August 28, 2011

FanGirl for a Day

I don't know why I am so perky right now cause last night I don't think I got a decent amount of sleep the night before cause i am so excited for the day's event, I am going to visit some of my best friends aka Tiffy, B-Fresh, Dougie and little Aly and the love of my life, Mr Sterling-baby-blue-eyes-that-melt-your-heart-everytime-you look-into-them Knight on the "So Random" set.

I have been meaning to visit the set since the show first began cause from the commercials and previews it looked really funny and entertaining. Plus it had the people who mean a lot to me and I want to support them as much as I can. But unfortuantely life has a way of ruining your plans that you have had planned for weeks. With me, I would need to go to the studio to either record or practice the songs that were going to be on my next CD so my plans to visit my friends and sweetie went on the backburner.

I hated calling Sterling and telling him that I wouldn't be coming in the studio today, it is a good thing that he was on the other side of the phone because if he was in front of me, I would totally break down by the unhappy and disappointed look that would seap into his baby blues as I told him my sad news, even as hard as he would try to hide it ( my guy is a sweetie who doesn't want to make anyone sad or feel bad about themselves cause he is a sensitive, caring, sweet guy which is one of the reasons why i love him so much).

I know that Sterling would never make me feel bad about changing the plan of me visiting him and our best friends at the last moment , even if he was really really looking forward to it and even countdown to the day, cause he didn't want me to feel bad about something out of my hands and worry about him being disappointed at me when I should be focusing on my songs . What a sweetie, he worries about me more then he should cause my happiness is one of his top priorities in his life, if I am not happy then he will work his butt off to put that "gorgeous million watt smile" back on my face. Aww when he says things like that he always gets a kiss and a hug which I love giving just as much as he loves recieving them.

But not today, today nothing will prevent me from going to see my sweetie at the studio. My CD comes out in 23 days anyway so there is no more work having to do on it so I am free today and I will take the opportunity given to me. I got up before my alarm went off cause as I said before I didn't sleep a wink the night before so why not get up? I took a nice warm shower with extra soap and shampoo in order to smell my best for my guy and be extra squeaky clean in case there is some snuggling, cuddling and holding in Sterling's dressingroom, PG guys and girls, cause I do love me some Sterling-Demi snugglefest.

After my shower, i drove Maddie, Dallas and Mom crazy by trying on like 6 different outfits, complete outfits with matching, cordinating accessories cause a woman has to look perfect when she is going face to face with her man, although Sterling is always re- assuring me that he thinks I'm beautiful in anything I wear and that I don't have to dress up for him cause he thinks I look beautiful in anything I wear, aww how sweet is he? But back off ladies he's mine.

I decided on, after much debate and unsureness, a pale pink bubble dress with a black sweater and black high heeled shoes with my black hair curled in gentle waves just incase Sterling wants to twirl my hair around his finger or just play with it as he takes me into his strong yet gentle loving arms. Sorry I went into woman in love mode. After lightly dousing myself with Sterling's favorite perfume, a light vanila and lavender scent, i was ready to hit the road.

The trip was good, there wasn't that much traffic so I pretty much rocked out to the radio and sang on the top of my lungs to songs ranging from Katy Perry to Micheal Jackson. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the guard at the front gate would remember me from "Sonny with a Chance" cause when the show ended and I went my own way from my friends, I had to give back my parking pass as well as my backstage pass to get into the studio and backstage and none of my friends knew that I was coming today, only Micheal the director knew I was coming. I hope i don't have any trouble getting into the studio.

There was a little bit of trouble, the guard kept asking me for proof of why I was at the studio, um how on Earth am I suppose to prove the fact that I am just here for a visit? It is impossible to prove. Thank god Micheal came out and defended me saying that I was allowed in cause I used to work here and am just here for the day to visit my friends. The guard let me in with an apology for the inconvience he might have caused me.

When I got out of the car, I gave Micheal a huge hug, he was always so nice and kind to me, he treated me like a daughter, he treated all the cast and staff like we were one big family and was always asking us for ideas about what we thought we should do in the episodes and worked with those ideas to make the episodes good. He, of course, asked me what I have been up and gave me an extra tight sqeeze when I said that I was done my CD and said that he couldn't want to hear it cause he knows it will be amazing.

Mike walked me to the set and I was just about to sit down when I heard an ear piercing squeal then a small body was thrown into my arms. It was my "younger" sister, Little Aly. OMG has my little sister grown into a gorgeous young lady, even when we all hang out or even us girls had a girls' day I never noticed how much Aly had grown up? I mean I remember her as a small and gangly 11 year old at the beginning of SWAC and now she is a tall, skinny young lady. Where has the time gone?

Through Aly's and mine squeals we both exclaimed how estatic we were to see each other, we hadn't seen each other for about two weeks give or take. I swear we hugged for like a good 5 minutes, Aly then gave me another hug as she exclaimed that when she saw me wining my "Inspirational Person of the Year" award, she was in her PJs with popcorn and she actually got popcorn stuck in her hair and strewn over the carpet from throwing it in the air in excitement when I got my award. Her mother had come down and asked her what was wrong? When Aly explained her mother just shook her head and went back upstairs. Aww what a supporitve friend I have in little Aly.

As we walked to the set, Aly and I talked about what was new in our lives, it was like we had never been apart or talked a week ago, the conversation flowed like we never had to think about what topic comes next. When we got to the set, I was pulled into a huge group hug complete with picking me up by Dougie and Brand, then when they both put me down they each got individual bear hugs and kisses on the checks. I love them both so much, they are like my older brothers, I know that they will kick anyone and everyone's butt who dare to hurt me either emotionally or physically and will have my back no matter what I say or do cause they love me a lot.

My "older" sister Tiffany or Tiffy as I call her, saw me, came rushing over as fast as her high heels could allow her and practically throw herself in my arms, hugging me tight and exclaiming how thrilled she was to see me, um honey we all hung out last weekend at Chris and your house so it hasn't been that long since we last saw teach other but I am glad that you missed me so much. Then came the big group hug with the boys, Aly, Tiffany and me all squished together, aww I feel squished but really loved. I love how everytime i see my friends, we talk and hung out like there has been no time spent apart, the conversation is so easy going and flowing. Man do I love them so much.

Oh look, I saw someone i love just as much as I love my friends and family, my dream guy, my sweet guy, Sterling Knight. Man does he look handsome, as always, in his superhero outfit. He could save me anytime, I will even get myself into trouble just so my very own personal superhero will save me and take us both to the clouds and beyond. Although I touch the sky, whenever Sterling compliements me, gives me one of his amazing, soft and loving kisses, holds me in his strong, gentle and loving arms. Ok pretty much anything Sterling says or does makes my heart soar or race and makes me feel like I am in heaven.

When Sterling saw me, his gorgeous face broke out in one of his gorgeous smiles, the ones that melt my heart and makes me want to smile just as wide. He sauntered over keeping his ice blue eyes locked onto mine and pulled me into a hug complete with a nice,soft kiss on the lips. Even though we saw each other 4 days ago, everytime we see each other, it is like we have never been apart. When Sterling let me go, though his arm was still around my waist, he introuduced me to the newest upcoming star that was guest staring on "So Random" this week; Mya Doo.

Mya was 13 years old and cute as a button. She had blonde hair with these big, expressive china blue eyes, sweet, innocent face that was so eager to see the part of the world that she has never seen before and to take her amazing singing voice to the highest level as she could. She totally went all fan girl on me when she was introduced to me. I don't understand why though cause I try to keep true to my upbringing and not get a huge head because of my success in bringing my "put my feelings out there" songs. I mean I was brought up the same way as my fans did so that doesn't make me better then them.

Mya held my hand even after our hand shake was over and gushed about how much of a fan she was of me since my days of "Barney" and how much she loves how my songs are written from my heart about what was happening in my life and the world around me and how I put my whole self into every song and role I do. After her sweet speech, though the rate she was talking it was like a tape recorder on fast forward all squeaky and fast paced, she asked me if I would join the cast for lunch so that she can pick my brain for tips for an upcoming artist. How could I say no to helping someone make it as big as they could?

We went to the cafe for noddle and beef soup and finger sandwiches and Mya sat beside me and talked my ear off about what she wanted to do, TV shows like comdies and dramas, movies, family oriented, and be a big country star. I gave her the best advice I could give her and pointers like no matter how big you get never forget that you were raised in the same circumstances with their problems and joys just like any other child. The fans and your talent are the things that will get you far but stay true to yourself no matter what other people say and tell you to do in order to get "famous". Do what feels right to you and what you are comfortable doing while still reaching to go beyond your comfort zone a bit so that you can grow as a person and artist.

Lastly, don't worry about the haters and the people in the media who will do anything to bring you down and make you feel small and insignificant so you start to doubt yourself, just do your own thing to the best of your ability and be yourself. The only opinions you need to worry about is your families, close and loyal friends and fans and forget about other people's opinions as you can't please everyone.

As I talked, Mya absorbed every ounce of what i was saying into her heart and mind and I know that she would take my advice and run with it cause for some reason she respects my opinion and wants my advice. I am glad that I could help. The rest of the lunch went smoothly with easy flowing conversation from everyone at the table about everything under the sun from this week's episode, my new CD and life's happenings in general. Man I missed my friends more then I thought I did, my heart actually ached from seeing my friends again after being apart for a week and was dreading the time when I had to leave them again even if we talked almost every night, it isn't the same as seeing them everyday. I should have come to the studio to see some of the most important people in my life sooner cause this is one of my fave days.

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  1. i liked how demi was a huge inspiration for the littel girl and how the girl was a fan since barney. my mom told me i used to want to be like the girl with glasses aka Demi haha but thats a different story for a different time :D