assist her in shooting the gun and plus I didn't think it would be good for a 5 year old to handle a weapon so she needed daddy's help. I got a kiss from both "Princess" and Kay for the help.

I turned around to see what game I can play to win something for my angel aka Demi only to find her standing close to us with a very uncomfortable look on her face and body language because of the guy who was trying to put his arms around her wiast and I guess nuzzle her neck. I am the only one who can be all lovey dovey and up in her busines like that and dude check out my wife's, focus on the word wife, face and see that your actions were making her uncomfortable and quit it.

"Hey babe, why don't we ditch this place filled of brats and wannabe thrillseekers after I amaze you with my immense talents of course and win you one of those stupid stuffed animals." The dude actually tried to make himself have swagger and protray that he was all that and a stud when really he looked like a little boy playing dress up in his big brother's clothing to look "cool"" but he was failing terribly.

He swaggered over to the basketball game, where you have to land the basketball in the hoop as many times as you can in 1 minute, and after giving the guy in charge of the game his $2, he turned around to give Demi a wink, he got a eye roll in return and shoot his basketball into the hoop. The guy didn't get any baskets, he wasn't even close to the basket at all and even hit the guy in charge a couple of times which got him a dirty look.

"This game is totally rigged. No one can win this game besides why would a hottie like you want a stupid stuffed animal when you can have all this" then kisses his fake biceps as he flexes and poses. it was really hard not to laugh at his obvious faking of being a "man" but my sweet angel did the life lesson about not saying things thta aren't true about yourself in order to brag and not to flirt with a married woman.

Demi just stepped up to the game, put down her $2 and shot the ball into the basket 25 times flawlessly, dude you just got powned by my woman, The guy asked what prize she wanted after picking up his jaw off the floor at how well Demi did. Hey Demi might be a girl but she can definetly play as well as any man in any game and has beaten my tush a couple of times whehn we play together and I am proud to say that my wife is a worthy opponent.

Demi choose a purple unicorn, I am happy that she choose the unicorn cause unicorns are magical, pure and innocent which reminds me of my Demi but that animal isn't sleeping in our bed cause my wife is not going to be snuggling and cuddling with a stuffed animal all night when she has her very own real life cuddle buddy in me that is more then willing and able to cuddle and snuggle with her all night long. The girls can sleep with the unicorn if they want to.

After Demi had the stuffed horse in her arms, she dismissed the little boy with a wave of her fingers, hooked her arm into mine and lead the girls away from the booth after having embarassing the guy in front of his posse by beating him fair and square in his own game and putting him in his place at proving she is more woman then he could handle and that she was already taken, I mean how could anyone not notice a woman wearing an engagement and wedding ring and see her with children who look so much like her so obviously they are hers and think she's available to flirt with?.

That's my girl, not afraid to nicely but firmly tell people she doesn't appreciate being underestimated because she's a girl or put into the "girly girl" persona that means she is afraid to do anything strengous that might entail her to get done and dirty and break a nail and that she needs a man to complete her and tell her what to do. Demi might wear dresses, likes make-up, clothes and shoes but she defiently isn't a girly girl. That is one of the reasons why I love her, she is both kind of girls, a girly girl and a tomboy wrapped up in a beautiful packsage. Man I love her so much.

On the ride home, I almost fell asleep from all the excitment and fun times that my little family and I had today but it was hard cause I was squished between two very excited and anxious girls who talked about how much fun they had with mommy and daddy today at the fair and the new activiites they had planned for their new stuffed friends when we got home. I guess a nap will have to wait until after dinner and the girls are tucked into bed, when Demi and I are tucked into our own beds and each other's arms to sleep. What a perfect day at the fair,

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  1. I loved how sterling won the bear just for his little girl :D awwwwwwwwww

    Also my other favroite part was when Demi was getting hit with the pillow double awwwwww