June 18, 2011

Innocent Question Leads to Panic

Now I know why parents hate the whole "Where do babies come from?" question and the whole difference between boys and girls thing. It's not because telling your child about the intricate detail of how babies are made is weird and uncomfortable, though it kind is cause children aren't mentally capable of understanding the major details of how a baby is made, no matter how much you "dumb" it down for them because it reminds everyone that the way we are explaining things to our child about how they were created is how the child asking the question was actually made and no child no matter what age doesn't like to have the mental image of their parents making love, no matter if they had been created by this natural action, so all parties become uncomfrotable and fidgety when it comes to telling thier young children about the "birds and bees".

Everything started off innocently enough; Demi and I took Kayleigh and Sonny to the local YMCA to go swimming for the "Family Swim". we both wanted the girls to be comfortable around water and be knoweldgeable enough in the water to be able to swim and enjoy their time around and in the water with their mommy, me and their family and their friends cause going somewhere with a huge body of water and either not being able to swim or not feeling comfortable with water makes the water activities less enjoyable to the person who can't swim cause they are usually sititng on the sidelines watching their friends having a blast and wishing that they could join then in the fun and wishing that they had learned to swim as children.

I have no reason to believe that the girls wouldn't take to swimming like fish to water, excuse the pun. Demi and I have to practically pull the plug out of the tub then pick up a squirming and loudly protesting 2 & 3 year old out of the rapidly draining bathtub cause the girls have been splashing water onto the floor like mad as they pretended to be mermaids exploring some underwater cavern and didn't want to end their aquatic adventure for something as trival to them as getting dressed and going to sleep.

Demi and I decided that to save time we would put the girls into their swimsuits and ourselves before going to the pool. I think Kayleigh and Sonny looked adorable in their swimsuits although I'm the typical daddy who thinks that all of his girls are adorable in anything they wear, let me be specific my little girls look adorable in anything they wear even if they are covered head to toe in dirt and mud from playing in the dirt and grass all afternoon, I still want to gather them up into my arms and smother their little faces with kisses then carry them inside for a nice bubble bath to get all that dirt off them so I can see their proclein skin looking oh so touchable and kissable again.

Demi, on the other hand, looks beautiful in anything she wears. I'm so much in love with her that she could be wearing her "Sicky Vicky" or "Gross Out Girl" outifts and I would still think she looked good. I think Demi looks beautiful in anything from her PJ pants and a t-shirt even covered in baby spit up and baby mashed food, to a beautiful gown designed by the top designers. It didn't matter what she wears, her inner beauty shines brighter then anything she could ever wear since it can't be contained.

All Sonny and Kay could talk about on th way to the YMCA is how excited they were to go into the big bathtub aka the pool, cause it means a bigger area to play mermaids with mommy and daddy. That sounds like a fun-filled gameplan but mommy and daddy have to make sure that your girls' fun doesn't interfer with the other boys and girls and their mommies' and daddies' fun.

When we got to the YMCA, Demi took Kayleigh and I got Sonny and we went into the seperate changingrooms. It seemed like the world had stopped and not in a good way cause when Sonny and I entered the room, it seemed like all the guys in the room turned to watch us walk acorss the room. Ok I know that Sonny is adorable but didn't your parents teach you guys that it's rude to stare at people, I mean how would you feel if complete strangers stared at you when you entered the room?, I bet you would feel like you had something on your face,in your teeth or something else wrong with your appearence. In short you would feel inadequate and your self esteem might drop down a bit.

I think Sonny felt like she was under the microscope cause when she saw the men watching her, she turned around to look behind her to see if they were looking at someone behind her, then at herself in pale pink paisley shorts with a matching t-shirt to see if it had gotten dirty or messed up since she had gotten out of the car and finally glancing at me with raised eyebrows and a "Daddy, why are those people staring at me?" kind of look.

I just took her hand and lead her to the nearest bench to put our clothes into a locker. Sonny is wearing her pale blue one piece swimsuit with frills on her straps and on the sides of the legs, it was girly enough for my little one who sometimes has to be reminded that she is a girl and that it is ok to act like one, and her auburn hair is tied up in a high ponytail that swings whenever she moves her head. All in all she looks adorable with her big blue eyes, rosebud mouth and still pudgy, baby-fat body that just begs to be squished into a big bear hug and her little face to being smothered with kisses but then again when don't I think my three girls are adorable?

I am wearing dark red swimshorts and a white t-shirt, the shorts were new and this was the first time I was wearing them. The first thing to do before going out into the pool area was blowing up Sonny's water wings, there was no way that i was letting my little angel go into the water without them cause as I said before this is the first time Sonny and Kayleigh were going in the water and I wanted to try Kay and Sonny swim away from Demi and me a bit to see if they would be comfortable and able to swim to us, even if it's the doggy paddle cause it's a start to learning how to swim. As I was blowing them up, Sonny was babbling about what I guess she wanted to do with her mommy, sissy and me in the water as she swung her little feet while sitting on the bench.

Then it was time for Sonny and I to rinse off before going into the pool so I got in first just to make sure that the water would be warm enough for my littlest angel cause I know that her skin is sensitive so what may be warm to me is hot for her delicate skin. When it was warm enough for Sonny, she hestiantly went in the shower and spun around to get wet then scurried out of the water, oh well all she had to do was get damp to be admitted into the pool.

When we got to the pool, Demi and Kayleigh were there, Kay is dressed in a lilac two piece bathing suit that showed off her little roly-poly tummy with her little outie bellybutton, there is no way that when Sonny and Kay get to teenagers they will be allowed to wear anything tight, short or in anyway anything that showcases their cleavage, tummies or their underwear in front of those drooling, adolescent hormone filled boys who don't have innocent thoughts in their heads, they want to use my sweeties for their own advantage and see how far they can go with my girls by pretending to be romantic, kind and caring gentlemen.

I also know that I sound like an overprotective daddy but um hello have you seen my wife and how drop dead gorgeous she is, both inside and out, and since both Kayleigh and Sonny look like their mommy but with my blue eyes I know that when they reach their teens they will be just as gorgeous as their mom and have a flock of men veying for their attention and love. Plus like any dad of girls, I don't want anyone to hurt my sweeties, both mentally and emotionally and I will always believe that I'm the only man who will love Kay and Sonny the way that they deserve, truly, deeply and with all my heart and soul, though that is what Demi's dad said and yet I was the man who won my angel's affection and love in the end and her dad let me marry his daughter so I guess only time will tell what kind of guy wins my little sweeties' heart. But for now, they are still my little girls and I want to keep them that way.

Demi, of course, looked gorgeous in a pale pink bikini, there is no way that this women had two babies cause her stomach was just as flat as when we were younger though if someone really looked close they could see a slight bulge in Demi's tummy, the only sign that she was ever pregnant twice but only haters or people who actually enjoy hurting others' feelings would look close to find one of Demi's faults, there isn't a lot of them. With her wavy black hair tied up in a high ponytail , she looked like a goddess but it could be the fact that I'm her loving husband that I'm saying that. Who knows?

The 1st acitivty was for the girls to lie on their backs with us holding them up by placing our hands on their small backs so that they can get used to having sounds muffled in the water and start to learn how to use their bodies to stay afloat in the water on their backs. Sonny and Kay seem to love being on their backs, staring up at the celing trying to listen to the people around them in their muffled world while gently kicking their legs as Demi and i carried them across the pool.

After a few moments of that, it was time for some water fun. Starting with a race with Kayleigh and Sonny hanging on Demi and mine's back, piggy-back style, as we raced to see who could swim the fastest to the deep end by using the patent and time loved doggy paddle. I'm sure that we all looked really silly but hey we were having fun . As long as my 3 girls were having a blast, I'm happy.

The race was interesting, normally I would go all out cause I'm taller and have more toned muscles then Demi but man I never knew that doing the doggy paddle was so hard, it is kind of hard on your wrists,by the end my wrists were starting to hurt as well as my arms. Plus I had a little girl on my back, who though wasn't heavy at all still made some weight and counterbalance on my back so that I couldn't move as freely.

The race ended up being close, Demi and I reached the deep end at the same time so we both won. Our prize was a kiss from all participants, that is the best prize ever, Demi and the girls' kisses are sweeter then any candy, my heart beats like a jackhammer in my chest and I can hear bells in my ears whenever our lips meet even if only for a second. To me, their kisses rank up there with getting a Grammy.

After the race, it was time for the kiddie slide. Demi and I waited at the bottom of the slide in case Kayleigh and Sonny were too scared to come down the slide and needed encouragement to come down. The girls didn't need any encouragement, they eagerly climbed the stairs, sat on their bottoms and with a gleeful squeal of anticpated excitement of the ride they were about to experience they pushed off and with loud shrieks they rode the slide until they landed with a splash in the water.

When they popped up, thanks to their waterwings, they had the biggest grins on their faces and in between sputters of water, they exclaimed how fun the slide was and asked if they could go again. When Demi gave a nod "yes", they doggie paddled over to the side of the pool as fast as their little legs and hands could go and then strugged to pull themselves out of the water using all the strength they had in their little bodies which wasn't a lot so of course Demi and I had to help them out of the pool by pushing on their adorable little tushies.

After a number of times on the slide with even more joy and squeals from both girls and Demi and I waiting for both girls at the bottom smiling and laughing at the obvious joy and excitement etched on our little angels' faces at how much fun they were having. With minimum protest, even though Kay and Sonny knew that they were getting tired, Demi and I carried the water babies out of the pool and then into the seperate changerooms.

Getting Sonny dressed was a challenge cause she was jumping around exclaiming how much fun she had going swimming with mommy, sissy and me so she was a squirming bundle to hold onto while changing her clothes. Then I had to multi-task getting myself dressed and keeping my eyes on my sweet angel from getting in the way of the other guys who were getting dressed. When we were dressed, we went to the lobby to wait for Demi and Kayleigh to come out. Sonny continued to babble on about the happenings of Kindergarten and she mentioned that one of her classmates was going to be a big sister in 5 months and then she dropped the ball.

Sonny asked me in a sweet, innocent voice "Daddy, where do babies come from?" I tried to keep my cool and said in as even voice as I could without admitting to the fact that my heart was racing out of my chest,my mouth was dry and my mind scrambled for an explaination that satisfied my sweetie's curiousity.

I told her that God had made boys and girls different. When a man and a women really truly love each other, they make a really important promise to each other. They promise that they will always love each other, trust each other with all their secrets and want to spend all their life together, it's called marriage.

Anyway, after they make their committment, they have a special pillow fight that only a married couple can do and the boy and girls' special parts come together to make a baby. My plain explaination seemed to satisfy Sonny's curiousity cause as I was talking she kept her eyes glued onto my face and seemed to be absorbing every detail of my story and when I was done she nodded her head and went on to the next apsect of the wonderful world of Kindergarten. Yes crisis adverted for now but then again there is the whole puberty thing that both Demi and I will have to deal with in the near future.Maybe I will let Demi answer that question since she has more experience about that sort of thing then me. but that is years ahead so I won't think of that now. Oh here's Demi and Kay so it's time to go home.

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  1. I loved how sterling and his family went for a swim it was so adorable how sterling doesn't want his baby girls to wear reviling things when they are big and they are just like two and three hahaha he is already thinking of the future