September 19, 2011

Love at First Sniff

I feel sorry for those people who don't have a good relationship with their in laws, whether it be mother in law, brother in law or sister in law, meaning they fight about the smallest things or say things to the other that is taken out of context and to heart so they can't be in the same room with each other without tearing at each other's throats. I mean when an individual marries their spouses who they love very much, the saying " you are marrying into the family as well as getting a new spouse" is so true.

When I married Demi, I knew that there would be no way that I could seperate her from her family cause I know how important family is to Demi, it is one of the reasons why I fell in love with Demi. My heart melts whenever I saw Demi interact and being all lovey dovey with her family cause I am close to my family too and I would never want someone to seperate or say that in order to continue the relationship I could never speak or be around my family cause then the relationship would be over in an instant cause me and my family are a package deal just like with Demi and her family.

I am proud to say that I have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws though to be honest I have had a good relationship with my in laws since I met Demi and her family after the 1st table reading of SWAC when Mom Lovato, Maddie and Dallas had come to pick up Demi and I had followed Demi out to the car and introduced myself. Ok that might be a bit ackward after I had just meet Demi, introducing myself to her mom and sisters but I had fallen hard for Demi from the first sight of those chocolate doed eyes and million watt smile and each minute I was in the same room and interacting with Demi made me fall even more in love with her so I wanted to introduce myself to the people who are the most important to her cause I was planning to be in Demi's life, whether it be just as best friends or something more like say her future boyfriend :).

Mom , Dad Lovato, Dallas and Maddie made it so easy to like them and have a good relationship with them cause from the beginning the Lovatos have been warm and welcoming to me and the rest of our friends. From the beginning they have made me feel like a part of the family, I have been invited to their family cottege, dinners and events which means I have meet the entire family on both sides even before Demi and I started dating. I need all the glimpses into Demi's personal life and see another layer of the woman that each day I was falling even more in love with.

There was never any ackward moments between the Lovatics and me, I always felt that whenever I needed some guidence from someone and I couldn't reach my parents I could go to Mrs or Mr Lovato which is kind of ironic since most of my questions were about how to woo their daughter and the best and effective way to show Demi how much I truly and honestly love her.

I feel like Maddie and Dallas were my older and younger sister, I mean we could joke around. play fight, hang out and talk about radnom stuff just like I could do with Spence and Sammy. I mean who wouldn't love Maddie and Dallas?. They are both sweet, caring, slightly goofy but in a way where you have to smile and laugh with them and down to earth young woman and I liked them from our first meeting. What can I can Mr and Mrs Lovato raise wonderful daughters? :D. I have a problem introducing them as my sisters in law cause I call them my sisters to people and then when I get blank looks or the "I thought you only had one sister?" look I have to explain that Maddie and Dallas are actually my sister in laws.

Thank God I am not the only one who gets along with my new in laws. My whole family has become fast and deep friends with the Lovatos, our moms always exchange recipes and "motherly advice" and our dads give each other fixing it advice, which never works out for them cause they both can't fix anything and I can say that honestly because neither can Spence and me. Spence and Maddie act like siblings also, Spence is always joking that if anyone, whether they be a boy,girl or random people online messes with his "little" sister, they will have him and me as well as her older sisters, my Dem Dem and Dallas, to deal with.

So when Demi and I got married, we joined our two families together. So through marriage I gained another maternal and paternal role model, another married couple that me and Demi can look at about how a marriage is suppose to be, filled with lots of love, support and caring from both parties through good and bad times and being a best friend, confident and #1 support system for each other, to base our own marriage on. I also got two new sisters, well ok sister in laws but I have already explained why I drop the in law part when talking about Maddie and Dallas. And I am thrilled aobut my new family as well as the fact that I married and will be spending the rest of my life with the woman of my dream, Mrs Demi Knight.

I bought Demi and mine's house without anyone but mine's opinion cause I wanted the house to be a surprise for my new fiancee when I brought Demi to the house to propose. I know I should have brought my mom or dad to go househunting with me but I wanted to go into a house and see if I could feel the connection to the house or can see myself and Demi raising a family and sharing our life together in this house then I would know in my heart of hearts that this is the right house to buy. I didn't really want to have anyone buzzing in my ear about what they thought of the houses I was seeing, the only opinion I cared about was Demi.

Demi and I moved in about a month ago and ever since then we both have been working our butts off to make our new house as homey, comfy and warm as possible. Ok so our friends and family have been wonderful and been helping us as much as they can; helping us move in and giving us the furniture that they have outgrown or have no more use for to furnish our house. But I feel that in order to help our house become more like a home, Demi and I needed a little puppy dog for companionship and for practice for children that hopefully one day Demi and I will welcome with open hearts and arms.

Maddie, Spence and I had already made plans to spend the day together so since we were already going to the mall to hang out, I thought a little trip to the local SPCA would be no problem. They could help me pick the newest furriest member of our family, since Maddie had helped Mom Lovato and Demi to pick out Oliver and Bella and those little furballs are adorable, friendly and lovable little doggies so Maddie has good taste in puppies which I needed.

I also wanted to save a poor defenseless animal who was sent to the SPCA because their family moved, or they were born unwanted because their family didn't have enough money to spade and neuter their pets. What can I say I am a sucker for big puppy dog eyes and a sad face that just screams "What did I do to the people I adore and love to get into this awful place? Whatever it is I am sorry. Now can I go home?". I mean I can't even resist Demi's puppy dog pout and eyes, whenever I see it I crumble and melt like a cookie and do and say anything to make that sad look come off my sweetheart's face. It is much worse on an adorable puppy.

After an hour and a half of walking around the mall, going into stores such as music stores where Maddie and I shared headphones, I was on my knees to get onto her level,while listening to the Glee Soundtrack and mouthing the words to each other since it wasn't appropriate to sing out loud in a store. Then it was time for some clothes shooping for Maddie, Spence and according to Maddie for me cause apparently I needed new clothes. Sweetie I love you but I think I can tell what looks good on me and what doesn't and I really don't feel like being your fashion doll.

After only getting one new shirt and pants after Maddie telling me that "it made my eyes pop", we all breaked for lunch, I got Cesar Salad and meat lovers pizza, Maddie got a meatball sub and Spence got a 2 decker hamburger and fries and yes we had some "OMG we have a celeb in the house" looks from the other patrons and servers but I just went about my business cause today i was just a normal guy hanging out with his brother and sister in law.

The trip to the SPCA was funny and very entertaining. Spence, Maddie and me didn't go right to the doggies but we all went to different kind of animals, Maddie went to the rodents, Spence reptiles and me the puddycats The puddycats were so small, fuzzy and adorable. They were like little balls of fur jumping and pouncing on either their siblings or invisible attackers, too bad I didn't want a kitty. I wanted a pet that I could play with, cuddle with, talk to like they could actually understand me and be one of my best friends, well besides Demi of course. Cats are so anti-social, they only need affection when it is right for them, they really aren't much fun to have around cause if they aren't happy then it is scratchy time. So the kitties are cute but not for me.

After I was finished watching the kitties play fight each other, I went to find my siblings. I found Spence enthralled with a Komodo dragon, oh sure dude fall in love with the reptile but don't expect mom to let you have one cause there is no way mom would allow a slimy thing in her house. I like reptiles but they are also kind of boring as there is really nothing you can do with them cause you can't play with them. So there is no way I am buying one for Demi and me.

Maddie was over by the little rodents, like mice, hamsters and rabbits. I have to admit that they were adorable with their little furry bodies, beady eyes, little whiskers and little feet that tickle your palms as you hold them in your hands. But once again they really didn't do anything except rats and hamsters do run on their little wheels but that is boring to watch over and over again. So once again oh uh on small rodents.

Finally with all the troops assembled, it was time to go looking for small,lovable, adorable ,sweet little balls of fur and a man and woman's best friend. I knew that there would be a lot of puppies to choose from but I never knew there was so many. There were many different colors and sizes of little furballs and all were squirming, yapping, clambering over each other, play fighting and trying to get as much food as they possibley could before it is gobbled up by their siblings.

I wasn't looking for any particular breed of dogs, I didn't want a huge dog, I want a dog that fits nicely in my lap to cuddle on nights when Demi and I are snuggling together either in bed or on the couch either watching TV, reading books or our scripts. I also don't want a dog that would leave a big pile of fur around the house cause then the vaccuum will have to be brought out daily to make sure our house is fur free. I also didn't want a dog that barks all night long keeping Demi, me and the neighbours up or bark whenever someone walks past our backyard gate cause that won't be cute. I also wanted a dog that was friendly to everyone they met and be easy to train cause if not then stress time is coming to me and Demi when training and that is never good. Lastly I don't want to make Demi and me doggy grandparents cause even if Demi and I can afford it, I don't want a litter of puppies in our house, so the puppy has to be neutred or sprayed.

Spence, Maddie and me went to like 10 cages picking up adorable rolypoles puppies of every breed, gender and most of them had all the qualities I was looking for but somehow they just didn't feel like they were the right dog for me and I trust my instinct, hey it lead me to falling in love with Demi and ended up marrying her so why not trust it now?

So with one final kiss and snuggle, the puppies had to be put back into their crates, no matter how bad I felt having to put those lovable little doggies back into their cages and lock them from the outside world when they deserved to be out in the sunshine running like mad in the fresh air with lots of hugs as a reward of being the puppies they were. Thank god that the shelter wasn't one where they kill the innocent animals 24 hours after recieivng them, that made me feel hopeful that all the animals in this shelter would find their own families who will love and take good care of them.

I went to open the door to the next cage and my hand was instantly smothered with tiny, rapid fire licks on my hand. I scooped up this little bundle of curly black fur with little black button eyes and a button nose, I could just feel this little one saying "I just met you and I already love you" which melted my heart. It melted even more as i cuddled her in my arms, she cuddled as close to me as she could, her little body pressed deep into my body, and looked up at me with all the love, trust and adoration I have ever seen, she had just met me but already she trusts me to handle her carefully.

The puppy and I had a staring contest, we were looking deep into each other's eyes like we were both reading each other's minds and hearts to see if we were compactible as Spence and Maddie read off her information. Good, she has all her shots, been dewormed, she's healthy and was netured. Even better the staff wrote that she was very friendly, young enough to teach manners properly and has a good temperment. Since I felt a connection to this little lady right off the bat, I think I have found my new little friend. Congrats little lady, you have found a family.

After only paying $20 for the puppy which also got us a small bag of food, a bed and a leash, we left with the puppy. The puppy seemed to know that she finally was being adopted and had a new family cause she was dancing in my arms, baby barking (small little barks) and trying her little hardest to lick my face as we walked to the car. Spence drove while the little cutie half sat and half danced in my lap, looked out the window at the passing scenere and licked my hand like crazy. I think she was thanking me for adopting her, giving her a family and wanted me to know how grateful she is. You are welcome sweetie. Demi is going to love you so much, she is a sucker for little things whether they be animals or people and one look into those big brown eyes and she is going to fall as much in love with you as I did when I first laid eyes on Demi's big chocolate eyes. I can't wait to show Demi her surprise.

I surprised Demi with the puppy that night. I put the puppy in a gift box ,with holes of course, with a pink bow and told Demi to close her eyes for a surprise cause I told her that I had gotten her something at the store on my siblings day. Ok sweetheart I know you from the heart and soul but why on earth would you trust me to pick you out a pice of clothing like a dress or even jewelry like a necklace? I am not that good at that kind of things honey but I am honored that you trust me with your style.

When Demi closed her eyes, I brought out the box and put it in her lap and told her to open her eyes and open the box. Demi's reaction was priceless and the reason why I love giving people surprises; her eyes and mouth went wide, she looked at me like "You got me a puppy?!" with disbelief in her eyes then with a squeal of delight and cooing about how precious, adorable and how much she loves the puppy already Demi picked up the puppy. Demi cuddled the puppy close and rained little kisses on the top of her head, lucky little girl (I love Demi's cuddles and kisses, heck any form of affection and love Demi gives to me I adore, treasure and love so much that I will do anything I can to recieve these treasures).

I think it was love at first sight for both girls cause the puppy was licking Demi's face and hands like a little winshield wiper and kept looking at Demi with the same love-adoration-complete trust look she looked at me when I first held her. For the next couple of minutes all that could be heard was Demi cooing and speaking in calm, loving, baby-talking tones to the puppy and the puppy whinning as she tried to get as close to her new owner as she could and the slurp on her tongue kissing my wife's checks and neck.

Then it was like she remembered that her loving husband who had bought her newest little friend was still in the room so suddenly Demi launched herself, puppy and all, into my arms and rained her own sweet, loving, tender and joyful kisses all over my face while saying "Thank you" over and over again. Hm I should do more sweet and romantic things for Demi so that I can get more kisses and have my sweetheart in my arms more often.

Then as we watched TV, we brainstormed names for our little puppy but none seemed to fit her personality. I can see why new parents have such a hard time coming up with names for their little miracles and spend hours pouring over baby name books searching for the most perfect name for their child. Demi and I didn't have the luxury of having baby name books so we were searching our brains for the name. We finally both agreed on the name Gracie cause we heard that name on TV for an adorable baby girl and we loved it instantly. So welcome to the Knight Family Ms Gracie Knight. Family hug!

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