June 08, 2011

Chatting with Friends

Ok so this isn't exactly what I invisioned my date night with Sterling to be like but even I have to say that I had an awesomely fun night, then again whenever I'm with Sterling I seem to have a blast cause I know that I can be 100% myself around him, just like he can be with me and when we are hanging out with our true and loyal friends. Even if we are just sitting around, chatting and laughing about all the new and exciting things that are happening in our lives we are still having fun and enjoying our time together cause we know that our time together is like once a month besides our weekly phone calls that Sterling teases me about.

It always seems like his conversations with his "boys" aka our male friends seem so short like a 30 minute phone call, the boys say what they want to say about their lives since the last time they talked and then it's "Goodbye" but with us girls, it's like an hour and half conversation filled with lots of laughter, a smidge of gossip or rumors we heard around the studio and you know womanly advice given from one women to another in the name of sisterhood.

Although it's kind of hard to have a personal conversation with my "girls" with my darling husband making the "yak yak" motion with his hands and being a complete child by trying to listen in on my conversations by practically sitting on top of me trying to put his ear to the reciever, no matter how many times I playfully push him away and move from him as much as I can, and fake whine that I'm taking forever on the phone. Remind me why I love my big, child-like husband again? Just kidding; Sterling not being afraid to act silly, dorky or even childish either in public or in the privacy of our own home is one of the many reasons why i fell in love with him in the first place.

I know that all our friends and families all live active and exciting lives with doing TV shows,spending as much with our families and friends and having time where we can relax and unwind after a long and tiring week of running to the studio to promotional events to coming home to sleep, shower, change clothes and eat some dinner before doing it all over again the next day so anytime we can get to spend together as friends who have been like family over the many years we have known them is welcomed and treasured in all our hearts. We never miss our scheduled get togethers, unless one of us is really sick or swamped with work, it's an event that we have on a countdown on our phones so that we know that in exactly this amount of time is a night out with our best friends so we better plan out what activity we will all do that night, what food to bring, mostly finger food and snacks, and what comfortable, casual clothes we will wear that special night. You think our time together was the Emmy's or another award show in terms of the preparation and excitement it causes.

Because of Sterling and mine's busy schedules, Fridays have now taken on a new meaning besides fun night cause the week of work has ended and people usually have two days to do whatever they want to so they take advantage of it by going out on a Friday night to a bar or another fun place with the friends to start off the fun-filled weekend off to a good start. For me Friday night means date night, the one night of the week when Sterling and I forget about our many tasks that need to be done; reading our scripts until we feel what the characters are saying as if they were the words that we would actually say in the circumstances that our roles put us in, trying to spend time with our dear friends, my music career which of course takes up a lot of my time and energy and try our hardest to spend time with each other, talking about things that are important and happening in our life.

There is no way that I want my marriage to Sterling to suffer in anyway, i want our marriage to be super strong where we can tell each other everything and anything in our minds and know that the other person will listen with an open heart and mind, give us their best advice on how to handle a situation and make us laugh to cheer us up and encourage us to try our best no matter what life throws at us cause we know that our spouse will be behind us to love, support and encourage us the entire way.

Friday night is when Sterling and I do something together, it could be as simple as baking cookies which always ends up with Sterling starting a flour fight by clapping his flour covered hands on my face leaving marks so of course I have to throw a small handful of flour back at him which starts a food fight war and our nice clean kitchen is soon covered counter to floor with batter,flour and egg yolk as well as us covered head to foot with the same batter on the floor so while the cookies are in the oven,it's shower time for us. it's messy fun but still fun cause I know what a hilarious picture we make and how childish we are being but Sterling and I are making memories of our own in the life of our marriage so we don't care what people say about us.

Although all I had to tweet was "Found a new way to make cookies, mix in some flour, eggs, a food fight with my child-like, adorabley playful husband and you get delicious chocolate cookies :)" and my fans wrote messages aobut how adorable Sterling and I were being in the photo of Sterling and I decked out in our floor, cookie batter and egg clothing so I don't think Sterling and I being goofballs fazes anyone.

Our dates range from being extravegant like a romantic dinner at a 4 star restaurant where you need to wear your best dress clothes and make reservations a week ahead in order to get a table to simple events like going bowling at the local bowling aisle with hot dogs and nachoes with pop as our dinner and friendly competition of who knocks down the most pins and who has the best victory dance when they do knock down the pins, I have to say mine rocks though it mostly jumping and squealing with lots of hand clapping and generally acting like a total goofball that makes my man just smile at my silliness.

Tonight's date is Sterling and me having a webchat in our bedroom, I'm so excited for tonight; it'll be the first time that Sterling and I do a video chat together combining our fans' questions together into one plus it's happening at our house so Sterling and I don't have to go to a studio to hold it, it's in our own surroundings where we feel most comfortable.

After a yummy dinner of spaghetti and big juicy meatballs, it was time for dishes so while I did the dishes Sterling went upstairs to make sure everything was set up for our chat. I never knew that Sterling had brought his cell phone upstairs with him until I heard the specialized ringtone that I had set up for Sterling of "Stuck Like Glue" ring out in the kitchen that was silent only for the sounds of the dishes clicking together in the sink and my humming. I dried my hands and got my phone only to find a text message that said: "Hey gorgoeus. Going my way ;)" Ok what girl would think that last line was flirty and funny; to me it was slightly dorky and not flirty or flattering at all; it actually made my laugh and shake my head at my sweetie's adorable corniness at trying to be sauve.

I typed back: "Hey handsome. Nothing just doing the dishes. How my tech guy doing on getting the chat online? And why are you texting me from upstairs, my silly guy. :)" then with a smile on my face at my guy's goofines I went back to doing the dishes. But I got interupted by another text message: "Hmm maybe cause I love you and I wanted to tell you that very important information. (girlie squeals) You called me your tech guy, you think I'm a techie which I totally am not, I can't even program the microwave but if you want to call me your tech guy then I will accept that nickname. Especially if it entails me getting kisses from you cause me likey your kissies. :). Love you baby doll"

Aww how can I argue with such sweet and romantic words spoken by my guy? I sure can't, Sterling's tweet made me laugh and go "aww" at the same time, if he does get the chat up and working then he is guaranteed to get lots of kisses from yours truly cause I enjoy giving Sterling kisses just as much as I enjoy recieving said kisses from him , they make my knees go weak, my heart race and the world fade into nothing until it's just Sterling and me in this entire world.

My reply: " Well I can't argue with that logic cause I love your kisses too and don't really need an excuse to kiss you, I'll kiss you whenever I want to which is pretty much every 2 minutes :). Now all this is quite entertaining but in order for the live chat to happen; I need to finish the dishes and you need to finish setting up the live chat so even though I love you please finish the techie stuff so we could have a nice talk with our friends\fans. xoxo"

Sterling's reply: "Fine!!!! Yes I have succeeded in making my kisses unforgettable and addicted though all I care about is that you're addicted to my kisses cause they are yours and yours alone. But I know that I won't get kisses from you if I don't get the chat up and running and I need my Demi kisses or little Sterling gets saddy so Sterling go bye bye for now. But woman if you aren't up here in 10 minutes I'm going to come and get you, pick you up and carry you upside down upstairs whether you like it or not. Love you too xoxoxox which I will collect later."

Oh believe me sweetie; I know that you will come to get me if i'm not upstairs in 10 minutes and I don't want little Sterling to be saddy waddy cause that will make little Demi just as saddy waddy and want to smoother Sterling's face with kisses which I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't mind being smoothered with kisses especially if I'm the one doing it. Now I better hurry my little tush into gear and finish the dishes or I'll be in trouble with my hubby.

Well I got my little butt into gear and got the dishes squeaky clean in no time and while they dried in the dishdrainer, I washed my hands and went upstairs to mine and Sterling's bedroom to find that the laptop with the software that is required to do the chat and two chairs sitting side by side in front of the computer. Aww my guy is so prepared, what a good boy, he deserves kisses from me which he will never say no too :).

"Here is your seat M'lady. Right beside me though it's not as close as I like it to be but I can fix that easily" Sterling slid my chair closer to his then patted it for me to sit down which of course I did.

Can I say that my hubby looked so darn adorable and sexy at the same time with his bedhead like hair, hmm he must have gotten out of the shower and towel dried his hair and then didn't style his hair so it looked like he had just woken up from a nap and on Sterling it looked adorable and so unassuming. He also looked super duper adorable in navy blue pj pants with polar bears playing hockey and a pale blue three buttoned short that showed a smidge of his slightly hairy chest, hey I'm the only one who can see that gorgoeus slightly muscled chest with some hair that cushions my weary head as we cuddle either to go to sleep or just watching TV, it really calms me down and makes me sleepy listening to his steady heartbeat under my ear and it's like there's a niche in the spot right above Sterling's heart that is designed for my head to fit nicely there.

When I sat down in my designated chair, Sterling gently took my feet and hung them over his legs to that he could massage my feet as we waited for the chat to begin. I will never not accept a foot message or any kind of affection from my guy, I love knowing that my Sterling isn't afraid to show the people he loves how much he loves them either in public or in private with the same amount of love; it shows he is a loving, sweet, caring and sensitive guy which of course was one of the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place.

I kept my feet in his lap even when the camera turned on and Sterling and I introduced the begininng of the chat to all our 12,000 viewers. The chat, of course,started off slow with some shoutouts to various peoples.

S: "The first question is how did you guys know that you guys were in love with each other?. Hmm I don't know about Dem but for me it was love at first sight as corny as some people might think that is. I took one look into Demi's eyes at the first table read of "Sonny with a Chance" and some little voice told me that this was the women that I had been waiting for my entire life and the women I would one day marry. Now all I needed to do was convince Demi that I was her Prince Charming and her future husband which took 4 long years and a lot of encouragement and matchmaking from our dear friends and family members who could openly see my heart and its love for Demi"

D: (mouths "aww" at her husband's sweet and romantic words) " All I can say to Sterling's sweet story is "aww" and I always thought that girls were the only ones who thought "Love at first sight" actually existed but it's always nice to know that there are men out there who have the same romantic and sweet thoughts as woman in terms of love at first sight. To answer the question; it took me less then a year from meeting Sterling the 1st time for me to know that I loved Sterling more then just a friend and it was only because Dallas had blurted out "Honey, I already know that you love Sterling as you aren't exactly sublte about how you really feel about him, no matter how much you protest that you guys are "just friends" now could you please tell him that you are madly in love with him?"

The reason she said that was because I was talking to her about my day at set where Sterling, being the sweetie he is, had come to my dressingroom and asked me if he could walk me to the lunchroom where our friends where waiting for us and how he had held my hand all the way down, and that it sent shivers down my spine, my heart racing and suddenly I felt warm all over and how we talked about everything under the sun and how walking side by side hand in hand with Sterling talking and laughing seemed so right to me. I guess that I hadn't been exactly subtle about how I feel about Sterling even as much as I tried to push my feelings for him out of my head whenever they got too less "friend" like and to our friends' dismay and matchmaking skills. But hey finally my mind and heart caught up to each other and I got my Prince"

S: " Aww that's so sweet that it deserves a kiss so pucker up woman (Sterling puckers up and gives Demi a soft, sweet kiss on the lips, they smile at each other for a second then get on with the chat). Ok so hopefully the next questions will enable me to get more kisses from my dear wife cause me likey them. Ok so next question is: "What is a typical evening with you guys?". And for the answer i will ask my darling wife. Demi, you go first."

D: "Okie dokie, well usually Sterling gets home from his job at "Get Real" at about 5 and I get home at around 5-6 so whoever gets home first starts dinner which is usually a piece of meat, and two kinds of vegetables with a nice big glass of milk so that we get our bones nice and strong and healthy. While we eat at the dinningroom table we talk about our day then it's time for some relaxing so after our baths, we get into our pjs and watch some TV, we switch off where Sterling and I watch one hour of our kinds of shows or if it's a movie then we both have to "ok" the movie.

Sterling and I have a tradition; we have to watch a movie from the other person's genre one after the other ex. one day it will be a "chick flick" then the next day is an action movie and no Sterling doesn't make a fuss when he has to watch a chick flick with me, probably cause I always tell him that watching "girlie" films gets him in touch with his femine, sweet, sensitive and caring side, though he is already a sweet, sensitve,romantic and caring guy that I fell in love with. (Sterling and Demi once again kiss sweetly and stare in each other's eyes for a few moments). After some TV time, it's bedtime at around 9-10 at night.

Ok the next question; "What are kinds of books do you guys read?. Sterling?"

S: "Well I like reading science fiction, I'm really into other civilizations on other planets, humans fighting against aliens\mutants, cloning, pretty much any stories set in the future like 2030 and I'm in heaven. I also like reading mysteries cause I like sorting through the clues that the writer gives us to figure out who did it before I read about who did it from the detectives in the books. I like to see if my wits and intelligence matches the fictional detectives in the story and if I can solve the cases before they do. I also love the twists and turns that mysteries have that leave you second guessing the suspects, one minute they seem gulity then they say and do something that puts doubts in your mind that they are actually the killers; it keeps me on my toes and intrigued which means that it's a good book to read. Demi?"

D: "Well Sterling and I have similar taste in books; I also enjoy reading mysteries for the same reasons that Sterling does; we sometimes even exchange mysteries stories when we are done reading them just as long as we don't give the other person the ending cause it's no fun reading a story that you already know who did the crime.

I also enjoy reading non-fiction about people and their trials and tribulations that they have gone through and in the end only made them a better and stronger person in the end because they learned a good life lesson about how the world works and how to live the best life that they can. An example of this is of course the memorable memoir of Cupcake Brown I have read it at least 20 times and have practically committed it to memory so that I can almost recite the book word by word.

I also have to admit that I'm a woman who likes reading romance novels, they have to have a plot of course and of course the hero and herione have to have their own "Happily Ever After" ending. I got hooked on them when I was younger and single because of course reading them gave me the hope that I will find my own romance novel type of relationship. Even though I have found my own romance novel type of love (Demi looks lovingly at Sterling as she talks) with my hubby right here, it's always nice to read about other people finding the same kind of true love that I have found in their own lives even if they are fictional."

S: " I think that answer deserves another kiss, what do you guys think? ( the tweets of "Yes!" came rushing in so of course Sterling gives Demi a sweet but way too short for both of their liking kiss). Next question is: " When you guys look into your futures, what do you both see?. Hmm wow that question is so deep and made to make us think long and hard of the answer although i'm pretty sure that Demi and I will have the same basic answer; that we both see our future with us still as madly in love as we were on our wedding day with a couple of kids, don't care what gender, and just be fulfilled, happy and satisfied with our lives in both the professional and personal aspects.

i hope we both still have jobs being able to showcase our acting chops whether it be in comedy or drama and a certain wife of mine keeps making the beautiful, personal, heartwarming songs that me and her loyal fans love listenning to. I also see Demi and me happy and fulfilled in our personal lives surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends who feel like a part of the family that we can share our triumphs and disappointments with. "

D: "Ok so I will go on to the next question cause Sterling pretty much echoed the thoughts I had about that question and I don't want to repeat the answer. The next question is: "How did Sterling propose?" Well I guess I will answer that question since i was the one who got proposed to; it was like a scene from a romantic movie. I came home from work one night and found a trail of white and red rose petals leading to my balcony where I found a huge bouquet of pale pink roses and Sterling with his guitar waiting for me under the balcony. When he saw me, he started to sing a personalized song about how much he loves me, how I made his life complete and gave him a purpose in life and ended up with him proposing to me which of course reduced me to tears so that all I could do was nod my head. Sterling was too cute, he kept asking me if I was saying "yes" cause I pretty much ran down from my balcony and threw myself into his arms and rained kisses down his face which I guess wasn't the straight answer his tender heart needed to stop beating out of his chest. When I kept repeating "yes" did he calm down enough to hug me then give me one of his toe curling kisses.

I even had Sterling give me his notes of the song to keep as a memorysake for our wedding alblum cause who wouldn't want to remember how their husbands had proposed to them with such sweet and romantic words. Ok next question: "What is your favorite project of your spouse and "Sonny with a Chance" doesn't count?."

S: "Ok so that's a hard question cause I pretty much love anything Demi does, whether it be music or acting wise so it's kind of hard to narrow down which one of her projects is my favorite. Here's my answer: "Camp Rock" because it was the first project that showed off her beautiful singing voice and immense talent to the world and to Disney so that they casted her in "Sonny with a Chance" and so I could meet her. Not that Demi wasn't awesome in "As the Bell Rings" or "Barney" but most people don't remember her roles in those TV shows and everyone remembers her in "Camp Rock". Although once again who could forget that beautiful singing voice, angelic looks, sweet, caring personality and real-life acting that was my angel at the start of her career though Demi hasn't changed that much from the first time I met her, which I love of course. "

D: "Aww good answer. Ok my favorite project of Sterling's is "Starstruck" because not only did the audience, mostly fangirls,hear that Sterling had an amazing, hauntingly beautiful, heart melting voice, I actually melted and my eyes were glued onto the screen with my chin in my hand daydreaming that "Chris" was singing to me those love songs while watching the movie. Along with his wonderful job of being casted as a somewhat arrogant, selfish but yet sweet, romantic and a down to earth guy trying to live his life his own way instead of letting his parents and management tell him what to do, I could see why the movie was popular. "

S: " Next question: Sterling or Demi would you guys like to do a duet or work together on a project someday?. Ok so the short answer is: of course, that would be amazing. The longer answer would be that Demi and I have been talking for many years about doing a duet with each other but our different shows and projects always seem to delay our duet. I know that Demi as well as myself would love to work together on a project cause working with her and the rest of our friends on "Sonny with a Chance" was one of the happiest moments and 2 years of my life so of couse I would jump at any chance to work together with Demi epsecially if in the show or movie we play love interests, cause I'm pretty sure that I would put my whole heart and soul into that role; since I have been playing the role of love sick guy for the past 4 years :). Hopefully one day that dream of working together again either on a song, a love song of course, a TV show or movie will come into fruitition, fingers crossed."

D: " I couldn't have said it better myself so I will go onto the next question but not before a shoutout to our like family, at-one-time-co-stars best friends Tiffers,B-Fresh,Dougy and little Aly. We love and miss you guys very much and hopefully we can set up a reunion of the Randoms and Mr Pooper, sorry Sterling where we can all hang out again soon.

Okie dokie, the next question is: Have you and Sterling gotten the kids question yet?. Oh yeah but doesn't every newlywed couple get that question?. I swear even complete strangers ask us: "So have you guys thought about babies cause babies bring a lot of joy and laughter into a marriage and is the only way that a couple can be a happy and loving family. Oh you two won't know complete joy in your lives until you hear the pitter patter of tiny little feet" .

Can you guys say embarassing, I mean we hardly know the person, at least when our families subtly hint about giving them grandchildren\nieces or nephews, we can laugh and joke about it like " hey we just got married, can we at least get used to joining our seperate lives and being married before bringing babies into the mix?." But with strangers, you can't really present your case about why Sterling and I aren't thinking of having children right away, I mean both Sterling and I want children that's not the prbblem, it's just too soon into our marriage for children. We both sat down before the wedding and talked about when to start trying for children and have decided that we want at least a year to get used to being married before having a baby. So with strangers who ask the baby question all you can do in that situation is smile, nod and pray under your breath that they will stop with the nagging about children. Alrighty next question is: Demi, I know that Sterling likes to cook so does he ever cook for you?"

S: " Of course, what woman doesn't like a guy who can cook. I'm no Chef Gordan or anything but I whip up a mean batch of curry chicken and Thai rice with a batch of warmed up dinner rolls, I have never met anyone who upon eating my food say "yuck" or spits it out so it must be tasty. I mostly get my ideas from eating my mom's cooking growing up and the cookbooks I borrow from the library cause like I said before I can't really whip up extravagent dinners, just simple dinners at least 3 times a week as Demi and I alternate days to make dinners.

During the cooking of the dinners I probably look like a total goofball with my apron, chef hat covered in flour and sauces dancing to the radio cause it's kind of boring cooking in total silence plus how can you not dance to a song that you like and makes the music in you come alive. But my goofiness and simple cooking gets only better when my sweetie smiles at me, gives me a snuggly, loving hug ,a sweet as honey kiss and says how proud she is of me that my food is so yummy and how I'm such a good cook ,man do I love my honey's kisses, hugs and praise though to be honest like I said before I love pretty much anything Demi says or does cause I'm a man in love and am proud to say it. ( Demi mouthed "aww" silently at Sterling's sweet and romantic words). Ok last question for tonight is What is the best advice you were ever given?"

D: "Well I have been given a lot of advice over the years from different people but I have to say that the best advice I have been given is from my psychologist from the treatment centre who said that I should live my life in a way that I can look back years from now and be proud of what I said and did during my life, a life that I can tell my children about when they are old enough to understand and have no trouble telling them everything that I did, whether it was right and wrong cause I know that during my trials and troubles I learned life lessons that I can pass onto the next generation and be proud of how I lived my life. I just hope that I have been living my life in a way that Sterling and mine's children can be proud of their mommy when they are old enough to understand"

S: ( As Demi was talking she was tearing up at the rememberance of the personal hell she went through with her diagnose of bi-polar and being at the treatment centre what felt like years ago and how she hoped and prayed that 1) her babies never got the same disorder that she had and have the same trials and tribulations as she did and 2) that when her babies heard about their mommy's troubles that they won't lose faith in her and be disappointed in their mom cause if they did then Demi's heart would be broken.

So to be the supportive and loving husband that Sterling is, he put his arm around me and gently and supportenly stroked my arm and back with his thumb in order to let me know that I'm never alone , that since the treatment centre he has become very proud of how I am living my new lease of life and that no matter what happens in our lives he will always be behind me to support and love me just like he promised he would on our wedding day.

"Okie doke so now that there is some tension and sadness in the room I hope that my answer will fix that. My answer will be from my mom: " The only way to live a life is to be yourself, no matter what others say" and hopefully I'm making my parents proud by just doing my own thing by thinking my own thoughts, giving my own opinion and living the life I dreamed about as a child. Also the quote says that by being yourself means not to letting anyone tell you what you can or can't say or do and no matter what mean and evil things people say about you to get your self esteem down, don't take it to heart cause everyone has the right to their opinion but just let the negatives wash over you , the bad words go in one ear and out the other witohut passing through your brain kind of thing, and let life go on way you designed for yourself. Ok so that's all folks cause it's getting late, it's 8 here and Demi and I still need to get some lunches and clothes together for the busy day tommarrow so I think I'm speaking for Demi when I say that this is the end of the chat but hopefully Dems and I can have another chat soon. I love you guys" ( Demi waves to the screen, says "I love you guys too and thanks for sending such wonderful questions" and then blew a kiss to the screen before the screen went black).

Sterling turned to me and held up his hand for a high five at a job well done which of course I did although that sneaky little devil sneaked in a kiss as he held my hand. Oh well, I'm always up for some of Sterling sweet kisses so it doesn't really matter that he had snuck a kiss cause I'm pretty sure that I have snuck kisses from Sterling before.

"Are you ok? I know that the last question brought up some bad memories but sweetheart you know that there is no way that our children will ever be disappointed in you. Like me, they will love you with all their hearts and be proud of the fact that their mommy is a strong women who knew that she had issues from the bullying and teasing that most children go through and some don't even survive from, I can't tell you how many stories of teenagers who were bullied committing sucide because they couldn't handle the pain of being bullied.

But their mommy used her own problems growing up wth her own bullying and emotional problems to help other young people who were or are going through what she did to know that they are never along and always have their own support system behind them made up of people who love them just the way they are and will support them through these difficult time so that they end up just like you are now, young men and women who are stronger, and braver after having to deal with life's trials and tribulations and become better versions of themselves by living the life they have only dreamed about. What child wouldn't be proud of their parents for trying to help others with their own problems?

And if for some reason, our babies have bi-polar disorder then that's the hand God has given us and we know that God only gives us things in our lives that he knows we can handle so I guess we will deal with it when it happens, together of course. Besides we both already know how to make sure that this disorder doesn't rule someone's life and that with medication and lots of support, love, understanding and coping skills a person can have this disorder and still live a normal life. Whatever happens, we are in this together cause honey I hate to break it to you but since our vows " For better or worse" you are officially stuck with me. "( Demi giggled at that last comment cause only her guy would go from being sensitive and insightful to making a funny quirp in order to make her laugh and feel the love and support that he had in his heart for her. So of course Demi threw her arms around Sterling's shoulders for a snuggly hug which they held for a couple of minutes just enjoying their time in each other's arms).

How could a girl not tear up when her man says such sweet, touching, inspiring words to her? Yes I teared up a bit but I couldn't be sad too long cause my husband picked me up, slung me over his shoulder in a firemen carry and with a soft slap on the behind he said that is what time to make lunches then snuggle time, hmm I like that term better then the usual term of bedtime. I better hurry my butt into gear so I can have plenty of snuggle time with my sweetie until I fall asleep.

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  1. haha I love how sterling was acting childish when Demi was on the phone... and the way the date was described was cute :) keep up the good work I loved it...