September 10, 2011

Our New Life

I knew that Sterling was an one of a kind guy, I mean I don't know that many guys or had any ex-boyfriends of mine who were as sweet, sensitive, caring, in touch with my every emotion, wants and needs so that he is prepared to be the shoulder I can cry on, a listening ear, have sweet and caring words of encouragement and comfort or have a warm, loving hug without me having to tell him how I am feeling. Sterling is also the most romantic and supportive person ever; anything I do whether it be get nominated for an award or get over a million followers on Twitter gets me a supportive text about how proud he is of me, as a person and as an entertainer, and how much he loves me.

From the first moment i laid eyes on Mr Sterling Knight at the first table read of "Sonny with a Chance", i thought he was one of the most drop dead gorgeous man I had ever met with his sky blue eyes that draw you into them to discover all his big heart has inside and golden blonde hair that just reflects any light that shines on it and makes you go blind with its shineness plus it just begs you to play with it and breathe in its Irish breeze scent. I vaguely remember saying actual sentences when i was introuduced to Sterling by Mathew the director but I am pretty sure that I was starstruck by Sterling and probably followed him around like a pathetic lovesick puppy.

Good thing Sterling was and totally is a total sweetie so he didn't seem to mind me hanging on his every word and asking him for advice since he had been on TV longer then me. As I got to know him, I fell even more in love with him, he was not only a beautiful person on the outside but also the inside, in short he was the man i had dreamed about meeting since I was a little girl.

Sterling quickly became one of my best friends, we hung out every chance we got both outside and inside the studio and in between takes, whenever we were together it was like we were picking up where we had left off since the last time we spoke, even if we hadn't seen each other for a couple of days according to our set schedules. Being together felt so natural like we could be ourselves fully, no pretenses or fakeness, just the real Demi and Sterling.

I looked so forward to the moments when it was just Sterling and me, it was like a little piece of heaven on earth and a bright moment of my life. When I came home from hanging out with Sterling, I supposely had a perma grin on my face, my whole face lighted up like I had swallowed a flashlight and it is glowing from within and I couldn't stop gushing about how wonderful my time with Sterling was and what a sweetie he was, well according to my mom, Dallas and Maddie.

Even though I was growing even deeper in love with Sterling with each day, I thought that Sterling only loved me as a younger sister and a best friend. Plus there was no way he could ever love someone as insignificant and small as me so why bother keep fooling my heart into thinking the man I love would ever love me back. That is why i dated the guys I did and for the most part they were fine, I mean yes they cheated on me in the end and the last one was a total and complete jerkward who didn't help my self esteem but in the end, no relationship could ever measure to a relationship I know i could have had with the man of my dreams, Mr Sterling Knight.

My heart would break into a million little pieces when Sterling would tell me about the girl he was dating cause it meant that I had lost my chance of true love and knowing true happiness in my life. I regretted not telling Sterling how much I loved him the many chances I had and wasted that time not going towards true love. I wanted Sterling to be happy and feel as much love as he could cause he deserved to have love in his life but i knew that I would be the best woman for him. I have all the love and support he could ever want in his life and I believe I am the best woman for him.

I still can't believe that on my 19th birthday Sterling write me such a romantic, sweet and from the heart song and sang it to me under the stars with the the fireflies as our only audience or so we thought. It was like a scene from one of the romantic movies I love watching. My eyes locked onto Sterling's baby blues as he poured out his heart and soul to me to either crush under my shoe by I saying that I only loved him like a brother or I make both of our dreams come true by saying that I love him too.

What girl haven't dreamed of having a handsome, sweet and romantic guy write a song designed especially for you that drips of his love for you and sings it to you in your backyard? I know I thought it was one of the sweetest, most romantic gestures a guy has ever done for me and I couldn't help but tear up; I am surprised that my mascara didn't run giving me racoon eyes from all the crying I did at knowing the fact that the man I had been in love with for 4 years loves me just as much as i love him and how he had done it so romantic and sweet.

Then I felt heaven on Earth when we kissed. I felt the Earth move from underneath me, sparks flew betwen Sterling and mine's lips, time stop and bells ring in my head just like any romantic movie heroine would say when they kissed the man they are destined to be together with. I forgot that I was in the backyard of my house cause I felt like I was floating over the Earth looking down at Sterling and me kissing.

My face did go red including my ears when our loving friends and Maddie interupted our special moment by catcalling and cheering like idiots, mind you idiots that both me and Sterling love, adore and who have been playing matchmaker for both me and Sterling for 4 years now and who were thrilled that finally the couple they always thought made the perfect couple got together. But seriously guys could you not have celebrated quietly in the house then acted surprised when Sterling and I announced us dating and finally telling the other of our love. Is that too much to ask?

Sterling and I have been dating for about 4 years now and yet it seems like it was only yesterday that we started to date. I thought I was happy enough with expressing my thoughts and emotions through song, hanging out with my truest and loyal friends, giving as much advice and myself to my loyal, devoted and supportive fans and of course my loving and supportive family. But when I started dating Sterling, I felt like I had climbed the highest mountain with limited air, I travelled around the world in a hot air balloon and that I can do anything and be anyone I want to be cause I know that whatever I did, Sterling would be right behind me supporting and loving me no matter what I said or did cause I knew he loves me for myself and won't try to change me.

And according to our loving family and friends Sterling and I have perma grins on our faces and are floating on air during the last 4 years and throughout those years as our relationship went from young love to mature, long lasting love. Our love only grew stronger even through the challenges life brought us, like the media trying to tear our relationship apart with their lies and made up rumors and the fans of both Sterling and I tweeting us about how "wrong" our relationship is because of our 3 year age difference and because I am "damaged". Mostly they tell us that our relationship will never last and that we are just fooling ourselves and the other person with this "fake" relationship and that we are only hurting ourselves and each other if we continue this charade.

Sorry you guys don't think Sterling and i are made for each other and soulmates but Sterling and I do think that and we are madly in love so please just be happy for us and let us continue living our love's dream with minimum drama. Over the years I have fallen even more in love with Sterling, so much that whenever a talk show would mention Sterling I would smile and couldn't help but gush about him, it seems Sterling had the same problem when someone asked about me and our relationship.

Even at the topic of marriage and kids didn't scare me, it gave me a thrilling and exciting shiver in my tummy whenever I thought of being able to spend the rest of my life beside Sterling, loving him, supporting him and going through my life side by side as husband and wife. I even started to daydream about Sterling and mine's wedding day, going through every detail of the day from my dress, the bridesmaids' dresess and even my vows, and even what a typical day of Sterling and mine's day complete with children and Sterling and me being successful being of society, me as an award winning movie star\ top selling musician and Sterling as an Emmy winning actor and writer of at least 3 cookbooks of his delicious meals. And the daydreams didn't scare me at all, I actually got mad that I had to wake up and not be able to finish my lovely dreams.

I didn't even batt an eye when Sterling asked me to come to a secret location for our date night, though I was thinking "Why am I at this adorable little Malibu Beach house near the beautiful blue green sea?" because I assumed that Sterling had a good reason to be in this house that probably belonged to a sweet couple and I just hoped we weren't intruding on anyone's property. Sterling met me at the front door with a hug, kiss and a "hello there gorgoeus".

The house was empty, there was no furniture or anything in there so who the heck owned this house and more importantly why were we here? Sterling waved my questions away saying all questions will be answered shortly but first a tour of the house. The house was even more gorgeous on the inside then the outside though the small gardens on either side of the front door and the lush green grass that make up a reasonable size front lawn made the house really inviting to come into.

The house was reasonable sized for a couple just starting out in life and their marriage, it had a good size living room, dinning room, kitchen (with all its appliences in there) and my favorite feauture, in the master bedroom behind french doors was a belcony that gave the most beautiful view of sparkling clear water, pristine beaches and where you also get a beautiful view of a sunset or sunrise.

While Sterling and I were on the balcony, he took my hand and said "I know that you are probably wondering if I have lost my mind bringing you to an empty house and taking you on a tour of it but i swear I have a good reason to do this. Demi, from the first moment I saw you I fell in love with you heart first and over the years I have fallen even more in love with you, I love every inch of you from your faults to your personality which brings people into your life and fall in love with you like I have.

These past years have been more then I could ever dream it could be; it was like I was in this magical place where I had found my soulmate in the last place I had ever thought possible and who loved me as much as I have dreamed about being loved by someone, a love that is forever and true like my parents's love. I love you Demetria Devone Lovato, heart and soul and you made my life even more complete and filled it with all the love, support and acceptance then I could ever ask for and for that I am entirley grateful."

Sterling went down on his knee and my heart stopped beating for a moment then leaped and raced at the possibility of what Sterling's actions could mean. Do I dare pray that Sterling was going to propose to me? Please let me not be dreaming. Sterling took out a small velvet box that opened to show the most gorgeous diamond ring and then took my hand.

"I want to spend the rest of my life showing and telling you how much I love you and how you have completed my life. Marry me Demi and i promise that I will spend the rest of my life making you feel as loved and happy as you have made me. I brought you to this house cause I wanted you to see the house that I hope will become the house that we build our own life and fullfil our dreams in. "

Sterling didn't have to wait too long for my answer as I screamed "Yes!" and threw myself into his arms raining kisses onto his face which after he was able to pinpoint my mouth he gladly returned. Then he pulled us both up and put the beautiful ring onto my finger then we hugged as he whispered in my ear "I love you" over and over again which of course I returned. I can't believe that I am actually an engaged woman to the man of my dreams. If I am dreaming, please don't wake me up cause I am loving this dream. I also can't believe that this is the house that Sterling and mine's life will begin with our own memories, journeys and where our love will flourish even more everyday. I can't wait for that journey to begin

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  1. :D i loved the way demi described sterling and the "love sick puppy" part was to die for. I'm glad that they became friends right away. like who wouldnt become friends with demi and her beautiful smile. I think you should continue this part but in Sterling's POV this time.