September 28, 2011

A Guy's Dreams Come True

Dedicated to @StemiFlu cause she is the one who has always supported me by getting excited by my writing, giving me postive and encouraging reviews for every one of my stories, and giving me story ideas when I have a mind freeze. Plus she asked me to do an continuation of my story "Our New Life" so here it is. Hope she enjoys it.

I still can't believe that one of my life's dreams for the past 4 years has finally come true; I feel like I am in a love daze, you know what I mean where everything looks hazy and time seems to stop or slow down so that you and the person who has your heart, in terms of me, Ms Demi Lovato, are like the only people in the world. If I am dreaming please don't wake me up.

Hmm now I don't feel so bad about writing "Mrs Demetria Devone Lovato-Knight", "Mr and Mrs Sterling and Demi Knight" and "Mrs Demi Knight" on every piece of paper, whether it be a script for the week's episode or a scrap piece of paper as I am watching TV with Spence, Sammy and our parents. Hey my heart was just writing down it's deepest desire and wish though according to my darling family and closest friends it wasn't a secret that I saw a future with Demi cause I have been in love with her from the first moment I laid eyes on Demi at the first "Sonny with a Chance" table reading, say us combining our lives into one life filled with joy, love, support through good and bad times and lots of laughter as we live as husband and wife.

Growing up I was not a typical guy, I mean yes I liked playing sports and hanging out with the guys being all rumble and tumble but unlike any other guy I never shied away from affection. I loved watching my parents' ovious love for each other cause even after 28 years of marriage they still flirted and acted all lovey dovey, sneaking loving glances and kisses when they thought their children weren't looking. I could just feel their obvious love, support, deep and close friendship towards each other, they are still each other's best friends and will always be there for each other through good and bad times cause they respected and honored their love for each other and their wedding vows.

With my girlfriends, and no I didn't have a lot of them, I tried to be the usual gentlemen. I never pressured my girlfriends to do anything beyond her comfort zone, there was no making out and getting hot and heavy with hands roving under clothes kind of thing. Nope cause I respect not only myself but my girlfriends and was raised that I should wait for my wedding night with my one true love and soulmate before expressing my love in the deepest sense God designed between husband and wife. What can i say I am a romantic at heart.

I even had a list of the things I wished my soulmate would have; she has to be sweet, caring, down to earth, friend-family orientated, wants to make a difference in the world by using their talents and gifts to help one person at a time, kind and be beautiful inside and outside. And once I met Demi and I looked into her big beautiful chocolate eyes and I knew I had found a woman who fulfilled every one of my dreams and fantasies of my soulmate.

I thought Demi was the most beautiful woman ever with her big chocolate doed eyes that drew you in and make you want to get to know the woman inside and out, heart and soul. Paired with those silky, auburn hair that just cascades over her shoulders and down her back and just begs you to run your fingers through it so it flows like a river in your hand and that gorgeous smile that lights up the room and puts you in a happy mood where everything is sunshine and roses even at its darkest hours and you have got the woman of my dreams.

I hope and pray that I didn't drool and stutter too much cause a little voice in my head, I think it was my conscience, saying that this was the woman I have been dreaming aobut meeting forever so not to screw it up. I pray to God that my mind and tongue coperated with each and allowed me to actually say full sentences to Demi cause I defiently wanted to know everything there is about Ms Demi Lovato.

I took every chance i could to hang out with the beautiful both inside and out young woman Matthew had brought into my life, whether on set or outside of work, so I could get to know the woman I fell even more in love with each time I was with her. The time Demi and I hung out, whether with our best friends, family or just with each other, which I loved the most, was one of the best moments of my life. I didn't feel pressured to plan fun things for Demi and I to do together, we both were satisfied with sitting inside our houses and just talk about random things like what matters to us in our lives, the world's happenings and what we have read online about what our fans are saying about us.

Sometimes we don't even have to say anything, we are just comfortable with each other's presence and ourselves so we don't have to talk to really connect with each other, our personalities just mesh with each other so we instantly connect to each other naturally. We can be ourselves around each other, no fakeness, just Demi and Sterling, no questions asked. And anytime I got to hang out with Demi was the highlight of my week, my month and I would even put on my calender of the next time I got to hang out with Demi with a big circle to announce the date.

Spence always tells that on the day when I get to hang out with Demi, even if it is only for a couple of hours, I get this really dorky smile on my face that no matter how many times he tells that it is freaking him out won't go it won't go away. Apparently I take an hour hot shower where I scrub every inch of my body at least twice. Then I become like a girl by trying on so mnay outfits and asking him which one he liked better and squealing about how excited I am to be around Demi. Thanks bro, love you too though I know that you love Demi like an older sister.

Everytime I was around Demi, either on set or off set, or talked or thought about her, I fell even more in love with her, I mean what idiot wouldn't fall in love with Demi as she is like the perfect woman ever made, it was like God created her just for this world and for me. I cringe at the fact that I wasn't the only one who saw what a beautiful inside and out woman she was. I hated seeing Demi in the arms of another man and Demi showering her deep affection to other men cause I know that I am the man of her dreams and the only man who could and ever would truly and deeply love her. These guys may be dating my angel now but I know that Fate will prevail and unfortunately my angel will be dumped by the men she thought loved her for her but weren't mature enough to handle a young woman like Demi.

Even though I never wanted to see Demi's gorgeous brown eyes water up with tears or have her tender, fragile heart broken by anyone cause when Demi is sad then my heart also breaks and I am willing to do pretty much anything to make that million watt smile appear back on her face. Cause even though I have another chance at showing and telling the woman of my dreams how much i truly and openly love her, i don't ever want to see my sweetie get hurt, either physically or emotionally. I just want the best for Demi cause I know she deserves only the best life can offer cause if she is truly happy then I'm truly happy.

I still can't believe that I got the nerve up to sing a song that I had been writting for months now because each lyric and sentence had been taken from the deepest recess of my heart and soul and were poured onto the paper made for my own eyes. I didn't even show them to Mom,Dad, Spence and Sammy for fear that their meaning would disappear and lose its love. I always had the thought that the only person I wanted to see that song or listen to it was Demi and no one else.

I don't know what had made me gather up all my courage and sing my love song to Demi at her 19th birthday but man am I glad that I did cause I won the heart of the woman of my dreams. It was like a scene from a romantic movie that Sammy watches with the moonlight streaming down on us and the only background music was the chirping of the crickets. The scene didn't even matter to me, we could have been in the grimiest room ever it didn't matter cause all I saw was the beautiful woman who had her chocolate eyes focused solely on me and was tearing up. I was nervous cause Demi had the power to either let me down easy by saying that she is flattered by my attention but she only loves me as a older brother and best friend or to make my wildest dreams that I had thought were out of my reach for the past 4 years come true where I finally win the girl in the end and Demi and I have our happily ever after.

The next thing that happened blew my own dreams out of the water; Demi kissed me. I can't believe that Demi's lips touched mine, I could feel her minty, fresh and warm breath on my face and feel Demi pour every inch of her soul and heart into that one small token of affection cause i know that I was pouring every bit of myself into that kiss cause if I was dreaming or this is Demi trying to let me off easy then I wanted this moment to never end.

The earth moved under my feet, my head was spinning and I swear the neighbours could hear my beat beat clear out of my chest. I wanted to treasure this moment forever till I die. I felt like I had heaven in my arms that I never wanted to let go.

Ok I love my friends and Demi's sisters but seriously guys. Couldn't you have waited until Demi and I came inside and told you guys that your, mine and Demi's 4 year dream has finally come true so we can all celebrate with lots of good natured bantering, teasing, what is some friendly teasing between people who feel like family?, laughter and lots of hugs. Mostly them celebrating the fact that their matchmaking has finally panned out , yeah they totally weren't subtle at playing matchmaker for us.

But no they had to make us aware of the fact that they were watching Demi and mine's private, intimate, romantic and heaven on earth moment from Demi's kitchen window by cheering, whooping and calling "It is about time!". How immature are they?. Kidding, I love them very much and am just teasing them like they have been doing to me and Demi all the time but I knew that it is a normal "family" thing to do so I am not really mad

These past 4 years have been the best years of my life, I thought I was happy before, I mean who wouldn't be? I had a family who loves, adores and supports me no matter what I say or do, I had friends who were like my second family and I loved them like brothers and sisters and I had a good career doing what I love to do which is to entertain the audience by making them laugh or have the urge to sing along as I belt out songs that reaches the audiences' hearts and dares them to dance in their seats. What more could a young man want or need? Apparently God decided that I needed true love in my life.

Now that I have Demi in my life, I feel complete, like if I asked God for anything else I would insult him cause he has already given me everything I need to be completely fulfilled in my life. I feel like the Million Dollar Man that can bound over buildings, run as fast as a bullet and freeze time, I feel like I can pretty much do anything cause I know that whatever I say or do in my life, I will have Demi behind me smiling her beautiful smile with a warm and loving hug and kiss for encouragement, and all her support and love. I love having Demi's support, love and encouragement, it makes me feel all warm inside and want to try everything I ever thought was out of reach. Cause even if I fail miserabley, I know Demi will be proud of me for trying my hardest and will give me all the hugs and kisses I need to put a smile back on my face and a song in my soul.

I am thrilled to say that Demi and mine's love grew ever stronger and deeper, deeper then I ever thought love could go, Demi and I connected right to our souls, like we were one soul, heart and body, also known as soulmates. Who knew me, Sterling Sandman Knight could be so deep and thoughtful? My mom taught Spence and me that you need to be thoughtful and deep in order to have long lasting and deep relationships with the people most important to you.

Demi and I have been on cloud 9 with a song in our heart and souls that reach out to the other one, even when we are apart, our hearts communicate with the other like we are speaking telepathetically in our minds. i could talk about Demi for hours at a time, to the distain of our friends, my brother, sister and my fans, I loved to gush about the woman I love and the many reasons why i love her and I don't really care if people get bored of me talking about Demi.

My fans' comments about how "wrong" our relationship is because Demi isn't a "perfect" skin thin, fake, wannabe, easily manipulated young woman who has had some problems in her life aka her eating disorders, and bullying when she was younger like most people in our world didn't faze me. I liked knowing that the love of my life had the same problems as the young people she was coaching to have the best life possible, it made her more approachable and more down to earth cause Demi showed that everyone has problems and with the right amount of love and support from family, friends and trusted professionals you can get past life's challlenges.

The only point of views I cared about was Mom, Dad, Spence, Sammy, Dougie, Tiffers, Brand, Little Aly and of course me. And since everyone who I loved and cared for loved Demi as much as I did and knew that Demi and me were made for each other and made each other the happiest that we could ever be. Plus they knew that Demi and me had been in love for years and now that we got the chance to show ther world how much we love each other no one is gonna stop us from being in love. So I am afraid that the haters of Demi and mine's relationship will have to deal with Demi and I being in love.

I knew I loved Demi with all my heart and soul 4 years ago; I could tell that Demi and me would be one of the couples that would last forever when 2 years into dating Demi, I could picture myself marrying Demi and spending the rest of my life with her and the image of Demi and me being married didn't freak me out or make we want to run away. My nightly dreams either consisted of Demi and me kissing, cuddling and showing the world what true love looks like or the details of Demi and mine's wedding, from Demi's wedding dress, my tux, the bridesmaids' dresses and Demi's and mine from the heart vows that expressed every inch of Demi and mine's love for each other out loud to people other then just to each other.

I would be gazing lovingly into Demi's eyes the entire time while making little circles on the backs of our intertwined hands and wiping her tears away so I wouldn't be focusing on our guests, like always my entire focus would be on my bride's beautiful face as Demi's chocolate goodness would be focused on me and my eyes focused on her, us both communicating silently about how much we love each other and how we can't wait to spend the rest of our life together.

Another one of my favorite dreams was after the wedding about the wonderful, fulfilled life that Demi and I will have together that will be filled with lots of joy,fun times with family and friends, support, love for both Demi and me and wonderful achievements for both Demi and me, both personal and professional. I can see Demi and me with at least 3 kids who were the image of their mommy and me and both of us with successful careers that make us happy and feel like we are making a small difference in the world, me as a writer of cookbooks and a famous actor and Demi as a famous award winner musician and an award movie star as well as continuing to be role models for the younger generation.

I loved my dreams about Demi and me living our lives together as husband and wife so much that whenever my darn alarm would shriek waking me up from my lovely and life like dreams, I would beat up the alarm with my pillow and yell at it for interupting my lovely dreams so soon before I was ready for them to end. There has been a number of times when I have really gotten into my dreams that when I go to kiss Demi or hold her in my arms in the dreams, I fall onto the floor cause i was really kissing my pillow and it sliped off my bed along with me.

Since i wanted my nightly, oh who am I kidding my daily dreams, to come true as soon as possible, I decided then and there that I wanted to make Demi officially the woman i spend the rest of my life with aka Mrs Demi Knight. I must have looked like a total idiot standing there in the magazine aisle in Wal Mart looking at bridal magazine and daydreaming about Demi coming towards me in a gorgeous gown that only enhanced her beauty with her million dollar smile all ready to commit her life to mine. But oh well I was dreaming of what my bride would look like and how I wanted our wedding to be like so back off.

Next stop was the jewelry store cause if I wanted to make my dreams of Demi being my wife I needed to get her a beautiful ring to ask her the biggest question of my life. The saleslady, Kristie, was a perky young lady who practically followed me around the store chitchatting my ear off about how romantic and sweet I am for picking out a ring in order to make a committment to my girlfriend and about how Kristie wishes that her boyfriend of 6 years would finally get enough courage to propose cause a girl can only wait so long before she needs a more serious committment.

Ok Kristie seemed nice but I really didn't want to listen to another girl's life problems when i am trying to find the perfect ring. I looked at many rings, all very beautiful and sparkly but they just didn't scream "Demi" to me. I was looking for a ring that was not too big,not too small, sinple but not too simple that people will think I am cheap and I needed to be able to visualize the ring on Demi's finger for the rest of her life, become a part of the woman that I love.

I finally settled on a simple band with a reasonable size diamond that was engraved with the words "I will love you forever and always" which are my feelings for Demi expressed forever on a piece of jewelry, I never wanted Demi to forget how much i love her, not like she could cause I intend to show and tell Demi how much I love, aodre and worship her for the rest of our lives.

Now to figure out how to ask Demi to marry me in an unexpected, unsual but memorable way, a way that Demi and I can tell our kids about how daddy asked mommy to marry him. Hmm I guess I could propose to Demi backstage or even onstage during one of her concerts, in front of her millions of devoted and loving fans and family but even though I know that everyone would be thrilled for Demi and me and think it was romantic, I wanted it to be just Demi and me when I pop the quiestion cause that will make it 10x more romantic then with an audience.

I guess I could make Demi one of my famous meals that will blow her away, cause I know Demi loves my cooking and likes having a boyfriend who makes romantic meals for her, complete with soft music and candlelight setting the mood with Demi and I slowdancing when I go down on my knee to propose. But that didn't seem extreme and memorable enough, it seemed like a scene from a typical romantic movie.

I have got the most original idea ever; I will propose in Demi and mine's new house that we will live our lives together in. Now I need to find the perfect house, something not to big but not too small but just the right size for a couple just starting out in the lives. I would also love the house to be in a safe, close knit neighbourhood where everyone looks out for each other and who feel comfortable with their neighbours to invite them over for a barbeque and a chat on the front porch.

I went househunting by myself cause I didn't want anyone's opinion but mine, not that I don't appreciate and take to heart Mom, Dad and my soon to be in laws' opinion cause I do, I mean they have lived through more challenges and life then I have so they of course have words of wisdom that a young guy like me needs. But this house was going to be one of my many gifts for Demi and I wanted it to be something that I found all by myself.

Lucy, the realtor thought me trying to find a house for my fiancee and me to start our lives in was so romantic, She practically glomped onto me when I told her the reason I was househunting alone, exclaimed over and over again how happy she was for me and my fiancee and how honored she felt that she was part of this magical moment. The houses she brought me to were nice but there was always something not right about them for me and plus I just couldn't visualize Demi and me living in that house and making a life there.

I finally bought this really adorable, ok now I am starting to sound like Sammy, house with a beautiful view of the pristine beach with a gorgeous view of the ocean, with small gardens for some beautiful flowers that will be lovingly planted by both Demi and me to make our front lawn look nice and homey. Inside the rooms were big enough that you could easily move around in and put all the furniture needed to make the room look inviting to spend some time in.

The master bedroom had French doors that openned on the balcony that over looked the ocean. I could see Demi and I lounging out there drinking our coffee and toast as we watched the sunrise or even snuggling on the chairs watching a rain storm safe under the canopy. I fell in love with the house at first sight, like I did with Demi and look how that turned out, and more importantly I could see Demi and I making a life together in this house so I bought it. Now to phone Demi.

I phoned Demi and asked her to meet me at the house for a special date, what could be more special then proposing in our new house and surprising my love with the news?. That night I was a bundle of nerves, I wrote down everything i wanted to say and practiced it on Demi's picture that was taped to the mirror, my pillow and was held in my hand. All the times I got caught by either Mom, Dad, Spence and Sammy were super embarassing. But I wanted my proposal to be perfect and to go without a hitch and if it means that I am to be red faced in front of my family for awhile then so be it if it means I get to marry the woman of my dreams it will be so worth it.

Demi looked absolutely gorgeous, of course, in her white gown that reached to her ankles and with her hair in a braid over her shoulder she was my goddess, my princess and my angel. Sorry my mind went off in DemiDreamland for awhile, I always do that cause I think of Demi almost 24\7 . With a kiss and a "Hey Gorgeous", which I am always ready for and am willing to give whenever Demi asks, it was time for a tour of the house. I was so nervous, my palsm were filled with sweat, my heart was racing and my mind was racing trying to remember my speech. Hopefully Demi didn't notice my nervousness and asked questions.

When Demi and I got to the balcony I knew the time had come to man up and ask Demi to spend the rest of her life with me. I took her hand and poured out my heart about how much i have fallen in love with her over the years and how much she means to me; "I know that you are probably wondering if I have lost my mind bringing you to an empty house and taking you on a tour of it but i swear I have a good reason to do this. Demi, from the first moment I saw you I fell in love with you heart first and over the years I have fallen even more in love with you, I love every inch of you from your faults to your personality which brings people into your life and fall in love with you like I have.

These past years have been more then I could ever dream it could be; it was like I was in this magical place where I had found my soulmate in the last place I had ever thought possible and who loved me as much as I have dreamed about being loved by someone, a love that is forever and true like my parents's love. I love you Demetria Devone Lovato, heart and soul and you made my life even more complete and filled it with all the love, support and acceptance then I could ever ask for and for that I am entirely grateful."

Then I went on my knee to say the most important speech of my life, I saw Demi take a deep breath and the tears that had been building up in her chocolate eyes as I poured my heart out now began to fall, hopefully our hearts are connecting with each word I was saying. As I talked I pulled out the ring box to unleash the diamonds ring that hopefully will encircle Demi's ring finger for all enternity;"I want to spend the rest of my life showing and telling you how much I love you and how you have completed my life. Marry me Demi and i promise that I will spend the rest of my life making you feel as loved and happy as you have made me. I brought you to this house cause I wanted you to see the house that I hope will become the house that we build our own life and fullfil our dreams in. "

I didn't have to wait long for Demi's response, she threw herself into my arms with a loud "yes" and started to rain kisses all over my face, oh I am enjoying having my face smoothered with kisses and having my angel in my arms so I hope it never ends. I then pulled Demi up, put the ring on Demi's finger that I hope she never takes off and loves it as much I do then it was time for some hugging.

I love hugging Demi, having her in my arms is one of my favorite things to do to show Demi how much I love her, well also kissing, rubbing noses and holding hands but who is counting?. I whispered "I love you" multiple times in her ear which I am so glad that Demi reciprocated my love even though this is not the first time we exchanged "I Love You". I can't believe that I am an engaged man to the woman i have been dreaming about meeting the woman of my dreams, my soulmate and my life partner since I was a little guy and now that I have found her in Demi, I have never giving her up. I can't wait for mine and Demi's journey to true happiness and a fulfilled life filled with love, joy, laughter, true love.

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  1. hope it works this time :) anyways I really really loved your story... especially the begining of it... I liked how Sterling saw Demi as a goddess (she is) and the I love you whispers were totally awww moments