June 30, 2011

Don't Mess With My Sister!

At this moment I think I fully understand why my dad is overprotective of my two sisters, Kayleigh and Sonny. It wasn't as if growing up mom and dad treated me, Kayleigh and Sonny differently because of our genders cause it wouldn't be true; mom and dad taught us kids that whatever we wanted to do in our lives we could do, no matter what others told us about how wrong it was for a person of our gender to want to do something that suposedly only one gender should do like me wanting to try out for the school's musical which I guess was a "girly" thing to do.

Mom and dad are super supportive of us kids, this might be a smidge bias cause I'm talking about my mom and dad but I believe that mom and dad are two of the best parents I know, good thing that they are my parents :), like I said they are super supportive of me and my sisters' interests and goals. Mom and dad let Kay, Sonny and me make our own descions cause they know that they raised us with good morals, values and a respect for everyone we will meet in our lives, no matter what gender, race, ethncity or religion they are or whether we like them.

I'm happy of the fact that mom and dad have the biggest amount of trust in all their kids, they know that we will make mistakes like any other young people trying to spread their wings in the big world and out from under their parent's wings. But us kids know that even when we make mistakes we will always have mom and dad behind us to tell us that we did was pretty stupid, ask us how we would change what we did if we got a chance to turn back time, pick us up, dust us off, give us the hugs, kisses and encouragement\support we need in order to get back up and try to make things right again. Whatever we do, no matter how bad it seems at the time, Kay, Sonny and me know that mom and dad will always love us and have our backs cause no one messes with their babies, even though technically we aren't babies anymore.

Even though mom and dad never treated my sisters and me differently because of our genders, it was kind of obvious that Kay and Sonny were daddy's little girls. I mean I can understand why, Kayleigh and Sonny are my parents' only daughters and the only children they thought they would have, I was a pleasant surprise a month before Sonny turned 1, so they doted on both girls', my sisters are defiently not spoiled at all.

Kayleigh and Sonny look and act like mom, both girls have auburn brown hair with the straight bangs that mom used to have before she dyed her hair black and cut her bangs, same big smile that seem to light up their faces with a dimple in the left side of their checks, butt chins that seem to give them character and the same down to earth, sweet, generous, slightly dorky at times, senstive, hopeless romantic personality that made dad fall madly in love with mom years ago and why he's still is in love with her after 17 years of marriage.

I, on the other hand, look more like dad with dirty blond hair with a lock that falls into my eyes all the time that makes mom playfully threaten to cut my hair while I'm sleeping, ya right mom so believe you, a laid back smile and personality and all of us kids have dad's sky blue eyes. I look so much like dad that I was given "Sterling" as my middle name so I'm Matthew Sterling Knight.

Dad is always saying that since Kay and Sonny look like mom, they are not allowed to date anybody unless they have both the guys' in their lives approval, dad and me, cause there is not a lot of guys who he feels have the right values and morals as he did growing up. According to dad, all the boys who go to our school only see Sonny and Kay as toys to play with and manipulate to their own desires to see how far they can get with them before tossing them out like yesterday's garbage. In short none of them are good enough for daddy's little princesses.

Ever since 19 month old Sonny, 2 year old Kayleigh and newborn little me met, we have been inseperatable. Mom and dad always tease us that whereever one of us is, the other two weren't far behind, we were like the 3 Musketeers banding together for everything that happens in our lives, although most of the time Kay and me were trying to keep our darling sister out of micheviousness which is like a full time job for us but since we love Sonny we accept the job full heartedly.

I may be the youngest in the family but I take my role as being a protector to my sisters very seriously. I know that most people will say that since Kay and Sonny are the oldest that they are suppose to be my protectors. But, not to sound sexist, I believe that a family protects each one of their family members, no matter the gender, from people who wish to harm their loved ones and this factor not only applys to your biological family but also to the people who you love dearly and who have become like family, like most of my aunts and uncles. They are mom and dad's best friends and they have known us since before we were born so they are part of my family.

Anyway, the whole protective brother came to a head, when Kayleigh accepted a date with one of the popular boys in our high school school, Dale Riker. I don't really know much about him, just what I have heard from the gossip mill and seen around the school but I know that my friends desire to be just like him and everyone, whether boy or girl want to get to know him.

From around the school, he doesn't seem to be a guy I would want my sister to date, he seemed very arrogrant, walking around like he owns the school and the rest of the students and staff are his minions who are placed on this planet to serve him. He also seems like a bully, shoving the younger grades into lockers as he walks by, stealing other kids' lunch money and making crude, rude and lame jokes at the other students' expenses. I think you get the picture.

I even heard that they have seen mom around the school, mom and dad have come into the school to help out during school events, like bake sales, gingerbread houses and school trips to museums and the science center, and say that my mom is a MILF, um ok I don't think i want to know what that stands for. In short they say that my mom is hot, um ok yuck, that's my mom they are talking about not some random woman on the street. I mean if I said that their moms were hot, how would they feel? I bet they would be grossed out.

I tried to tell Kay that I didn't think she should go out with Dale, it was my brotherly instinct that was telling me that Dale wasn't right for my sister. But, like mom would say, Kay insisted of giving Dale a chance to prove to me and everyone else that he is a human with a heart and a conscience. Man I knew that Kayleigh has a big heart, who wants to believe that in everyone is a soul that wants to do the right thing in any situation and in giving people the chance of a doubt of what others think of someone.

Since Kay wasn't listening to me, I decided to go to talk to Dale, man to man, and see if he will "man" up and actually treat my sis the way she deserves, as an equal and as a young women to treasure and treat with respect. That is how dad raised me to be with the girls I will date in the future and I want the same way I was raised to treat woman to be the way Kayleigh and Sonny to be treated by their boyfriends and someday husbands.

Let's just say that it didn't go well; when I got to the room where Dale and his posse hung out at lunch cause they thought they were too cool to hang out with us "losers", I saw a girl who was scantily dressed in our school's uniforms sitting on his lap with his hand really up high on her theigh. The girl's skirt was so hiked up that you could clearly see her underwear showing and her shirt was unbuttoned that you could see her bra clearly showing, it was disgusting to see. And this is the guy who is going on a date with my sister? Over my dead body she will be.

When Dale saw me, he told everyone to leave the room so he could talk to this "loser" meaning me and they did as they were told like the mindless zombies they were. When we were alone, I blantly asked him who the young women who had sat on his lap was, hey a guy needs to protect his sister from jerks like Dale is turning out to be.

The idiot actually admitted that the young women who was dressed so sexy was his girlfriend, um what? You have a girlfriend and yet you are going on a date with my sister. Are you nuts? There is no way that I will let you date my sister when you will be two timing her, you better believe I will tell Kay that her date has a girlfriend already and I'm hoping that Kay will believe me about how wrong Dale is for her and not go out with him.

Dale didn't seem to care that I was going to tell Kayleigh his secret cause he bragged that all he had to do was tell Kay that I was just jealous that his older sister has a date and he didn't, is it my fault that I haven't found a girl that I like and want to get to know better outside of school, and that I was trying to seperate them cause I hated him and she will believe him. Dam straight I'm going to tell Kayleigh what I now know for certain about her date cause, unlike Dale, I actually love Kayleigh very much and want to protect her from all harm, emotional or physically as much as I can cause I care about her very much and only want her happiness. I just hope that Kayleigh believes me.

I'm so glad that Sonny could see through this guy's act, cause I need everyone I can get in my corner to convince Kayleigh that Dale is a cheat and sneak. It turns out that Sonny, who is overprotective of her older sister like me and knew that Dale was no good, had been subtly flirting with Dale, you know twirling her hair and girlie giggling when he talks to her in his uneducated speech, shyly touches his arm and hair as she passes him in the halls and many more girlie actions that are done by girls who want a boy to know that they have a crush on them.

And the dumb boy actually believed her, he should know that Sonny isn't the type to stab a sister, someone she dearly loves and supports, in the back and flirt with a guy who her sister might be interested in. He should know that cause we have all been going to school together since Kindergarten but nope that idiot didn't figure out Sonny's masterful act of trying to show Kayleigh that Dale will flirt with any girl who gives him any sort of attention and that is he is a jerk.

It came to a head when Dale came to pick up Kayleigh and he swaggered in like he owned the joint, checked out mom (um gross, only dad can "appreciate" mom's natural and inner beauty), and yelled for Kayleigh to get her butt down here so they could leave. Dad gave him the evil eye, one of his rules out of at least ten rules about dating their children even I have rules when it comes to dating) is that the boys who go out with his daughters have to come into the house to meet mom and dad so they can make sure that the boy is acceptable for their little girls before they leave with Sonny or Kayleigh.

So dad nor mom likes him already and he has only been here for 2 minutes. This sounds promising. When Kayleigh came down the stairs, looking beautiful in a hunter green sundress and hair curled around her shoulders, Dale insulted her by saying that since he was "top choice meat" he demands the highest arm candy possible and Kay in that "hidious" dress isn't the arm candy he wants , um mom bought her that dress, so she had to change before he could be seen with her.

While mom, dad, Sonny and me looked at him with our eyes and mouth open wide in disbelief that this jerk thought he was such a big shot and a catch which wasn't true plus he was being super rude in our house. But we didn't have to worry, Kay told him in a straight but kind voice that since she wouldn't change her clothes, she guessed the date was over before it even got started so could he please exit her house that would be wonderful as she went up the stairs causally, like he hadn't even come through our door.

Dale didn't faze from the news that his date was cancelled because the girl wouldn't bend to his whims, he actually started flirting with Sonny and hinted not subtlely that she could go on a date with him, um hello why would Sonny want to date a man who dissed her older sister and treated her like dirt between his toes? Please Sonny has much more class then you and she isn't afraid to tell you in sometimes not so nice tones that she has a mind of her own and not afraid to use it. Plus dude give it up, you don't have much game if you can't tell that my sister was just using her femine willes to get you to admit to our older sister that you are the jerk and player that we knew you were. And we are so glad that you took the bait cause in the end we got to protect our sister from getting hurt by a jerk like you.

Dale stalked off after Sonny admitted to him that she had been playing him like he has been playing the girls he has dated at the same time to protect Kayleigh and how dumb he was to think that a classy girl like her could ever be interested in a jerkward like him. Then she openned the door and gestured him out, Dale, being the big baby he is, stomped out the door while threatening that us Knight children will be sorry that we messed with him but we just shut the door in his face then Sonny and I highfived our good work, then went to see how Kayleigh was doing. Mom did say that she had to kiss many frogs before she met her Prince Charming aka dad so maybe that is going have to happen for both Kay and Sonny. Although I will be there to protect them from more jerks until they find those Prince Charmings. I hope Kay is ok if not then it will be time for a Sonny-Kay-Matty sandwich and plenty of kisses which always makes things a smidge better.

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