August 16, 2011

Best Birthday Present Ever

This is my birthday present for the most wonderful, down to earth, sweet, caring, kind, adorabley dorky, helpful, considerate and wonderfully talented with music, acting and dancing young woman that had stolen my heart 3 years ago and will always have my heart, support and adoration, Miss Demetria Devone Lovato. Happy 19th birthday sweetheart.

I have been planning for this day for months now; it is one of the most important days in the whole year according to me. It's up there with my own birthday, my parents' anniversary, Samantha and Spencer's birthdays and the day I met the woman of my dreams, Miss Demi Lovato at the first table read of Sonny with a Chance at the age of 15, but that is another story for another time.

I have it circled with a big heart on my calender and have it on countdown on my phone so I know how many days I have left to think of what romantic and sweet present and gesture I want to do to celebrate the day when Earth recieved on a wet, rainy August morning a beautiful baby angel girl destined to make the world a sunnier, peaceful and accepting place for all generations where people, of every size, shape and walk of life, can live in peace without being harrassed or bullied.

Ok so I know what you guys are thinking; that if Demi was an angel made to make everyone live in harmony, why did God make her so damaged and why isn't she doing her duty? Um in response to the first question; God made Demi an angel but that doesn't mean he would make her perfect cause there is no being who is without fault ,that is what makes us human beings who we are, beings with faults that we need to work on to be better people.

Everyone makes mistakes that serve as a guide on how to live your life which is why Demi is an angel when it comes to people who are being bullied or are having personal, emotional and physical problems. She recognizes that she made mistakes in her life that might have lost her some respect and honor with the community which she won back when she participated in "Love is Louder" campaign where she teaches young girls that they are beautiful in their own way and the key is for the girls to do stuff that makes them feel good about themselves and feel that they are making a difference, no matter how small the gesture that might be, in their own worlds.

Besides August being my sweetheart's birthday month, it was also the Teen Choice Awards where my honey got a well deserved award for her work with "Love is Louder" campaign. I thought my heart would burst with all the pride and love in the world when I saw my sweetie's name on the list for the Acuvue Award cause I was part of that campaign myself and i had my fingers crossed that I was the person who got to present my angel with her award so i was able to give her a giant hug, within the number of seconds appropriate for an award show and maybe sneak a kiss on her check as we seperate.

I sent a text to Demi expressing my upmost joy that she had been giving an award that respresents her work with trying to help young adults feel comfortable in their own skin to which she responded that it was just an honor to being nominated as she didn't get into working with the campaign to be recognized for her actions, she did it cause she knew what the young adults were going through and wanted to use her expertise and experiences to help others. That's the young women i had fallen in love with.

I was watching backstage at every move that my angel was doing sitting there pretty much all by herself, where were her friends? I knew that Selena and Taylor were there so why weren't they sitting with her? If only I could sit beside her, I would hold her hand and carass it all through the award show and then when her name was announced for her award, I would give her a huge hug and a kiss on the check and then my eyes would be glued to her as she said her acceptance speech. Kind of like now.

I had to go "aww" internally as i saw my sweetie walk as calmly as she could without showing to the world the excitement that was bursting inside her just waiting to come forward to the stage where after she highfived some fans who were standing beside the stage and delievered her speech where she thanked her fans for supporting her and her family for loving her with some of that adorable nervousness that made her gorgeous smile burst through the nervousness to shower everyone in the audience with its brillance.

I am so proud of all the good and worthwhile things that my angel has done over the past 3 years and I have a feeling that i always will be proud of Demi no matter what she does cause she is trying to use the gifts that God has blessed her with to better other's lives, who wouldn't be proud to be in love with someone who puts others's interests before herself?

Even though I didn't have to be there until 7:45, i wernt early cause i wanted to see how beautiful my angel would look in her designer outfit, though no matter what she wears she looks beautiful in it. I was right; Demi looked absolutely-jaw-drooping-gorgeous in her yellow dress that was short in the front to showcase those long,slender legs and then trailed behind her like a train. it just enhanced her tanned, soft and silky skin of her arms and brought out her "sunniess".

I litterly followed her around the red carpet, training my ears to every word that she told the interviewers to their questions and keeping my eyes glued to my sweet angel the entire time, i was even accidently bumping into people cause I followed Demi around the red carpet like a pathetic love sick puppy. All i wanted to do is to gather my Dem Dem into my arms and just hold her tight in my arms ,whisper in her ear of all the love enderments I have been calling her for years in my mind and breathe in her vanila and lavender scent and let the world fade away until it is just Demi and me in our own love bubble like it should be.

Like i said before; i am so proud of all the work that my Demi has done in the lives of all her loyal, devoted and loving fans as well as the young people who are having difficulties in life. She has definitely made a difference in my life with her words and actions, no matter how small they might be, and I knew that she will keep making a difference in my life.

I have wanted to tell Demi how much I love her, I fell hard and fast for her at the first SWAC table read, one look into those milk choclate eyes and her hundred watt smile and i melted like an ice cream in the hot July sunshine. I am surprised that i was able to string together a full sentence in front of her cause my brain and body weren't exactly on speaking terms. I swear by the end of that night my ankle had so many bruises from my loving co-workers kicking me under the table, I guess to tell me that i was starting to stare and drool over Demi and it was becoming obvious. Oh well brusies fade but my love for Demi never did.

My love for Demi hasn't faded over the 3 years, I have only fallen even more in love with the sweet, caring, down to earth, sensitive, slightly dorky but in an adorable-can't-help-but-go-äww" -kind of way, beautiful inside and out, loving and kind young women who thank God I got to act out some of my love for her by having "Chad" date "Sonny" in season 2.

I still think of how soft and smooth Demi's lips were and how they felt like clouds when they were lightly pressed to mine and the feeling of her arms around my neck and her warm, slender, floral scented body lightly pressed against me even 2 years later. I don't think i will ever forget being able to hold Demi in my arms, breathe in her scent secretly, being able to call her "M'Lady" which she is of course. Well that and sweetheart, honey, my everything, my life, my love, my angel and babydoll but who'se counting?.

Sammy and Spence as well as my loving best friends have been bugging me for years to tell Demi how much I love her cause I will regret not taking a chance at true love, which comes along 1 in a million, when it was staring at me for years now. I know that whenever Demi dated other guys besides me, my heart would ache like I was at the beginning of a heart attack and I would spend my days like my head was in a raincloud, all moddy and not wanting to do anything but lie on my bed with my photo alblum of pictures of Demi wishing I had one more chance to tell Demi of my love.

Even though I was terribly saddened to see how sad, downtrodden and down on herself my Dem Dem was after the boys dumped her cause she was a woman with her own mind,values and morals and wouldn't allow the boys to change her to be their "dream" girl, I love everything about Demi, even her unperfectness as they make up the woman I love. I was also secretly happy, not because of my angel being so sad cause all I want is for Demi to be truly happy, but because it gave me another chance to tell Demi i love her. And that my friends is the reason I'm excited and nervous about tonight.

Tonight I am going to tell and show Demi how much I love her through words, song and actions at her 19th birthday party. I am so nervous, my hands are shaking like crazy, my palms are sweaty as well as my underarms are like pools of sweat and even though I have written down everything i want to say in order to practice it like a million times so that when I am face to face with Demi I don't forget my speech, i have a feeling that my mind will have to work extra hard to speak the right words and move at the same time.

On the night on the party, i had a half an hour shower where i shaved and put on colgne, baby blue dress shirt and black pants. Spence was being the annoying younger brother I loved but wanted to kick his butt, he kept making kissy noises, exclaiming in a cutsey child voice how adorable Demi and I were together and how we are so much in love complete with doing the whole arms around your back making kissing noises like he is making out with a girl. Even though I know Spence and the rest of my family love Demi like she is part of the family, their good natured teasing didn't help my nervousness and made my face go red hot in embarassment.

On the ride there, I sang to Demi's 1st CD, i had pre-ordered all her CDs before they came out in the stores and I have listenned to them over and over again so that my famly threatens to kill me if they have to listen to one more of Demi's songs so could I please listen to it through headphones and mouth the words instead of belting them out?.

When I got to the house, I was greeted with lots of hugs from Tiffany, Maddie,Mrs Lovato, Aly and Marrisa and slaps on the back and handshakes from Brandon, Doug and Nolan. But the best welcome I got was from my sweetheart who with one of her beautiful smiles gave me a giant hug in which I wrapped my arms around her and smelled her hair which she must have washed for her birthday dinner cause it still had a large trace of floral scent, not that I go into her bathroom and smell her shampoo cause that is just being pervish. Demi, of course, looked absolutely gorgeous in a pale pink bubble skirted strapless dress with her black hair in ringlets that just begged for me to run my fingers through it.

It wasn't really a birthday party per say, it was an intimate dinner with the people who mean a lot to Demi, the people who she thinks of as siblings, though hopefully Demi doesn't think of me as a sibling cause that would crush my heart to smithereens. It is a potluck dinner, I brought my famous spaghtetti and meatballs which I made myself, thank you very much, to the dinner along with my heart and gift of finally telling Demi of my love and hoping she returns that love.

Dinner was delicious, there were alot of yummy and hot dishes to choose from that I have to admit that I went for seconds and by the end of dinner there were no leftovers at all. During dinner we talked about the most random stuff, it was like no one at the table were TV stars but were just normal people talking about what intersting normal things happened in our lives.

The woman and man were doing the dishes in a assembly line where three people washed, three dried and two put them away cause us men have to make sure we do our part in helping the ladies out, cause that is what gentlemen do and we are all gentlemen. Then it was time for some yummy moist gooey chocolate cake with chocolate icing on it and butterscotch ice cream and more chit chat, I don't mind sitting down and talking for hours at a time well sometimes I do if I have nothing interesting to contribute to the conversation so I am sitting there like a goof and wishing this conversation was over.

After cake it was present time; Demi got a lot of really personal gifts, Tiffany gave Demi a crochet plaque saying "We may not have been born sisters but we are sisters of the heart" which I know from my angel's teary eyes and tender hug to Tiff, that she will put it right beside her bed to admire. Little Aly gave her an alblum of special and well thought of pictures from our 3 years on the Sonny with a Chance set, from pictures from episodes (cool Demi and mine's onscreen kiss was added as well as every Channy moment ever seen on the show, good choice Al) and of course backstage pictures of us all being the lovable dorks and goofballs that we are, you know doing funny poses and making funny and dorky faces but laughing the entire time. Aww now Demi can relive every and all memories of her SWAC journey when she gets lonely or misses us a lot, though if she was lonely she could always just visit us on set.

Marrisa gave Demi a gorgeous purple paisley top with skinny jeans in pale blue, did she not watch the episode where we explained how bad for a person skinny pants were? I guess not. Brandon gave Demi a beautiful bracelet and necklace with a topaz stone encrusted in each, wow B-Fresh has good taste in jewelery (who knew?) cause that is really pretty and will only enchance my angel's beauty. Dougy gave Demi a light purple journal and matching purple pen with the feathery topper that she could use as a personal diary, if she does then I defiently want to read what she says about me cause I'm sure my online journal gushes about her all the time, or she could use it as a place to write down her song ideas into, once again I need a glance at it so I can have a small glimpse of the new masterpieces she is producing.

Nolan gave Demi a picture frame that said "Friends are like the family you choose" with two pictures, one picture of them as chubby cheecked-no front-teeth cuties and them when they went to prom together, man I wish that I was Demi's date so I could hold her close and slow dance with her all night making memories all night but I understand why Demi went with Nolan and I value Demi keeping her promise from childhood.

When it was time for me, i suggested that the rest of them start to get the music and the dance floor ready for some serious dancing cause I wanted to give Demi's gift to her personally, to which the girls responded with "ohhs", "ahhs" and "awws" and the guys responded with "oks" with knowing looks, both made my checks red with shyness. How did they know what my gift was? I never told anyone what I was planning.

Once Demi and I were outside, Demi sat down on the lawn chair and waited as patiently as she could for my surprise, though her leg was shaken in anticipation. I took a deep breath, swung my guitar over my shoulder and prepared to spill my heart's wishes to the woman I love that could either let me down easy with nice but hurtful words that she only loves me as a friend or make all my dreams come true with saying she loves me too and gives me one of her heart stopping kisses. Please Lord let it be the second choice.

My song: "I have seen love in my life but I never thought it would ever be mine

But when I first saw you, my mind and heart combined

It told me that I had found my heart's soulmate

And even when you dated people I hate,

My love for you never swayed.

It stayed strong, growing stronger day by day.

I tried to tell you of my deepest love,

How you were a gift from God above.

But the words got caught up inside.

I wish I could scream my love from far and wide.

I love everything that makes the woman I adore

From your blemishes, strengths, talents and more.

Everything that makes the angel on earth that I see

makes me fall even more in love with you as can be.

I know that I am taking a risk exposing my heart,

but even if you reject me, my love will never part.

I would rather stay as your friend,

then for our friendship to ever end.

The last 3 words I have to say is: I love you"

As I was singing, my eyes never left my angel's beautiful face who had tears streaming down her check, please let those tears be a good sign that Demi loves me, and had her hands over her mouth. When I was done, a small body was flung into my arms and was raining kisses all over my face until it finally landed right where I had wanted it for such a long time since the kiss on "Sonny with a Kiss", on my lips. Am I dreaming? Cause if I am dreaming that the woman of my dreams, Ms Demi Lovato, was kissing me on my lips, please for the love of God don't wake me up cause I want to dream forever.

Demi and I just knelt on the ground kissing in our own love bubbble for what seemed like an hour or even longer, but whose counting?, when the sounds of clapping, cheering and wolf whistling penatrated our love bubble. When we broke off and gazed at the windows in astonishment, we had forgotten that there were like 6 other people in the house who, because they are the biggest romantics in life even the boys apparently, would actually watch what was happening in hopes that something romantic would finally happen between Demi and me.

When they noticed that we had finally come up for air and saw them there, the dorks actually waved as they were yelling "It is about time guys!". Ok guys, way to rub it in that you guys and girls have been bugging Demi and me to tell the other one of our not-so-secret-hopeless-love for the other, loves us very much like siblings and are thrilled for us but can't we have some privacy and tell you guys about our new relationship on our own time? When Demi and I, with some much embarassment that our first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend was caught by our friends, accepted the applause with a bow and curtsy, we re-entered the house and were stuck together like glue for the rest of the night. I couldn't have planned a more perfect birthday gift for my angel and now girlfriend (insert happy girlie squeals).

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